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This is BBC World News Today with me Chris Rogers.


Hillary Clinton's e-mails are back under


The FBI says it will investigate after new e-mails surface


from a personal server to see if they contain classified information.


It is being reported the devices were belonging to an assistant.


Uber is told its drivers are entitled to minimum wage rates


and holiday pay by a UK tribunal - so what does it mean


And taking the plunge to create the world's largest marine sanctuary


The director of the FBI says the bureau is probing new e-mails


James Comey had previously said his organisation had


completed its investigations into Mrs Clinton's use


Now he says the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that may


Our correspondent is that Hillary Clinton's rally in Ireland tonight.


Not much talk from Hillary Clinton tonight. The details are quite


vague. She was here a few moments ago at


this rally. You can see this stage behind me in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The


news about this FBI move on e-mails broke while we were on the plane


heading over here. It caught everyone, probably including her


campaign and Hillary Clinton herself, off-guard because we did


not have been to net access at the time on the plane. This is an


interesting situation for the campaign just 11 days before


election day. The wording of the FBI director's statement on this is feed


as you have mentioned. He is referring to e-mails that are


pertinent to the investigation which they had closed into Hillary


Clinton's e-mail server. E-mails that were found probably on the


e-mail of one of Hillary Clinton's AIDS or her husband. -- aides or


that of her husband. We have had a reaction from the Hillary Clinton


campaign are seeing his extraordinary to see something like


this 11 days out from a presidential election, the FBI should provide


more information immediately because the characterisation that is being


discussed in the media and by Republicans is not the right one, is


not the one that matches FBI director's words. The statement goes


on to say the director owes it to the American people immediately to


provide full details. It seems clear from the statement from the campaign


that Hillary Clinton and those around her feel that this is a


reaction by the FBI director to what was seen as a chilling by


Republicans pushing the FBI to see more and questioning his conclusion


that there was no indictments to be put out, that Hillary Clinton was


indeed exonerated of any charges, there would be no charges pressed


against her, that she had been careless. We have seen repeatedly


over weeks and months Republicans pushing back against that conclusion


that the FBI had come to in June. Many thanks for that update.


No word from the Hillary Clinton camp so far. C more about what the


FBI has had to say. Our correspondent is outside their


headquarters in Washington. It could be nothing. It could be


everything but it does seem we are not going to know until after


Americans go to the polls. One of the things they are trying to


do, especially Democrats right now, is urged the FBI to come forward


with more information. What we understand so far is the vague


letter the FBI director wrote to members of the US Congress talked


about e-mails that may be pertinent to the investigation and that there


would be an investigation into whether or not deal was significant.


Since then in the last hour there have been a few leaks from US


officials. What they seem to be saying is that these latest e-mails


have come to light during a separate investigation into the husband of


the top Clinton aide. Devices belonging to her and her husband


were seized as part of an FBI inquiry into whether he sent


sexually explicit e-mails to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.


The FBI chief city could not assess whether or not this material was


significant and he could not predict how long it would take to complete


the additional work. After the initial furore where people were


running around going, what is the scheme, is it related to a Hillary


Clinton server, will damage the Hillary Clinton campaign, what we


have since found out is that this set of e-mails did not come from


Hillary Clinton's server, it appears to come from those of her top aide,


and that is what is under investigation. But as you heard from


the previous correspondent there Hillary campaign is urging the FBI


to give more information to clear up any speculation because right now it


is quite opaque, quite vague, and will continue and the run-up to the


election. With just 11 days to go all how much


damage could do to Hillary Clinton's campaign?


The real issue comes down to one of trust. There is two ways of looking


at this. If you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton you are still


going to vote for Hillary Clinton, if you are going to vote for Donald


Trump your stubble to vote for Donald Trump. What it comes down to


either number of undecided voters in battle ground States, people who


were perhaps swivelling. It may not mean people will vote for Donald


Trump, but it Menini do not vote at all until it comes to the Democratic


base and getting that these out what you have seen in the last few weeks,


using popularity to push, millennial s, young people, the idea is to get


there this out. If that base starts to lose enthusiasm for their


candidate because of something like this that is where they may get some


trouble. Hillary Clinton with light a decisive victory against Donald


Trump and although the polls are different and sure she is ahead,


that can all change very quickly. Yes, they were in a buoyant mood on


the way to Iowa. I would imagine they will be sitting and is poll


after poll over the next few days. I mentioned the worst trust. During


the initial primary in Iowa I remember one poll suggested that her


trust rating was in single digits. She has worked very hard to try to


be game that. Something like this could slowly disintegrate that trust


in the run-up to the next 11 days. Thank you.


Hillary Clinton did not mention anything about this latest news


during her rally in Iowa but her rival certainly did. This is what


Donald Trump had to say at his rally in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton's


corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. We must not let


her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office. I have great


respect for the fact that the FBI and Department of Justice are now


willing to have the carriage to right the horrible mistake that they


made. Donald Trump speaking in New Hampshire a couple of hours ago. Our


correspondent is that Donald Trump as Matt rally. Earlier he said there


could hardly have been better news for the Republican candidate.


When he came out to speak just before, the delight was palpable.


This was a gift to the Donald Trump campaigned that they could not have


imagined they would get in the final ten days of the campaign. Frankly


they saw this election slipping away from them. It still may well slip


away from them but this gives them some kind of lifeline because what


the FBI are saying is that there are a batch of new e-mails that are


pertinent to their investigation. The previous and that they had


opened and closed by pressing any charges. But of course they said at


the time that Hillary Clinton and her team had been extremely careless


with classified information. The question will be, what are these


e-mails, who added to or from, what do they contain, and what is it that


is concerning the FBI about them that makes them want to have a look


and let Congress nor they are having a look? Crucially, how long will


this process take? Frankly the idea of a presidential candidate on


polling day, and of course we have got early voting across the country


going on also, but on polling day, a presidential candidate under the


shadow of the current FBI investigation, that is


unprecedented. This is a very serious day for the Hillary Clinton


campaign, it is the best David Donald Trump campaign has had in


months quite frankly. And we see yet another amazing turn and twist and


what is already an extraordinary election campaign.


The New York Times seems to know more than anyone about this. We are


now joined by the London bureau chief of the New York Times. Thank


you for joining us. Can you perhaps enlighten us and we can also that


some of the lines of tapping coming from your paper in the last couple


of hours and it where these e-mails are perhaps linked to the last


inquiry into Hillary Clinton, and what we know so far as to we broke


the e-mail story to begin with that shocked the Hillary Clinton


campaign. The FBI never exactly close the investigation. They just


said they had found no reason for conviction. But Hillary Clinton's


closest aide, and who has been married to Anthony Weiner.


Maybe these are the same e-mails they have already seen but it is...


The FBI has felt they have not been dealt with very openly by the


Clinton people. There is a degree of resentment inside the FBI and a


feeling that they had to take the investigation whenever it goes.


Having been charged by congressional committees to look into the e-mail


business they felt it necessary to inform the committee that suddenly


they had many more e-mails to look at that might be pertinent. That


seems to be pertinent. If they come from Huma Abedin iPhone and her


husband, it is possible that classified information was passed


between them as husband and wife which could get everyone into


trouble or that there is stuff on her devices that were no longer on


the Clinton server. We do not know any of this but this is where the


investigation seems to be headed according to the information we have


been discovering in the last few hours. As I was saying to one of our


correspondence earlier it could be everything, it could be absolutely


nothing. Should be read into the fact that this has been announced by


the FBI with just 11 days to go, the Republican Speaker of the House


saying they would not do this unless it was important. The FBI felt it


was important for their own integrity to tell Congress that they


had discovered these e-mails and that these e-mails could be


pertinent. They have been careful legally not to say too much. The


problem is because it is also particle and the political


importance of this may far I'd the legal importance, I think whatever


happens in the election there will be a good look at what the FBI did


and when if the it and why it did that afterwards, because the FBI


will see it is only being its own devotion to the law and its


integrity towards Congress, but of course many Democrats will say that


the FBI's anger at Mrs Clinton has led to it retaliating. This has not


apparently come from Wikileaks or from Russian hacks, it seems to have


come from Clinton's closest aide. That was from the head of the London


bureau for the New York Times. Still to come, the worldlargest marine


sanctuary will be treated in Antarctica. More in a moment.


Only yesterday she had spoken of dying in the service of her country


and said she would be proud to. These two countries have concluded a


chapter of history. No more suspicion. No more fear. No more


uncertainty of what each they might bring. This is beautiful.


A milestone in human history. Born today this girl in India is the


7,000,000,000th person on the planet. Here are the latest


headlines. The FBI says it will investigate after new e-mails


surface from a personal server to see if they contain classified


information. It has been reported the e-mails were discovered on


devices belonging to Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin and


husband Anthony Weiner. In what could turn out to be a major


blow to the taxi app Uber, a tribunal here in the UK has ruled


in favour of Uber drivers, saying they should be


treated as normal workers - and given holiday pay


and the minimum wage. Uber had argued that it's just


a technology company, not a taxi provider,


and that their drivers work for themselves as


self-employed people. Uber operates in more than 70


countries worldwide. Uber drivers, like Asif, get their


jobs via the smartphone app. They are pioneers


of the digital age. While Uber is his main source


of income, he is classed Which is why he says Uber has been


denying him normal workers' rights. I have no control of


the work, I have an app. How could I be classified


as self-employed, because I don't Uber has 40,000 drivers in Britain,


but they are not employees with full employee rights,


they are self-employed, as Uber calls them, who have


to fend for themselves. But the drivers who brought this


case, say they should be workers. Which is legally


somewhere in the middle. Entitled to rest breaks, holiday


pay, and the national minimum wage. Today a tribunal decided the drivers


and the union behind them were right.


This is the most important employment law decision


Its implications reach far, far beyond Uber and reach right out


They clarify the position and level the playing field up.


Uber is no stranger to protest, traditional taxi drivers around


the world accuse it of driving down fares and standards.


It said it would appeal and that the overwhelming majority


of drivers who use the Uber app want to keep the freedom


and flexibility of being able to drive when and where they want.


Yet today's decision will reverberate around


a new generation of delivery companies, minicabs and courier


firms, which use smartphones to mobilise an army


They are going to need to look very carefully at the case


to decide whether they can distinguish their business operating


model from Uber's or whether it is sufficiently


similar that they are now at substantial risk of having


to pay the minimum wage, provide paid holiday,


So, pending the appeal, Asif should get his workers' rights


and the rules could change anyway, because the Government has


commissioned an independent review into whether employment law now


The United Nations says there is credible evidence that Islamic State


is abducting Iraqis to use as human shields.


Syrian rebel forces have began the offensive. The Russian President has


turned down in a quest to use it attracts. A bus driver has been


burnt alive in Brisbane in Australia. A final object was thrown


at them. Several of his passengers suffered injuries. A 40-year-old man


has been arrested. Terrorism has been ruled out. The leaders of an


armed militia that took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon have been


acquitted of firearms offences. They occupied the bird sanctuary for


several weeks accusing the US Government of unlawful interference


into the fears of ranchers. One of the protesters was shot dead when


the FBI arrested leaders. The world's largest marine sanctuary


is being created. It will be administered by New Zealand and the


United States. The waters around Antarctica may be


icy, but they are teeming with life. This is one of the world's least


disturbed stretches of ocean. Because it is so rich


biologically, it is attracting The protection agreed today is seen


is hugely important. In the 25 years that I've been


working in polar marine biology, It is a massive decision


and British Antarctic Survey are delighted that all the hard work


for more than five years by 24 countries have resulted in this


incredible decision. Tiny creatures known as krill


are the foundation of life The aim of the new marine protected


area is to safeguard There's still so much


in this bizarre world that remains a mystery,


even after a century of exploration. For scientists it is a huge


challenge trying to understand what makes this remote


and unique ecosystem tick. I once saw that for myself


as I joined a team of biologists, So will the new deal


protect all this? It will last 35 years,


some say that is not enough. But for the campaigner,


Lewis Pugh, who even swam in the Antarctic waters


to highlight the issue, For me this is an issue


about justice. Yes, it is about the environment,


but most of all it is about justice. It is about ensuring that we look


after our environment That there's justice


between generations. What's remarkable about


the agreement for this remotest corner of the planet


is that there has been some very rare harmony


between Russia and the West. Far from the disputes


over Syria or Ukraine, governments have looked


at Antarctica and decided that it is just too


precious to put at risk. Scientists have confirmed that what


looked like a brown pebble found ten years ago is the first example of a


petrified dinosaur brain. He litters. It is remarkably well


preserved. The dinosaur's head became buried in a acidic body of


water such as a swamp when it died. It came from a large plant eating


animal and it dates from more than 130 million years ago. If you can


guess what the name of the dinosaur is, and is on a postcard. The big


story tonight on BBC News, 11 days before the presidential election in


United States the FBI has announced it is reopening an investigation


into Hillary Clinton's e-mails. The bugle has said that it has


discovered new e-mails but so far there is nothing that shows any


classified information. The FBI had previously cleared Hillary Clinton


of criminal wrongdoing. Donald Trump praised the FBI for reopening the


inquiry telling supporters the American people must not let Hillary


Clinton take what he called her criminal scheme to the White House.


It has been reported the e-mails were discovered in devices belonging


to and aide of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, who was married to Anthony


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