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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


The headlines: What impact will the reopened FBI investigation


into Hillary Clinton's emails have on the US election?


Could the move jeopardise Clinton's lead over rival Donald Trump -


with just ten days to go until election day?


Hillary has nobody to blame but herself for her mounting legal


troubles. Her criminal action was wilful. Even the director noted that


this new information may not be significant, so let's get it out.


Iraq's Shia militias launch an attack on Islamic State


The aim to cut off their supply route to Syria.


Also coming up, how an all-female Saudi mobile show -- mobile phone


shop is helping women keep their privacy.


Chelsea thrash West Brom 4-0 to end Pep Guardiola's worst run as


manager. The head of the FBI has


defended his decision to announce a further investigation


into Hillary Clinton's email use James Comey said not making


the bureau's position public would be misleading


the American people. Mrs Clinton has called


on the FBI to give full and complete facts immediately -


her presidential rival Donald Trump says it's the biggest


scandal since Watergate. Ten days to go and this is not the


conversation Hillary Clinton wanted America to be having.


Once again, her e-mails are being investigated by the FBI,


and once again she says she has done nothing wrong.


So we do not know the facts, which is why we are calling


on the FBI to release all the information that it has.


Even Director Comey noted that this information may not be significant,


Hillary Clinton has been dogged by one question in her bid


to become president - did she mishandle classified


information while she was Secretary of State because she used a private


rather than government protected e-mail server?


The FBI cleared her in July, but said she had been careless.


The new inquiry is thought to be linked to this man,


the disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.


The FBI is looking into his e-mails to see whether he sent sexually


He used to be married to Hillary Clinton's


Investigators seized the couple's devices.


It is thought the e-mails may have come from there.


In an internal memo to staff, the FBI director James Comey said


he felt an obligation to investigate these e-mails.


He said he was unsure of the significance of this


discovery, but he made it clear he is aware that the announcement


In the middle of an election season, there is a significant risk


This is a gift to Donald Trump, who has nicknamed his


The investigation is the biggest political scandal since Watergate,


and it is everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered.


Hillary Clinton will hope America has heard enough about her e-mails


that they have already made up their minds.


Or will they have second thoughts about casting their ballot


for a candidate still under suspicion by the FBI?


Well Donald Trump has been addressing supporters


In the last few ours he told them the FBI was right


to release the details, despite reports the Department


Now the Attorney General is fighting the SPI because the FBI finally did


what was right. But also something that should have been done a long


time ago. Well, we've been getting


a lot of reaction on this development from both sides


of the political fence. Here's just a little of


what commentators have had to say. I believe the FBI should provide a


lot more information than they have up to now. There is massive


speculation. Nobody knows quite what the details are and the FBI itself


doesn't even know whether it is significant or not. We need more


information to help voters make a judgment. Otherwise, Republicans


will play politics with this and I'm fortunately, the FBI will have


played into the Republican politics if they don't provide more


information. They already had issues with what they said Clinton did but


they said there was no reason to go further. For them to open it up now,


my God, there is something there. And with WikiLeaks releasing


information every day about the foundation, about the e-mails, about


the e-mails between Clinton and her campaign people, it is painting a


picture that she cannot be happy with. It is in the best is dress of


the FBI, the American people, the campaign, to have a full airing of


what this is. The second part of this is Donald Trump thinks this


will help sway the election but what you really need is a proactive


vision and something to campaign on, not just hope that there will be


some sort of e-mail that will help sway the election, which I do think


it's going to happen. The timing is not good for Hillary Clinton but I


don't think the FBI director had a choice. He had an obligation to


alert Congress when his actions deviated from the testimony he gave


Congress. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place, this was


unprecedented but yet, here we are. Donald Trump is to be careful not to


gloat about. This is nothing to gloat about. This is a real blight


on American politics. If you want more background on this latest twist


and much more, go to our website. There, you will find analysis.


Let's go Iraq now where Shia militia fighters have launched an attack


against so-called Islamic State militants west of Mosul


as the offensive to retake the city continues.


Members of the Shia-dominated Popular Mobilisation Forces say


they are advancing on the town of Tal Afar.


Their intentions, they say is to cut off Mosul,


Islamic State's stronghold in Iraq - from Raqqa - the groups's


The Apple for Tal Afar could be important. Its population was once


around a quarter of a million, mixed around soon ease and Shia. It was


overrun by so-called Islamic State fighters after a two-day battle in


2014. Since then, IS has used Tal Afar as a base for its leaders and


as a key link between its operations in Iraq and Syria. According to a


spokesman, the Shia militants took them by surprise by attacking on


three fronts. After 78 hours, we have liberated nearly ten villages.


This corridor is considered the main artery in the mainline for the


Islamic State group between Mosul on one end and Raqqa and Syria on the


other. Victory for the government backed Shia militias. The city could


be left in circled. Meanwhile, to the south of Mosul, the Iraqi army


is claiming a new victory over IS, saying it has taken another town.


But it is the involvement of the Iranian-backed Shia militias that is


raising concerns, mainly that the axle of Mosul could aggravate


sectarian tensions. In the past 24 hours, the Iraqi army has driven IS


fighters out of a predominately Christian town. It had been occupied


by two years and during that time, churches were destroyed. Many


Christians abandon their homes and lead towards the autonomous Kurdish


region. The battle for Mosul is expected to be the biggest since the


invasion of Iraq 13 years ago. Well, Turkey's President Erdogan


is unhappy with the increased involvement of Shia militia


in the operation to recapture He has warned of a different


response if Shia militia groups cause terror in the city


of Tal Afar which is home He said Turkey would also aim


to reinforce it's troops in the town President Erdogan has also been


speaking about the death penalty in Turkey saying the government


will submit a bill to Capital punishment was abolished


in Turkey in 2004 - but in the months since a failed


coup, Mr Erdogan has called Tens of thousands of taken to the


streets of Taiwan for a gay pride parade. Many called for the


legalisation of same-sex marriage. Taiwan is more liberal than much of


Asia but moves towards marriage equality have stored.


Spain's conservative leader, Mariano Rajoy has won a vote


of confidence in the country's parliament to end 10 months


His centre-right People's Party will form a minority government -


after most deputies from the main opposition Socialists


Mr Rajoy, who has been acting Prime Minister -


says he'll name his new cabinet on Thursday.


His party has been hit by corruption allegations.


France's President has urged Britain to take its share of migrant


children who remain in Calais after the camp known


President Hollande has been touring one of the temporary refugee centres


set up for those who have been moved from the camp.


He said the clearance of the camp had been a success.


And that makeshift encampments that had sprung up in Paris would be


The Jungle camp had been seen as a key symbol of Europe's failure


to deal with the worst migrant crisis since World War Two.


TRANSLATION: There are 1500 miners isolated in Calais, ... The UK needs


to accompany these miners to the centres and do their part. In a


short period of time, we will be able to effectuate the totality of


what was called the camp of Calais. The headlines saying the jungle has


been completely cleared are not really telling the real story.


Hundreds of young people are still on site. 1500 of them on-site, those


are the people that Francois Hollande has been talking about. You


can see the hillside over there. That was covered in shanty houses


this morning but the mechanical diggers have been moving through,


taking them down as they go and overhear, this is the new jungle,


these shipping containers and there are dozens of them that our home for


those 1500 people. They are having a bit of a kickabout before the dinner


siren sounds this evening. Conditions are better for them than


in the tense but this is not where they want to be. Beyond them, there


are more tends to be cleared. Fully clear the site will take the diggers


a few days but finding a permanent home for these young people, that


could take far longer. The criminal investigation has been launched in


Italy after the fatal collapse of a road in Milan. Some viewers may find


the following footage disturbing. The bridge gave way on Friday under


the weight of a heavy goods vehicle. The collapsing masonry crashed


vehicles and killed a man and injured five others. The highways


agency requested its immediate closure. Stay with us here on BBC


News. Still to come, smiles all around for Pep Guardiola as


Manchester City bead West Brom to go talk the English Premier League. --


top of the English Premier League. This is BBC World News Today. Here


is our top story. The head of the FBI has defended his decision to


announce a further investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail use,


ten days before the presidential selection. Let's stay with that


story. I spoke to Brad Blakeman, a Republican strategist and former


aide to President George W Bush, I asked him what he thought about the


timing of the FBI announcement just ten days before Americans had to the


polls. Certainly the timing is not good for Hillary Clinton but I don't


think the FBI director have a choice, he had an obligation to


alert Congress when his actions may deviate from the testimony he gave


Congress so he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, this was


unprecedented but yet here we are. Donald from Nice to be very careful


not to gloat about this. This is nothing to gloat about. This is a


real blight on American politics. Donald from Nice to take the high


road and tell the American public what a shame this is that Hillary


Clinton has put our nation and her party in this predicament. This is


all self inflicted. If Hillary would not have had a personal server we


would not be in this predicament and if she had turned over what her


e-mails, then there would not be once dubbed the FBI to turn over.


Officials are saying they are deeply upset about this decision and that


really the FBI shouldn't interfere in this so close to the election.


Again, the FBI didn't have a choice. As a lawyer, I have to say that


probably they are looking at perjury, first and foremost, and


there must be evidence showing that the evidence that they had of


material value differs than the testimony that was given. So, if you


look at American medical corruption, they seem to have one thing in


common and it is perjury. It is not the underlying criminal charge that


matters, it is the perjury. Do you think this could influence the


outcome of the election? Absolutely. There is no doubt that in the


closing days of the election, independence are making up their


minds and this could be a bombshell for them to have a tipping point in


their feeling that voting for Hillary is voting for somebody who


will be played by scandal, not only in her past, but as president.


Donald Trump has some serious allegations to answer as well. That


will be interesting, in terms of the outcome of this election. Well, I


think that anything in Donald Trump's past is eclipsed by the


bombshell announced by the FBI of criminal conduct on behalf on


Hillary Clinton and those close to her. That I think overwhelms


anything that we know of Donald Trump that has come before. But,


again, there could be other surprises for Donald Trump as well.


It was a case of whatever you can do we can do too at the top


All three teams that started the day level on points at the top won


Arsenal had a 4-1 victory at bottom club Sunderland.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was content his team won


Very good. The first half, I was not happy with the start. But then we


started playing really nice football. It was really outstanding,


what we did then, passing wise and movement wise, it was really good.


The other members of the leading pack Manchester City also scored 4.


Sergio Aguero scored two first half goals before Ilkeye Gundogan added


The end of Pep Guardiola's worst run as manager.


He had been without a win in six matches.


But his side are back on top tonight.


It is the first time in my career, six times without winning is a long


time. It is complicated but always you have doubt. The principles are


not doubted at the players, the players with any other one, we have


to play in different systems, sometimes you make it out.


Lewis Hamilton's hopes of closing the 26 point gap to championship


leader Nico Rosberg have been boosted by claiming pole


Hamilton was more than a quarter of a second quicker


than his Mercedes team mate, who's struggled to get close


But Rosberg could take Hamilton's crown if he wins the race


and the Briton finishes tenth or lower.


The world number one Anglique Kerber is into the final of the WTA end


of season tournament after a surprisingly one-sided match


The German, who has won the Australian and US Opens


in a breakthrough year, had too much power for the defending


6-2 6-1 the final score in favour of the German.


Kerber will face Dominika Cibulkova in Sunday's final.


What a victory for Cibulkova who beat the russian


Svetlana Kuznetsova in three sets in the first semi final.


She looked out of sorts in the opener before bouncing


Pretty impressive from a player making her tournament debut


and who is yet to win a Grand Slam title.


Bangladesh have a lead of 128 over England with seven second


innings wickets remaining after an enthralling


In their first innings the tourists were reduced to 144 for 8 before


a dogged partnership between Chris Woakes and Adil Rashid


allowed them to build a modest lead of 24.


But a brisk 59 from Imrul Kays has given the hosts the advantage


and set up a potentially decisive third day's play


England suffered a narrow 17 points to 16 defeat to New Zealand


in their opening match of the rugby league Four Nations tournament.


A drop kick with 14 minutes to go from man of the match Shaun Johnson


sealed it for the reigning champions in front of a sell-out


It was Johnson who scored the last-gasp try to beat England


A BBC Arabic investigation has revealed more about a disturbing


new phenomenon - the use of private or sexually explicit images


to threaten, blackmail, or shame young people -


We travel to Saudi Arabia where female honour is a highly volatile


subject and where one mobile phone repair shop is helping women to


safeguard their privacy. Right, before we go, let me take you


to Berlin. A zombie flashmob put on a dance


performance to spooky classics including Michael


Jackson's "Thriller". Their outfits ranged


from the classic bloodstained The group say they didn't intend


to frighten people to death, just before Halloween,


but to give them a bit FBI director James Comey has


defended his decision to break US lawmakers on FBI moves to look again


into Hillary Clinton's e-mail use. Not making it public would be


misleading, he said. He was aware of a risk of being misunderstood, given


that the FBI does not know the significance of the newly found


e-mails. Mrs Clinton has urged the FBI to give full and complete facts


immediately. Donald Trump has said it is the biggest scandal since


Watergate. That is it from me and the team. Before we go, we can give


you these pictures, this is Hillary Clinton in Dakota. We will bring you


much more in the coming hours. That is indeed it from me and the team.


Goodbye for now. Good evening. It has been a very


mild and eight, temperatures as high as 18 degrees in


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