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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


Italy is hit by its most violent earthquake in almost 40 years.


Buildings have collapsed but there are no reports of deaths.


As large numbers of people prepare to spend the night outside.


The tremor causes fresh damage in Amatrice, where nearly 300 people


After weeks of uncertainty, the European Union and Canada


finally sign that landmark trade deal.


The alternative to free trade is isolationism and protectionism. A


return to nationalism, and as a result, the threat of violent


conflict. On the campaign trail,


Hillary Clinton demands to know why the FBI launched a fresh


investigation into her emails, And we'll bring you what happened


when a young man sneaked For the fourth time in three months,


a major earthquake has This one is the most powerful


the country has seen It struck near to the region


where nearly 300 people The 6.6 earthquake happened


northeast of the capital Rome. Striking near to the town of Norcia


in the south east of the country. Whese are the pictures coming out


of the affected area - this is the town of Talentino -


and as you can see many buildings It appears at this early stage


that nobody has died. Emergency teams are trying


to reach people trapped Our correspondent James Reynolds


has been to Norcia At 7:40 this morning central


Italy had its fourth The Church of St Benedict


in the nearby town of Norcia In this region, you need to know how


to get away quickly. In the hours after this morning's


quake, the ground continued to move. There was just an


after-shock just now. Some stones from this ancient


entranceway fell down. You can see there is still a sense


from people here that the earthquakes, the after-shocks,


have not yet finished. That this is, at the moment,


not a safe place for people to live. You just saw what happened,


the after-shock. We're trying to find our things,


and then we'll go. For now, a park bench may be


the safest place. Since the first quake in August,


many have decided to stay outside. Stefano Boldrini and his


eight-year-old daughter, I asked if they would


remain in Norcia. There is no more school,


or church, or police station. Italian officials in Norcia have set


up an emergency headquarters. The after-shocks have now become


so common that no one Here, the computer equipment shakes,


but registration carries on. And this town will help its dazed


residents move from No-one is sure when the next


quake will come. So why is this region experiencing


so many earthquakes? Well, to answer that question, I've


been speaking to Dr Carmine Galasso. He is an Italian himself and


lecturer in Earthquake Engineering. He spoke to me in the studio


earlier. Well, it's definitely, this one,


today's one, is the largest. The ones that started


on the 24th of August. With a 6.2 magnitude that


completely destroyed Amatrice. So there was one 5 days ago,


on the 26th of October, a 6.1, This one was 6.6,


the largest in this sequence. For sure, they are related


to each other. There is a relationship but it's


still very difficult to understand. We would conventionally say


that the largest one is a main shaft We would conventionally say


that the largest one is a main shock Until yesterday, until the 26th,


this was a sequence of after-shocks, but now with today's event,


it's definitely a new one. What can happen is because of one


event, there is what we call in our field stress transfer,


a transfer of energy And then, for example this recent


event, today's event, is probably generated by the rupture


of another fault segment. It's related to the previous one,


but it broke a new fault segment That suggests there are more


earthquakes that are going to happen What is the advice for


people living there? Well, definitely there will be


after-shocks for days, probably for weeks, probably


for months, because usually given such a big


main shock there will definitely We expect the event


in the following days will be of lower magnitude but we cannot say


with certainty, so it's always We can say there is a very low


probability of larger magnitude events, but definitely there will be


a series of after-shocks So the good thing is that


after the events on the 26th, people evacuated, so that's why


there were no casualties today. So some people are not living


in buildings that are already strongly damaged by the previous


events in the last few days. Reconstruction will take some time


and we are still in the full What's your take on the


buildings in these areas? They are beautiful and historical,


but they also can't just be torn Italy has a very advanced


state-of-the-art building code, but this applies


to the new buildings. As you are saying, in this


area they are mainly historical buildings,


and therefore they have been built several hundred years ago


without consideration What you can do are new techniques,


for example composite materials that have traditionally been used


in aerospace or They can now be used in civil


engineering for buildings. You can literally do wrapping


of columns with carbon fibre, for example, which is very


advanced, very strong It's always difficult to say,


especially for historical buildings when you also want be


careful not to be invasive, because you want to keep the beauty


of the buildings that are particularly important


for tourism, and its main driver The EU and Canada have


signed their delayed free trade deal, held up last week


because of objections The pact will remove 99% of tariffs


and is expected to generate up Damian Grammaticas reports from


Brussels. As the UK prepares to leave,


Canada has arrived. Look at the force in the hug,


a leader who is embracing the EU. You'd never have thought trade


could be so emotional. "Difficult things are


difficult, but we made it". So, are there any


implications for Brexit? Does this set the standards


for a Brexit deal? I don't see any relation


between what we are signing today Outside the summit venue today,


protesters determined, even at this stage, to stop


the EU-Canada agreement. They fear it gives big business too


much power - public feeling that And that's despite the fact EU


leaders described it as the least controversial imaginable,


one that should bring economic growth and jobs to benefit


half a billion people. Justin Trudeau certainly


seemed pleased. That leadership that we were able


to show is not just something that will reassure our own citizens,


but should be an example to the world of how we can move


forward on trade deals that do But even for the best of friends,


this took patience to achieve. That is why it so obviously


means so much to them. The biggest takeaway for Brexit


from this deal, even with good will on all sides,


it took seven years for the EU Damian Grammaticas,


BBC News, Brussels. Does this deal between the EU and


Canada give hope to the UK after it leaves the EU?


Earlier I spoke with Sir Andrew Cahn, who used to head UK


Hopeful signs from the agreement of this deal, firstly that the EU


actually can get its act together and agree something.


It has taken seven years, and it's still not finally finalised.


The national parliaments have to approve it.


But what we have seen is that the EU, at the end of the


The second thing is that the EU wants liberalising deals and that's


something which is mutually beneficial that can be agreed.


Those are the hopeful signs, but do remember that an EU-UK deal


would be enormously more concentrated than this EU- Canada


And it's not just about liberalising, it's about reducing


free trade and free movement and so on.


Canada started from a position of saying, let's liberalise.


The UK is starting from a position of saying, we want to introduce


new limits, new controls, new regulations.


We don't want the freedoms we currently have, we want fewer.


respond to Britain's position that it wants to control freedom


How do you think the EU will respond to that,


respond to Britain's position that it wants to control freedom


of movement whilst having tariff free access to the EU market?


Well, I'm not sure that tariffs are going to be


Tariffs are pretty low all the way round.


Much more are things like mutual recognition of qualifications.


Services, service provision, financial services, the protections


for the City of London and the ability of the City


of London to trade and provide banking services in Europe.


Those are the sorts of things we are going to be talking about.


I think the European side, at least initially, is going to say,


well if you don't want free movement of our people, if you don't


want to be a member of the club, we want to give you a less good deal


They are bound to say that, they have to say that.


And what about the fact that there was goodwill on both


sides when it came to the EU and Canada but it


This isn't going to be a short process, is it, for Britain?


Well, absolutely, it's going to take a long time.


Those people who say we can do a free-trade agreement


between the UK and the EU in just a few months or even


within two years, I think are overoptimistic, let's say.


The Canada deal took seven years and it's still not finalised.


It will be but still hasn't been completely finalised.


I think if we can do a deal, a permanent free-trade arrangement


between the EU and the UK in three or four years,


So we are going to have to have transitional arrangements


of the two-year period once the Article 50


We are going to have to have some arrangement


which says, let's continue for a while until we


Let's go to the race for the White House.


Both the Clinton and Trump camps have issued new claims


about the FBI's investigation into emails which might be linked


The Democrats say the timing of the announcement


needs to be explained - while the Republicans


say it shows how Mrs Clinton is a risky choice.


Our Washington Correspondent Laura Bicker has the latest.


Hillary Clinton is getting ready for a fight.


This race was always going to be close, but after the FBI announced


a new inquiry into her e-mails, the polls appear to be tightening.


The FBI has been investigating Mrs Clinton's e-mails for most


She was cleared in July of mishandling classified


information by using a private e-mail server while


New e-mails surfaced during a separate FBI inquiry


He's accused of sending sexual content to a minor.


He's also the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, who is


The FBI director James Comey admitted he doesn't know


He was a registered Republican and many Democrats say he has broken


It's extremely puzzling, why would you break


Why would you release information that is so incomplete


when you haven't even seen the material yourself,


Why would you talk about an ongoing investigation?


Donald Trump might have a reason to look cheerful in church today.


It looked like his own controversies might sink his campaign


but now his rival's problems dominate the agenda.


And his team have accused Mrs Clinton of playing


What we are seeing now is the old playbook of the politics


of personal destruction that the Clintons have rolled out


They are targeting the director of the FBI and questioning


They call these announcements "October surprises",


the work for Hillary Clinton now is to prevent it


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come...


Britain's Andy Murray closes in on the world number one -


with his seventh title of the year in sight.


After 46 years of unhappiness, these two countries have included a


chapter of history. No more suspicion, no more fear, no more


uncertainty of what each day might bring. Ignition, and left of


discovery with a of six heroes and one American legend. It's beautiful.


A milestone in human history. Born today, this girl in India is the


7,000,000,000th person on the planet.


Italy has been hit by its most violent earthquake for


nearly forty years - close to the region where nearly


three hundred people were killed in August.


The EU and Canada have finally signed a trade deal.


Fifteen years ago a Bangladeshi girl, Purmina Shil,


was attacked and raped by a gang of men.


Since then, she's succesfully rebuilt her life -


But now the abuse has taken another turn, with social media


The BBC has been to talk to Purmina as part


of our Shame series - here's her story.


A very brave young woman telling us her story. If you want to see more


on this series you can visit the website.


That's at BBC.COM/news - and you can also join


the conversation on twitter, with the hashtag 'Shame Online.'


Pakistan's interior minister says he's ordered the release on bail


of an Afghan woman who gained worldwide exposure in the 1980s


when a photo of her - and her striking green eyes -


was used on the cover of National Geographic.


The woman, Sharbat Gula, was arrested last week for having


bogus Pakistani identity papers, in a case that attracted


Nico Rosberg has edged closer to clinching the world championship


title despite finishing second to his Mercedes team-mate


Lewis Hamilton at the Mexican Grand Prix.


Hamilton kept his hopes of retaining his title alive with the win.


It was his 30th victory after starting a race from pole.


But Rosberg still leads the championship by 19 points


with two races left - he would win with victory


Chelsea are are up to fourth in the Premier League


and a point off the leaders - after they beat Southampton


Goals from Eden Hazard and a superb second half strike from Diego Costa


earned Antonio Conte's side all three points on the south coast.


The victory was Chelsea's fourth in a row in the league -


a feat they last achieved in April last year.


It's fantastic because the confidence increases.


And we can continue to work very hard, and we are able


And today, also, I want to tell thanks to our support.


Everton ended a sequence of five matches without a win securing a 2-0


Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring for the Toffees five


minutes after the break, heading home from close


range for his seventh Premier League goal of the season.


Ross Barkley added a second that secured the points


I missed a little bit of belief in the qualities,


The second half was totally different.


Good defending, good pace in front, good football.


And the first goal, the fast first goal after half-time brought


And it was a different team in the second half.


Bangladesh have beaten England in a Test match for the first time


after a dramatic afternoon session on the third day of


Having set the tourists 273 for victory, England were looking


But all ten of their wickets fell during an incredible two hours.


Star of the show was the 19 year old Mehedi Hasan who took six


wickets on the day, including the final one of Steven Finn.


There's been an upset in the final of the end of season WTA tournament.


Dominika Cibulkova has beaten the world number one


Angelique Kerber to secure by far the biggest win of her career.


Cibulkova, who began the year ranked 38th in the world


In the first match I play against Angelique Kerber, that first match


gave me confidence I could beat her. That my game is good enough to beat


the world number one and Angelique Kerber. These are my thoughts coming


into these finals, and I was feeling it from the first point until the


last point. Yeah, and only the first match point. The first two match


points I realised what the situation is. But after that I only had one


goal and I knew I can do it. And now - a lesson in why you should


never jump into a cage at the zoo, no matter what animal


is living there. This young man was apparently trying


to impress his female friends during a visit to a zoo in Nanching


in China, by climbing The bear, My-ling, was asleep


at first - but then it woke up, and didn't take


the intrusion kindly. Instead of running away,


it grabbed the man by the leg, refusing to let go, and eventually


wrestling him to the floor. It took the interloper several


minutes to free himself and escape The authorities say he ran away


before they could stop him. The Panda was fine,


and witnesses say the only damage was to the man's trousers -


and perhaps his pride. You can get in touch about that


story and any other. That's it from me and the team. Do look at the


Facebook page and website. Goodbye for now.


Good evening, it's been another very mild day with temperatures


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