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This is BBC World News Today with me, Reged Ahmad.


America's National Intelligence chief says Russia made an aggressive


attempt to interfere in the US election.


James Clapper appears at a Senate investigation into hacking attacks


He says Russia continues to be a serious cyber threat.


It also entailed classical propaganda and disinformation, fake


news. Did that continue? Yes. Two


people are killed in a car bomb explosion near a court building


in the Turkish city of Izmir. New research suggests that living


near a busy road increases the risk And the bad boy prince -


Letters written by Princess Diana reveal that her son Harry


was routinely in trouble at school. America's Director of National


Intelligence, James Clapper, says there were multiple motives


for cyberattacks during the US presidential election,


but he says any interference did not He's referring there to whether US


voting machines were manipulated. Mr Clapper, and other senior


intelligence and security figures, were giving evidence before


the Senate Armed Services He described Russia


an an existential threat Mr Clapper was also asked


by the committee about WikiLeaks He insisted that Assange had put


American lives in danger. James Clapper's comments


were in contrast to incoming president Donald Trump


who on Wednesday seemed to back Assange's view which cast doubt


on whether Russia was the source Mr Trump has since insisted that


he's a big fan of US Intelligence. During the hearing, Mr Clapper


was asked directly about Mr Trump and whether his behaviour had


undermined the intelligence There is an important distinction


here between healthy scepticism, which policymakers, to include


policymaker number one, should always have foreign intelligence,


but I think there is a difference between scepticism and


disparagement. An intelligence report into alleged


Russian hacking is set to be Let's speak to our correspondent


in Washington, Laura Bicker. Laura, a lot came out of today, but


what is the biggest thing that we should be thinking about? This was a


sobering assessment of a side bar, a series of cyber attacks jawing the


US election. Now, what these top intelligence chiefs are saying is


not only did they aggressively hack the US election and they say they


have not seen hacking aggressively like this in past elections, but


this is a threat that is growing. Not just from Russia, but from


elsewhere. And they had a warning for their success that they needed


to do better and that is certainly what the National intelligence


agency director, James Clapper, had to say. But will his successor list?


Because it's successor, Donald Trump, seems to be looking


elsewhere. He has dismissed the evidence from various intelligence


communities. 17 separate intelligence agencies, that Russia


hacked into the US election. He dismissed it in the past, saying


that these are the same and chief Sue said that Sadam Hussein had


weapons of mass destruction, and he said it could beat Russia, China, or


some 14-year-old sitting in their bedroom somewhere. And then of


course, recently, he looked as if he was siding with Julian Assange. As


you mentioned there, the founder Wikileaks. And to that, the


Democratic senator Claire McCaskill had this to say. This information,


this goes back to the 60s. The funding that they would share or


provide two candidates they supported, the use of this


information. But I don't think that we've ever encountered a more


aggressive. -- disinformation. Or direct campaign to interfere in our


election process than was seen in this case. Laura, there is a much


anticipated meeting tomorrow between intelligence chiefs and Donald


Trump. Yes, there is. President Obama has already been briefed on a


full report by these intelligence chiefs. Donald Trump will get that


tomorrow and next week the public will get an unclassified version. It


will be interesting to see the reaction of Donald Trump tomorrow


because he is coming under increasing pressure, not just from


intelligence chiefs but also from his own party. What will he say? And


what will the tweet after he has seen that report? Laura, from


Washington, thank you very much. Two people have been killed and five


wounded in a car bomb explosion The blast took place outside


the city's courthouse, with armed attackers opening fire


before detonating a bomb. Two of the attackers were shot dead


by police and a third Officials have blamed


Kurdish militants. This CCTV footage silently conveys


the scale of the fatal blast Now the mangled wreckage of the car


bomb litters the police checkpoint, where several people


have been killed and injured. Turkish police say the bomb was


detonated after officers attempted to stop a vehicle in front


of the courthouse in is near. Eyewitnesses described


what happened next. TRANSLATION: I was at the security


cabin and a black car approached and He got out of the car


and exploded the bomb he I ran into the market


and lay down on the floor. Police at the scene shot dead


a man they suspected following a shoot out involving


the police and a number of men The area has now been


sealed off for further The governor of Izmir has


already saiD he believes that Kurdish separatists, the PKK,


are behind the attack. The group, however, has not


claimed responsibility. TRANSLATION: The terrorists


were captured dead. Along with them, two


AK-47 rifles, an RPG7, and eight sets of ammunition


as well as hand grenades. It was just a week ago


in Istanbul that 39 people were killed in a terrorist


attack carried out by the so-called As security forces grapple


with today's events in the normally peaceful


seaside town of Izmir, Turks are again left


with a sense that they are no longer safe


in their own country. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Syrian state media say at least ten


people have been killed by a car bomb in the government-controlled


capital. Videos show a number of damaged cars and buildings on what


would normally be a busy street. It is not yet clear who was behind the


attack. The Iraqi military says it's opening


a new front in the fight It's trying to re-capture towns


near the Syrian border in the west. For weeks the army has been


engaged in a major fight against the militants


in the northern city of Mosul. German authorities are investigating


whether there were security failings relating to the truck attack


on a Christmas market in Berlin. The security services had


dropped surveillance of the Tunisian Anis Amri


despite identifying him as potentially dangerous,


and known to be living under Police in Israel have arrested two


people accused of inciting violence against judges who convicted a young


soldier on Wednesday of manslaughter, for shooting dead


a wounded Palestinian attacker. The military court's decision


to convict Sgt Elor Azaria on Wednesday has sharply divided


opinion, with some threatening Four teenagers have been arrested


in the US city of Chicago after a man was tortured in a video


broadcast live on Facebook. Police say the man has special


needs and have described the video as "sickening"


and a possible hate crime. Catharina Moh has more -


and just a warning you may find some A graphic attack,


streamed live on Facebook. A man bound, beaten,


and tortured in Chicago. The assailants can be heard


shouting racial slurs. It makes you wonder


what would make individuals I have been a cop


for 28 years and I've seen things that you shouldn't see


in a lifetime but it still amazes me how we still see things


that you just shouldn't. In one part of the half-hour video,


they use a knife to remove part of his


scalp and he is forced at knife-point to say,


"I Police say the victim has


mental health challenges. They found him wandering


the streets disorientated. Like I said, I mean,


it took most of the night for him to calm down enough to be


able to talk to us. He is an acquaintance of one


of the subjects and apparently they For teenagers have


been arrested, two Police say he may have been


kidnapped for up to 48 hours If you looked at the video,


they were just... Investigators don't believe this


was a racist attack. They believed the victim


was targeted because he has special needs and that it is possible


the suspects were trying to extort Police in Austria say they're


still looking for about six men suspected of sexually


assaulting 18 women during New Year's Eve celebrations


in the western city of Innsbruck. The men, thought to be


from Asia or North Africa, groped and kissed the women


as they watched a firework display. The assaults come a year


after hundreds of women were attacked in the German city


of Cologne during 2015 New Europe is like a celebration in


a Innsbruck. It was here, among this crowd, that 18 met -- and women who


had come to watch the fireworks were assaulted. Lycee it was done by a


group of five or six men. They touched the women inappropriately.


The man who is leading the investigation told the BBC that the


number of assault and the fact that they were carried out by a group was


unprecedented in Innsbruck. The police are checking CCTV footage.


The suspects are believed to be between 25 and 30 years old,


possibly from a shot or North Africa. Their nationalities are not


clear. It is but they are still in Innsbruck. Police say their research


includes refugees are tours. The assaults happened despite heightened


security in the city. Last year in neighbouring Germany, hundreds of


women were assaulted on new year in Cologne. Anti-immigrant sentiment in


Austria has grown after the refugee and migrant crisis in 2015. When the


country to gain about 1% of its population. -- took in.


There have also been reports of New Year's Eve


It's been described as the mass molestation case in the south


Several women have been telling the media they were


One incident was caught on CCTV of two men on a motorbike


But the police commissioner has now told the BBC there's no evidence


to support allegations of widespread sexual assaults.


People are pushing and shoving and they were


touching and grabbing and


groping and everything was happening on that


street, and not only with


They were using their arms and legs to slap them.


But I felt so helpless but still I was not able to do anything.


We have seen about 70 camera footage is. And we have not found any case


which is molestation case. A British woman who dedicated


her life to helping survivors of sexual violence


after she was raped has died. Jill Saward was 51


and suffered a stroke. She was assaulted in 1986


by burglars who broke into her father's vicarage in Ealing


in West London. Having already been partially


identified by different media outlets, she went on to become


the first rape victim to waive her right to anonymity,


when she wrote a book People who live near


major roads could be That's according to a decade-long


study by scientists in Canada, which found one in ten cases


could be linked to The researchers say more work is now


needed to understand the link. Our Medical Correspondent Fergus


Walsh has the story. Two of the downsides


of living near a major road. But a greater likelihood


of getting dementia? Well, that's the theory


behind a new study. This research shows I think


for pretty much the first time, there is a link between


living near a busy main road - we are talking a busy A road or dual


carriageway - and having But I think shows that this


could be a new risk factor we haven't really


considered before. A study of 2 million


Canadians found around 10% of dementia cases in urban areas


could be linked to exposure to heavy The researchers found that living


within 50 metres of a major road increased the risk


of dementia by 7-11%. At 100 metres, the


increased risk was 4%. Leeds is like any urban


centre, congested and Keeping the mind active is one


of the benefits of this crossword club, so are members


worried that city living might be main road, you could do yourself


a great deal of damage. In the same way that


when unleaded petrol was introduced, the connection between


lead and brain damage was then proven so I would not


be at all surprised. Around 850,000 people


in the UK have dementia. It gradually robs them


of their memories and brain But the origins of the condition


are not well understood. This research doesn't prove that


heavy traffic causes dementia. It makes a fascinating link that


requires further investigation. But there are already


many reasons to avoid the polluted


air in our cities. It can cause serious breathing


difficulties and trigger a heart attack or stroke


in those already at risk. Last year, British scientists


found tiny pollution particles in samples


of brain tissue. Another hint there may be


a link between traffic and For now, the best


advice, to reduce your dementia risk is to exercise


and eat healthily. Six letters from Princess Diana have


sold for more than ?15,000 One handwritten letter from Diana


to ex-Buckingham Palace steward Cyril Dickman revealed Prince Harry


was "constantly in While another detailed how young


Prince William would swamp his baby Bidders from as far away


as Australia, Japan and the US all wanted to get their hands


on a piece of the royal Joining us now is Luke MacDonald,


the director of Cheffins Fine Art auctions, where the letters


were sold. First of all, what were your


favourite bits of this particular collection? Well, I think the


letters you have just mentioned, two of which were extremely personal and


clearly written to Cyril Dickman, the head student at King Palace, who


they were obviously very close to and that is what really I find so


fascinating and so nice. I think it is what people find so interesting.


The letters themselves are very personal. I just wonder whether the


royal family expressed any interest in getting hold of them and keeping


them, given they detail what Princess Diana thought of her


family. Before she died. We certainly made the palace very aware


of the letters and we do know that they were... That they knew about


them. But I think that they already have quite a lot of their own


correspondence and photographs and so forth, so now. These letters


weren't bought by the family. They were sold to collectors. Locally and


abroad. It is 20 years since Princess Diana has passed away. What


do you think these kinds of insides tell us about the Princess? I think


they show a very personal sides and one that many people can relate to


as a mother of small children and she was very much loved, the


people's Princess, and I think people can relate, 20 years on to


the time when she sadly did pass away and was killed tragically in


Paris. I understand part of the wedding cake was sold at auction as


well. How unusual is it for this kind of collection to come up? Well,


I think quite unusual. Quite unusual to have so many items and have such


a personal connection with one person, if you see what I mean.


Cyril Dickman was head steward at Buckingham Palace for 50 years and


new the Queen for all that time, obviously, and her young family and


saw the young royals grow up and I think there was a special


connection, so this collection itself was unique in that respect. I


can't imagine that piece of wedding cake is very edible. Do we know


anything about who bought it and what they may want to do with that?


I don't know who bought it, actually, as it happens. It will be


just as a souvenir, isn't it? And unique. 17 years all is, almost. --


70 years old. All in its original wrapping, unopened, clearly. And as


they all were. There were four pieces. Princess and's wedding,


Charles and Diana's wedding, and I can't remember the other one now.


Possibly Andrew and Sarah. Yes, the Duke of York's wedding. I can't


remember now. It has been quite a busy day. We hope whoever has got


those pieces of wedding cakes enjoy it in whatever form. Thank you very


much. The biggest technology show in


the world is underway in Las Vegas. as it's known, has attracted


nearly 4,000 exhibitors Most interesting, perhaps,


is the range of products designed for the home,


which claim to use Here's our Technology


correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones. In a penthouse suite at a ritzy


Las Vegas hotel, smart There's a smart speaker


for children, where There is even Nora,


described as a smart snoring This little device is paired


with a pad under the pillow which detects me snoring and moves


just enough to stop me without The big theme this year


is turning the advances in artificial intelligence


into products. This one is meant to


be a shop assistant. While this is designed


as a companion for children Even into this toothbrush,


which learns how you Artificial intelligence


is not just gathering So then you learn where your


weaknesses are, where your strengths are, and the purpose


is to become better at taking care of your


oral health. This walking stick is also


smarter than it looks. An in-built mobile


phone Sim card means And then when it detects it,


it will alert the family or the So they can come and


help these people. And this clever mirror helps


anyone to try out make-up. From the Las Vegas strip


we met someone, a young entrepreneur for Manchester,


who has just flown in. His instant translation


headphones aren't quite ready. They'll eventually be


tiny earbuds, but he It is really important


because we will be able to showcase what we have


been working to the whole public and to the whole world, to let them


know that this is something that started years ago, with small starts


and the dedication and passion. The odds are against


Danny, a one-man band taking on giants


like Apple and Google, but like plenty of people here this


week, he is betting that he has a product that


can change the world. Before we go we will show these


pictures of a five-month-old baby elephant taking a dip in Thailand as


part of the rehabilitation process to heal her injured foot. It was got


in a trap set by local villagers in November. The wind and her health


has removed significantly, although she still refuses to put weight on


her legs, so the treatment is being undertaken so that she can avoid


having to use a prosthetic leg, which could take up to two months.


That is all for now. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some of the team on Twitter -


I'm @RegedAhmad. Good evening. Some changes on the


way over the next few days. We are losing the call, frosty nights and


we are losing a lot of the sunshine as


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