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This is BBC World News Today with me, Nuala McGovern.


The man charged with helping guide Brexit -


the UK's ambassador to the EU - has abruptly resigned.


Sir Ivan Rogers has quit, with the formal negotiations


on leaving the EU due to begin in less than three months.


US Republicans reverse a decision on the controversial ethics


committee following critical tweets by Donald Trump.


What actually happened on Capitol Hill today?


It comes as the president-elect threatens General Motors with 'a big


Are other car companies taking note?


In Turkey, the arrests continue as the hunt for the suspected gunman


of the Istanbul nightclub attack intensifies.


And going full-circle - how vinyl is making a comeback,


with the sales in the UK of records hitting a 25-year high.


Britain's top diplomat to the European Union has resigned


just months before the government is due to kick off


Sir Ivan Rogers found himself at the centre of a political storm


recently when he told ministers a UK-EU trade deal could take


Now he's quit as Britain's ambassador to the European Union.


Leave campaigners are celebrating his departure.


One leading Brexiteer, Arron Banks, has called Sir Ivan "a pessimist"


and a member of the "pro-EU Old Guard".


But others say it has dealt a serious blow


Behind the darkened windows, at the Prime Minister's side as she arrived


at the EU summit, Sir Ivan Rogers tried to keep a low profile. But his


warning that it could take the UK ten years to get a new EU trade deal


overshadowed what was already a difficult location for Theresa May.


Sir Ivan Rogers was one of Britain's's most experienced


negotiators. He was a key member of David Cameron's team, when the


former prime ministers tried to get an agreement on a new relationship


with the EU before the referendum, and some who have worked with him


believe his departure is a real loss to the Government. The only way we


are going to deliver a successful, workable Brexit is precisely with


the expertise of people like Sir Ivan Rogers, who has now been forced


to the margins, to the sidelines, because of the angry deal of those


who will not accept anyone who says anything different than what they


happen to believe in. But leading Brexit campaigners are delighted he


is gone. Sir Ivan Rogers was part of the establishment that frankly have


not accepted the referendum result and and are hoping that frankly it


will never happen, and I am sorry to say but the Foreign Office is


stocked with these type of people from top to bottom. For decades,


they been taking Brittany completely wrong direction and I hope that his


departure is followed by many, many more. In her New Year message, the


Prime Minister stressed her commitment to getting a Brexit deal


that works for everyone. For we have made a momentous decision and set


ourselves on a new direction. And whoever takes over as the UK


representative to the EU will play a critical role. Theresa May has said


she will trigger Article 50 by the end of March at the official line is


that Sir Ivan Rogers has decided to leave now so a new appointment can


be made before the start of those formal negotiations on Britain does


not departure from the EU. Hilary Benn is chair


of the Brexit Select Committee and a British Labour


member of parliament. He was also a prominent


Remain supporter leading Good to have you with us. Hello. I


was reading that you said it could not be a more difficult time to


organise a handover. Why do you think Sir Ivan Rogers has decided to


step down at this time? The truth is that none of us really know the


answer to that question. Obviously, when he informed his staff today it


came as a surprise to them. Maybe he will say something subsequently,


maybe he will not. But I think the most important thing is that if he


is going, the Government needs to get a move on and ensure that his


successor is put impulse as quickly as possible, because this could not


come at him or difficult time, when the country is about to bark on the


most significant, important negotiations that we are faced in a


decade. There have been some reports that have been linked to his


comments made that it could take up to a decade for Brexit negotiations.


Do you think it is? I don't know because we do not know the reason


why he has decided to go early, but I thought the criticism there was


from some quarters about those reporting comments was very unfair.


Sir Ivan Rogers is a very experienced, highly respected


official. His job is of course, the principal part of his job, is to


argue Britain's case in Europe at the other representatives and the


other is to report back fairly and honestly on what people are saying


to him and what he was doing, as I understand it in that case, was to


say that I have spoken to a lot of people and some people say it could


take up to ten years. There is not much point in shooting the messenger


in those circumstances because in the end what we are able to get out


of this because Haitians is going to depend first of all on what we ask


for and at the moment we have no idea what the Government's


negotiating objectives are because they have not published their plan,


but ultimately it will be decided by what the other 27 member states are


prepared to agree to, and therefore we need some body in Brussels as a


successor to Sir Ivan Rogers you will be able to learn from them what


the stars is going to be, what they appear to accept, where the ring for


Coppermine 's might be because there will be two parties to this


negotiation, the UK and the other 27 members bits -- member states. --


where the room for compromise might be. Some have said that it should be


someone who is more in favour of leaving the EU. What would you say


to that? I would say that the job of the civil service is to represent


the Government of the day and do the job of the Government of the data


set up what the policy of that Government is and our civil


servants, who have a very high reputation in the world, get on and


try to make it happen. In the end, this negotiation will be decided by


politicians on either side of the table but we need an effective


operator in Brussels and Sir Ivan Rogers has certainly been that and


that is why we need to know who his replacement is going to be as


quickly as possible. Thank you very much. Hilary Benn speaking to us


from West London. The first day for the new


Congress in the US. And House Republicans have reversed


course on a plan to weaken the ethics body that


investigated political misconduct. Their plan to erode the ethics


committee had angered Democrats and some Republicans including


the president-elect on, do they really have to make


the weakening of the... Independent Ethics Watchdog,


as unfair as it may be, Focus on tax reform healthcare


and so many other things Well, we can go live


now to Jane O'Brien So what exactly happened? Well,


Republicans met in secret last night. Bearing in mind, this is even


before they were sworn into Congress. They met in secret and


decided that they did not like this watchdog organisation, this ethics


office, because in their words, they felt that it over and is did not


give them a chance to face their accusers when allegations about


their conduct were made and so they decided to remove some of its powers


and give oversight to a committee that was effectively run by them.


Well, the House Speaker, poll Ryan, said that he did not agree with this


at all, that it would look of all, which it did, and he objected and


said do not do it. They didn't listen. This morning, Donald Trump


tweets and says what are you doing? You have far more important things


to be working with and they did this extraordinary U-turn. The amazing


thing is that here we have the President-elect publicly rebuking


members of his party should be starting the day in triumph, having


to in the Senate and retain the house, and looking forward to


getting a Republican president. And instead, he is telling them of very


publicly, raising questions about how is he going to work with his own


party, many of them of course did not support him during the


presidential election. So I think the interesting thing about all this


is that he is not showing any signs of reconciliation. How is he going


to get them on board? To push through his agenda and how are they


going to work with him? Let's move onto this new Republican-controlled


Congress. It must be keen to get into some other issues. Absolutely.


High on the agenda is the repeal of Obama care, the affordable care act.


This is the signature piece of legislation from President Barack


Obama. It has been very divisive, very controversial. 20 million


Americans did gain health-insurance as a result of its, but it has also


proved very costly. A lot of people's premium is have gone up,


but it is likely to be repealed, and earlier I spoke to the Democratic


congressman from California, Ted Luiten, and asked what Democrats can


do at this stage to save it. We will fight like hell to stop the


repealed. We will put up roadblocks and we will let the American people


know that it is a really bad idea to throw 20 million Americans of all


health care with no plan. Back now, the Republicans have no plan. But


they can sell repeal it and you can't stop them. We cant if they all


vote to repeal it. It is not clear that is going to happen because many


of them have concerns that there is no plan and how do you throw off


that many people of health-insurance without giving them something else


to put in its place. He is right about that because at the moment,


what they intend to replace the Obama care whether is really up in


the air. There is no political appetites to abandon the 20 million


Americans who now have health-insurance and there are other


very popular provisions to and that was why President Obama will be


coming here tomorrow to talk to Democrats about what they can


salvage in the teeth of Republican opposition. Thanks very much. And


even full first day on Castle Hill with the Republican-controlled


Congress. As we've seen, while the current


members of the US Congress are being sworn in, US


president-elect Donald Trump has been busy on social media -


in another of his posts in the last few hours, he warns


the car-maker General Motors about the consequences of making


a particular model of car in Mexico. Mr Trump criticises


the US car giant, for - quote - "sending Mexican-made


model of the Chevy Cruze Car dealers, tax-free


across border." Mr Trump follows this


with his warning, "Make in U.S.A. of the sedan models of its car


are put together in its Ohio GM sold about 190,000 Cruze cars


in the United States in 2016. About four and a half thousand


hatchbacks were assembled The US President elect


Donald Trump has warned the car maker General Motors that it


will face what he called a big border tax if it continues


to make its Chevrolet Cruze Meanwhile the second largest US


motor company Ford has announced this it is cancelling an investment


planned for Mexico in favour This is not the first time Donald


Trump has made a comment on social media. Previously, he was able to


announce that carrier would not be sending all of the announced up to


next ago and it would keep 850 jobs in the US, but was still standing at


about 1000 jobs to Mexico. We also saw this happen with Boeing in terms


of how the company was pricing not only the building of Force one, the


plane that carries the President, but we also saw in terms of what was


happening with the building of some air force carriers, so this is not


the first and we have heard Mr Trump really call out companies for their


practices of building things outside of the US and selling them back here


in the US. So there was another story I mention, which is Ford,


another car giant. They are cancelling plans for a new 1.6


billion plant in Mexico and going to add 700 jobs in Michigan to build


electric or autonomous vehicles. Is it connected in anyway? Do we have


any sense of whether the Tweet played into it? Well, the BBC had


just spoken with the CEO of four and what he said was that in fact it was


the fact that the President-elect is creating an environment in which it


is more profitable for the company to actually keep these jobs in the


US and to build their cars here in the US. And when you sort of dealt a


little bit deeper into what was it exactly that they are talking about


in terms of the business environment, well, you are looking


at regulations and they will be rolling back some of those


regulations, especially when you think about it in terms of what we


have heard about the President-elect, in terms of the


energy policy and perhaps moving away from this need to try and keep


green cars, really forcing that. That could make a good environment


for the bottle makers you in the US. And he has not even had his in


duration yet. Interesting times. Thank you very much. Speaking to us


from the United States. A court in France has handed


suspended prison terms to four Chelsea football fans accused


of racially abusing a passenger They've also been ordered


to pay the victim The men had been filmed pushing


a black man out of the carriage and chanting "we are racist" before


a Champions League A special annotated edition


of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf has seen strong sales since its launch


a year ago according About 85,000 copies


of the anti-Semitic Nazi The decision to republish


the inflammatory book has been A world leading energy plant has


been opened in Tamil Nadu. It is the first of its kind.


Instead, it was a Volkswagen which topped the sales charts.


And for the first time, in more than 50 years,


Sweden's best-selling car is not a Volvo.


Instead, it was a Volkswagen which topped the sales charts.


The VW Golf made up 5.9 percent of new cars bought


in the country in 2016 while Volvo only had a 5.7


percent slice of sales, spread across three models.


The last time Volvo missed out on the top spot was in 1962,


when another Volkswagen, The Beetle headed the list.


Turkish police have detained more than a dozen people in connection


with the New Year terror attack, which left 39 people dead.


But the main suspect in the mass shooting at an Istanbul


Our Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen has been into the club


Three days ago, this place was full of joy,


Today, Reina nightclub is a crime scene, scarred by terror.


We were the first British broadcasters allowed in, briefly.


A rare glimpse of where 39 people were killed on New Year's Eve.


Imagine the horror as 180 bullets were sprayed here,


people jumping into the freezing Bosporus to escape.


The owners of Reina say they will reopen the nightclub.


It's a sign of the defiant mood here.


Yes, people are sombre, yes, they're fearful,


but Turks have lived with the terror threat for decades,


albeit on a smaller scale, and they're determined not to let


Watch the right-hand side of this footage from the attack.


A man jumps over a low fence outside the nightclub to avoid the bullets.


Then the gunman runs up to the door, shooting his way into Reina.


That man on the right of the video was the nightclub manager,


TRANSLATION: I felt bullets explode next to me, I threw


The gunman shot from behind, the bullets went


When I fell, he must have thought he had hit me, so he went inside,


New pictures have been released of the suspect,


So-called Islamic State called on their brave soldier.


Turkish authorities have given no information about him.


Overnight, an area of Istanbul was raided.


Reports say the gunman travelled from there


to the nightclub for the attack, but no arrests were made.


There have, though, been others detained,


including two foreigners at Istanbul airport.


It's not clear what link, if any, they're thoughts to have


Those tired of terror went to the scene of the massacre today,


Tributes were laid and thoughts gathered about how their country can


rebuild and how the next generation can regain a sense of safety.


I don't want to cry any more while I am watching


And I don't want my daughter to grow up in this kind


With this news in the background and everything.


And so a nervous wait to see if those who protect this country


are really closing in on the man who brought horror


You saw photos of some of the victims of the attack


Here's a closer look at some of the 39 people


There is the latest on that story on the BBC News application and also on


the website. Sales of vinyl records


are at their highest in the UK for 25 years,


boosted by a new generation of record collectors


who buy the albums, Most people these days listen


to music via streaming But increasingly they're also buying


records in their physical format, MUSIC PLAYS: Whole Lotta


Love by Led Zeppelin. For Phil Barton of Sister Ray


Records, there is no debates - music just sounds better when it


comes on a 12 inch disk. However, things have


begun to change. Listen, ten years ago,


I would have given you the keys the shop and said, look,


I can't make any money out of this. I didn't realise this


stuff was still going Last year Bowie Topped the chart,


Prince was also in the top ten - The number of vinyl albums sold last


year - three million. million sales. The bpi says that if


you add in digital downloads, about 120 million albums were sold last


year. The number of vinyl albums sold, 3 million. But both are


dwarfed by the real music titan. Streaming. Streaming is a different


beast, really. 45 billion streams. It is at the other end of the


spectrum. It is not recorded me in the physical format as we know it.


It is felt that streaming can help younger listeners to eventually try


the hard stuff. Quite a lot of people and unique by vinyl. Do they?


They do. They do, don't they? However, for some, this was an


entirely new experience. It is massive! Look at it. What is that,


about 12 inches? It is like a beat up. Oh, it goes in the thing that


goes round. You really have never touched handled this? No, never. It


is a first. Even the great, the world's most streamed artist, has


released his back catalogue on vinyl. -- Sir Ivan Rogers -- Drake.


But for some listeners, this type of visit is ancient history.


And a shocking video to show you now, but one with a heroic end.


It shows a chest of drawers toppling over as these twin toddlers


in the US climb on it while playing alone in their bedroom.


Two year old Brock gets trapped underneath and after working


out what's going on, his brother Bowdy


The video captured on a baby monitor, was released


by their parents to highlight the dangers of unsecured furniture.


Bowdy pushes and lifts the drawers until he finally manages


to free his twin brother - who luckily wasn't injured.


Their mother Kayli Shoff said she wouldn't have known what had


happened if they hadn't reviewed the camera's footage


and that she was, understandably, shocked at what she saw.


I didn't know what to do. I felt like the worst mum. He stops for a


good ten seconds, assessing the situation, like my brother is


hurting. He is in pain. I need to help my brother. We were lucky.


Everyone is well. That is over me. Goodbye.


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