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Reporting from Washington, I'm Jane O'Brien.


The Clinton camp in damage control, while Trump seizes -


650,000, you know what I call that? That's


The timing couldn't be worse for Hillary Clinton


and the FBI is under fire for releasing the information


We'll get reaction from our correspondents on the campaign trail


where the candidates are holding rallies.


We're on the ground with Iraqi forces as they take the last town


the Islamic State group's final major city in Iraq.


Officials say it's going to cost $9 billion


to rebuild towns and villages in central Italy.


With just eight days until the US presidential election,


And this time the FBI is at the centre of a political


scandal that has rocked the race to the White House.


A new cache of emails have been found that


could reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use


And while the significance of the emails isn't yet clear,


the Republican candidate Donald Trump is seizing the moment,


as our Chief Correspondent Gavin Hewitt reports.


Hillary Clinton drops by Betty's Diner.


There are not many votes to


be had here, but surrounded by new controversy, she needs


to fire up her traditional support from the


She and her aides are troubled by signs that a


new enquiry into her e-mails is weakening her support.


But returning back later after another long day


campaigning, she and her team believe they retain an advantage in


organisation but her lead is narrowing.


While in office, Hillary Clinton relied on a private e-mail


account on her own server, sending thousands of messages, both personal


The FBI said that was negligent but did not press


Now in a separate case involving the husband of one of her


closest aides, more of Mrs Clinton's e-mails


have come to light and the


Hillary Clinton's running mate today addressed the issue.


The FBI put out this very unusual letter,


very unprecedented, they're not specific


cash in and they are also not generally supposed to put up


politically sensitive stuff right before an election.


There may be some distractions but we won't be


Some Democrats have turned on the FBI, accusing the bureau of


breaking the law by revealing politically sensitive information so


It's far from clear whether the latest FBI enquiry


has changed many minds amongst Hillary Clinton's supporters but on


one thing everybody agrees, if the focus


is on Hillary Clinton and her


e-mails, then it's not on Donald Trump and his scandals,


Donald Trump calls the finding of 650,000 e-mails


It doesn't matter that nothing has been proved or that


the e-mails may be duplicates of those already studied.


He denounces Hillary Clinton's actions as crooked


That was so bad would happen to originally and it took guts for the


director to make the move that he made in light of the kind of


opposition he had, where they're trying to protect her from criminal


prosecution. It may well be that the e-mails


will The Democrats had wanted


the election to be a referendum on Trump and his fitness to be


president- in these final days, all the attention


is on his opponent. Let's get the latest


from our correspondents on the campaign trails now -


Aleem Maqbool is at a Trump rally in Warren, Michigan


and Gary O'Donoghue is at a Clinton The Clinton campaign has had a


weekend to digest this shocking news, what's the mood to now?


Effectively, they are in a PR war with the FBI at the moment. They


know the details of all these 60 thousand e-mails will not be cleared


up by polling day so they have to win the argument, in public opinion,


but whether it was a good idea. Mrs Clinton says she won't get


distracted and a few minutes ago behind me, she made her case. I'm


sure a lot of you may be asking with this new e-mail story is about, and


why in the world the FBI would decide to jump into an election,


with no evidence of any wrongdoing, with just days to go. Also worth


saying, the FBI was booed here when the e-mails were mentioned. You


don't often hear that at a political rally. That's the latest from Gary.


Let's go to Michigan. You don't think of Michigan is being a swing


state so why is Donald Trump there, it doesn't feel he now has momentum


on his side? It's really interesting, it is a democratic


state, they have been many polls over the last couple of months


carried out and the none of them show him ahead. And yet, the


schedule was announced after the e-mail furore came about on Friday,


where the FBI announced they were reopening this investigation into


Mrs Clinton and suddenly they decided this was on, that they could


come to states like this and make an impact. We spoke to the hundreds of


people who are in this stadium, waiting for Donald Trump to appear,


they feel that something has changed with that announcement by the FBI. I


have to say the first polls that have come out since that


announcement haven't really changed things, and also that spending time


going around the country, the worldview of Hillary Clinton


supporters and Donald Trump supporters is so different, I can't


imagine anyone jumping from Hillary Clinton to being a double Trump


supporter because of the FBI is saying but there are those in


between, they stay away from the polls. Hillary Clinton already has a


problem in energising the vote, not a problem Donald Trump has had, this


could add to that as well. And it is only Monday, we have the whole week


something else to happen. Thank you both. We will have more on the


latest twists and turns of this most unpredictable campaign later.


Iraqi special forces trying to drive so-called Islamic State


from its stronghold in the country are now said to be very close


For three weeks US-backed Iraqi troops


as well as Kurdish Peshmerga Forces have edged closer to the city.


Troops in the east have now reached the village of Bazwaya -


Our correspondent, Ian Pannell, travelled with some of the elite


The final battle for Mosul is getting close.


Many expected these troops to pause, but that isn't what happened today.


It's just gone six o'clock in the morning and as you can seen,


a large military convoy is starting to form up.


We are with one section of the counterterrorism forces.


What we are told is that there is an armoured division that's


going to move its way through the desert,


there is a column of special forces and counterterrorism units that


on the last two villages before Mosul.


We are also told that if they have enough momentum


and are able to move, they're not going to stop.


The roads have been laced with IEDs, home-made bombs that


have killed so many, so the convoy


The armoured column has now moved out into the desert


in what they call a flanking manoeuvre, in other words just


going round the town of Bazwaya, which they are trying to get to.


We're in the lead vehicles here with the commander of


Over there is the town of Bazwaya, which they're


If they manage to get through that, they will move on even further


We're moving along now inside a heavily armoured Humvee.


You can see there are two men, two soldiers in the front here,


and this man's foot belongs to a gunner who is up in the turret,


firing large calibre weapons are told what they think


We are now moving into the town of Bazwaya.


Which is going to put us within eyesight of Mosul.


The troops fought their way into Bazwaya.


The last town standing between the Iraqi government


And the closer they get, the fiercer the resistance.


Units within the counterterrorism unit have just advanced


They just opened attack on what they think are IS positions,


we've just been told to get back into the vehicles,


they have another unit coming from the other side of the town.


There is also a fighter jet overhead trying to give some cover,


as you would expect, it's a very confused, dangerous situation.


The few families left here have been trapped between


If they are ever to live in peace, this campaign will also need to plan


Today has been a successful mission for the counterterrorism forces.


They managed to take the last town before the city of Mosul.


The operations have stopped for today, they are no less


than a mile away from the heart of the Islamic caliphate.


More families homeless, more lives lost.


And the real battle is still yet to come.


They will have the latest from Iraq as things unfold.


"Italy's soul was unsettled." Those are the words


of the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, speaking


about the country's most powerful earthquake since 1980.


More than 15,000 people are now homeless -


Officials say it could cost around $9 billion


to rebuild the wrecked towns and villages.


It was the fourth earthquake to hit central Italy in recent months -


and the worst hit town is Norcia, southeast of Perugia,


In the tranquility of the Umrbian countryside, life is in ruin.


It's hard to believe no-one was killed here.


The earthquake, Italy's strongest in nearly 40 years.


Thousands of people are now homeless.


In Norcia, this camp, set up to house them


after earthquakes last week, is closed.


They have all been told to leave the area.


TRANSLATION: We have spent the last 24 hours here.


There's nothing left working in Norcia, no shops, no facilities.


No-one except emergency workers can go into the old walled town.


Norcia's ancient buildings now rubble.


A structural engineer has assessed the damage, the Italian


The Prime Minister's promised the region hundreds


For now, the focus is on rebuilding communities, but there's a big


as yet unanswered question here - how do you protect towns


and villages like this which lie in an area notoriously vulnerable


For this woman, history repeats itself.


Her father helped reconstruct the town after an earthquake


Today she says, we find ourselves living that catastrophe.


My father says it's worse than it was back then.


It's been a shock for us, for all the people that


Norcia's medieval walls were built into the shape of heart.


Broken now, one woman told us, but strong enough to survive.


The Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders has gone


on trial, accused of inciting racial hatred after he led a chant


demanding there should be fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.


But Mr Wilders - well known for his provocative views on Islam -


has refused to attend, saying it's a political trial.


Lebanon's parliament has elected Michel Aoun as president,


ending a political stand-off that has left the post empty


Speaking shortly after his appointment, the former army-general


vowed to prevent the conflicts in the region


Police in Turkey have detained the editor in chief of


the leading opposition newspaper, Joumhouriyet.


At least a dozen senior employees are being held


on what the government described as "terror-related" charges.


They're accused of links to the banned Kurdish


militant group, the PKK, and the movement of Fethullah Gulen,


the exiled cleric blamed by the Turkish authorities


For us here in BBC-land, it's a big anniversary.


This week marks 80 years since the BBC launched the world's


It was 1936 in London, and like so often in the history


of TV, the launch was followed by a battle of competing technologies.


Our correspondent Nick Higham reports.


The controllers are ready on vision...and sound.


Vision and sound are on, the station goes on the air.


It was pioneering, high-tech, thrilling.


80 years ago, the BBC launched television,


with a promotional film singing, quite literally, of the


# Mystic, magic rays all about us in the blue...#


Now, that first broadcast and some of the equipment used has been


At Cambridge University, Dr Hugh Hunt rebuilt one


So, this is what the disk looks like, and you can


see it has got tiny little holes in it.


A bright light focused by a lens shone through a darkened box


The reflections were picked up by photoelectric cells.


The replica has lower resolution than the cameras used in 1936,


so it necessitated some pretty heavy make-up.


The technology had been developed by the father of television,


John Logie Baird, starting in the 1920s.


He took the technology from the 1920s, through


He understood the mechanical side, the optical side, the


He understood the entirety of his technology.


The venue for those first broadcasts was Alexandra Palace in north


London, where Baird's cameras were pitched against a rival,


To televise scenes like this in the studio, John Logie Baird


His equipment was cumbersome and immobile.


EMI's electronic cameras, by contrast, could move around


After three months, Baird's system was scrapped.


Those early viewers were treated to dramas, dancing girls,


cookery programmes, motoring programmes


Let's take a look at our top story again.


Well, before they were nominated to run for the highest public office


here in the United States, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


SHE had high approval ratings as Secretary of State -


HE was a businessman turned reality TV star.


Now they are among the most disliked candidates in presidential history.


David Botti has been trying to find out.


There are 320 million people in the US and, out of these,


just two have a chance of becoming the next president.


First, what you need to understand is that America in 2016


New research found that median Democrats and Republicans have


moved further apart over the past two decades.


And they also found that partisan divisions are greatest among those


who are the most active in the political process.


"Most active in the political process."


They are the ones voting in the primaries and there's the rub.


The two mainstream candidates aren't chosen by the general public.


They're chosen in the primaries by the parties, which are


private institutions, with their own rules and agendas.


Only 18% of Americans voted in the primaries.


And only half of them chose either Trump or Clinton.


And those candidates stood for a huge range of positions


no longer represented for the voters.


So, a small portion of the most polarised Americans chose


the mainstream candidates, which may explain why there's less


Both were, once upon a time, pretty popular.


Clinton was an extremely popular Secretary of State,


whose favourability rating was 63% when she left office.


And Trump, of course he had the top-rated TV


But stepping into that unforgiving presidential campaign arena tends


For Clinton, she has a 30-year public record, with ups


And her supporters say that sexism plays a role


And for Trump, well, that bombastic behaviour that won


TV viewers makes him unpopular, not just with traditional Democratic


opponents, that's obvious, but also moderate Republicans,


Even now, both candidates are very popular among certain groups


And is this the year that voters demand more


With me now is the Boston Globe's Deputy Washington


The piece there was talking about people choosing from the lesser of


two evils in many respects. What then do you think is good to be the


impact of this latest twist in the e-mail scandal? It has been, whoever


we are talking about is that the disadvantage, because so many people


dislike both of the candidates. It did seem to turn a little bit


towards Hillary Clinton can we spent several weeks talking about Donald


Trump's issues with women, some of his past allegations of groping, and


now that has changed into talking about Hillary Clinton and her e-mail


scandal. I think it's an negative for Hillary Clinton, how big of a


negative, I don't know, it's yet to be seen. You want a few polls to


come out, Hillary Clinton still has an awful lot of advantages heading


into next week's elections. And a lot of people have voted early? Yes,


the state she has focused on, she has more pathways to getting the


electoral votes that she needs in order to win, Donald Trump as the


play in near-perfect game for that to happen. -- has to play in


near-perfect game. I don't know if this is as many mental change as


double Trump may need. The person feeling the heat even most is the


FBI director. The White House says that President Obama does not think


he was many plating the election when he made that announcement, but


where does this leave Hillary Clinton? -- manipulating the


election. We don't know what's in those e-mails, so it leads your


imagination to run wild. You can imagine anything being in there.


She's encouraging the FBI to release as much information as they have, I


think it leaves her trying to play, she's trying to be on the fence


going after the FBI director and his integrity you see a lot of her


campaign, trying to question his decision to have this muddled


release on Friday, where you don't know what you are dealing with.


She's tried to change the discussion away from her e-mails onto him. We


heard from our correspondent in Ohio, that some of the people at the


rally actually booed the FBI. What about Trump, in Michigan, why is he


there? Trump, his schedule is baffling, he was in New Mexico


yesterday, he's not necessarily spending time in the key states that


he needs to win. So either they are seeing something nobody else is


seeing in the internal polling or he's off on a fool 's errand. Who


knows. What is your best guess? Does he have enough momentum to take


votes away from Hillary Clinton at this stage? I think Hillary Clinton


still has a lot of the advantages heading in, but her campaign network


and the early voting. Thank you. Finally, it's fair to say this


election hasn't always projected the most positive image of America


to the rest of the world, so spare a thought for the Secretary


of State John Kerry. Speaking in London,


he was frank about some The way it's made it


difficult for me is when Foreign Minister in another country,


the president or Foreign Minister of another country and say


hey, we really want you to move more authoritatively towards democracy,


they look at you, they are polite, but you can see


the question in their head. And in their eyes and


in their expression. With just eight days until the US


presidential election, And this time the FBI


is at the centre of a political scandal that has rocked


the race for the White House. A new cache of emails has been found


that could reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use


of a private server. But for now from me, Jane O'Brien,


and the rest of the team, goodbye. It's been a spooky old Halloween


already, some of us got into the low 20s early on but now the fog is


reforming and it could be a real issue tomorrow morning, particularly


in central and southern parts of England and


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