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This is BBC world News today broadcasting in the UK and around


the world. The headlines: the UN Security Council demands an end to a


legal settlement building by Israel. The motion passed after the US


refused to exercise its veto. Israel is describing it as shameful.


The settlements must stop and we've been sending that message for five


decades. The main suspect in a billion market


tack tack is shot dead but Jimmy and still in a state of high alert.


Relief after the men who hijacked a plane to Malta surrendered to


police. And in sport, this athlete's coaches given a ten year ban for the


fences. Hello and welcome. Israel has


reacted with anger at the United Nations passed a resolution


condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory. It happened


because the United States changed its usual veto policy that -- and


abstained. Israel's ambassador to the Yemen said it was shameful but


the US said it had long argued against settlement building. Today,


the Security Council reaffirmed its consensus that settlements have no


legal fertility. The States had been sending a message the settlements


must stop. That has been privately and publicly fund nearly five


decades. It is because this forum continues to be too often biased


against Israel, because there are important issues which are not


sufficiently addressed in this resolution and because the United


States does not agree with every word in this text that the US did


not vote in favour of the resolution. But it is because this


resolution reflects the facts on the ground and is consistent with US


policy across the public and Democratic administrations


throughout the history of the state of Israel that the United States did


not veto it. In the last hour, president elect


Donald Trump has responded to this UN vote. He has tweeted:


it is worth mentioning that Mr Trump has chosen a pro-settlement


hardliner to be the US's next ambassador to Israel. Reuters


reporting at the moment that the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu's


office in Israel, has said Israel rejects this shameful anti-Israel


resolution at United Nations and will abide by its terms. That is one


of the reactions that is coming out of Israel. A lot of dismay coming


from many in Israel. They are saying this resolution is unfair. The


energy minister reportedly said that the US abstention is not how friends


behave. One Cabinet minister also said this vote splits in the face of


Donald Trump. We will confirm that if we can.


Let's move on. In Germany, the interior minister says that the


threat to his country is still high today, despite the killing of the


prime suspect in the burning Christmas market attack. Anis Amri


was shot dead by Italian police in the early hours of Friday. Security


officials are now trying to work out how he ended up in Milan. And he was


linked to. At three in the morning, acting


suspiciously, he was stopped by two officers and tried to shoot them. At


that moment, the man, without hesitating, pulled out a pistol and


fired. It was towards the policeman who would ask for identity


documents. The officers reacted immediately. The one who was hit is


recovering in hospital. And this has just been released by the so-called


Islamic State, a recording made in Berlin by Anis Amri, sometime before


the attack. He is pledging his allegiance. It is now believed the


24-year-old true busy and they had been radicalised after he arrived in


Europe. -- Tunisian. German security services knew he was a threat but he


talked about buying guns, not using a truck. So how did he get all the


way to Italy? This is what we know that his movements. At 8pm on


Monday, he attacked the Christmas market and that he vanished but


managed to get to France. From there, a train ticket found on his


body showed he travelled to Turin and onto Milan Central Station,


arriving at one in the morning. Finally, he took the Metro to the


last stop, where he was shot. At the end of this week, we can be relieved


that one acute threat has come to an end but the general threat posed by


terrorism will continue. We will do our utmost to make sure our state is


a strong state. So Jimmy is now trying to root out radical Islamic


networks. We visited this place today, a short distance from where


Anis Amri's new video was recorded. This is one of the places Anis Amri


was known to frequent in the months when he was in Berlin. It is a


residential complex that the reason he would come here, what used to be


a mosque. It was closed down and became a meeting point for radical


Islamist 's. One of the neighbours told us small groups of young


Islamic men continued to use the building. They would meet late at


night, apparently discussing attacks. Of course it was dangerous.


When the men sit here and fantasise about carrying out attacks, yes, I


was worried. I -- my children and family lived here. With the


immediate danger apparently over, Berliners gathered for a memorial


this evening, by the Brandenburg gate. No matter what, we are all


one. One of the people are coming together and thinking of the


victims. Billing people... Germany is a country now confronting the


reality it faces new and hidden threats.


Let's speak to major Chapman, a former head of counterterrorism at


the Ministry of Defence in the UK. Thanks for joining us. We've seen so


many security problems in the last year or so in Europe. Looking at


what has happened here, with so many apparent failures, what lessons need


to be learned? Firstly, the relationship between the security


services and the police. You can say there was an organisational failure.


They need to look at the relationship between the state and


federal system. Second, they need to look at their technical aspects. The


UK would use intercepts and things like that. Thirdly, they will have


to look at their procedure all sides. How do you secure a border if


necessary in an emergency. Lastly, the human element. For example in


the UK, we rolled out a project, first used during the Commonwealth


Games, which uses the data and the psychology of crowds to pre-empt


these things. Of course, you also have the larger question of the


Schengen agreement in the sense of how he got to Italy, via France. If


you want an integrated Europe, then Schengen is a good thing. On an


economic level, if you want a free flow of good and trade, it's a good


thing. On a security level, if you want to contain, it's a bad thing.


It's something they will be looking at both in Germany and the wider


European community in the future. Picking up on that final point,


because it's politically so controversial, is there a way of


allowing some freedom of movement whilst massively beefing up


security. All of us have travelled across Europe with virtually no


checks. It's a difficult one. You are trapped on a second by second


basis with the things you carry. A mobile phone is unintrusive


surveillance device. We have more CCTV, automatic number plate


readers, things like that, which enable the security services to be


effective in the UK. But freedom of movement without some sort of checks


can open you up. There is a trade-off. There are only 151 people


killed in Europe last year and in numerical terms, is not a great


threat. We have to be careful that we don't outsize the threat. That is


exactly what ISR trying to do. They are trying to make themselves a


strategic player. The numbers might not be high but the change to


everyone's expectation about what it means to live in a western democracy


is massive, isn't it? Politicians have to react. Do we need more


money? There is no such thing as absolute security is you have to


look at what resources you want to apply in the appropriate place.


Without over egging the thread. You can securitise everything but if you


securitise everything, it becomes a great bill. The Americans had ?1


trillion after 911 for something which only killed, killed 3000


people, but in terms of the amount of money for the payoff, that is


probably inappropriate. Now, politicians can't say that because


if you say that as a politician, it's deemed to be a gaffe.


Thank you for your time. Back to our top story. Developments at the


United Nations, that resolution that has angered Israel so much on


settlement building. You can speak to our correspondent who is in


Washington. We are getting a lot of reaction. Bring us up-to-date. The


White House defending its decision to abstain, even though Mr Netanyahu


said they are going to ignore this resolution.


Mr Netanyahu has come out with a strong statement saying that this is


a shameful anti-Israeli resolution. Israel will not abide by its terms.


He said that the Obama administration not only failed to


protect Israel against countries ganging up on Israel at the UN but


colluded with it behind the scenes and then he said Israel looks


forward to working with Donald Trump, who has signalled a different


approach. The Americans, the ambassador at the UN, did say that


they were not happy with every word in the resolution. She talked about


the way they are uncomfortable about criticising Israel at the UN because


they do believe it's a venue which is biased against Israel. But she


said the continued settlement building in the West Bank and East


Jerusalem is happening at such a pace that it really was making a


solution to the conflict unviable and therefore the Americans felt


that they had to withhold their veto this time. She said one cannot


simultaneously championed Israeli settlements and a stew is two state


solution. So the Obama administration put its mark down on


that. It's the very end of the Obama


presidency and Donald Trump is going to ignore this, as are the Israelis.


It is not insignificant. To have the US reverse its long-standing


practice of protecting the EU Israel at the Security Council is a big


deal. To the Israelis, they can fight. This isolates them. It's one


of the main reasons they fought so hard. It's also a strong statement


of international consensus that the Israeli settlements in the pub


Palestinian territories are illegal and they threaten a two state


solution. It refutes Israel's argument is that what they are doing


is legal and the status of this territory needs to be settled. You


are right. It comes at the end of Obama's administration. If we had


done so earlier on, it could possibly have had more impact. Now,


the impact will be largely symbolic because Mr Netanyahu said clearly


that the Israelis will not implement it. Mr Obama's successor, Donald


Trump, has signalled that he will be supportive of the right-wing Israeli


government. Retweeted things will be different after January 20 which is


when he takes office. It's a diplomatic earthquake in some ways


but the impact on the ground, at least initially, will not be felt.


The hijacking of a Libyan plane to Malta has ended peacefully. The two


men who seized control free to those on board and then surrendered to the


authorities. The domestic flight was hijacked in the morning after taking


off from Libya. It appears the hijackers are


supporters of the late former leader, Colonel together Ashley. The


hijackings seems to be more of a political stunt than a terrorist


incident. This had been an internal flight to Tripoli, when the Airbus


was forced by two men on board to divert to Malta. They told crew they


had a hand grenade and threatened to blow up the plane. Probe Gaddafi


claims were made by the hijackers, with one appearing and waving a


plain green flag. After hours of talks, the promise was given to free


those on board, if unspecified demands were met. Passengers were


then taken away, with the flight attendants following. They were


asked to surrender any weapons. They were found to be in possession of a


hand grenade and a pistol. Nevertheless, the Armed Forces are


currently conducting a full search on the aircraft and a second pistol


has been found so far. The search is ongoing. The hijackers were


apprehended on the tarmac and taken into custody. Libya has said they


wanted to set up a probe Gaddafi political party. They will be


wondering how the men got a grenade on the plane, even if replicas. In


Tripoli, families are waiting for their loved ones to be flown home.


It is evident that in Libya, airport security is as lax and chaotic as


the country's politics. Stay with us. Much more ahead. Does


the end of the rebel uprising in Aleppo signal a new era for Syria or


the beginning of the end? This is BBC world News today. The UN


Security Council backs a call for an end to illegal settlement building.


The Israel has said it is shameful. The main suspect in the Berlin


market attack is shot dead but Germany is still on a state of high


alert. President Putin has called for a


nationwide ceasefire in Syria, now that government forces have fully


taken control of the city of Aleppo. The final lap took place last night,


with the biggest victory for Bashar Al-Assad says the uprising began


five years ago. Jeremy Bowen looks at the significance of the victory


and how it could now affect the course of the war.


In western Aleppo, Christmas party became a victory celebration. It was


watched over by banners of Syria's three wise men, President Putin and


president at Assad and the leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement. The


regime's supporters underestimated in the West End there was relief


that the killing might be open -- over. The last buses out of Aleppo


delivered thousands of fighters and civilians into an uncertain future.


The fall of eastern Aleppo is the rebel's greatest defeat and shows


how the orders now been decided by the foreign powers that have


intervened. So, what is next? President Assad and his allies have


won themselves some options. Their victory does not end the war.


Thousands of rebel fighters have been bussed out to a deliberate, the


neighbouring province. The regime and its allies will want to win it


back. The question is when. They might decide to make eastern... It's


part of the suburbs of Damascus. It is vulnerable because rebel groups


have weakened themselves by infighting. Foreign powers are


shaping the battlefields. Turkey has troops fighting in Syria and backed


some of the rebel groups. But it watched whilst Rob Russia destroyed


them. That's because Turkey needs Russia to stand aside while its hits


the Kurds. While East Aleppo fell, the West was also a bystander and


that is because the Syria policy of the Americans, British and their


friends never coherent, has now failed completely. Last week, the


British and American defence secretaries fell back on old


slogans, not credible, as the Syrian regime scored its biggest victory of


the war so far. We don't see a future for president Assad in Syria,


even if he defeats the opposition in Aleppo. Aleppo though looks to be a


turning point. Tonight, Britain's Foreign Secretary said president


Assad must go. But the downfall of the President looks like a hollow


dream. Diplomacy hasn't done it. Early in the war, there was a chance


to make it happen by joining the fight but that chance has gone while


President Assad remains Russia's and Iran's man. It won't be easy for his


coalition to move from Aleppo to victory in Syria but now, they have


the momentum. Let's catch up with the sport. My


children are still celebrating the Indian cricket victory this week.


We have moved on. It's all about football now. That was a fantastic


victory for India. We will start with football this evening. Some ala


dices the new manager at Crystal Palace. He signed a two and a half


year deal. Alan Pardew was sacked 24 hours ago. Palace say they are


fortunate that someone of his calibre and experience was


available. He was sacked by England after one day in charge but as a


club manager, he has never been relegated and he pleased to be back.


As difficult as it is, as pressurised as it is, it is where


I've been comfortable for many years and you generally get a new job


because there are if you difficult is at the club. I also those


difficulties ahead and try and get a few more results on the board,


particularly over Christmas and New Year, to make everybody feel a bit


more comfortable. Chelsea's O is leaving Stamford


Bridge for Shanghai SIP GeForce 60000000 pounds, that's about $74


million. That's the seventh most expensive player of all-time. The


25-year-old Brazilian will earn ?400,000 a week.


Two-time Wimbledon champion Kavita verse said moving her fingers again


was the best Christmas present she could have wished for. She has left


hospital following surgery. There is some flash photography in this


report. The smallest of smiles after the


most terrifying of traumas. Bearing the scars from her ordeal, she today


addressed the public for the first time since the knife attack that


could have cost her her career and nearly cost her so much more. I am


happy to tell you that I'm feeling well. My team have provided amazing


support in this difficult situation. Howard to thank each and every one


of them for the important part they played.


She was attacked by an intruder wielding a knife. She suffered


lacerations to her playing hand. A day later, she underwent surgery.


Her resolve has been unbroken. I will use my energy to focus on my


recovery. I will do everything I can to return to the sport I love as


soon as possible. She is one of the poster girls of world tennis. At 26,


in the prime of her career. The world number 11 has twice won


Wimbledon, two of 19 career titles. For now, her victories are on a


victory -- different scale. Yesterday morning, during a session


with a doctor, I was able to move my fingers on my left hand and this was


the grace -- greatest Christmas present I could have wished for. The


surgeon says she will not be able to pick up a racket for three months.


This will be the year we will see the fighter that we've never seen


before. The International Olympic Committee


has opened disciplinary proceedings against 28 Russian athletes who


competed in Sochi. Evidence emerged earlier this month of manipulation


of athletes you're in tests during the 2014 Winter games. Russia has


also lost two more major events following the accusations of


state-sponsored doping is. The World Cup by a fan speed skating will be


held elsewhere. That is all your sport.


He has made his list, he's checked it twice and we can now report that


Father Christmas has officially left that planned to begin his


deliveries. He has been ably assisted by two reindeer. He left


his grotto in northern Finland with a sack full of presents. According


to the military organisation which tracks is Jenny, the sleigh weighs


75,000 gumdrops and can travel faster than starlight. Reports


suggest that also on board is a sack full of twigs from naughty children.


Have a lovely Christmas weekend. Goodbye.


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