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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


Russia looks for answers after a military plane with 92


Benjamin Netanyahu orders ambassadors of UN Security Council


members to be reprimanded, after THEY voted against Israel's


Also coming up...in his Christmas message the Pope calls for an end


We catch up with a family of Syrian refugees one year


A day of national mourning is being held in Russia for the 92


President Vladamir Putin has ordered an investigation into why it went


The transport minister says investigators aren't ruling out -


any possible reasons for the crash - that includes terrorism.


Among those on board were members of the famous Red Army Choir.


Vigils have been held, this one at the Os-tan-kino TV


station to remember the nine journalists who were


The authorities say the location of the wreckage has been pinpointed,


and more than a hundred divers were exploring the sea bed.


So far, eleven bodies have been recovered.


This is one of the final images of the Tupolev-154 jet.


It was taken by a journalist before he boarded the plane.


The aircraft crashed into the Black Sea.


The Russians scrambled helicopters and ships but the search became


The plane had taken off from a military airfield near Moscow.


It flew south, stopping in Sochi to refuel.


The final destination was Syria, and Russia's airbase near Latakia,


but minutes after leaving Sochi, it crashed.


At the Russian Defence Ministry, a spokesman said that more than 90


He said the recovery operation was continuing.


On board were more than 60 members of the Russian army's famous


song and dance ensemble, once known as the Red Army Choir.


They had been due to give a concert at the Russian airbase in Syria.


Most civilian airlines have stopped using the Tupolev-154,


once the workhorse of the Russian aviation industry.


In 2010, a Tupolev-154 carrying the Polish President crashed


The following year, a similar plane caught fire


Now the investigation begins into another disaster,


to find out why this Russian plane fell from the sky into the sea.


People in Moscow brought flowers to the headquarters of the Russian Army


choir. It has left Russia stunned and silo. The Kremlin has promised a


thorough investigation into this tragedy. It has also declared Monday


to be a day of national mourning. Olga Ivshina of the BBC's


Russian Service told me more about those


on They are trying to find black boxes


to see if this will shed light on the probable reasons for the crash.


We don't really know what happened so far. The recording of


conversation between the aeroplane and the base was published, but it


sounds like a routine check their voices are calm and there is no sign


of alarm warning, which probably means it happened quite abruptly.


But the investigators have not ruled out every possibility here? Bred


yes, the Russian transport minister said they are looking into all


versions and there are three versions which is quite as usual.


Technical failure, a mistake on the pilot's part a something else,


possibly a terror attack. They did not specify which is the priority


one, so they are looking at all possible versions. If we look to


those on board who sadly perished in the crash, they were journalists


covering the red Army choir travelling to Syria to perform. The


majority of the people on board were members of the red Army choir who


are members of the military and actually this was quite a


significant thing, so they lost one third of their members and most of


the members of the choir. They were well known and well respected and


loved in Russia. They were respected all over the world for their


professionalism and well performing a lot in Russia and the Russian


military bases in the country and abroad, boosting military spirit and


also giving concerts in other countries. Their image became more


controversial since 2014, because being a member of the Russian army,


they praised the actions of Russian soldiers during a annexation of


Crimea and some politicians in eastern Europe said they must


boycott it, but it did not happen. They kept performing. Once again,


they were well known and recognised for their professionalism as


artists. We have seen some rituals in Rush already, come with them all?


Bred Monday will be a day of national mourning Russian state has


changes programmes buggy programmes are nothing like this. Many


Muscovites are shocked and coming to the base of the red Army choir are


bringing candles. The famous Russian doctor was on the plane are bringing


some humanitarian aid for Syrian hospitals. She was really respected


and loved by many Russian because she was helping people in need,


homeless people, children. She was also involved in some minor


controversies, but so humanitarian efforts was widely recognised. It


seems that people were not expecting this to come, it was a huge shock


coming just before days of celebration, just before the New


Year which is a big deal in Russia. And you can get more details


on the crash and hear some of the music from the Red Army Choir


on the BBC website. You can also download the BBC News


app on your smartphone The Israeli leader


Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered his Foreign Ministry


to summon and reprimand ambassadors from countries on the United


Nations Security Council, The move is a response to the UN


vote on Friday that condemned Israel's building of Jewish


settlements in the American and Israeli governments


have disagreed about settlers, but we grew the Security Council was not


the place to resolve this solution. We knew that going there would make


negotiations harder and dry these further away.


Front do not take offence to the Security Council. I'm encouraged by


the statements of Republicans and Democrats alike in the United


States. They understand how reckless and destructive the resolution was


that they understand the Western Wall is not occupied territory. I


look forward to working with those front and with the new


administration when it takes office next month. That was Benjamin


Netanyahu. Earlier the BBC's Middle East


analyst Alan Johnston explained This was a big moment at the United


Nations on Friday. Real diplomatic drama. Year after year we've watched


the Americans use their veto to protect Israel against resolutions


of this kind, but not this time. Suddenly, the Israelis found


themselves without a friend in the world on that very important


diplomatic stage and the message that the international community


centre could hardly have been stronger. It condemned the Israeli


settlement building project in the occupied territories as a legal and


a flagrant violation of international law. Now, the Israelis


see the legal position entirely different layout will not accept


that verdict for one moment. They argue that they are endlessly


mistreated by the UN in which they say is biased against Israel again


and again. They are now on a major diplomatic offensive and they are


reprimanding -- the reprimanding of the ambassadors on Christmas Day.


Benjamin Netanyahu has the UN itself in his sights and has ordered a


review of his country's relations with the world body and some funding


will be cut to some of its agencies. One of the smaller countries behind


the moving of the resolution, Senegal, has felt Israel's Raff in


the funding and economic aid projects which have been cut. Israel


are showing that they are diplomatically and economically


hitting back. Fake news has hit the headlines


a lot recently - it's been blamed for influencing the US election


and even led to an attack Now it appears it has caused


diplomatic twitter tension Pakistan's defence minister


Khawaja Asif directed a tweet at Israel believing it had


threatened Pakistan with a nuclear attack


for its role in Syrian conflict. He tweeted that 'Israel should not


forget that Pakistan But the story at the heart


of all this, was, in fact - fake. Israel's Defence Ministry -


which maintains a position of nuclear ambiguity -


tweeted back to say the article Evacuations have been taking place


in Chile after a powerful earthquake The US Geological Survey says


the quake struck southwest The first readings indicated


a seven-point-seven magnitude - but that's since been


revised down. In Nigeria, to people were killed


when a section of a two-storey building in a police


training college collapsed. The collapse in Lagos


happened around 4am. Building collapses are frequent


in Nigeria and they are often blamed by officials on the use


of cheap materials. Earlier, in December,


more than 100 people were killed when a church collapsed


in the south-east of the country. German police have defused


a World War to bomb that caused the evacuation of more than 50


thousand residents of Residents of the southern German


city had been forced to leave their homes


on Christmas Day so that the huge This was the biggest evacuation


in Germany for an unexploded bomb Church leaders have used


their Christmas messages to reflect on the emotional impact of global


events this year. Pope Francis called


for an end to the fighting in Syria when he spoke


at the Vatican on Sunday. He said "far too much blood has been


spilled" in the conflict. Meanwhile the Anglican leader --


The Archbishop of Canterbury -- Justin Welby, told his congregation


that the end of the year leaves people - in a more


unpredictable world. Our Religious Affairs Correspondent


Martin Bashir reports. Entering Canterbury Cathedral


in time-honoured fashion, Archbishop Justin Welby


focused his Christmas Day sermon on the uncertainty and division that


has marked both domestic and international politics


over the last year. He described 2016 as a year


of unpredictability and uncertainty, where fear and division


were in danger of overwhelming us and went on to suggest


that our anxiety is a clear sign that placing our trust in material


prosperity has failed. In Rome, where additional


security was in place following the Berlin attack,


Pope Francis also criticised materialism, and appealed


to Christians to stand out as people TRANSLATION: It is times for weapons


to be a silver of an international community to actively seek a


negotiated solution so that civil coexistence can be restored in the


country. Why might be the Pope concluded by appealing for


Christians to stand out as people of compassion and self-sacrifice.


The Queen misses her traditional Christmas Day service


as she recovers from a heavy cold - but in a recorded speech she pays


tribute to "ordinary people doing extraordinary things".


Thousands went to midnight mass where there were anti-Communist


riots ten days ago. The latest headlines: Russia looks


for answers after a military plane with 92 people aboard crushers. The


day of mourning has begun. Venturing met in Yahoo as ordered ambassadors


of the UN Security Council to be reprimanded after they voted to


condemn Israel's settlement building.


The Queen misses her traditional Christmas Day service


as she recovers from a heavy cold - but in a recorded speech she pays


tribute to "ordinary people doing extraordinary things".


In her pre-recorded Christmas message, the Queen said she often


draws strength from meeting ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.


Our Royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, reports.


Also absent issue the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their


children at Charlotte. They attended church at Bucklebury in Berkshire


where they have spent Christmas Day with the Duchess's family, the


Middleton 's. Inspiration was the theme of this year's Christmas


broadcast by the Queen which was recorded at Buckingham Palace days


ago. She cited the achievements of Olympic athletes and said she also


found inspiration from daily life. I often draw strength from meeting


ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Volunteers, carers,


community organisers and good neighbours. Unsung heroes who quiet


dedication makes them special. She recalled this have been the year off


her 90th birthday and paid tribute to the aspiring local charities she


has been associated with. She also said much more could be achieved


globally by acting with others. It is understandable that we sometimes


think the world's problems are so big we can do little to help. Alone,


we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice. But the cumulative impact


of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we


imagine. She said her own life are being guided by the inspiring


message of Christianity. Christ's example helps me see the value of


doing small things with great love. Whoever does them and whatever they


themselves believe in. Why McRae was broadcast by a monarch who although


usually indisposed this Christmas shows little sign of yielding to the


passage of years. For the Queen this year there has been a 90th birthday


and some lightning of her workload. There is no expectation whatsoever


that she will step away from the core duties of the role as monarch


and head of state. More than one hundred


people have been rescued after being trapped in cable cars


above Italy's ski slopes. One of the lifts


failed in high winds. These skiers in Italy were saved and


winched to safety. It happened in northern Italy at the Alpine resort.


It was close to the Swiss border. It is one of your's highest ski resort


and skiers were stuck at an altitude of over two and thousand metres. The


fee heavy wind meant rescuers could not use helicopters to help those


trapped. TRANSLATION: There was much wind. We


stopped at the pillar and remained there for two hours and now there


are the first rescue operations. Why McRae took over eight hours to bring


down more than 130 stranded skiers. Fortunately, the weather was mild


and not suffered from cold exposure. TRANSLATION: We have been unlucky,


the gondola was heavy, but there were moments with gusts of 150


kilometres per hour during which we were almost horizontal and it was a


scary moment. The result set on social media that no one was in


danger during the rescue. Those who are safely out were just pleased to


be back before Christmas. One year since they arrived in the UK, the


BBC has caught up with a Syrian families or one of the first to be


brought up as part of the Government's resettlement programme.


This family now living in the Midlands found it was a big change


to adjust to. Tee-macro their children have visible scars from a


suicide bomb. One year on and with a new addition to the family. They


were some of the first Syrian refugees to come to the UK under a


Government scheme. TRANSLATION: It is a big change for


us. It made's forget our concerns, especially for the little girls.


They are now much happier. The UK has been good for us and the only


issue is the language, but we are trying to learn it. It is very


different from our country. The family have spent the year settling


into their new home in Coventry. TRANSLATION: The community is nice,


the people are quite nice. We miss home. But what can we do? The


children go to school and they are happy. We are happy. There were


forced to leave Syria after a bomb exploded while they were out with


others celebrating a Kurdish spring festival. Their nine-year-old


daughter and their sexual daughter were seriously injured and taken to


Iraq for urgent treatment before being brought to this country. The


Government pledged to resettle an extra 20,000 refugees last year,


more than 150 people are making this it then you home. The girls are now


a school in the local area. It is fun. They treat us really well. The


teachers are good. It is fun. Is the weather different? Yes, sometimes it


rains. And it is cold. Both girls still need to undergo surgery, but


for this family, their focus is on the new lives on what the future may


bring. There island and 50,000 people here


in the UK with dementia. That is likely to rise. There is no cure and


a virtual allowed to compare the group of girls are collaborators


Adela Busey is a bit reality experience to help those living with


dementia. This year's theme comes with a


virtual twist. This man is a former nurse who was dementia. This is his


first time trying out a virtual reality headset as part of a trial


that may revolutionise dementia care. Good fun. Here we have the


underwater scene. As you can see, we have got the coral and the rocks and


everything like that. Joe can virtually swim underwater with this


device, visit a forest or even the beach. Along with other experiences


that may be tricky otherwise. Isn't a gorgeous? -- isn't it gorgeous?


The idea came from Alex Smail after he was inspired by his neighbours


who are housebound. It created as for the elderly because I had


neighbours who had not left their house for quite a long time. I


thought wouldn't be great if we could give them an experience out of


the house without having to leave it. Dementia affects 50 million


people worldwide. 70% of those living in UK care homes are thought


to have the condition. They kick-start a campaign has been


launched in the hope of raising enough fronts to have the headset is


widely available in care homes. These headsets are not a cure for


dementia. What they do do is help to alleviate symptoms people can


experience such as stress, depression and others. Users of the


trial are medically assessed by their body movements. With this we


are giving them a reality we can both relate to which makes it more


authentic. It is not disorientating them, it just takes them to a place


they can both be involved in. I wonder if I'll ever see this again


in reality? As many of us travel abroad this Christmas, some of our


most vulnerable can still enjoy these experiences at home.


Wonderful. The mother of Carrie Fisher has said the 60-year-old


actress is in a stable condition after suffering a heart


attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles on Friday.


Debbie Reynolds used Twitter to update fans and thank them


for their ongoing support and best wishes.


Ms Fisher played the iconic Princess Leia


She was flying home after finishing a tour


That is all for now. Goodbye. Merry Christmas.


A windy and to Christmas Day. Storm force winds right now. Boxing Day,


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