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This is BBC World News Today with me Tom Donkin, broadcasting in the UK


More than 30 people are now known to have died as icy temperatures


The extreme conditions have caused big disruptions,


while aid agencies have warned of the dangers faced by thousands


of vulnerable people across the continent.


Here especially, people are suffering too much and having


respiratory infections, they are quickly going down because of


pneumonia and bronchitis, it can be really bad.


Protests in Turkey as the country's parliament debates constitutional


changes that'll give President Erdogan more powers.


Opponents say it'll turn a democratic system


Is a visit to the dentist about to become a thing of the past?


There's hope - because scientists discover a drug that encourages


Meryl Streep hits out at Donald Trump in her


He fires back by calling her one of the most 'overrated'


More than 30 people have died over the weekend as a cold snap


from the Arctic Circle took hold in much of central


Temperatures dropped to as little as minus 30 celsius.


In Kosovo for example many areas are without power.


This is the Mirusha waterfall, a popular tourist attraction.


Two people have died in Moscow, nearly 200 others are in hospital


after suffering from severe hypothermia.


And charities are concerned for refugees crossing


the continent on foot or living in informal settlements.


There are 2000 of them in the Serbian capital, Belgrade,


where temperatures are down to minus 20.


The fourth consecutive day of snow here has


closed this area to shipping and given the area's ferry operators


Traffic on another major waterway, the Danube, has also


been suspended because of ice flows in Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.


In the major Romanian port city of Constanza,


the Black Sea has frozen far out from the shore.


Most affected by the cold are the poor in


The homeless and migrants have been particularly hard hit.


In this abandoned Belgrade warehouse, several hundred migrants


and refugees have been living for months.


These are the latest pictures from what was once called


Yes, actually, the cold is too much and last night, all


the people were around the fire and it was too cold.


Until now, we are here because the situation is too


There are 13 official refugee centres in Serbia with around 7,000


Hungary is only allowing in 100 a week.


Those near the top of the list wait here in


Hungarian police and soldiers patrol on the far side.


Meanwhile, in Italy, there are Christmas card


Only a few years ago, such images were commonplace


in January across Europe, but after five years of global


warming, many people had forgotten how hard a real winter can be.


Turkey's parliament began debating controversial changes


to the constitution that would hugely increase the power


He says they're needed to maintain 'stability'.


The opposition accuse the government of trying to introduce


If approved, the changes would give President Erdogan the power


to appoint his government and declare 'states of emergency'


They would also mean President Erdogan could serve two


more five-year terms - potentially - keeping him


He would also have more say over finances and budgets.


As I mentioned, those proposals still need to go through Parliament


twice and then to a public vote, how likely is that? The process would be


longer than two weeks but the main opposition parties are saying they


are going to be making some oppositions against changes to the


consideration, so in two weeks, the parliament will be discussing the


changes to the Constitution. 2016 was one of the bloodiest years for


Turkey in recent memory, president and again would say that the country


needs a strong leader in order to combat terrorism for what do Turks


think about that argument? There are a lot of parties saying that, this


change will bring more stability, so the people who are going to be, if


the can changes, there will be a referendum so people who would be


voting for the concert you should, they will be saying yes or no.


People will be thinking more about whether supporting it, they will be


thinking about that when they go to the polls. Surely they will be some


in the country saying that the president has promised to crack down


and tighten security, and all the string of attacks which continue to


happen, that hasn't happened yet? In 2016, the past year, we have seen an


attempted coup, so now the president is elected in Turkey. Beforehand


they were not elections for the president. So right now, the parties


are saying that, the president would be more powerful, and democracy will


be more powerful so the terrorist attacks, and the two, they will be


less in the future. Is this debate about the concert you shall have


anything to do with the failed coup? This has been debated, for so long,


even before the attempt. But after they could attack, after these


attacks, they will be saying that this change will be to the system in


Turkey. Now it's time to look at some


of the days other news. Russia has called accusations by US


intelligence agencies that it ran a programme of cyber hacking


to influence the American presidential election


"groundless and amateurish". The Kremlin said the accusations


resembled a witch-hunt - A new US intelligence report warns


that the risk of conflicts between and within nations


will increase over the next five years to levels not


seen since the Cold War. Analysts say slow growth along


with the use of greater technology in job markets will threaten poverty


reduction and drive tensions within countries for years to come,


leading to nationalism. Talks on reunification between


Turkish and Greek site in Cyprus have begun in Geneva, seen as the


best chance in a decade to end the 42 year division in the


Mediterranean island. Donald Trump appears to have


stolen the headlines He's called Meryl Streep 'overrated'


The actress had accused Mr Trump of 'divisive rhetoric',


at last night's awards in California, from where


James Cook reports. Yet again Hollywood has been invaded


by British acting royalty. In film and in television,


stars from the UK are wowing And what could be more


British than the Queen? She has been at the centre


of the world for the past 63 years and I think the world could do


with a few more women at the centre There were three awards


for the cast of the BBC Its star, Tom Hiddleston,


told us he couldn't believe it. I did not expect to win


a Golden Globe tonight and I was sat next to Hugh Laurie when he won


and I thought, I can go home happy. And then when it came


to my category, I was up Another British winner was absent,


Olivia Colman is preparing But Hugh Laurie was there to pick


up his award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with a dig


at Donald Trump. I suppose made more amazing


by the fact that I will be able to say that I won this at the last


ever Golden Globes. I don't mean to be gloomy,


it's just that it has the words Hollywood,


foreign and press in the title, Receiving a lifetime achievement


award, Meryl Streep also lambasted Disrespect invites disrespect,


violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position


to bully others, we all lose. In the most predictable plot twists,


Donald Trump responded on Twitter. On the night, though,


it was not politics There were a record seven


Golden Globes for the old-fashioned musical La La Land, including acting


awards for its stars, And I think that hope and creativity


are two of the most important things in the world and that is what this


movie is about. Hollywood can be fun and frivolous


but it also prides itself on tackling serious subjects


and many stars here on the red carpet are predicting a surge


in political films this year following the most


divisive of elections. James Cook, BBC News,


at the Golden Globes in Angeles. The Golden Globe awards also


recognise achievements in television, and the biggest


winner for the small screen was The Night Manager,


an adaptation of a novel by spy novelist John Le Carre,


which was co-produced by the BBC. Joining me live from Los Angeles


is the show's executive Huge congratulations on the win, I'm


only on the first episode of the series. This is essentially a spy


story, isn't it? And not a Cold War won but a modern take. You think the


spy genre is having a renaissance? I don't think it's ever going away.


The Night Manager was adapted from a novel by John Omran, it was his


first post Cold War model, and as the good Godfather of the genre, he


set the template for everything we have come to know as the


quintessential spy story. We taciturn Brits have a worrying


talent for the city and reserve. -- duplicity. At the spy story works so


well because it's about people who not only have two... Have to lie in


their lives, but also to their nearest and dearest. I don't think


that's gone to go away and the moral ambiguity that also is championed by


Le Carre, head of his time, is increasing a something of the


zeitgeist. I think we're seeing a renascent and we will go on seeing a


recent in spy stories, they are fun to watch and fun to make. Huge


congratulations for the many wins, the executive producer of the


Brilliant Beginnings, which won a slew of awards including acting


gongs for Tom Fulston and Hugh Laurie.


In the last hour, it's been annoucned that Donald Trump has


appointed his son in law Jared Kushner as a Special Advisor


Anthony Zurcher joins us from Washington.


How legal is this? There are none was against nepotism that dates back


to the 1960s that they can't put on that of your family -- laws against


nepotism. Reports are coming out that the Trump administration's


lawyers have come up with a walk around, they could look at the


language of the law that talks about appointing two and agency and say


the White House isn't a government agency therefore not covered by


this, and then there was an outlandish proposal suggested that


Donald Trump appoints him, and then pardons amusingly presidential


pardon looks as if they will try and take advantage of this grey area and


getting in there. The reality is that Jared Kushner has had Donald


Trump's ear, he has had his ear throughout the campaign, whether or


not he had an official position, he would be looking to him for advice.


We often see him by Donald Trump's side, many of these meetings, I just


want to ask why that is, why does he want so badly in his illustration?


He has an interesting ground and a lot in common with Donald Trump,


they were both children of real estate, he inherited his father's


business business, he has ties to the more established political


people in Manhattan, said Donald Trump feels he is a go-between


between Donald Trump and some of the establishment figures that he wants


to curry favour with but the bottom line is that he trusts Jared Kushner


and he stood by him throughout the campaign so you want to keep them


close. Thank you. Donald Trump has announced that his son-in-law Jared


Kushner is to be senior adviser. Northern Ireland's power-sharing


agreement is under threat after the most senior Republican


politician in the as Deputy First Minister,


in protest at the handling of His Sinn Fein party,


which favours unification with the Republic of Ireland,


currently shares power with a pro-British party


in a system established Just put this in context and explain


to our viewers what this means for the Northern Ireland peace process.


Essentially, the peace process itself is still intact, what we're


talking about tonight is the political process, Northern Ireland


is run by a Northern Ireland executive which is made up of


essentially two parties, the DUP, pro-British and Sinn Fein,


pro-Irish, the institutions were set up as a result of the good Friday


agreement, a peace agreement, and it operates on the power-sharing, so


you have a First Minister from one party and the Deputy First Minister


from the other party. The power-sharing can't exist unless you


have two people going together, what has happened the night is Martin


McGuinness, the Deputy First Minister, has resigned and that


basically means power-sharing cannot continue. They have a week to try


and sort it out and nominate another Deputy First Minister, and then the


British Secretary of State in London has a big decision to make, he can


ask for elections and then they would be new elections to the


Northern Ireland assembly. These two parties in the power-sharing


agreement share power, they are the highest elected parties in the land,


they become the two highest voted for parties, what happens then? That


is highly likely, if you look at the statistics, it is likely that both


DUP and Sinn Fein could come back again as the top two parties and


technically, you could have a DUP First Minister and a Sinn Fein


Deputy First Minister. What it means is that all the problems we were


talking about, the energy scheme, the mass debating, they haven't gone


away, they will have to sit down and come up with some sort of system to


sort out this mess. It means that the old problems simply haven't gone


away. A fund for the family


of the Polish lorry driver killed in the Berlin Christmas


market attack has reached Fellow lorry driver David Duncan


was so shocked by what happened Today Mr Duncan was personally


thanked by the Polish Ambassador to London,


as Kasia Madera reports. When Dave Duncan heard


about Lukasz Urban's killing in the attack on the Christmas


market in Berlin, he felt compelled to help the deceased


man's family in some way. So he set up an online fundraising


campaign to raise money. It was just something I'd seen


on the TV or something and thought "Why not?


Why not me?" Actions speak louder


than words, so they say. It's been incredible, amazing that


people responded to it, yeah. The campaign has been welcomed


by Mr Urban's family Please accept my gratitude


for your remarkable work. Today, the Polish ambassador Arkady,


Rzegocki, met up with Mr Duncan Here are some Polish


products, just for you. The money raised by Mr Duncan


will go to Lucasz Urban's widow and teenage son,


and he hopes to visit them in Poland Now, if you're like me you'll do


just about anything to get out of going to the dentist -


but pretty soon we might not have Scientists say teeth can be


encouraged to repair themselves, meaning potentially -


an end to fillings. A team of researchers


from King's College here in London showed that a chemical can encourage


cells to heal small If you would be able to explain how


this works? We insert a small sponge, that is soaked in a drug,


into the cavity in the tooth, that's prepared in the normal way by a


dentist, and the drug of the sponge stimulant is the stem cells in the


tooth to begin to repair the damage. Specifically that means making new


mineralised tissue called dentine. As I understand the drug can only


help very small cavities, in the future, will they be able to repair


larger holes and maybe recruited entirely? It can repair larger


cavities, what it does is it enhances a natural process, that


itself can only repair small lesions. When we add the drug, it


enhances that process and so we're able to naturally repair larger


lesions. So the tooth is the related to repair itself. -- stimulator.


That's not related to growing the new tooth, when it's to do with


dental decay Andrew trauma Kouyate damage to teeth. How long do you


think it might be before you and I benefit from this? We have quite a


few additional things to do, as you might imagine, mice teeth are very


small, so the damage is small but is repaired, so we have to look at how


we can scale up to the equivalent size of a human tooth. Once that is


done, hopefully we will be in a position to start thinking and


preparing for testing this in patients. I mentioned we might not


have to go to the dentist so often, is there any truth in that? How


common feelings, is that one of the reasons people have to go to the


dentist? -- billings. There is some truth in that, we think this process


restores normal structure of the truth rather than having something


artificial put in such is a filling or cement of some kind, there is


less chance for failure in the future and conventional fillings do


fail and you have to go back to the dentist. This system essentially


recreates the normal tooth structure. Thank you for all of that


interesting detail. He led the study into regrowing teeth and the new


potential future for dentistry. Divorce can often be a painfully


long and drawn out process. But in India, a Muslim practice


grants men instant divorce if they say "talaq",


meaning "divorce", three times. The practice, known as "triple


talaq", is completely legal but is now facing a strong challenge


at India's highest court which could declare


the practice unconstitutional. Yogita Limaye has this


report from from Mumbai. Three words changed


her life forever. Shavista Sheikh says her husband


divorced her during a phone call by simply saying,


"Talaq, talaq, talaq." Her son is now four years


old and she has been doing odd TRANSLATION: Men think they can say


the three words and shake off all responsibility but they don't


stop to think that somebody's life In India, different religious groups


are allowed to have their own rules governing personal affairs including


marriage and divorce. That's why, for Muslim


men in this country, so-called triple talaq


is perfectly legal. It is, though, a practice


that's banned across much But it is being


challenged in India now. Women offended by triple talaq


from across the country One by one, they describe


how their world fell apart in an instant,


losing not just marriage but also This group has asked India's highest


court to ban the practice. All of this is not


sanctioned by the Koran. And it is not sanctioned


by the Constitution of India, also. So we are demanding


our Koranic rights. It's a move supported


by India's government, but with its Hindu nationalists


links, minority groups are often There's strong opposition from some


prominent Muslim bodies. Triple talaq is a part


of our religious belief. There is no compromise as far


as the religous laws are concerned. The Islam is for the people


who have the faith in it. If you have the faith in it,


you follow the religion. If you don't have the faith


in it, who is asking India's constitution gives


people the right to freely practise any religion,


but it also guarantees The court will now have to decide


which is more important. One of the world's most


challenging dog sled races has Set among snow-capped


mountains between Savoie riders and their dogs travel 1,000


kilometres over 11 days. Contestants from seven countries


are taking place in the race. Extreme weather in Europe has left


30 people dead. It agencies have warned of the dangers faced by


thousands of honourable people across the continent. In Turkey,


protests are occurring as the country's parliament debate and


additional changes that will give the president much more powers.


Opponents say it will create a dysentery and regime. --


totalitarian regime. But for now from me and the rest


of the team, goodbye.


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