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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


I'm Karin Giannone The Headlines Tunisia says it's uncovered


a terrorist cell linked to the Berlin Christmas


A nephew of Anis Amri was among one of the three men arrested


Benjamin Netanyhu orders a review of Israel's relationship


with with the United Nations after a vote condemning


Security forces in Tunisia say they've arrested three members


of a terrorist cell linked to Anis Amri, the Tunisian


who killed 12 people by driving a lorry into a Christmas market


The interior ministry said one of those detained was Amri's nephew.


24-year-old Anis Amri was shot dead by police in Milan in the early


This is Anis Amri, the man suspected of being behind the attack on a


Berlin Christmas market. And now, authorities across Europe and the


Middle East are trying to piece together his extremist connections.


Now a clearer picture of his network is emerging.


Officials in Tunis say he was connected to a militant cell,


Amri is thought to have sent his nephew money


The nephew's now in custody in Tunisia.


The Spanish authorities are investigating whether Amri may have


In Tunis today, hundreds of people took to the streets


They gathered outside the Bardo Museum, which was attacked


In recent years around five and a half thousand Tunisians have


joined jihadist groups, making the country one


of the largest exporters of militants in the region.


TRANSLATION: The terrorists damage the image of Tunisia in the world,


and have harmed the expats who are living abroad.


TRANSLATION: Our message is from the heart, it is a panic


wave, and you need to understand, Tunisians are afraid,


Shot dead in an exchange of fire with the police


And the hunt for more clues about the attacker goes on.


What began as a horrific attack here in Germany has become


an investigation spanning Europe and beyond.


German investigators want to know if he had supporters here,


people who may have helped him planned the attack and his escape.


As the city turns down to Christmas, the authorities are still at work.


So following the arrests in Tunisia, are the suspects now likely to be


The BBC's Rana Javad is in the capital Tunis.


It is highly unlikely they will be extradited. I did speak to an


official at the foreign ministry earlier asking if there was any


request from the German authorities in that regard and he said so far,


no request. But in any case, this matter will be handled internally


here with Aran investigations and he also said there is no hesitation on


the Tunisian parts to cooperate fully with the German authorities,


but given the information that has so far been made available to us


from the Interior Ministry, it does not seem to suggest that this attack


was something necessarily planned from here, but rather that Anis Amri


tried to recruit his own nephew in recent months and succeeded in doing


so if all of the stamens we've gotten so far are accurate, as well


as to whether people links to him here as well.


Israel's re-evaluating all of its contacts


with the United Nations, including its funding UN


institutions and the presence of UN representatives in Israel.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the announcement a day


after the UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding a halt


to Israeli settlement-building on occupied Palestinian land.


praised US President-elect Donald Trump,


who's suggested he will reverse America's position on the issue


at the UN, which allowed the resolution to pass.>


TRANSLATION: We are entering a new era and as President-elect Trump


said yesterday, this is going to be much quicker than people think.


The passing of the resolution has been celebrated by Palestinians,


as our Middle East Correspondent, Yolande Knell explains.


Here in Bethlehem, there is the festive mood, for many Palestinians


feel they have bigger reason to celebrate after this UN Security


Council resolution which said Israeli settlements are a fragrance


violation of international law. It has been welcomed by over different


political factions in Palestine and they are hoping it will strengthen


their legal case when they pursue action against Israel in the


international courts. For it's parts, is really officials have come


out and said this is disgraceful and shameful a resolution and the


Israeli Prime Minister has said he will not abide by its terms. There


are more than 600,000 Israelis living in settlements in the


occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem, that is on land that


Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East War. And the US really feels


that at the Security Council it was betrayed by his closest ally, the


US, which usually uses its veto power to block any resolution


critical of Israel. Now it is looking to President-elect Donald


Trump for support and he has already come out on Twitter saying things


will be different after January 20, which is of course when he takes


office. The Nigerian president


Muhammadu Buhari says the army has captured a key base of the Islamist


militant group Boko Haram. The president said the group


now had nowhere to hide after being forced out


of what he called its last enclave. Boko Haram still stages suicide


bombings in the northeast and in neighbouring


Niger and Cameroon. Despite the progress, the Nigerian


Government still has some way to go before victory over Boko Haram is


achieved. We have to recognise this comes in a long line of quite strong


statements from the president about Boko Haram. A year ago or so he told


the BBC that the war against the militant group was technically one


and the Government had one at that war and yet, in that past year, we


have seen suicide bomb attacks and other attacks by Boko Haram. What is


clear is the militant group have lost an awful lot of territory and


do not control big towns. It seems according to the President's


statement that they may have lost their territory in the north-east of


the country. But the group's tactics have changed and they've become an


organisation that uses more suicide attacks and sneak attacks rather


than old and territory. So it would be premature to say that Boko Haram


was finished, they still operate in Chad and regional countries, too. It


was also striking that the president referred to new efforts to get the


release of the schoolgirls who were taken over two years ago and around


200 of them are still believed to be in captivity of Boko Haram. He did


not say we have taken them back from this camp, it had been assumed


they'd been captured. So the implication would be they do not


know exactly where the girls are and I would also imply that Boko Haram


is still in places in Nigeria or in neighbouring countries where the


Nigerian Government cannot get to them. So the war is definitely not


over, but the Government at least, the Nigerian Government, is saying


this is a major step forward in that war. Reports from Congo said talks


of the deal Senate President leaving power at the end of next year I'll


close to agreement. The president has refused to step down even though


his term of office has expired. Under the proposed agreement, a new


Prime Minister will be chosen from the opposition and elections would


be held next year. Temperatures in the North Pole could be up to 20


degrees higher than average today in what scientists say is a


record-breaking heatwave. They say an air temperature of just below


freezing instead of the usual level of around -30 is preventing ice from


forming. Researchers say the unseasonably warm weather patterns


have a direct link to man-made climate change. Actress Carrie


Fisher is in intensive care in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a


heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles. She is best known


for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. Miss Fisher who is


60 was flying back after finishing a tour to promote her autobiography.


Rick Parfitt has died in Spain at the age of 68. He was being treated


in hospital for a severe infection. He was still recovering from a heart


attack he suffered earlier this summer.


I've got to where I wanted to go, to become a pop star or a rock star.


To Status Quo fans he was easy to spot, the bobbing blond head.


He was responsible for some of rock music's greatest riffs.


From 1972 there was a Status Quo album in the top ten


Rick Parfitt met Francis Rossi when they were teenagers.


Their first single was a bit of 60s psychedelia.


But their passion was something a bit more raw.


All our records sound alike, of course they do,


They are going to sound like us, who are we supposed to sound like?


As soon as I had the idea, I couldn't think of anyone better.


MUSIC: "Rockin' All Over the World" by Status Quo.


When it came to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll,


This riff arose from the consequence of a huge dose of amphetamines.


Good night, Rick, see you in the morning!


I came back in the morning and he was there.


He has a particular type of woman, blondes!


Even when he was recovering from heart surgery he was still


When it came to turning rock into hit songs,


Pope Francis 's lead in the Catholic Church by celebrating Mass at Saint


Peter 's Basilica in the Vatican. There he is. David, the first major


event of the Christmas season for the Pope? Yes, and there is heavy


security in the Vatican. There are policemen and soldiers stationed


every few hundred yards, so the crowds attending tonight's midnight


mass inside Saint Peter's Basilica have had to pass through metal


detectors. There's a general sense of insecurity I think here in Italy


after the attacks in Berlin and the shooting of the main suspect up in


Milan. The Pope at is just making his money, his first public


appearance during the Christmas holiday. And he is talking about the


necessity for Christians to humble themselves before Christ and he is


saying that in the world today, if you look around, there are many


children are suffering in ways that defied dignity. It talks about


children suffering in ships with other migrants cross in the


Mediterranean. Children who are hungry and have been trying to


shelter from the bonds in Aleppo. -- the bonds. I think it is a muted


Christmas message, nonetheless though, it is... David, I am afraid


we are losing sound there. Apologies for this. Thank you from David and


you can see what is going on in Saint Peter's Basilica. Pope Francis


celebrating Christmas Eve Mass. Stay with us. Still to come. We meet the


French oyster farmers using a high-tech solution to stop thieves


from stealing their catch. The Queen's granddaughter


Zara Tindall and her husband Mike The couple announced


they were expecting their In a statement the spokeswoman said:


"Very sadly, Zara and Mike Tindall At this difficult time,


we ask that everyone Buckingham Palace last thing it is a


private matter. Zara was always an ambiguous situation. Although she is


the Queen's granddaughter, neither she nor her husband are members of


the working royal family. They both carved out distinguished careers in


their respective sporting fields. They married in 2011 and have one


daughter who will be three next month. This pregnancy announced a


month ago, and it was thought this baby would have been born in the


spring, so it is thought that she would have been around four months


pregnant. No medical risk to her, but as you say, very sad for both of


them. You're watching BBC world News today. The latest headlines. Tunisia


says it has uncovered a terror selling to the Berlin Christmas


market attacker, Anis Amri. orders a review of Israel's contacts


with the United Nations, after a resolution demanded a halt


to Israeli settlement-building Fatima is a child of war. All three


years old, she is to understand why her countrymen have turned their


guns on each other the knots too young to bear the scars. She was


seven years old when a tank shell tore through her home in


north-western Syria. The final followed cripple the right hand,


legs and vocal cords. 60% of her body was burnt. Her father went from


hospital to hospital, pleading for doctors to save her life. Bred


TRANSLATION: One hospital suggested giving her a lethal injection. They


said Burns were too severe and that she be disabled for life. Now, when


I look, I thank God she is alive and she makes us feel happy just by


Cinco. -- just by seeing her. German surgeon heard the story and decided


it could have a happy ending. She was instrumental in bringing Fatima


and her friend -- family to Germany. She is damage treated. It is a huge


challenge to operate on a child that is very underweight. She has the


weight of a one-year-old. But we cannot wait much longer, because we


want to walk as soon as possible. The doctors they have decades of


experience, but even for them, this is not an everyday operation. The


surgeons are conducting several procedures today. They want is to


heal some of the scars of Fatima's face and test to see if they can


help her hair grow again. But the main aim is to help her walk again


and they are correcting her feet and using steel pins to keep them in


place. If all goes well, they hope she can walk after three months.


Three hours later, the operation is finished. Doctors say it will be


sometime before they can determine whether it was success or not. It is


not only if the mechanics are corrected, but also the psychology


of being able to stand on her feet and climate and use her feet and


start walking. So we don't know yet. For now, Fatima's wombs have been


reopened. Her mother hopes that tears are worth it.


TRANSLATION: We will walk together, God willing. And I hope she will be


in the best position. She has suffered so much as a child. Fatima


will remain in hospital for many weeks. She will receive


physiotherapy and psychological support and Doctor soaps operate on


her again in January. There will be more pain ahead, but the worst is


now over. You may have heard of sheep rustling cattle rustling, but


how about oyster rustling? In France every year, as the festive season


gets underway, oyster farms on the coast are increasingly the target of


thieves trying to cash in on the lucrative Christmas market. But help


is at hand thanks to a new secret electronic oyster that act as a


tracking device if it is moved. Every year at Christmas time, the


French shell out millions of euros on seafood. And every year here, the


farm shop does a thriving trade. But there is a downside to the booming


oyster beds as demand goes up, so do prices and so does the temptation


for oyster poaching. Oyster rustling at Christmas time in France is no


laughing matter. Every year, tonnes of oysters are being stolen by


unscrupulous operators and oyster growers have to spend a fortune of


their own on security and night time patrols and cameras. At the nearby


town there is a high-tech hub where they may have another answer.


Scientists say have devised a kind of spy in the sea. This succulent


thing has valves of the electronic kind. It sits with the real oysters


and if they are unexpectedly taken off in the back of a truck, it sends


out an alarm. They have a motion detector. The battery and a GPS


process are in there. If there is a movement on the process is wakened


and it sets the GPS position to your mobile phone. It can stay in water


for up to two years. Being indistinguishable from the rest of


the by, the Beacon will not be seen by the poacher. Here they fear


night-time raids and at low tide, with a team of thieves and a truck,


it would not take more than an hour to lift the terms of oysters that


idea, especially if they know what they are doing. Oddly enough, the


culprits are thought to be mainly other oyster growers.


TRANSLATION: The problem is that orders for Christmas are made by


wholesalers are very early in the year, but later, when some growers


realise they are not going to be able to fulfil their orders, the


easy solution for them is to steal oysters from their neighbours. There


is a small amount of petty theft, it is true, but that is a side issue.


Petty thieves cannot make off with five tonnes. There is one downside,


of course, somewhere in here, there is a secret sleeper. Who is going to


crunch into that for the Christmas lunch? President Obama has delivered


his final Christmas message from the White House. Sitting alongside his


wife Michelle, he said it had been an honour to serve as America's


president. One of the best parts of the holiday


season is spending time with the special people in your life


and for me that means getting some help from my best


friend for our annual Given how our first Christmas


weekly address went, This is our first Christmas


in the White House and... All right, you got


to get it together. You are going to have


to pull it together, Potus. Celebrating the holidays


in the White House over these past eight years has been


a true privilege. We've been able to welcome over


half a million guests, our outstanding pastry chefs have


baked 200,000 holiday cookies. And Barack has treated


the American people Although a few got


a frosty reception. We wish you and your family


a happy and healthy 2017. Pope Francis is celebrating


Christmas eve Mass in Saint Peter's Basilica. It is very busy and we


have heard that this is the first major event of the Christmas season


for Pope Francis. Of course there is his nude blessing on Christmas Day.


Let us


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