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Donald Trump claims the US presidential race is being rigged


and says his rival Hillary Clinton should have a drugs test


I don't know what is going on with her! But at the beginning of her


last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end, it


was like, take me down. She could barely reach her car.


A deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions is hailed


Also coming up, as thousands mourn the Thai King,


what does it mean for tourists travelling their during this


And it's the moment our Moscow correspondent has


We get a look at the many faces of the Russian President


in next year's edition of the Putin calendar.


Donald Trump has been back on the campaign trail today,


and has again denied allegations of sexual assault.


He hit back at claims by a woman who said she was groped by him


on a plane three decades ago, saying she was lying.


The Republican presidential candidate also repeated his comments


that the media is trying to rig the election.


He also repeated his suggestion that the Democrat candidate, Hillary


Clinton, is taking drugs. We'll speak to our correspondent


in Washington in a moment. First let's hear some


of what Mr Trump said We can't let them get away with


this, folks. You have been seeing total lies,


but we are going to stop We are not going to back down


and remember this, it is a rigged election because you have phoney


people coming up with phoney allegations with no


witnesses whatsoever. Ending up from 20 years


ago 30 years ago. How about this crazy woman


on the aeroplane, OK? After 15 minutes, we don't know


each other, but after 15 minutes she says, that was too much


and I decided... With the ladies in this


place, it will be Mr Trump referring there


to allegations by Jessica Leeds that he assaulted her


in the first-class cabin She said the assault lasted 15


minutes. Well, for more we can join


Laura Bicker, who's As he addresses another rally,


another accusation is laid bare for him? Yes, a newspaper article in The


Guardian has come out with yet another allegation from a woman who


said Donald Trump forcibly kissed her 20 years ago. I count that that


is allegation number 12 at this point in time. As he has always


said, he denies these allegations. As you heard there, he calls this


lies perpetrated by a mass media, controlled by Hillary Clinton's


campaign. What he's saying to his supporters is, look, it is us


against them. At his rally today he said, this is the arrogance of


Washington and the righteousness of me and you, my voters, who will


overcome this. This is how he's framing this. It's a case of, this


is a Washington machine are used to be part of, I've now stepped out of


it and I'm being punished for it. -- are used to be. And you, my


supporters, can help overcome this if you go to the polls and vote for


me on the 8th of November. This is a rigged system, he is saying, and


he's eroding confidence before voters have even gone to the polls.


I just want to play a little more from Mr Trump's rally on Saturday.


He appeared to suggest that Hillary Clinton had taken drugs


So athletes, they make them take a drug test, don't they?


I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate.


We should take a drug test prior, cos I don't know what's


But at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up


at the beginning, and at the end it was like, oh, take me down.


So I think we should take a drug test.


You mentioned he's trying to control this new narrative, him against a


rigged system. Is that a definite game plan or is it a method of


surviving? He's lost so much support from his own base, the Republicans?


It is difficult to establish whether this is a game plan they've talked


about and gone after. He's always been the antiestablishment candidate


and that's always been his main selling point. This is the kind of


thing they are really, as you can see, lapping up. They believe


Washington has become too big and too controlling, and when it comes


to Hillary Clinton, she comes from political lineage and is a political


person. She speaks in political pros. Therefore he is the


businessmen who has created all this business, trump Tower, golf courses.


It is a campaign tactic that could well work, but when it comes to the


rigged system, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager has put this out,


and he says, this election will have a record turnout because voters see


through Donald Trump's shameful attempts to undermine an election


weeks before it happens, and when it came to those allegations of drug


taking, a Clinton support group have put out a statement describing it as


simply outrageous. Laura, thank you very much. She was live from


Washington. Let's take a look at


some other stories now. Talks on renewing a ceasefire


in Syria have ended in Switzerland. The US, Russia and other regional


powers took part. US Secretary of State John Kerry


said that many ideas came from the meeting and that talks


were candid and tense. Meanwhile, in Syria,


Turkish-backed rebels are advancing on Dabiq,


a symbolically important stronghold The small town holds great value


to IS because of a prophecy of an apocalyptic battle,


and features heavily Floods in Vietnam's four central


provinces have killed at least 11 Seven people drowned


or were electrocuted in Quang Bing province,


four others were killed in three nearby provinces, and at least


30,000 homes were submerged. More rain is also predicted to hit


the country in the coming hours. Thousands of people in Milan


have paid their last The Nobel Laureate died on Thursday


after suffering from lung disease. Fo was famous for writing political


satires including Accidental Death Of An Anarchist,


a play that has subsequenlty been Nearly 200 countries have


reached a deal to reduce The agreement, hailed


as a "monumental" achievement, will cut the use of HFCs,


which are widely used in fridges, aerosol sprays


and air-conditioning units. Richer countries will start


cutting back within three years, with developing


nations following later. Around the world, demand


for air-conditioners and other household appliances is soaring,


as people in developing Another 1.6 billion air-conditioners


are expected to be installed The amendment and decisions


are adopted. And that's why the legally binding


agreement reached in the Rwandan It requires that the greenhouse


gases used as coolants in air-conditioners and fridges be


phased out globally. It's a monumental step forward that


addresses the needs of individual nations, but it will give us


the opportunity to reduce the warming of the planet by


an entire half a degree centigrade. The gases, hydrofluorocarbons,


eventually leak out into the atmosphere from appliances


like fridges and have a far bigger impact than carbon dioxide


in trapping heat in the Earth's atmosphere, the cause


of global warming. Today's agreement commits


developed countries, including the United States,


to start cutting use of these gases While China and other developing


countries have to make And India has even longer,


till 2032, before it has to begin. For some environmentalists


attending the talks, that's far too long to wait before


developing countries have to start We are witnessing here in Kigali


the power and the control and the dominance of the chemical


industry over our process and environmental


imperative has been lost. The deal is inevitably a compromise


but could be a big step in preventing global temperatures


rising by two degrees Celsius, the point at which it is feared


climate change would As you heard in that piece,


the deal has been described as "monumental" by the US


Secretary of State. A short time ago, I was joined


here in the studio by Richard Black, the director of the London-based


Energy and Climate I asked him if he agrees


with that assessment. I think it is a significant step


forward. I wouldn't call it momentous. It is actually a logical


thing to do because you are talking about a group of chemicals used in


one industry, refrigeration and air conditioning, and we already had a


mechanism in place which has phased out two other groups of chemicals


from these industries, largely from reason is because they were


affecting the ozone layer. So why not use the same mechanism to do


another group of super greenhouse gases? It's certainly a logical


thing to do but it's certainly not the whole shebang. Countries like


China get a whole decade more to reduce their emissions and India


gets even more. Too many concessions given to those countries and was


this and what -- an opportunity missed? It's difficult. Every


country stands up for what it wants and you can't force them to do other


things, but having that delay is consistent with what happened to the


ozone-depleting chemicals. But it is logical. Western countries have the


money, technology and know-how and they also have consumers who care


about these things, so in European countries, for example, very few


fridges you buy would have HFCs in them because the industries have


already made the transition, so it is really a question of the West


helping developing countries to move their industry as well. And we have


to make it worth their while to get on board with these agreements.


Because the conventional wisdom is that being sustainable is expensive.


Is that a fact of life or is new technology adopting a more


profitable stance? There are some industries where it is very, very


difficult to see how you can get to a low carbon future. Aviation is


one. But with fridges, those are pretty simple things. You need fluid


that changes from liquid to gas fairly easily and will take heat out


of the room or out of the fridge compartment, so in a sense, you have


a range of things you can play with. It is really just a technological


thing that engineers have to do. A Saudi report on how its warplanes


attacked a funeral in Yemen, killing at least 140 people,


has blamed bad intelligence BBC Arabic's Karim Gohary says many


will think the Saudis are just Initially we know the Saudis deny


involvement. Then they said they would co-operate with an


investigation which they are leading from the top, and now they have said


it was one of their coalition planes that actually hit this funeral hall.


I think one of the most interesting things is the details within this


statement that came out of the preliminary findings. Things that


refer to a party affiliated to the Yemeni presidency of the General


chief of staff was the one which gave us the wrong information.


Things like the decision being made without our approval in the command


centre in Riyadh. These are questionable things. It would appear


one way or another, or many will feel this way, that the Saudis are


trying to pass the blame or the majority of the blame onto the


Yemeni intelligence and government. Adam Baron, a visiting fellow


at the European Council for Foreign Relations and expert


on Yemen, says the Saudi admission raises more


questions than it answers. It is significant that the Saudis


are accepting responsibility from allies of the coalition for this


strike. After all, this strike initially happened, at the time,


there were denials from the Saudis and the Yemeni government in exile,


backed by the Saudis, which in effect was responsible for this. In


a lot of ways, this statement raises more questions than it answers. It


raises the question of lack of intelligence, blaming the strike


effectively on a rogue Yemeni FO 's jet dash project, which is


interesting, but when you read through this report, it underlines


the necessity of an international independent investigation into


allegations of war crimes by both the coalition and by them and their


allies in Yemen. This could be a positive first step but in a lot of


ways, when you are dealing with things, it can be described as a


first step but it's not closed yet. Stay with us on BBC News.


Still to come: Chelsea start the Premier League


weekend with a win, but both Scotland's First Minister,


Nicola Sturgeon, But has for business and will stay


at the heart of Europe despite the UK voting


to leave the European Union. we know what kind of country we want


Scotland to be, and I believe it is a vision that unites us, and


inclusive, socially just and outward looking country. The question now,


in this new age, is how best to secure it. Let's resolve as a nation


to answer that question together. We have already come so far. Our form


real journey has given us new confidence, new self belief,


determination not to be taken backwards, but to finish building


tomorrow's Scotland. Friends, the time is coming to put Scotland's


future in Scotland's hands. These are the latest


headlines: Donald Trump has once again asserted


that the US presidential race is being rigged


and says his rival Hillary Clinton


should have a drugs The US has hailed a global deal


to phase out HFC gases, a major cause of global


warming, as monumental . But some environmentalists say


it Thousands of people have been


queuing outside the Grand Palace in the Thai capital,


Bangkok, waiting to pay their respects following the death


of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Mourners dressed in black


are being allowed into the palace As the period of official


mourning is taking place, what does it mean for the many


millions of visitors In 2015, nearly 30 million people


travelled to Thailand. Tourism makes up 10%


of the country's GDP. On the surface, nothing much has


changed on Thailand's beaches. But the death of the King has


cast a shadow even here. I felt quite upset because you could


see the emotion in people's faces. Everywhere in the streets,


people were crying. The place was devastated,


absolutely devastated. Tourists are being


advised to be careful. Swimwear is still


fine in the resorts. Away from the beach,


though, the advice is to pack one It will be seen by Thais


as a mark of respect. And people should


watch what they say. Insulting the King


can land you in jail. 72-year-old Colin Marsden


says his Thai fiancee has made it clear just how sensitive


a time this is. She will soon put me right


and make me conform and do She'll make sure you do not say


the wrong thing. Many clubs and discos are now closed


for up to a month. But bars and restaurants


remain open. You might be pleased to hear that


you can still have a drink. But you might want to draw the limit


just a little lower than normal. The message is simple -


along with the sunscreen, At least 24 people have been killed


and dozens injured in a crush at a religious gathering in northern


India. It happened near the Hindu


holy town of Varanasi as thousands of people tried


to cross a narrow iron Panic apparently broke out


after false rumours spread that the bridge had


started to collapse. Some of those caught up in the crush


have been describing what they saw. TRANSLATION: Suddenly the crowd got


bigger. We were just standing there and suddenly people started to fall.


Some had already fallen down. I was trying to stay standing but I fell


and two or three people fell on top of me. I lost my purse in the


process. People started to push each other from both sides of the bridge.


In the middle there was a car. There was no space for people to move, so


people started to fall on top of each other.


Manchester City missed two penalties as they drew 1-1 with Everton


Everton striker Romelu Lukaku put the Merseysiders ahead


just after the hour mark after a great solo run.


City substitute Nolito then equalised eight minutes


A point from their last two matches, but Pep Guardiola's side stay top


We played good, we missed penalties, the chances, how we defend with the


ball, they created just one chance in the game, it was a goal. That is


why I'm sad. Not sad, disappointed for the players. To David did not


deserve that. Compliments to Everton, two Ronald Koeman, for the


massive defensive performance. That is why I just can say, well done. I


think we had really very good defending. They did not create open


chances. Yes, the two penalties. You need to be lucky that the goalkeeper


Maarten Stekelenburg maybe had his best game of his life. They shot


from De Bruyne. Another shot. We punish them at the first chance we


got. Not many teams will get a point out of the stadium.


In the early game, champions Leicester suffered another


Bournemouth thrashed Hull City 6-1, as Mike Phelan took charge


of the visitors for the first time on a permanent basis.


Arsenal beat Swansea to signal defeat for Bob Bradley's


West Ham were 1-0 winners at Crystal Palace.


Stoke beat Sunderland 2-0, and Spurs were held to a draw


Novak Djokovic smashed his racquet, tore his shirt and raged


at the umpire as he was knocked out of the Shanghai Masters


The clinical, calm world number one we're used to was


Djokovic, who's the defending champion and a 12-times


grand slam champion, made a catalogue of mistakes.


He was broken once in the first set, and three times in the second,


as he lost 6-4, 6-4 in his first-ever defeat to the Spaniard.


Credit to Roberto. He was the better player, no question about it. In


important moments, I had lots of chances, but I was losing my service


game. In the important moments, he was more consistent. He was more


solid. I made too many unforced mistakes.


Andy Murray had his own anger issues in the other semifinal


But the second-seeded Scot regained his composure


and pulled out a 6-4, 6-3 victory to advance


Valentino Rossi took pole at the Japanese MotoGP on Saturday,


with his team-mate Jorge Lorenzo recovering from a dramatic crash


Rossi, who is currently second in the championship standings


behind Marc Marquez, lapped the circuit in one


minute 43 seconds, passing the Spaniard late in a lively


Lorenzo earlier escaped serious injury


after his bike high-sided near turn two and hurled him into


the air before he slammed back down on his back.


The Spaniard was air-lifted to hospital for tests


but returned to the track, shrugging off the pain to grab


Fans of the Russian president Vladimir Putin can now


get their hands on his official calendar for 2017.


Steve Rosenberg has been flicking through the year ahead.


Time flies. I cannot believe a whole year has gone by since the Putin


2016 calendar came out. This is the 2017 calendar. 12 months, 12


portraits of the President, Putin with a candle, Putin with a child,


with a kitten, Putin by himself, with war veterans, and so on, and so


on. 365 days of Vladimir Putin. This is August. Putin with a combine


harvester, talking about the importance of bread. Putin with the


Delta plane, and a crane, very fluffy and cute. In October, Putin


with a horse, Putin dressed as a fighter pilot, who says that the aim


is to create the kind of army that will guarantee Russia's sovereignty,


the respect partners, and a stable peace. This is December. Finally,


the calendar looks ahead to 2018. There is this portrait and these


words. Vladimir Putin says Russia is a peace-loving and self-sufficient


country. We do not need other people's territories, other people's


natural resources, but if we are threatened, we are prepared to use


weapons to guarantee of her security.


What to get the person who has absolutely everything. That is all


from the programme. Catch up with me on Twitter. Thanks for joining us.


We will see you soon. We have seen different sides to them


today, massive contrast in the weather depending on where


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