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Reporting from Washington, I'm Jane O'Brien.


We're into the frantic final days of campaigning -


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are trying to lock down


Hundreds flee a suburb Mosul after Islamic State is driven out -


and our correspondent was there to witness the exodus.


The city centre is that way. As you can see, this road is now full of


dozens, possibly hundreds of families who have been living under


IS for more than two years. Corruption allegations


against President Jacob Zuma come Has the country reached


a tipping point as thousands And honouring the hundreds


of injured British World War Two servicemen who were members


of the so-called Guinea Pig Club. In just a week from now we'll know


who the next US President will be. The campaign has taken some


surprising turns over the last few days -


the news that the FBI are once again looking into Hillary Clinton's


emails, a sudden tightening of the polls and, of course,


more accusations of bullying These frenetic final days will see


the candidates targeting those vital swing states -


the biggest prize is Florida. My contract with the American voter


begins with a plan to restore honesty to our government. That


includes banning foreign lobbyists raising money for American


elections. Makes sense. I want the entire corrupt Washington


establishment to hear and take heed of the words that we all will be


saying right now, when we win on the 8th of November, we are going to


Washington, DC and we are going to drain the swamp.


We will hear from Hillary Clinton later in the day.


Donald Trump has spent much of the last few weeks


campaigning in Florida - he can't win the


And while the polls show that the race is tightening -


the real question is which candidate can secure those swing states


with their high number of electoral college votes -


not just Florida, but Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


Welcome to our virtual world of Congress. Underneath this great dome


of Capitol Hill we will try and bring a little more clarity to a


race which has gripped us, confused us, and maybe even shocked us. With


less than one week till the boat we still cannot be sure which of these


candidates will become the 45th president of the United States. In


fact it is still possible one of them wins the most votes nationwide


and losers. How? Think of it not as one election but 51 miniature


elections. Each of these states is allocated a fixed number of state


electors determined by the size of the population. Altogether, 538


electoral college votes, 270 takes you to the White House. Obviously


the states with the biggest populations with the most state


electors become crucial. California, for instance, if Hillary Clinton


were to win 50% of the vote plus one and we expect that, or 55 votes


would go Democrat blue. Look how many other states Donald Trump has


to win to equal that. In the final frenzied days of campaigning, the


focus. On the battle ground states. They are up to 13. And some big ones


are among them, including the last one, Ohio. 18 votes. I hired is not


backed a losing presidential candidate since this man, -- Ohio


has not backed a losing presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in


1960. The gap has closed in recent days. But it is the polling in the


battle ground states which matter the most. If we cull them as some


people project they will go today, nine go Democrat blue and four go


red, including Ohio and currently Florida, by a whisker. But here is


the unknown factor. There are about 320 million people in the United


States. On this graphic every one of these people represents 10 million


voters. We can lose 103 million, either children or not eligible. 60


million took part in the primaries. We know that they are voting. Taking


the last election figures, we expect another 73 million to take part.


That leaves 90 million who never do. That is where the Donald Trump


campaign is pinning hopes. We saw in the UK with the result of Brexit


that people not ordinarily voting antipathy balance unpredictably. --


can tip the ballot unpredictably. And Congress, the collar of these


chambers will determine how much power the next president will have.


-- the colour. Well as Christian mentioned -


securing those swing states will be But the Clinton campaign have their


eyes on other prizes as well. They're putting resources


into Arizona, traditionally In fact, Hillary Clinton


is campaigning in Phoenix today This state has not voted Democrats


in decades, so what is she doing here? Yes, only twice since the


Second World War. Well, she thinks she has a shout here. She is within


two percentage points of Donald Trump as we speak. She has edged him


slightly in the polls in the last couple of weeks. They are putting a


lot of money in here, couple of million in advertising, TV


advertising. They think they have a shot. If you start taking the red


states out of the Donald Trump column you make it even harder for


him to grasp the 270 votes Christian was talking about. When she comes


here I think you will hear a lot about immigration. She will be


introduced by the parents of a man called Daniel Lopez Rodriguez, who


was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. I think that'll be a way for


her to start talking about the immigration issue. The Mexican


border is only a couple of hours away from here. Along which Donald


Trump promised to build that wall. That would be a big motivating


factor among Hispanics to rally to the Clinton cause. They normally go


Democrat anyway but they might vote in much bigger numbers this time


around. They are usually underrepresented in the turnout. It


is quite hard to get Hispanics to go to the polling stations. But Clinton


is concerned and convinced if she can increase the turnout of


Hispanics in this state she has a real chance of taking it and the 11


electoral votes. It is striking, you are talking about issues on the


campaign trail instead of character and insults. Do you think Clinton


will be changing her strategy in the last few days and trying to give


more of an upbeat and positive message? Yes, I would think so.


There has been a slight change in the last 24 hours. Over the weekend


since Friday she had to address the e-mail question, the new probe by


the FBI into the e-mails on her top political aide on the computer of


her ex-husband and so on. She had to address that. The rally I was at


with her on Monday in Cleveland, that is the first thing she did. On


appearances, yesterday in Florida, the key state, she has started


dropping references to that and that will be because the campaign had


some polling, some indication that they may have limited the damage to


the extent that they can on that issue and they now need to pivot


towards attacking Donald Trump, yes, doing a lot of that, pointing out


what he has said, the group C has attacked, but also trying to inject


a bit of positivity as well. Because people do not just vote on what they


do not want. They also vote on what they do want. She has to offer them


something at this stage. Indeed she does. Gary, in Phoenix, thank you


very much. For more on how those


number will add up - She has almost clocked up as many


miles crisscrossing the country as the candidates! Let's pick up on


something Gary has said, Clinton in Arizona, not an obvious state but


Donald Trump has been in Wisconsin and Michigan. They think other


states are coming into play. It is a slightly schizophrenic feeling both


campaigns. On the one hand, confidence, areas where the


Democrats do not traditionally win and at the same time pumping about


$30 million into advertising in a traditionally blue state, almost


trying to protect the castle walls. Look, they are thinking we had to


hang onto Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They even put money


back into Virginia and have not done that for weeks. There is some


awareness the polls have tightened and they cannot afford to lose those


blue states. And this foray into Arizona, I think you see the same


thing in the trunk campaign. Donald Trump said he would rewrite the rust


belt in the American midwest. That is why you are seeing him in


Wisconsin. The sonics and it is projecting confidence. A brand-new


Wisconsin today, a reputable one still has Clinton have the way ahead


in Wisconsin. But he wants to project confidence onto his


supporters as well. And presumably suppress the vote which might be


working in terms of the black vote, because President Obama has been in


North Carolina, you came back from Begg yesterday, try to get


African-Americans out voting. How worried is the Clinton campaign


about it? We were talking about this in North Carolina. The numbers good


overall for the voting turnout, but among African-Americans these


numbers are down on the 2012. To some extent it is unrealistic to


compare the excitement among black voters for Hillary Clinton with


Barack Obama. They were never going to reach that bent Mark --


benchmark. Hillary Clinton knows that if she wants to win North


Carolina, the African-American vote is very important. That is why


Barack Obama was there today trying to rally the millennial voters and


try to reach African-American voters and he said specifically on a radio


programme this is my legacy at stake. There is one more vote we


have two win and that is for Hillary Clinton. 24 million votes have


already been cast. Some of them, a large number, before the FBI made


that shocking announcement about the investigation into Hillary Clinton's


e-mails. Donald Trump said they should vote again. Can they? You


will send me back to do my homework on this. Donald Trump has said in


seven states, if you have got remorse, change your vote. In seven


states you can do that. Pennsylvania will be important. It allows you to


change your vote but not many people do early voting in Pennsylvania. He


was in Wisconsin when he says this and you can in Wisconsin change your


vote three times if you have remorse. I'm not sure how you


physically do it. Must be a electronic voting. He is right, you


can go and change your boat. Where are you going to next? I cannot


remember! Well, it is nice to have you here.


For more on the US presidential election go to our website.


We've got a live page with the very very latest from the campaign.


Iraqi forces are closing in on the Islamic State


stronghold of Mosul, after gaining a footing


They are now moving from street to street, clearing areas of lslamic


State militants who are putting up a fierce resistance.


It is now 17 days since the start of the campaign


to take back the city from Islamic State militants,


Elite Iraqi counter-terrorism service troops retook the eastern


Kukjali area on Tuesday, entering for the first


The troops then reached the more built-up Karama


The Iraqi military also say that some units have entered


Aid agencies warn the intensifying battle has now put the lives


of around one million civilians "in grave danger",


as it is unclear as to how they will be able to escape.


And it looks like we have got a view technical problems. Let's move to


our next story. South Africa's President,


Jacob Zuma, is once again under fire after an investigation found


possible evidence of corruption The President has previously tried


to block the release of the report. He's accused of an improper


relationship with wealthy Thousands of people gathered


in cities across the country I'm hoping we can go to the next


report. This is all called gremlins. Let's


look at some of the other days news. Police in the US state of Iowa say


they have arrested a man suspected The attacks were described as ambush


style - both victims were sitting in their patrol cars


when they were attacked. Soon after police said they were


searching for Scott Greene, a 46-year-old man from a suburb


of Des Moines. In the early hours of the morning


there were reports of gunshots. Police officers found one


of their own colleagues Shortly after, another


discovery two miles away, a second officer shot while sat


in his car. The suspect was caught several hours


after the killings and has been named as 46-year-old


Scott Michael Greene. He was walking down the road


and flagged down, a DNR employee, I don't think


it was a DNR officer, presented his driver's


license to him, told him to From there the deputies


took him into custody. We're asking you to


leave at this time. The motive of the attacks has not


yet been confirmed but Scott Greene posted a video online two


weeks ago showing him He had been thrown out


of a football stadium for waiving a Confederate flag in front


of black spectators. The attacks illustrate the danger to


police in America. 51 officers have been killed


across the country this The attack is not likely to change


the debate on the wide This subject has barely


registered in this Now a look at some of


the day's other news... Flight investigators in Australia


say analysis of wreckage suggests Malaysian Airlines flight MH370


did NOT make a controlled landing The new findings -


by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau - cast further doubt


on the theory that someone was in control of the


plane when it crashed. The Boeing 777 disappeared


on the way from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur in 2014,


with 239 people on board. Members of staff at Amnesty


International's Moscow office say it has been sealed off


by city officials. They claim that the locks have been


changed and power shut off. The human rights group says


it was given no warning but hoped there was "a simple


administrative explanation". Amnesty has in the past


complained of harassment Facebook has blocked plans


by a British insurance company to view young drivers' profiles


in order to set their car Under the plan the company Admiral,


would scour users posts and likes Facebook said Admiral's plans


breached their guidelines and that user's privacy was of


utmost importance. Let's take you back to the story


from South Africa. The president is under fire after an investigation


found possible evidence of corruption at the top level of his


government. He previously tried to block the release of the report.


Thousands of people gathered in cities across the country demanding


his resignation. Here is our correspondent.


The pressure had been building since daybreak.


Many gathered in the country's capital Pretoria, calling


for Mr Zuma to resign and for the report on corruption


Thousands of South Africans have turned up on the streets.


They are calling for the president to step down.


It is because of the corruption allegations which has dogged


In a packed courtroom the judge gave the people what they had been


They are ordered to publish the report forthwith and by no later


than 1700 hrs on the 2nd of November 2016.


The corruption watchdog report said the president should


establish a commission of inquiry within 30 days, led by a judge,


which must be appointed by the Chief Justice.


It raised serious concerns that President Jacob Zuma allowed a


family of businessmen to influence the selection of senior


This was exactly the judgment that the opposition parties


It is a historic day for the people of this country.


It is a significant day, because today what has happened is


South Africans have reclaimed the constitution.


When we relayed the complaint against Jacob Zuma we knew


that there was evidence that indicates


It was not only his political enemies.


Several society groups including some from his own


We have asked for a meeting with him.


We have told him that we believe that he is no longer


This report is not good for President


Zuma but it is not as damning as some opposition figures had hoped


when they came to court this morning.


There are many who believe that with all the corruption


allegations against President Zuma things might be coming to a head.


Somehow it does feel like South Africa is reaching a


Now, South Africa's attention will be turned to Zuma and the


And we will be watching that story very closely and we will bring you


more reaction as we get it. A group of British pilots


who suffered horrific burns during World War II have been


honoured for their contribution Known as the Guinea Pig Club


for their willingness to be tested on, the men underwent experimental


techniques that became the foundation for modern


reconstructive surgery. Our Health Editor Hugh


Pym has the story. At East Grinstead, barely newly


knighted Sir Archibald meets 227 They were known as the guinea pigs


because the burns treatments they Little did they know


then how much it would That was a photograph


of me in hospital. Desmond O'Connell is nearly 97


and is the oldest surviving member How they did this in


wartime I do not know. He was on a bombing mission in 1941


and suffered serious burns


when the plane crashed. they operated, because it


did not go quite right. I had new eyelids, new ears,


attempts and the The Duke of Edinburgh has been


the Guinea Pig Club's Today, he unveiled


a commemorative monument at the National Memorial Arboretum with


some club members there, as well. The club is remembered


at the Queen Victoria hospital still a specialist burns and plastic


surgery The biggest thing is the philosophy


of plastic surgery which he brought to the table, which was really


the fact that you can treat these horrifically burned


patients and to do it by using techniques that


are considered now to be standard,


but were then quite radical. There is now a statue


of Sir Archibald with one of his patients


in East Grinstead. It was a community which welcomed


the often severely disfigured servicemen


on visits from hospital. It became known as


the I was unfair to him


and for years later... It is not until you are much,


a bit older, a bit more wise that you realise


just what he had done, It is a unique club and the members


and their patron know that there may not be too many more


gatherings like this. Honouring a bravery you do not often


think about. Today BBC World News has been


looking at the impact One of the new president's most


urgent challenges will be working out how to deal with a resurgent


Russia. Relations between Washington


and Moscow haven't been this tense since the Cold War, with the two


countries divided over the conflicts So how did America and Russia grow


so far apart? Our Moscow correspondent


Steve Rosenberg reports. Clinton, Bush and Barack Obama.


Three American presidents with one thing in common, they have all had


to deal with this man, Vladimir Putin. The face of Russian politics


for more than 16 years. Started out, so it seemed, as America's friend.


But smiles turned to suspicion when the Kremlin launched a crackdown on


political opposition, like this tycoon. The US became the solution


with the Russian leader and he became disillusioned with America.


Over the invasion of Iraq and Washington's unilateral withdrawal


from the antiballistic Missile Treaty. At one stage the US and


Russia tried to hit the reset button. It didn't work. When


anti-government street protests erupted in Russia, Vladimir Putin


claimed Washington was behind them. He said the same about Ukraine's


revolution. The US condemned Moscow for Alnwick synchrony and imposed


sanctions. -- for the annexation of Crimea. Tension has reached a new


and dangerous level. Today the image Vladimir Putin projects to the world


is of a strong leader who believes he is right and America is wrong, a


Russian president who would like to change the balance of power in the


world. How will the new man or woman in the White House deal with that?


By cooperating with the Kremlin, said Donald Trump. I did not know


Vladimir Putin. He said nice things about me, if we got along well, that


would be good. That is because he would rather have a puppet...


Hillary Clinton is more hard line on Moscow. The Russians have engaged in


cyber attacks against the United States of America that you


encouraged espionage against our people, that you are willing to


spout the Vladimir Putin lie... History shows that when an election


is over rhetoric its way to political reality. And the reality


is there needs to be dialogue between a US president and the


leader of Russia. And there is no sign of Vladimir Putin vacate in


that stage any time soon. -- departing from that stage.


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Good evening. Temperatures are falling away sharply and for some of


us, a hard frost is setting in. Most of it will be across southern and


eastern parts of the UK, come morning time, patches of fog as


well. Further north


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