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Donald Trump has arrived in Washington ahead of his inauguration


tomorrow as America's 45th President. Martin McGuinness, the


former IRA commander turned peacemaker has announced his


retiring from front line politics. The Sinn Fein politician recently


quit Northern Ireland's Power saving executive and he now says he is


suffering from ill health. The question I ask myself is are you


physically capable? Theresa May said Britain will be


open for business after Brexit as one high St bank predicted London


will remain your's top financial centre despite the UK's leading.


Also coming up, the latest on the unfolding crisis in Gambia.


Neighbouring Senegal has sent in troops to make sure a new present --


presidency. Under French -- and a winning record time.


Hello, and welcome to BBC News. Donald Trump has arrived in


Washington ahead of their inauguration tomorrow as the 43rd


President of the United States. Let's cross to our Washington


Correspondent Jane O'Brien. A sign of the times, our viewers saw


the pictures. That plane did not have the word Trump all over it and


it will be official tomorrow. The clock is ticking, fewer than 24


hours to go on Donald Trump will become president. He is on his way


right now to the national cemetery to lay a wreath. He has had lunch


with some of his cabinet picks and the Republican leadership at Trump


Hotel which he jokingly referred to as weird he would move in whether or


not he won the White House, also on Pennsylvania Avenue. He has a


concert with on this afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial which he is


expected to speak. The celebrations underway for Donald Trump at least


but a lot of protests expected to kick off, including a big march at


the weekend where women from all over the country had expected to


converge on Washington. There will be a huge security presence with


$500,000 spent on security around the inauguration site.


Non-collapsible umbrellas will not be allowed and no selfie sticks.


That is right, but the Park service has made a concession to the rain


because it is expected to report tomorrow, they say short collapsible


umbrellas will be allowed so you can take some shelter. Security will be


tight. We're not sure at the moment how many people to expect. There has


been some controversy. Donald Trump, as you would expect, said hotels are


booked solid but they are not. He has also got less than a stellar


line-up of celebrities, a lot refusing to appear with him, so a


bit of a B list for some of the events, but his new press secretary


today said the inauguration was 20% under budget and that the money


would be returned to the taxpayer. He said Donald Trump was already off


to a good start. This historians pour over presidential inaugurals.


What do they expect from President Tromp tomorrow? That is an


interesting question. His press secretary said it wouldn't be so


much an agenda as a philosophical document. I am not sure what we can


take from that. It will be quite short, we think. He has not finished


writing it as couple of hours ago. We don't really know whether it will


lay out his priorities. According to Mr Spicer it is about what it means


to be an American, this is a member of Congress, and what it means to be


a citizen at this point of time. This is all important because the


country according to the latest polls is more divided than ever, 86%


think Donald Trump is taking office over a deeply divided nation. Thank


you very much. I should say of course stay with us tomorrow because


you will be able to see the inauguration ceremony.


The former Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister,


Martin McGuinness has announced he is to retire from politics


and will not seek re-election to the Stormont Assembly in March.


Mr McGuinness says he had been planning to stand down in May,


on the tenth anniversary of sharing power with Ian Paisley.


But he says that plan was over taken by his health


problems and the political crisis at Stormont.


Our chief correspondent Gavin Hewitt has more.


Martin McGuinness is one of the most controversial leaders in British and


Irish politics. He has been a central figure in both Northern


Ireland's pain and peace and is now standing down due to illness. I have


to be honest with myself and the question I ask is are you physically


capable of fighting this election with the intensity with which they


need to be fought? The honest answered I am physically capable.


His background lay in the civil rights and riots in Londonderry but


Martin McGuinness chose violent resistance. By the age of 21 he was


second-in-command of the IRA in Derry talking about the bombing


campaign. Can you save whether the bombing is likely to stop in the


near future in response to public demand? We've always take


consideration the feelings of the people of Derry and these feelings


will be passed on. He served two prison sentences in the Irish


Republic and was also convicted of IRA membership. He openly attended


IRA events, he denied he was the IRA chief of staff but said he regarded


it as a compliment. We don't believe that winning elections or any amount


of votes will bring freedom to Ireland. At the end of the day it is


the cutting edge of the IRA that will bring freedom. Today he asked


-- was asked if he had any regrets. People have to remember the


circumstances that existed in the city when I joined the IRA are --


the IRA. We had a situation with people being murdered wholesale by


the RUC, as on bloody Sunday, and the fact many young people and


myself were supported by thousands in the city. I am not saying it was


a majority but we decided to fight back. He was one of the IRA leaders


who recognised that further violence would not bring political gains. In


1994 there was a ceasefire which laid the foundation of peace talks


and Sinn Fein nominated him for a lead negotiator leading to the Good


Friday agreement and eventual power-sharing. But foes sat


alongside each other in a new assembly. My journey has been a long


journey, more than 25 years building the peace. His departure from


politics comes at a sensitive time for Northern Ireland. Its


power-sharing assembly has collapsed and the Brexit poses difficult


questions about the future of the border with Ireland. Many people


would struggle to forgive the man who played such a key role in a


violent campaign but he earned grudging respect for his commitment


to peace and the gunmen had turned politician have the authority to


make compromises. Let's cross to our Northern Ireland


Political Editor Mark Devenport. This he had been ill for some time,


any surprise he is stepping down. Not particularly. It was probably


predictable from the time he appeared and resigned as Deputy


First Minister and appeared very weak on that particular day about


ten days ago. There had been a lot of speculation he would not be able


to fight the campaign but it nevertheless has the feel of the end


of a new dock and while he didn't use the word retirement he said if


he conquers the illness you could perform an ambassadorial role, there


is the sense of him stepping back from the front line. His family were


they are supporting him. And how much of a loss is this for Sinn


Fein? There is no doubt he will miss Martin McGuinness and he says this


is part of a process of transition which will like it will also see


Gerry Adams at some point yet to be announced stepping down. The new


generation are not as well-known and certainly across the world as Martin


McGuinness or Gerry Adams. They will be tested soon on handling the


difficulties because we have had the breakdown of the power-sharing


system in Northern Ireland over the renewable heating scandal. The one


hope is they will not be tested in the tough times that Martin


McGuinness lived through. The Prime Minister says she's


confident that Britain's financial services sector will continue


to prosper after It's a view echoed by the head


of Barclays who says he expects the City of London to remain


the financial centre of Europe. That's despite a number of OTHER


banks and financial institutions suggesting they will move thousands


of jobs AWAY from London.Theresa May has been talking to business


leaders in Davos - and to our economics


editor Kamal Ahmed. Wrapped up warm, whisked from


meetings with bankers to millionaire technology entrepreneurs. It is hard


to come to Davos cannot look like a member of the global elite. While


she was here to say that Britain is open for business she was also hear


with a warning. Talk of greater globalisation can make people


fearful. For many it means jobs outsourced and wages undercut. It


means having to sit back as they watch communities change around


them, and in their minds, it means watching as those who prosper seem


to play by a different set of rules. To these age came to the World


Economic Forum not so much to celebrate business as to warn that.


She backs globalisation and free trade and a deal with the European


rain, but she had another message for this rather privileged audience,


do more to make globalisation work for everyone or if you don't she


will be quite willing to intervene to ensure businesses change their


behaviour. It was sunny here today but the Prime Minister's visit to


Davos was overshadowed with a number of international banks involving


Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan saying they are reducing investment or


planning to cut jobs. The city is a big place with different voices and


for Barclays London are still in the lead. I think the UK will continue


to be the financial ones for Europe. We may have to change the legal


structure we used to operate in Europe but I think it will be at the


margin and will be manageable. I caught up with the Prime Minister


later. What have the bank said to you about why they are moving jobs?


I have had a positive discussion with banks about the benefits of the


City of London and what has brought them, and how we can continue to


build on that for the future. There are huge benefits for investment in


the UK. We have fundamentally strong economy and the service sector that


is very important but valued around the world. I believe a truly global


Britain can bring jobs and prosperity to the UK and across the


board including financial services. Many are reflecting on one of the


key tests of Brexit, keeping UK financial services buoyant. Hard


Brexit does the country damage but the point I am making to political


leaders is if businesses decide to leave London, they are going to


Paris, Madrid or Frankfort, they are going to Hong Kong and New York. It


is a lose- lose battle, bad for London and the UK and the EU as


well. Theresa May said she was an optimist and free trade discussions


had also started with India and Australia. She admitted the journey


ahead was unpredictable but with the right deal the future was bright.


Dozens of people are feared dead after an avalanche buried a hotel


At least three people have been killed


rescue teams are searching for up to 35 people still trapped


The avalanche happened after a series of powerful


earthquakes struck the area of Abruzzo yesterday


The three-storey hotel was pushed almost 10 metres downhill


as the huge wall of snow hit it directly as it raced down


It's the third in a series of earthquakes in the region


since last summer killing almost 300 people.


Our correspondent James Reynolds is in the nearby village of Penne.


At night, the quickest way through this the wall


These rescuers are among the most experienced in Europe.


Step-by-step, they shovelled their way up towards the Rigopiano hotel.


They went further in and came to where the avalanche hit.


A six foot high wall of snow and rock broke


Several miles away, a father waited for news


Straight after yesterday's earthquakes, they texted each other.


"I think the worst has already happened", he reassured her.


His daughter and many other people, may be trapped


These pictures, filmed after daybreak, show the Rigopiano


Do you think it's possible to find more people alive?


In the past, we found people after three days


And especially in this case, there could be some


Rescuers are helped by the fact that conditions here have improved.


We haven't felt any more earthquakes or tremors.


Relief workers a few miles up the hill, will hope the snow holds


And those rescuers continue on their path to and from


the destroyed hotel, searching for survivors or bodies.


James Reynolds, BBC News, Penne, central Italy.


you are watching BBC News, the top stories now.


Donald Trump has arrived in Washington, ahead of being sworn


in tomorrow as America's 45th President.


Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's former


deputy first minister, has announced he's retiring


Dozens are feared dead in Italy, after an avalanche engulfed a hotel.


The Foreign Office has confirmed that six Britons have dry after a


road accident in Saudi Arabia. The victims were all thought to be on


pilgrimage when their minibus crashed. We understand that this


family travelled on a journey they had booked through the two operator


behind me, they have told us that all 12 of the people on the minibus


are part of the same extended family. Some from Scotland, some


from here in Manchester, with age ranging from pensioners down to a


small baby just a couple of months old. That baby, we are told that he


dry in the crash along with his grandparents who are from


Manchester. Another relative from Manchester as well. Also that the


two people from Glasgow who died were part of that family as well. We


believe from Glasgow Central mosque that they had five children who we


don't think were involved in the crash. There were also several


people injured including the mother of the baby and his siblings,


children aged between two and four, and also a pensioner in a critical


condition so the Foreign Office are providing consular assistance. The


tour operators say it is the first accident may have had anybody


involved with in the last 15 years since we have been running the trip


and they say the family was partway through a fortnight trip, making a


pilgrimage, travelling on a minibus to the second leg of their journey


to the holy site in the Medina. It is thought that one of the tires on


the vehicle had a blow out but they are still trying to work out what


happened and are providing assistance to other members of the


extended family from the UK now in the process of travelling over to


Saudi Arabia to find that information for themselves.


Senegalese troops have entered The Gambia to ensure Adama Barrow


assumes power as the country's new president, a Senegalese


Mr Barrow has been sworn in at the Gambian embassy in Senegal.


In his inaugural speech, President Barrow urged


Gambian soldiers to remain in their barracks, saying


those who did not would be considered rebels.


The UN Security Council has unanimously backed


the West African regional group, ECOWAS, which has threatened


military intervention to ensure that the new president takes power


from Yahya Jammeh who is refusing to stand down.


We're less than 24 hours away from the inauguration of US


Last year's elections had been dominated by the allegations that


Russia ran a hacking campaign to influence the results.


Stephen Sackur from BBC's Hardtalk has just completed an interview


with the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov who works closely


It's good to see you. Was he defensive as far as the ledger that


actions of Russia, as far as those actions are concerned, but America


clearly believes influenced the US election. I wouldn't say he was


defensive so much as combative and that really is Peskov's style. He is


spokesman for the president and also one of Vladimir Putin's most trusted


advisers, and he really is the spin doctor and message manager of the


Kremlin. Under enormous pressure in the last few days because as you


say, all these allegations of hacking and dirty tricks and


allegations of a honey trap being laid, all of this stuff has in a


sense being laid at the floor of the chief press officer, and when I saw


him a couple of hours ago when his office close to the Kremlin are said


to him, how do you respond to these allegations which, from the very top


of the US intelligence agencies, and this is how he responded to me.


Every day, we have hundreds and thousands of cyber attacks against


our digital systems in the Russian Federation. Some of them are coming


from the territorial of the United States. Dozens are coming from the


territorial Germany. Dozens from Great Britain. Do you think that it


means, with the high state of certainty, that those attacks


against our digital systems are being promoted by the governments in


Washington, London and Berlin? You would probably say no. We want to


have good relationships with America. We believe that we cannot


solve lots of problems in this world and in the region that are


endangering our country without cooperation with the Americans. That


is why we desperately need good relationships with Washington, but


it takes two to tangle. What would be the approach by President from,


this is the question. It takes two to tangle, clearly Russia hoping


there will be a reset when Donald Trump takes power in Washington,


that relations will be more cooperative and warmer with the new


US administration, but there is some scepticism and very much an attitude


of wait and see and that is what we all must do until we see what Donald


Trump really means by his talk of a new relationship by the mere Putin.


Thank you. It's nicknamed the Everest


of the Seas -- a gruelling solo round the world yacht race


which after 74 days finishes today. British sailor -- Alex Thomson --


turned round a disastrous start and looks set to come second


in the prestigious Our Sports correspondent


Natalie Pirks is following the race from Les Sables d'Olonne


on France's Atlantic coast. After ten unpredictable weeks, the


Frenchman celebrating was a well one story, for six weeks he has battled


everything the ocean has thrown at him, eating only freeze dried


noodles and jelly and surviving on as little as 20 minutes sleep every


few hours. When he set off with 28 other boats


on the 6th of November, the Hampshire yachtsman waved


goodbye to his wife and two young children and attempted


for the fourth time to become the first Briton to win the Vendee


Globe in the race's 27 year history. He headed around Antarctica, across


the Cape of good Hope, around the furthest place from civilisation on


Earth and back around Cape Horn. When he arrives here tomorrow


morning he was not stop somewhere between 25 and 30,000 nautical


miles. There have been good moments This is the southern ocean


moments and it's sunny. And moments over Christmas


where his family worried his wife is simply desperate to get


him home. I can't wait! I am so excited about seeing him. I have


spoken to him and been in contact but actually seeing him, I can't


wait. Just two weeks into the race has bought got so badly damaged that


usually affected his speed yet he still smashed the world record for


the greatest distance sailed so low in 24 hours. The big event tomorrow


if the inauguration of Donald Trump and stay with us on BBC News for


that, life. You are watching BBC News and no time for a look at all




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