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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


Britain and the US warn of fresh sanctions on Syria and Russia over


Syrian rebels capture the town of Darbiq from the so-called


Islamic State - a town central to the group's


The 15-year-old daughter of the US sprinter Tyson Gay has been killed


Donald Trump says the US election is being "rigged"


against him, not just by the media but at the places people vote.


And these two Chinese astronauts will launch


into space in a few hours, for a 30 day mission on board


The United States and Britain say they're considering more sanctions


against Russia and Syria - because of their actions


Around 250,000 people are under siege there.


These pictures from today show the heavy bombardment


on the rebel-held parts of the city, that some reports describe


Speaking in London at a meeting, the US Secretary of State,


John Kerry described the killing of civilians in the city


The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said life in Aleppo


was like a "medieval siege" and went on to describe


There is continuing bombardment of innocent civilians. 100,000 kids


under a terrible, medieval siege. Casualties continue to mountain more


and more people, as a result of this action by the Assad regime and its


supporters, are being radicalised. We are considering additional


sanctions and we are also - let me playing it clear - President Obama


has not taken any option off the table at this point in time. We will


see where we are in the next few days in the context of the


discussion we are having. Meanwhile opposition fighters


in Syria - backed by Turkey - say they have captured


the symbolically important town of Darbiq from the so-called


Islamic State.The town is close to the Turkish border and holds


great value to IS supporters - because of a folk belief that


an apocalyptic battle with the west of a wider offensive


by Syrian rebel groups. To explain more - here's BBC


Arabic's Karim Gohary. It is a bi-word for the Islamic


state group in its fight against its enemies or the West specifically. In


terms of strategic significant, it is not really so significant, it is


only a small town. Yes, it is not very far from the Turkish border.


It's a backwater, really, so strategically, it is not that


important. However, symbolically, in terms. Ideology and the propaganda


machine that IS has been pushing since it emergedes, Darbiq has been


significant. Their online magazine is called Babiq and their media


operation is a named related it the same area. It tries to draw on a


saying by the Prophet Muhammad that the final hour, when this battle


will incur in Dabiq, in the time, when they were talking about the


Romans or who they would refer to as Christians, buttist Islamic State


has been using that to push for a sense in any kind of followers who


wanted to support the group. Recently they downplayed the a


little bit although it September supposedly 1,200 fighters to defend


it, but it fell very quickly according to rebel groups and


accord, as well to Turkish media. In a few hours' time. They just wru.


Maybe they knew tactically at the wouldn't be able to stand up to the


bombardment from the Turkish Army and coalition fighters as well.


Well, earlier we heard earlier from the US Secretary of State


and the british Foreign Secretary talking about Syria.


Well, they've also been discussing the war in Yemen.


They've called for an unconditional ceasefire, to begin within days.


It's important to say both countries are providing support


in the country. against Houthi rebels


It comes after airstrikes a week ago killed up to 140 people at a funeral


The Saudis blamed faulty information, but the incident has


raised new concerns about its air campaign - which the UN says has


been the main cause of civilian deaths in the country.


The 15-year-old daughter of the US sprinter, Tyson Gay, has been shot


Trinity Gay died after what witnesses say was an exchange


of fire between two vehicles, in the city of Lexington.


Let's speak to Dorian Craft, who is a sports reporter for Lex18News.


She joins me live from Lexington, Kentucky where Trinity was from.


Thank you for being with us. Do you have more information about this


shooting and what happened? The information that we have you right


now is that around 4.00 eastern time there was an exchange of gunfire


between two vehicles outside of a cookout restaurant about three miles


from where our station was located. Trinity Gay was not in the car, she


was caught in the crossfire. The information we have now is she was


struck in the neck and taken to the University Hospital where she was


pronounced dead. At this point in time the informing we have is that


the police have identified one car, they have ghot two people for


questioning and are still on the lookout for the second vehicle but


that's all we know right now. Dorrian, I understand your station


has actually spoken to Tyson Gay, what did he say? Yes. Tyson Gay is


close to my sports director, Alan Cutler, when he talked to him this


morning he said he and his daughter were very close and he doesn't


understand what happened is going on, and obviously under grief and


shock. Trinity was with him a few weeks ago for their fall break. Mr


Gay is on his way back to Lexington today. We do not know at this time


when he will be getting back to town but right now still searching for


details. What about Trinity Gay, tell us more about her. She was an


athlete, I understand? She was. She was following in herth faer's


footsteps. She was at a high school, which is where her father, Tyson


ran. She was a sprinter, she finished fourth in the 400 m at the


state meet and fifth in the 200 and she was part of the relay team. She


was very successful athlete and her father holds the record for 100 m


for the state in 20001. Obviously a lot of talent following in her


father's footsteps. Absolutely. A very sad story. Thank you very much


for being with us. Let's move to France -


where campaigners are calling on the British government


to urgently speed up its plan to resettle hundreds


of unaccompanied children stranded at the camp known as


the Jungle in Calais. There have been renewed clashes


between French police and some migrants, ahead of the demolition


of the camp within days. Our Special Correspondent,


Ed Thomas has spent the last week at the Jungle, and sent us this


report. The rush to escape


the panic and the tear gas. 16 years old, and like many,


a teenager alone, looking Some of the children trying to get


in those trucks were as young These are the images that make


many in Britain nervous. Mohammed says he has


no family in the UK, But hundreds of teenagers here say


they do have relatives in the UK They are 14 and 16 and say they left


Afghanistan six months ago. He says he is sad and wants to be


with his father and His brother tells us


he is desperate. "We have given our names in,


we don't know what to do," he says. If their family links are proven,


the British Government has promised But first, Britain and France must


agree who will care Well, our correspondent Gavin Lee,


spoke to me a little earlier about how the British government


was going to help unaccompanied Well, the British Home Secretary


Amber Rudd has said last week that all of the eligible cases,


children between eight and 17 who have family in the UK


who are here all alone, she would be prepared to take


as many as possible. We think it varies, but aid agencies


estimate that between 1000 to 1300 potentially who they believe


are here alone. Maybe half of those


have links to the UK. Now, what will happen tomorrow,


we are expecting hundreds of children, hundreds of people


who think they may have a chance to register here as part


of a fast track process. They will go to a secure area


and as well as genuine cases of vulnerable children I am told


there are lots of people who are adults who are chancing


their luck who will say rather than getting on the lorries


and try to illegally stow away, say that they are 17,


so this may take some days. It is something that the French


government have asked the British officials to be quick


about but I cannot see Donald Trump has ramped


up his allegation that the US election is being rigged against him


- as a new poll showed the Republican presidential


candidate drifting further behind his Democratic opponent


Hillary Clinton. Mr Trump said on Twitter: "The


election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media


pushing Crooked Hillary - but also at many


polling places. The comments come after several


women have made claims of sexual He says they are all lies,


and are part of a coordinated effort Donald Trump complaining about P a


long list of things. What exactly is he complaining about here? Well when


it comes to the message that the election is rigged it is something


he has been talking about for months but it has become a central feature


of his campaign. That's happening as the poll numbers begin to slouch but


his language is very different from that of his running mate, who has


said today that they will respect the outcome of this election. He


believes the other think the media is against him, and yes, there is


some sort of conspiracy led by the Clinton campaign but he says America


have a long history of the peaceful transfer of power. But then, just


hours after his running mate says this, Donald Trump releases that


tweet. Still talking about the election being rigged. Just by the


Clintons but also at the polling booths. Now there is no evidence to


subbe stanciate this claim but what it does do is still paints him


further as theant establishment figure to his supporters going


against the Washington elite it also gives him a chance if he loses to


say - it was rigged all along but the discussion is now at the point


where people are asking - will he concede if he loses and if he


doesn't, what will happen to his millions of supporters, now he is


questioning the legitimacy of the election. Will they go on to


question the legitimacy of whoever becomes president. Laura this is all


being played out on social media a very bitter campaign indeed. What


are the polls saying? How are voters taking all of this? There are


different polling margins. One poll has come out with giving Hillary


Clinton a four-point lead. Another a 7-point lead and another one, an


11-point lead. So the polls are saying very different things.


However in key battle ground states, Hillary Clinton does look to be


pulling ahead and that's indicative. The problem for Republicans is what


do they do now? Do they associate themselves with Mr Trump and gather


his supporters or do they step back and say - no, no, we don't believe


the same as he does and hope their supporters go to the polls? I think


they are in a tricky position. As for Hillary Clinton she has to


battle, perhaps, apathy. Perhaps many voters will sit at home and go


- well, I'm not so sure Hillary Clinton viet one. I will don't want


to vote for Donald Trump either but I'll not bother going to the polls.


She has to get her vote out. There are still challenges on both sides


with 4 days to go. Lawyeria, an interesting campaign, thank you very


much. . Stay with us on BBC News. Stay with us on BBC News,


still to come: In Iraq, the UN is preparing for a huge


displacement of people The Foreign Secretary has


defended his decision to write a draft newspaper article in favour


of the EU, two days before Boris Johnson said the UK's decision


to leave was right, and he was simply trying


to clarify his thoughts. I was wrestling with it, like a lot


of people in this country. I wrote a long piece that came down


overwhelmingly in favour of leaver. I then thought - I'd better see if I


can argue the alternative case so I wrote a semi parodic article in the


opposite be sense which misterously found its way into the paper this


morning. But I set them intooifd signed it was blindingly obvious


what the right thing to do was. I think the people made the right


decision. They voted very substantially to leave the European


Union and that is what we are going to do and we are going to make a


great success of it. This BBC World News Ing. The latest


headlines: Britain and the US warn of fresh


sanctions on Syria and Russia over The 15-year-old daughter


of the American sprinter Tyson Gay has been killed


in a shooting in Kentucky. We'll start with football,


and the English Premier League. Middlesborough's shaky start


to the season continues. An impressive long distance


effort from Jose Holebas And Southampton are up to eighth


in the table after a brilliant second half saw them beat


Burnley 3-1. Great team performance again today.


Fist half we should have went in. We should have scored one or two. Good


chances to be honest. I thought I really fancy myself. We knew it was


going to be a frustrating afternoon if we didn't score early. Their team


can have a go in the second half. We came out and scored early. We


fancied ourself. The only unfortunate thing is we have lost a


clean sheet but if that's the only thing to worry about after seven


games, we are happy. They are a good side. We tried to get something of


it. They had three, four chances, the game could have been an even


bigger score line. It is nothing to do with me making excuses, you need


the big decisions, noernt. We didn't get one the first game, or last


week, or a couple of weeks ago against Arsenal. Or today T doesn't


guarantee the end result but it makes it interesting when we go 1-0


up away from home. Tributes are being paid


to the former Ireland rugby union international Anthony Foley,


who's died suddenly He was head coach of Munster,


and passed away overnight in Paris, ahead of the team's


match against Racing 92 He won 62 caps for Ireland in a ten


year international career, He also played over


200 times for Munster. Complete shock is the only way to


put it. I mean it is just hard it get your head around what has just


happened. A young man in his prime, just taken away like that and so


suddenly. And from a rugby perspective, from the rug by


community, a rugby family - rugby family in Ireland, he was part of


the fabric of Irish rugby. Two matches did take place


in the European Champions Cup. Bordeaux beat Ulster 28-13


and Clermont Auvergne had a bonus Andy Murray's year continues to go


from strength to strength. He's earned his sixth title


of the year, winning the Shanghai Masters,


just a week after his Up against Spain's Roberto Bautista


Agoo, Murray stuttered in the first He found his rhythm in the second


though, taking that 6-1. It means Murray is now edging closer


to Novak Djokovic at the top Sweden's Alex Noren good form


in 2016 continues, winning England's Lee Westwood finishing


strongly with a round of four under par to finish third on 15


under for the tournament. Noren finished on 18 under -


two strokes clear of Let's turn to Iraq now,


and thousands of leaflets have been dropped over the city of Mosul -


containing safety information ahead of an operation to recapture it


from so-called Islamic State. Iraqi ground forces


have moved into place - in the south and east of the city,


in preparation for the offensive Mosul is Iraq's second largest city


- the UN estimates 1.5 million It also says up to 1 million people


in the city and surrounding towns could be displaced as


a result of the operation. That's in addition to more


than 3 million across Iraq - Well, the UN Refugee Agency has


spent months preparing to help tens of thousands affected


by the operation. I spoke to Filippo Grandi


the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees earlier,


he told me that the We are ready with equipment, shelter


and other types of equipment to provide it to about 400,000 people.


And this is still a small figure because we could have a much bigger


emergency than that. And to complete our preparation, we need more


resources. But, of course, equipment, tents, shelter equipment


is not the only thing that is needed here. We also need and we have got


these assurances from the Prime Minister today, I saw him this


morning, we also need the Iraqi forces to adopt an approach which


is, of course, military in its objective but which also respects,


protects civilians. This is extremely important at this very


critical juncture. You said, you know, you are ready for 400,000


people, but many more are expected to believe. - to leave Ye, this is


the preparation for the initial phase of this offensive. We are


scaling up on a daily basis, with more tents, more items, more relief


items to distribute people with more stuff ready to monitor the


situation, with more sites being prepared to receive people. You


know, the big uncertainty here is that we don't know how the war will


move. We don't know what the pattern of displacement will occur. We need


to remain extremely flexible but one thing is clear, we need more


resources. UN HCR, my organisation alone, asks for $200 million to


prepare for this offensive and we are still short of a very large


amount of this money, we are still short of $120 million out of this


comprehensive appeal that we have made. So, I'm urging, from Baghdad,


here, from Iraq, I'm urging donors to really step up and arow us to


complete the preparation. What do you think about IS? Do you


think they are going to allow civilians to leave Mosul? We really


don't know what will happen. There are many scenarios being talked


about. We talked with the Iraqi Government, like I said I met this


morning with the Prime Minister and I must say I was very impressed by


what he told me, that they have impressed, themselves on their


security forces, the importance to protect civilians. This is krush,


because - this is crucial, because if civilians feel protected they


will flee in much smaller numbers or maybe not at all. If the


displacement can be minimised and this is the objective of the Iraqi


forces, this, of course will be beneficial to call. But that


approach to quality, the moderation of that approach, the respect for


women and children and other civilians will be key and, you know,


this is always very difficult to achieve in war, in conflict but we


hope that lessoned learned in previous Owensives, will be applied


this time around. - in previous offensives.


China is to launch two men into orbit in the next few hours,


as it continues to develop its ability to explore space.


The astronauts will take off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre


with the Tiangong 2 space station, then spend a month on board


This mission, the two astronauts will be going into space for 33 days


in total. The spaceship will dock with


Tiangong 2 which has been in space already. They want to have a


permanent space station by 2022 and in this mission they will do a a


series of experiments and also try to I a sows the possibility of


keeping astronauts, should they fall in, in space from the ground. So


this is a very dig deal for China. Now the Pentagon has long been


stating their concern on China's space programme, in fear of an arms


race in space but China insists it is not to do with any space warfare,


it is about people development in space.


From me, Alpa Patel, and the rest of the team, goodbye.


I hope you had a nice weekend. You probably saw some sunshine and


probably some heavy showers as well. It has been that kind


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