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Reporting from Washington, I'm Jane O'Brien.


as Iraqi special forces finally reach the city.


It's been two years since so-called Islamic State took control.


Our correspondent is on the front line.


Rocket propelled grenades have been incoming.


In the US, it's a week to go until election day and the race


but it all hangs on the battle-ground states.


I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina, a state that both sides desperately


want to win, and which is getting lots of visitors this week.


And what impact will Brexit have on the Ireland-UK border?


We've a special report from the Emerald Isle.


And we look at the high numbers of musicians


We begin in Iraq where two years after the humiliation


of being driven out by so-called Islamic State,


The assault on Iraq's second largest city is now in its third week.


It's involved hundreds of troops in heavily-armoured vehicles,


A team of special forces has seized control of the symbolic state TV


building in the eastern Mosul district of Kukjali -


the first important building to be captured since the offensive began.


Our international correspondent Ian Pannell and


cameraman Darren Conway are embedded with Iraqi special forces


on the front line, from where they sent this report.


Slowly and relentlessly, the territory of the so-called caliphate


is being taken back. It is almost two and a half years since the


motives for able to cross these planes, with ease, and now it's the


turn of Iraqi special forces. We have heard a sound of Ed, close to


the city over Brazil, it is sniper fire coming in from Islamic State.


-- the city of Mosul. They are responding, trying to stop the


shooting from coming in. Few expected that they would advance


this far, this farce. But the closer they get to Mosul, so the resistance


only grows. We are now literally just a few hundred meters from the


outskirts of Mosul with counterterrorism forces, coming up


against significantly stronger resistance than we have seen in the


last few days. Constantly hearing the sound of rounds coming in,


rocket propelled grenades as well as automatic weapons fire, tanks, heavy


weapons, and they are targeting a number of buildings where they think


Islamic State is based, before it is then safe to move on into Mosul.


Thought to be more than 1 million people trapped between the warring


parties, with nothing but a white flag for defence. Many fear that a


mass civilian exodus might lie ahead. This is the moment that the


troops entered the outskirts of Mosul. It is hard to exaggerate how


dangerous this day was. Islamic State fighters on the skyline barely


seem to care that these troops were advancing. But that does not mean


they are not prepared to defend the city, or fight to the death. The


advance forces have been moving through the outskirts of Mosul for


the last few hours, and met incredibly stiff resistance. We have


seen a number of Isis fighters moving around. Carrying rocket


propelled grenades. There have been incoming attacks. And a lot of


gunfire. The ground is treacherous. It is laced with IEDs and it


illustrates how hard and difficult this final stage of the battle is


going to be. This is just day one, inside Mosul. This is the road that


the troops must now take, leading to the centre of the city. A dark and


dangerous route into the heart of the caliphate of Islamic State.


Hair raising stuff from the front line of the battle for Mosul.


Here in the US, there's now a week to go before polling day


in one of the most unconventional and hostile presidential elections


And today, the race to the White House


One poll has put Donald Trump just ahead of Hillary Clinton


But the key to winning this election lies in the battle ground states


and that's where my colleague, Katty Kay is now.


There are about half a dozen of these states. Why, in particular,


are we watching North Carolina? Critical to watch North Carolina. It


has 15 electoral college votes. That will be handy for anyone trying to


get to deal with a 70 and win the White House. It is also a swing


state and has voted Republican- Democrat- Republican in the last


dozen collections. It is a real battle ground. Everyone is here,


Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, they are all


coming into North Carolina. It is getting lots of attention. All of


the battle ground states are key, and our North America and editor


John Sobell has more on how the battle is playing out. -- Sopel.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both launched


They've been going at it nonstop ever since.


Today Donald Trump was in Pennsylvania.


Hillary Clinton is now on her way to Florida


This is where the marathon turns into a sprint as the candidates


that will determine this election. So what are the key swing states?


They are Florida, North Carolina in the south


and Ohio and Pennsylvania in the industrial north.


For Donald Trump to have a path to victory


But successive polls suggest Hillary Clinton


has comfortable leads in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


That is why, in the battle to get the keys for this place,


the FBI intervention may have given Donald Trump momentum,


it hasn't decriesively shifted the race.


Hillary Clinton is still winning where she needs to.


I was calling to see if we still have your support


Leaving polls to one side, you also need a ground game.


Here too in conventional terms Hillary Clinton


This is her team working in another swing state, Nevada.


She has far more staff, far more offices, even more money.


have the infrastructure Donald Trump may not


the Republican nominee in the race to become


It's worth underlining in many states


that early voting has already started via postal ballots or


It's estimated that around 24 million Americans


On a nationwide average, that's around 20% of the likely


But that number is obviously far higher


in early voting states, many of them key battlegrounds.


The figures of registered Republicans and registered Democrats


going to vote shows a slight edge for Hillary Clinton.


In trying to explain this race, American


political pundits have used the phrase of a British Prime Minister


from the 1960s - Howard Wilson's comment


that "a week is a long time in politics."


In this helter-skelter white knuckle ride, indeed it is.


And who knows what's going to happen next?


Jon Sopel, BBC News, Washington.


It certainly feels like a very long time indeed. Let's get more run the


state of the race in North Carolina, and I'm joined by Susan Roberts,


Professor of politics at Davidson College. How is this race looking at


the moment in North Carolina? It is looking very tight. There was an


opinion poll today, only going through Saturday of last week and


Thursday, showing the race neck and neck, 44-44. Since then we have had


the revelation about the e-mails. It still shows to be about a 4-5% lead,


and I don't know who to trust and if you look around, North Carolina has


had, just six blocks from here, six weeks ago, the shooting of an


unarmed black man in Charlotte. There has been so much going on that


we don't know how much some of these things are going to affect turnout.


Why is North Carolina such a critical battle ground state in


2016, in this race? Because it has kind of a perfect storm, Mullany 's,


African-Americans, rural, urban, suburban divides, and things that


make it very desirable, even ideological. Something that North


Carolina is, that you have had a series of pieces of legislation that


have had an ideological divide, such as HD two, the bill for Governor


McCrory, and that has created a lot of tension in terms of where do you


stand on positions about gay rights, access to abortion, voting rights.


It is a testing ground for some very liberal - conservative device. It


has become Ground Zero in America's cultural wars in the context of the


selection. Lots of visitors coming to North Carolina this week. Barack


Obama is one of them. Is he coming to try and increase that turnout


amongst African American voters, do? I think he wants to increase turnout


among African-Americans and all around the state. If you look at


Hillary Clinton, she's gone to the states where you have Mullany alls,


college educated, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, and this is where the


Democrats have their national convention four years ago, so she is


very familiar with Charlotte. She will be trying to get the


African-American vote out, because it is 22%, give or take, of the


voting block here in North Carolina. It is an important building block to


get out those African-Americans in early voting as well. The issue of


race, as a professor suggested, came to a forefront in Charlotte a couple


of months ago after an African-American man was shot dead


by police. What looks like a peaceful financial city exploded and


race riots, and race is still an important election issue in this


campaign, as I learned when I went to speak to a local pastor.


For those of us who have been Christians for a long time,


here's a question, why does Jesus save us?


Derwin Gray is a former NFL player who gave up football for faith.


He opened the Transformation Church in 2010, on Super Bowl Sunday.


When you're preaching, you're telling your congregation


That makes some people mad!


Because in America we have idolised politics, and particularly


with the religious right in the 80s, they did a phenomenal job


of shaping that Republicanism is equivalent to following Jesus.


Pastor Derwin knows the trials of being black in North Carolina.


Two years ago he was pulled over by police with his son in the car.


A policeman got behind us, put on his high beams


for over a mile, and then pulled us over and asked us,


Now, I'm a grown man, with grown children.


You don't ask a grown man what he's doing here.


I'm an American citizen who paid taxes for your job,


on the freeways that I'm driving, I paid taxes for.


I'm driving home after preaching the gospel.


But we fit a particular profile, and the sad part is,


I've got to look my 13-year-old son in the eyes and say,


"put your hands on the back of the driver side seat,


You look him in the eyes, "yes sir, no sir".


So I didn't respond with what was in my heart, I


Derwin opened his church specifically to get


A lot of Christians in the south, in the primaries,


Yeah, and you know, that's the great thing about these United States


of America, is that we're free to vote our conscience.


So for those in our congregation who wear the Trump shirts,


I give them a high five and love them, because what brings


us together is greater than what divides us.


They have an American right to vote for Hillary or Mr Trump.


Derwin's office is a tribute to his two passions,


No pastor office is complete without a football.


You have to take the claims of the Bible true.


North Carolina is changing fast, with newcomers shaking up


It makes for a beautiful mixture, but with mixture there is always


conflict, which requires humility, which requires love,


and requires standing in the shoes of the other.


Race, obviously an important issue in North Carolina. But, is it the


same everywhere, or how the candidates fighting lots of


different races in these battle ground states? Every area has its


own concerns, but I would say that in most states I have been to


recently, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, the predominant


issue is the economy and jobs, and that is where Donald Trump seems to


have some success, particularly amongst poorer workers whose jobs


have moved overseas, all who live in manufacturing areas were factories


have closed, and they are fed up with politicians who have not done


anything about it, we think, you know what? We're not sure that


Donald Trump can make manufacturing grape again, but we're prepared to


roll the dice and give it a go, because if we keep electing the same


type of people, and they think Hillary Clinton is the same type of


politician as they have elected four years, they will continue to have


the same problems. That is where a lot of Donald Trump's support this


coming from in the States. It is really about jobs. What the of this


one opinion poll that puts him one point ahead of Hillary Clinton? How


should we interpret that? The series of opinion polls we've had in the


last few days sure that this race is tightening. Some of that was to be


expected in the final week of the campaign, that some voters would,


and the Republican Party. Some of it is fallout from the e-mail


investigation. On that point in particular, it is worth pointing out


that that same opinion poll, one week before the 2004 election put


John Kerry ahead, and he went on to lose, and the same opinion poll put


Mitt Romney ahead, and he went on to lose. It is not always the most


reliable of opinion polls, is more reliable to look at the trend of


opinion polls and that shows the race tightening, but Hillary Clinton


still ahead. And of course anyone trying to predict what happens next


in this campaign is an idiot. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Italy is continuing to suffer aftershocks after two


earthquakes on Sunday, that damaged medieval towns


and churches and left thousands homeless.


The national geology institute said that tremors


One of them, with a magnitude of 4.7,


was reportedly felt as far away as Rome.


Turkey has dismissed European Union condemnation of the arrest


of senior journalists at a leading opposition newspaper.


The EU said that, in terms of press freedom,


the detentions had crossed a "red line".


The Prime Minister of Turkey said that red lines were of no importance


and that Turkey would not take any notice.


When Britain leaves the European Union its only land


border with an EU state will be between Northern Ireland


What sort of controls might there be and how will it affect trade?


Our special correspondent, Allan Little, has sent


To understand Ireland's Brexit anxiety,


go to the farms of its rich and fertile pasturelands.


They sell more than half of what they produce


A falling pound has already made their milk


Now, there's the prospect of a new border separating them


Like, we have a huge market, 50 miles from where we stand


here now, and if we can't supply that market without tariffs,


it's not good, like, it's very worrying talk or prospect.


Once there were Customs controls between the UK and Ireland,


but those border posts disappeared when both countries joined


the European Community together in 1973.


This is what that border crossing looks like now,


you can drive down this road without even noticing that


you've left one country and entered another,


but soon this will be the edge of the European Union.


Down there, migrants from 26 other countries will still be


able to come and live and work and claim benefits,


but not if they walk up there, into the United Kingdom.


If you have no border controls here, how do you police that?


Northern Ireland's biggest party, the Democratic Unionists,


Their emphatic British unionism seems reinvigorated


by their sense of having seized back a lost UK sovereignty.


But they believe that the border can,


With the political willingness from both the British


to borders of the past, that they would never see a return


we're actually quite relaxed about it.


But we're not ignoring the fact that there are issues


that need to be worked through, but they are entirely surmountable,


In the Republic they're not reassured by this sunny optimism.


For one option is for Ireland to bow to the realities of geography


and to allow the UK to place its Border and Customs controls


You're asking for an independent state, the Republic of Ireland,


to impose and work British migration law at its ports and airports.


I mean, that's really what you're saying.


Which you're kind of saying - well, we don't really think


you're an independent country, it's just a kind of figment


I think, as an Irish person, you feel pretty angry about the fact


that something really profound has been done to Ireland without


Ireland having featured at all in the discussion.


Ireland has forged its modern identity as an independent nation


in Europe, but the powerful gravitational pull of its larger


One of the many unforeseen consequences Brexit.


It's been one of the big topics in the world of music this year -


why are so many major stars having mental health problems?


A survey by a UK charity suggests three-quarters of those working


in the industry have had anxiety and panic attacks.


Our Entertainment Correspondent Colin Paterson reports.


I went missing for about ten minutes trying to escape the venue.


I tended to do worse off the road than on the road.


At home, I'm in a bit of my own company, which I'm not so good at.


The only thing that bothers me is I have dealt with 25 years


of this and everybody treating me like a crazy person.


It is a great source of amusement and entertainment,


and we live in a world where "crazy" is a term of abuse.


Many of the big names in music have spoken


This year, former One Direction member Zayn Malik made headlines


for cancelling a number of solo gigs due to extreme anxiety.


# We're gonna let it burn, burn, burn...#.


In July Ellie Goulding postponed shows after panic attacks.


New research today claims to show just how common a problem this is.


The survey suggests more than 70% of professional musicians


That figure is almost repeated when it comes to depression.


While we are very concerned about the findings,


because of the pressures on those that are uniquely placed


within the industry, we were not unduly surprised this


pressure led to issues of anxiety, depression and mental health.


These students learning how to make it big in the music business


appreciate that even those at the top have their struggles.


All I want to do is little session gigs, and just play.


But I would hate to be like a household name.


How robust do you have to be in this industry?


Just keep your head with what you want to do,


It is a problem that there are so many people


You just hope for yourself that will not happen to you.


But the next generation of potential stars are being given


classes on how to help them deal with the issues.


Initially, when you start out, little things can seem


If you are challenged and they constantly want more,


Now the industry as a whole is being challenged to work out


how to tackle these mental health problems, which it's claimed affect


but elections used to be quite festive affairs here in the US.


And in the battleground state of North Carolina, one bakery


is reviving a centuries-old recipe used to celebrate the occasion.


You could say they're hoping to make America cake again.


An election cake is a Colonial era cake and it's a celebratory cake


that was once attached to voting places and polling sites


In some of the original recipes that we found, there would have


been 30 quarts of flour, so you can imagine


That would have been only one of the components of this cake.


Election cake was really intended to feed a lot of people, the masses.


You want to make sure that it's very bubbly and very active.


Make sure that you beat the butter very, very well.


You want to add the eggs one at a time while you continue


We reduced the mixer to low speed so it doesn't over-mix the flour.


This is the final step, getting a tough cake.


carefully folding in the booze- soaked fruit and the sherry.


The most important part in baking is to really be present,


just want to attend to every process.


It's a cake that takes at least a day, sometimes two days to make,


and so if you can give it the proper time it needs,


you will get a really beautiful,


OWL is a female-owned and led business and since the cake was once


baked by women who couldn't vote, we thought it was an interesting way


to show how gender dynamics have shifted over time.


And that electoral process was something that was celebrated.


There is a lot of bad feelings around this election and


I think that we forget how lucky we are to live in a country


where there are presumably peaceful elections.


From me Jane O'Brien and the rest of the team goodbye.


As we have arrived in November we have flicked a switch with the


weather. It is much colder, and


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