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Four Israeli soldiers are killed in Jerusalem -


after a man drives a lorry into them.


Icy temperatures in Europe lead to the deaths of more than 20 people


across the continent. Also coming up -


the former Iranian President Rafsanjani has died at the age of


82. We'll get a round-up of the latest sports news, including the


scores from England's FA Cup. It hasn't been all plain sailing for


the Premier League teams. Four Israeli shoulders, three of


them women, have been killed in Jerusalem after a man drove a truck


into them. Israel says it was a terror attack, carried out by a


Palestinian who was then shot dead at the scene. The Israeli Prime


Minister claims the attacker was a supporter of the so-called Islamic


State. The victims were three Army cadets and one officer. They were


standing in a popular beauty spot, which overlooks the old city of


Jerusalem,. A warning, this report contains to stressing images.


This is what Israeli soldiers on a training


Security camera footage shows two groups.


The one in the background has just got off a coach


The lorry drives at the soldiers at high speed and hits them.


Then it backs up quickly, apparently trying to crush more


people before the driver is shot dead.


He is said to have been a Palestinian from a nearby


Witnesses who saw the bloody aftermath spoke of their shock.


I just saw the truck going onto the sidewalk


from the road and hitting the soldiers and it took me


some time to understand it was a terror attack.


Those who died were all in their 20s.


More than a dozen others were wounded.


You can still see the skid marks in the dirt here.


This is the very spot where those soldiers were killed.


There has been an upsurge in Palestinian attacks on Israelis


in the past year or so, but this is one of the deadliest,


and the use of a lorry is also something unusual.


Visiting the scene, the Prime Minister said this


was similar to recent attacks in Europe and it could


have been inspired by the so-called Islamic State.


TRANSLATION: We know the identity of the attacker.


According to the signs, he was a supporter


We know there has been a series of terror attacks.


There definitely could be a connection between them,


from France to Berlin and now Jerusalem.


Israel has blamed previous attacks on incitement by Palestinian


Palestinian leaders say they have been driven by anger after more


than 20 years of on-and-off peace talks have failed to deliver


Yuval Steinitz is Israel's energy minister.


He is also a member of the security cabinet. He gave us more details


about the attacker. This is a young citizen from


Jerusalem, we know he was inspired by Isis and the Islamic ideal. Also,


of course, he was incited, like most Palestinians from children, by the


education system of the Palestinian Authority what evidence do you have


that the attacker was inspired by the Islamic State, given the group


has not claimed responsible at a? I'm not going to provide any


details, I assume we will publish them later on. It's not an


assumption. We know with confidence that this man, in the last several


months, was inspired by Isis, identified himself with Isis. This


is crystal clear for us. Unfortunately, what we see today,


not just here in the Middle East and Israel, but in the entire world, in


Europe, there are people inspired by Isis, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, or Islamic


Jihad, they are driving trucks into the crowd in Berlin, in Nice and


unfortunately, today in Jerusalem. The generality is very similar. It's


not just against Hebrew people and the Jewish state. It is against the


infidels who are not Muslims, all over the world. Of course, one of


the main targets is to eliminate the Jewish state.


It's been a very bloody year for Israel, with many, many people being


killed. What security measures is the Israeli Government considering


to protect people? We are taking many measures.


Unfortunately, we are a very experienced with fighting terrorism.


I can tell you that, although many times it is lone wolves, in most of


the cases, we managed to intercept the terrace in advance.


Unfortunately, we don't have 100% of success. What we saw today is, of


course, the sad reality that we have to live with. For us, it's not just


extremely sad, but also extremely frustrating.


Let's move on, it's always called in parts of Europe this year. But


temperatures at the moment are well below average. In some parts, colder


than even the Arctic. One than 20 people have died as a result,


antifreeze is expected to continue into next week.


For the homeless and poor, this has been a pretty grim weekend. This


abandoned house in Belgrade provide some relief, as temperatures plunged


to minus extensive Aussies. Many guys are sick here. -- -16


degrees. Aid organisations have been


distributing blankets clothes and food to the migrants, mostly from


Afghanistan and Pakistan. The next few days are critical. For


the health and condition of these people, it is worsening. There is


plenty of smoke, as you can see, we are seeing more respiratory


infections. Freezing air from the Arctic has


seen snowfall, even in the Greek islands. These images show the


refugee camp in Lesbos. TRANSLATION: The Pope called on the


faithful to look after the poor. The snowstorms add an extra


complications are areas still recovering from last year's


earthquakes in Italy. Much of central and Eastern Europe has


experienced widespread travel chaos. In a mania, emergency services


rescued hundreds of people stuck on the roads. Icy winds gusting at


144kph. In Turkey, blizzards in Istanbul forced hundreds of flight


cancellations, and even temporarily closed the Bosporus state to


stripping. Top of the code list goes to Russia, temperatures plummeted to


-30 Celsius. But didn't grind the country to a halt, people


adding a few extra layers. The deep freeze is expected to last into next


week. Less than two weeks to go into a


Donald Trump's inauguration as president of the United States.


There's big debate and Russia's hand in the campaign, alleged as it is. A


report has been released stating that the Russian president


personally ordered cyber attacks and media manipulation. In an interview


to unit six media, President Obama said he an estimated the impact


cyber hacking could have an election. Let's go to Washington and


speak to our correspondence. In the last days of his presidency,


what else did President Obama had to say?


He said he hadn't underestimated Vladimir Putin. He said Mr Putin


carried out these kind of campaigns many times before in Europe, but


mostly in former Soviet satellite states. He said what surprised him


with the impact these kind of cyber hacking and misinformation campaigns


could have an open societies and more democratic societies. He urged


petulant here in America, but also Nato allies that are going to have


elections next year, meaning France and Germany. Who said they should


not become a partisan issue, although the report concluded that


Mr Putin tried to help Mr Tumble win with this campaign. -- Mr Trump when


with this campaign. We have to be reminded we are on the same team and


Mr Putin is not on it. On the subject of that report, we


have also been hearing from Donald Trump's incoming chief of staff, he


has also had interesting things to say?


He said that his boss, Mr Trump, accepted it was Russia that was


behind the hacking of the Democratic party organisation. Mr Trump had


voiced scepticism about that. I am not sure at the statement today goes


much further than what Mr Trump said after he retrieved the intelligence


briefing on Friday. At that point, he was already conceding Russia had


some kind of role. What was not said is that Mr Trump except the


conclusions of the report, that one of the goals of Mr Putin was to help


Mr Trump win, on that, the president elect has not commented. He said


that the interference had the impact on the outcome of the election, he


has been insistent on that. Although the report does not address that


issue at all. In the last couple of hours, we have


heard that Boris Johnson has arrived in New York, what more do you know?


He's going to be meeting some important members of Mr Trump's


inner circle. He's going to be meeting Steve Bannon, chief strategy


for the White House for Mr Trump. And so Jared Kushner, Mr Trump's


son-in-law and key adviser. They have Mr Trump's ear, and that will


be important for Mr Johnson. They want to know with a special


relationship is going to go. This is an unknown quantity, they were not


expecting Mr Trump to win the election. The president has been a


bit -- the British Government has been a bit annoyed that the British


politician Mr Trump is closest to is Nigel Farage. Mr Trump has also said


that Farage would make a good ambassador, which the British


Government has said would not happen. Theresa May will meet Donald


Trump in the spring, Donald Trump has tweeted to say that he is


looking forward to that visit, and that the UK is a long-term ally and


special friend. Let's take a look at


some other stories now. Iraqi special forces have reached


the banks of the river Tigris which divides the city of Mosul,


almost three months after launching their assault


on Islamic State forces in the city. The advance is the latest gain


by Iraqi counter-terrorism service troops who've recaptured two


districts in recent days. Staying in Iraq, at least eleven


people have been killed in Baghdad, in a suspected suicide car bomb


attack near the main The Islamic State group said it


carried out the attack. The former Iranian president -


Akbar Hashemi Raf-sanjani has He was considered one of Iran's most


prominent politicians - since the Iranian


revolution in 1979. He died after suffering heart


failure in hospital in Tehran. We can speak to someone from the


Centre for Iranian studies. He was a pivotal figure in Iranian


politics, but also a controversial one. How do you think he showed


Iranian politics? I think they former president


address and Johnny denies -- defies classification is. On the one hand


he was one of the founding fathers of the Islamic Republic. On the


other hand, he is one of the founding fathers of Irani reformism.


The sort we see today under President Rouhani's leadership.


Do you think he achieved his ambition is?


I think he did. When he put his weight and influence, his political


orientation behind a candidate, for example, Rouhani, use all their


electoral success was in many ways a manifestation of his vision, which


was one that was, in many ways, quintessentially that of a


pragmatic, practical politician, who believed that more creative measures


were necessary in order to reserve and enhance the longevity of the


Islamic Republic. With elections round the corner, do


you think he will be missed? Absolutely. I think Iran is pushing


to reform from within, from below, a gradual integrated, indigenous


reform. I think he set a precedent for the type of vision we see, that


rock hard a has covered for it, and really rip setting the popular will


of the country. -- Rouhani has carried forward. A country that


wants to integrate into the global economy and global political


landscape. But at the same time once preserve its historical,


revolutionary and cultural experience.


Thank you very much for being with us.


The French defence minister says twenty-four-thousand cyberattacks


against French defence targets were thwarted last year.


Theresa May has promised more controls on immigration, Theresa May


says that may include leading the single market.


We mustn't think that this is somehow we're coming out of


membership but want to keep some bits of membership. We want to know


what kind of volition ship is best for a UK that is no longer part of


the EU. These will be part of negotiations once I trigger Article


50. A big bit of that is what our trading relationship is. There are


other areas, such as the Justice and security France, about what a


relationship continues to be in those areas as well. What we're


saying is, what is the right deal for the UK? Not a model that some of


the elves users, but what's going to work for the UK? And I think what


would be the best you for the UK would also be the best eel for the


EU. We're leaving the EU, not Europe.


Four Israeli army cadets are killed in Jerusalem


Prime Minister Netanyahu says the attacker was a supporter


Icy temperatures in Europe have led to the deaths of more than twenty


The French defence minister says 24,000


against French defence targets were thwarted last year.


Jean-Yves Le Drian warned that France's infrastructure was at risk


and that attempts could be made to subvert the French


Mr Le Drian has been overseeing a radical overhaul


of French cyber capabilities, which will see the head


of the army taking control of a new operation, Cybercom.


I am joined by a security expert in Paris. He told be more about the


attacks. As a minister of defence, you are a


the target of many different actors. No single group is mentioned in the


report today, but we can envision an attack coming from activists who


want to impact, from cybercriminals who want to steal confidential


information, or even attacks from other states that want to disrupt


your military operation. And steal the most confident to all


information you have and change the weapons systems that you have. --


confidential information. Why have we seen the ramping up of


these type of attacks in the last two years?


The different sectors, like sectors of the economy, are going through a


digital transformation. By that is, I mean most of their processes are


now running on computers and different cut ten order, even if it


is adapted to the military world. These type systems are close to what


the hackers are used attacking. This sort of information is increasing


the probability of attack. Even if we could do things to improve our


systems. How do you do that, how do you


better protect your systems against sophisticated cyber attacks that


we've seen, not just in France, but also the United States?


You have to invest in new technology to protect these weapons systems,


these operational systems. Like closing your networks, adding


sensors onto computers to detect attacks. What you have to also do is


invest in skills and improve your processes. These hackers are quite


fast. Every time there is a new vulnerability, they are able to use


it. On different sides, you need to be very quick and have proficient


teams that will be able to adapt to these moving frets.


How big a risk do think this is to the French elections?


In France, we have looked very closely at what happened in the US,


and at state level, the National cyber Security agency is working


with the political parties to try to avoid being in the same situation.


So no it's time for the political parties to invest in cyber security,


and also to change the way they work. Because you know a political


party, by default, is a very open organisation. You have to exchange a


lot of information with a lot of people, very quickly. So it's and


easy targets, regarding cyber-security. See had to change


the way you work entirely in the political party.


Lets get some sport review, here's Jessica.


Plymouth Argyle have earned themselves a lucrative replay


against Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp made ten changes to his starting line-up


at Anfield, but they were unable to break down a stubborn Plymouth


defence as the team from the south coast in themselves a


replay at their stadium, home Park. It was a great day for the


travelling fans. Not frustrated. I knew before the


game, we could have been exactly the same. It could have been the same


problem. It's not even really possible. It is a very important


experience for the boys. I'm happy about this. I matter not sure it


would have been the same experience with a 1-0 victory. That is good,


actually. With the players they had playing


for them today, they have all had a lot of first team experience in


them. Yes, they had younger players, but they are at a club like


Liverpool for a reason. From our point of view, we had a good


defensive display. It is important we did that, allowed Liverpool the


ball, but we had the ball, we created opportunities.


While Liverpool stumbled, Chelsea were dominant against lower league


opposition in the third round with a 4-1 win against Peterborough united.


Antonio Conte made changes to his side, but there were always in


control. Pedro got two goals, they also had captain John Terry sent off


on his return to the first team. When you change nine players, it is


never that easy to play a good game. You want to be a team, today we


showed to be a team and play for the players that come in this moment,


playing less. Show me a good form. Yeah, I'm satisfied for the result,


and the performance of my team. A couple of other results for you.


It in a win for Tottenham against Aston Villa. Defender Ben Davies and


Son Heung-min with the goals as Morrissey Porcher Taylor's side


booked their place in the fourth round. -- Millie Seale put it into.


Weep change the system, tried to change the game. It was good, we


scored, and after the second goal, very pleased. Always difficult.


Pleased for the players that haven't played too much. This is important


for them to get a lot of minutes now, to try and build their


confidence. We had to defend well and run 1


million miles, because they're a good side. We had a good chance in


the game, Agbonlahor has got a good chance, when you hope you can take.


A touch disappointed with the goal, because they didn't have to do much.


For all the defensive work, one cross into the box, Adam Forshaw way


we didn't deal with it. The only time we didn't, it's in the back of


the net. -- unfortunately we didn't deal with it.


Middlesbrough were the victors over Chester. Abiola Negredo on the


scoresheet as all the Premiership sides in action on Sunday avoided


defeat. With the Australian open only a week


away, Devon Trough will continue his preparation by winning his first


title in almost two years. He took the first set 62 before Kei


Nishikori came back to take the second set.


Thank you Bury. Queen Elizabeth the Second has


appeared in public for the first time in several weeks -


attending a church service The Queen - who turned


90 last April - missed services on Christmas Day


and New Year's Day Thank you for being with one of


these today, from me and the team, bye-bye.


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