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This is BBC World News Today with me, Reged Ahmad.


The headlines: America's top intelligence chiefs are briefing


President-elect Donald Trump on claims of Russian hacking.


But before the meeting, Mr Trump told the New York Times


that the investigation was a witch hunt carried out by his


Gunmen opened fire in Fort Lauderdale.


Sending a message: Michelle Obama gives an emotional last


speech as First Lady, saying the country belongs


to the young, regardless of their background.


If you or your parents are immigrants, you are proud part of


their tradition, an infusion of cultures, talents, and I is in


generation after innovation. Also coming up: An iceberg five


times the size of Manhattan is close to breaking away


from the Antarctic ice shelf. Donald Trump has described


allegations that Russia interfered in the American presidential


election as part of a witch hunt The president-elect was speaking


to the New York Times ahead of a briefing by top US intelligence


officials on Russian cyber-attacks. That briefing is taking place about


now at Trump Tower in New York - this was Mike Pence,


vice-president elect The heads of the CIA,


FBI and National Intelligence insist the Kremlin ordered a cyber attack


to help Mr Trump's campaign. He has repeatedly cast


doubt on those claims. Ahead of the meeting,


CIA Director, John Brennan, said he was looking forward


to the encounter. I am hoping that he will be


respectful to the profession, respectful towards the intelligence


community and I am looking forward to a rather throw but, if not


sporting, discussion on this issue. Our north America correspondent


Nick Bryant has more. Did a cyber attack on America


organised by Vladimir Putin help put US intelligence can't say


whether votes were changed or opinions altered


but they are convinced Russia wanted the billionaire to win and conducted


a multifaceted cyber campaign using hacking, propaganda and fake


news to boost his chances It wasn't just the billionaire who


celebrated his unexpected victory, Intercepted conversations reportedly


picked up senior figures in the Russian government rejoicing,


too, among them officials said to be Donald Trump will be told


by America's intelligence chiefs that the Russians tried much harder


to hack the computers of the Democratic National Committee


than those at Republican headquarters, and also that


go-betweens have been identified who allegedly handed stolen e-mails


to the website WikiLeaks. Details from the classified report


were leaked to NBC News, Did a cyber attack on America


organised by Vladimir Putin help put Details from the classified report


were leaked to NBC News, "How did NBC get an exclusive


look into the top-secret Vice President Joe Biden said it was


time for Donald Trump to grow up. The idea that you know more


than the intelligence community knows, is something like saying


"I know more about physics Time to be an adult.


You are President. Donald Trump this morning complained


of a political witchhunt, and his spokesman said he is right


to be cautious. The President-elect has a healthy


scepticism of everything, People need to know that


when decisions are made, we've seen in the past that a rush


to judgment is not in This morning Donald Trump got


into an online dispute with Arnold Schwarzenegger over


ratings for the TV And so he continues


with his unconventional journey to the White House,


but troubled by that nagging question, did Russia


help him on his way? Let's speak to our correspondent


Aleem Maqbool, who's Our correspondent is in Washington.


You have been speaking to John Kerry. He has something to say about


these claims from Donald Trump that this focus on Russian hacking


amounts to a witchhunt? Yes, I spoke to secretary Kerry before Donald


Trump was briefed by the intelligence service. Just after


Donald Trump said he thought the focus on Russian hacking amounted to


a witchhunt, I asked Secretary Kerry Wattie of those remarks.


We have an extraordinary have professional intelligence community.


The men and women who work every day to give us information


And some of them sometimes have many different ways of doing things


In order that we can be informed and make decisions,


I think DNI Clapper could not have spoken more clearly about it,


he said that healthy scepticism is a good thing,


And he felt it fell on the side of disparagement.


So, I think he has spoken for this administration


There has also been friction with the administration and Theresa May.


This is very interesting. After secretary Kerry last week gave a


tough speech criticising Israeli settlement building in the occupied


territories, quite unusually, the British Prime Minister Theresa May


put out a statement criticising, effectively, the speech. In all the


time I have been covering American politics, which is a long time,


almost 16 years, I have never heard of British Prime Minister be that


critical in public of an American Foreign Secretary. So I asked John


Kerry what he made of this criticism from such a key ally. I'm very


gratified by the support I received from members in the Arab world, and


Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and others, expressed support for


the principles which I laid out, which by the way are very much alike


with what Great Britain believes would bring about a solution in


Middle Eastern peace. I stand by it. I believe the speech was honest, I


think it was very much spoken as a friend of Israel, but also as a


friend of the region and one that recognises it is heading in a


dangerous direction if we don't resolve this problem. Were you


surprised by promised a pot-macro reaction? An honest answer is yes


but I am not going to get into it. We move on. I did ask him whether he


thought this was something of the Donald Trump affect, perhaps the


British by Minister has been trying to align herself more closely with


the incoming American president double trouble, who has taken a


tougher stand in favour of Israeli issues, but he said was up to me to


speculate on that question. US media are reporting a shooting in Florida.


The sheriffs office has been quoted as saying several people have been


killed and nine have been wounded and the shooter is in police


custody. You can see these live pictures. It was at the airport. It


is believed the shooter acted alone. It is an ongoing incident at the


baggage claim area in terminal two. We hope to speak to our


correspondent shortly to get more on the news.


Michelle Obama has delivered her final speech as First Lady


of the United States with an impassioned call


on young people to have hope and fight for their rights.


Speaking at a ceremony in the White House to honour


American school counsellors, Mrs Obama told young people


to empower themselves with a good education and lead by example.


She concluded tearfully by saying that being First Lady had the been


Npower yourselves with the good education, then get out there and


use that education. Lead by example with hope. And never fear. And note


that I will be rooting for you can supporting new for the rest of my


life. And that is true I know full every person who is here today, and


for educators across this nation who get up every day and work their


hearts out to lift up our young people. And I am so grateful to all


of you for your passion and your dedication and all the hard work, on


behalf of our next generation, and I can think of no better way than to


end my time as First Lady than to celebrate all of you. So, I want to


close today by saying thank you. And queue for everything you do for our


kids and for our come to. Being your First Lady has been the greatest


honour of my life. And I feel proud. Russia says its aircraft carrier,


the Admiral Kuznetsov is to come home


from the Mediterranean, where it's been involved


in military action in Syria. The vessel's return is to be part


of a wider scaling back of Russia's Forces backing Moscow's ally,


President Bashar al-Assad recently won a significant victory


in the battle for Aleppo. Russian military forces have played


it he wrote in this war, providing support to the Syrian regime. So


much so that Moscow is credited with helping turn the tide in favour of


its ally, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad but a week or so


ago, Vladimir Putin announced a partial pull out of its forces in


light of the ceasefire that Russia helped to broker, despite four


elections, is still holding. The Russian Foreign Ministry have said


it's aircraft carrier and some small warships based in the Mediterranean


would be the first to leave. Russia became significant military presence


in Syria but for some this is a sign that Moscow sees the Syrian conflict


is entering a new phase after helping the Syrian government take


control of Aleppo and with peace talks and folate of this month. But


this comes with an important caveat. It is the first time Russia has


announced the withdrawal -- isn't the first time Russia has announced


withdrawal from Syria, it did so in March and then went back in.


Police in Bangladesh say they have killed one of the masterminds


of last year's terror attack on a cafe in the capital Dhaka


which left 20 hostages, mostly foreigners, dead.


Nurul Islam Marzan and another suspected Islamist extremist died


in a pre-dawn raid on a property in the city.


The world's biggest art gallery, the Louvre in Paris,


says the number of foreign visitors fell by 20% last year


in the wake of Islamist attacks in the city and elsewhere in France.


The director of the Louvre, Jean-Luc Martinez, said the drop


in visitor numbers had cost the museum more than


Other galleries in Paris also saw a decline in foreign tourists.


A new documentary about David Bowie has revealed that he learned his


cancer was terminal only three months before he died.


The director of the Lazarus music video, which shows Bowie in a bed


with his eyes bandaged, says it was not about


Bowie's long-time producer also says the artist


was "at the top of his game" when recording his final


An iceberg a quarter of the size of Wales is close to breaking away


If and when it happens, it would be one of the 10


Scientists have been monitoring the break-up for months.


And even though the crack in the ice shelf has got


significantly worse in December, they're not blaming it


on climate change, but calling it a 'natural event'.


Here's our environment correspondent, Matt McGrath.


Stretching for around 100 miles in length,


the 100 yard wide rift in the Larsen ice shelf has grown


Just 12 miles of frozen material is keeping this enormous iceberg


Collapsing ice shelves are common in Antarctica.


As these pictures show, these fragmentations can


dramatically affect the landscape, creating icebergs of


A team of British researchers have been travelling to Antarctica


to monitor the growing rift in the Larsen C ice


shelf for several years, but they have been surprised


by the dramatic expansion in the rift that's taken place


What we've found is that the rift that's been in this ice shelf


for a number of years has broken through another 18 kilometres


and is now at risk of giving birth to an iceberg about a quarter


And the significance of that is it is a very large


iceberg that will go out into the open ocean,


but the remaining ice shelf we believe will be less stable


When large icebergs break off the edge off an ice shelf


like the Larsen B in 2002, it can have a dramatic


effect on the stability of the whole structure.


At Larsen B, most of the remaining shelf disintegrated


Experts at the British Antarctic Survey are worried that any


new iceberg formation could have long-term consequences.


When the ice shelf loses this ice, it may then start to collapse


and if that were to occur, then the glaciers that feed the ice


shelf could flow faster and contribute more to sea-level


When it shears away, the new iceberg will be one


of the biggest recorded - around 50 times the size


But despite concerns about the impact of global warning,


researchers they receive no evidence evidence that climate change


is playing any significant role in the new iceberg's formation.


Dr Anna Hogg is a researcher at Leeds University who uses


satellite technology to study ice sheets and ice shelves


Thank you for the joining us. Why is this important? Why should we care


about this? This is important because of the location in which the


iceberg will carve off. It will carve off the Larsen C which is on


the peninsular and we have seen dramatic warming in this region over


the last 20 years. Iceberg calving in itself is not a direct indicator


of climate change but it is important we monitor the small


events in order to better understand the region. What are the


consequences of this ice shelf separating? For example, for the


mammals that live there? Not so much for the mammals that live there. If


shipping routes were in this location, then icebergs could cause


problems for ships as they have to navigate around the speeches but for


this iceberg that is so large, it is possible to observe this using


satellites from space and therefore safely navigate the feature. In the


future, it may force problems when it is in smaller pieces that are


harder to spot. Once the iceberg moves away, will it melts, will we


see water levels rise? The iceberg itself, it is like an ice cube in


your gin and tonic, it won't directly cause sea level rise


because it is already floating in the water. Typically, icebergs last


many years. They melt very slowly over time so that is what we expect


will happen with this iceberg, too. Can you give us a sense of how


unusual an event this is? Is this something that scientists like


yourselves way to many decades for? We see ice berg is carving all the


time. There may be many pieces of fragments of ice that are about to


or nearly calving off different glaciers. This iceberg is not unique


in its calving but it is unique in the context of the size of the


iceberg which is much bigger than we usually observe. Thank you.


There is increasing talk about all the different ways


but what about when it comes to going under the knife?


Surgeons are labelling the technology a revolution


for the field - as the ability to print bespoke implants gives


patients quicker recovery times and a better end result.


Katie Silver's been to meet someone whose face has been


But, in 2011, he had an accident which tore


What happened next, I slammed into a piece


Not a good idea to hit something with your chin at 30 miles an hour,


and a titanium metal plate to rebuild his jaw.


They then covered it with a skin flap.


He didn't have any bottom teeth and his new mouth was tiny.


It is very difficult to speak when you have the opening


at the centre in North London, Veronique and her team


input George's CT scan into into a 3-D printer.


This is basically an oven, filled with nitrogen and powdered nylon.


It has a very hot temperature, but when the laser hits the nylon,


it pushes it to the point where it melts.


Here, they are making an engineering part, layer by layer.


Here in the corner is a 3-D printing on George's jaw.


George's doctor, Ian Hutchinson, says that 3-D printing has


We use it to plan the operation, and we use it to actually design


Apart from planning the operation, George's doctors also used the model


to make him an implant, perfectly fitted for his new jaw.


The technology has helped him maintain a sense of hope.


First of all, if you know that you are going to get a solution,


it means you can keep going, and second, red wine helps!


And there's also that passion for cycling, which survives,


in spite of everything he's been through.


Let's return to the story about the shooting at Fort Lauderdale. You can


see live pig just there of the emergency services. Let's go to our


correspondent to tell us a little bit more, she is in Washington. What


do we know best and Mark the latest we have heard is that the County


Sheriff office says there are multiple dead in the shooting, we


don't have the confirmed figure. Earlier, reports said nine people


were injured. We are still waiting to find out what the con firmed


casualty figures are. Clearly, this is a very distressing incident. It


took both at Fort Lauderdale airport, in the baggage claim area.


Apparently, it was a domestic flight, and the security is quite


limited there, it is easier to walk in that area, easier than if you


walked into the departure area for example. Somebody opened fire there.


It was a lone shooter, and that person has been taken into costs are


they. There is no information about whether he was acting alone. There


is no information about what his motive was. Was this a vintage of


crime, a personal grudge, or a terrorist act, we don't know yet


what act -- motivated the shooter. The incident shot down that


particular terminal. People were evacuated out onto the tarmac. We


have now seen pictures of people going back into the terminal now


that the shooter has been apprehended but in the operations of


the airport, at least from that terminal, they are still stopped.


There was a backdrop of traffic and passengers as police officers tried


to figure out what happened and speak to as many passengers as they


can to get details from witnesses who were resident. There is a


sensitivity about incidents at Ayr ports, especially in the United


States. Well, certainly there is a sensitivity about incidents at


airports not only in the United States. We have security in airports


since 9/11. When you go into an airport, you go through bag which


checks, screenings are you go through all kinds of checks to make


sure you are not carrying anything in that could be used as a weapon.


But when you leave the airport, there is less security, and that is


something that this attacker has taken advantage of. Of course there


is a heightened alert about security threats not only at airports but in


other transport areas and so on, with regards to the general fear


about terrorism attacks in the last couple of years because of the


anti-Isis campaign, the influence that Isis has had all other Islamic


extremists have had on instigating lone wolf attacks so there is


increased security because of that but it is to early to say what


inspired this individual to do this shooting.


Two people have been jailed in China for the defrauding people out of


millions of dollars. On the face of it, quite an extraordinary is dory.


It seemed like a anchor, there were tellers behind booths, in uniforms,


even the slips you would expect from a Chinese national bank, except it


was nothing of the sort. It was an illegal act which duped hundreds of


Chinese customers and the people and planet profited around the million


dollars. The two heads of this organisation have now failed in


their attempt, they have been jailed for nine years and nine and a half


years, respect every. You wonder how could you do this? How could you


setup the building and pretend it was a bag and get away with it? They


were able to do with this because it is the kind of rural body which


might have had some of the similar functions of the bank, they were


ordered to dodge any direct questions about whether it was


really a cooperative or a bank and were telling people it was kind of


the same thing, until one day, businessman tried to get his money


out, wasn't able to do so, and went to the police, telling them that


this looks a bit strange to me, the investigations began and the whole


thing came crumbling down. That is it for now. I am on Twitter. You can


get in touch with me. Also check out our website.


A change in the weather as we had through to the weekend. We have lost


most of the cold and frosty weather now and through the next couple of


days things will


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