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This is BBC News with me Clive Myrie - the headlines.


I'm at the White House where journalists have packed


the briefing room for their last chance to question President Obama


On a visit to India, Britain's Foreign Secretary warns EU


leaders not to penalise the UK over Brexit.


If Mr Hollande wants to administer punishment beatings to anybody


who chooses to escape rather in the manner of some sort


of World War II movie then, you know, I don't think


Meanwhile European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker


promises to seek a "balanced" Brexit deal - but warns


We want a fair deal with Britain and a fair day for Britain


but a fair deal means a fair deal for the European Union too.


Thousands of Gambians and foreign tourists flee the country


due to political unrest after the President


Also this hour, record breaking temperatures


Scientists say it's due to climate change -


Good evening and welcome to BBC News.


It's just two days until Donald Trump becomes the 45th president


In the next few minutes, the current occupant


of the White House, Barack Obama, will be holding his final news


President Obama is expected to use the news conference


to defend his decision yesterday to shorten the sentence


of Chelsea Manning, the former US soldier convicted of revealing


Our State Department Correspondent Barbara


The front part of the conference is likely to be dominated by the


commutation of that sentence for Chelsea Manning. I think so, there


have been questions about that and critics in the Republican party have


said it was the wrong decision and it was the largest leak of US


classified material ever and it put lives and American interests at risk


and to shorten the sentence and released Chelsea Manning sent the


dangers message for those who also want to leak dangerous or classified


material. President Obama will likely be asked about that and is


likely to defend his decision. White House officials have said Chelsea


Manning went through a trial and was convicted and punished and spent


time in jail and has taken responsibility and expressed regret


and should therefore be released. Also taking into consideration her


emotional and mental health, a transgender woman in a male person


trying to go through a gender change for the game critics have said you


should not treat a traitor like a martyr. That will take up a large


chunk of it and you assume he will also be defending his record. He


probably will, although he has done that quite copiously in the past


weeks. He had a speech where he did that, a press conference in


December, he has given many interviews to US and international


news outlets so in terms of legacy issues I think many of the questions


from journalists will be about this kind of hard news. But they will be


aware that this is their last outing with the president and that tomorrow


is the last day that he and his staffers are cleaning up their


desks. They have to be gone by midnight. To be ready for the new


Trump administration on Friday. So there is a sense of the last moments


with President Obama and concerning questions about what they will face


in the press briefing room if indeed there will be press briefings in the


same way under Donald Trump. The press have been, they have had the


ear of the president for the past eight years or so. It seems to be


the case that President Trump when he becomes president is not going to


be itself forthcoming with his press conferences. Do you expect President


Obama two are to that? He might do if he is asked about it. The Obama


administration ran a pretty tight ship on information and was not as


transparent as promised. But he has held some 163 press conferences. And


regular daily press briefings with jealous in the White House, where


they are able to speak to senior officials. The Trump administration


has been tossed around different ideas, we do not know exactly what


is going to happen but we do know that Mr Trump has not liked to give


press conferences in the past. His team have said they would perhaps


love the press to a nearby location amongst other things. So there is


concern. It could come up today, we will see. Thank you for that. We


will of course be renewed that conference live. -- bring you.


EU leaders meeting in Strasbourg have been


giving their first reaction to Theresa May's Brexit speech.


The prime minister of Malta, which holds the EU presidency,


said any deal had to be inferior to the relationship Britain


With both British and EU politicians trying not to antagonise each other


Boris Johnson has been blamed for doing the opposite.


He's been accused of comparing France's President


Our political editor Laura Kuennsberg explains.


Watch out chaps, I'm worried about you falling over.


Watch out, Foreign Secretary, more like.


It is his job to wins friends and influence around the world.


But as the delicate process of leaving the EU begins,


rather indelicate words about our old friends


If Mr Hollande wants to administer punishment beatings to anybody


who chooses to escape, rather in the manner of some


World War II movie, I don't think that is the way forward.


I think it is not in the interests of our friends and our partners.


From thousands of miles away, he was slammed as crass.


Not exactly what you would expect from a Foreign Minister,


Awkward, when back home the Prime Minister is urging


The point he made was a reasonable one, but the language has to be


extremely careful in dealing with colleagues and friends.


He comes up with these extraordinary phrases


Boris Johnson's team says he was just making the point thatit


makes no sense for the rest of the EU to treat Britain harshly.


But only yesterday, Theresa May publicly reminded ministers


here at home of the need for discipline and with a difficult


deal ahead, Britain needs all the friends it has.


Language matters, but it is the words and attitudes of European


Yesterday, the Prime Minister appealed to her EU counterparts,


urging them to behave as good friends, even as we leave.


The arch European Jean-Claude Juncker, who leads the Commission


that will manage the deal was suing for peace.


We want a fair deal with Britain and a fair deal for Britain,


but a fair deal means a fair deal for the European Union.


Yet Europe's leaders are in no mood to let Britain divide and conquer.


Their goal right now is sticking together.


We now have a clearer idea of what Britain wants,


Angela Merkel said, the most important thing is that


And in public and private, this is the reality.


Whatever the UK asks for, the rest of the EU will not do


a deal where the terms of trade are as cushy outside as in.


We want a fair deal for the United Kingdom,


but that deal necessarily needs to be inferior to membership.


She may smile, her speech yesterday pleased most of her party,


but Theresa May is still under attack for not giving


It is not so much the Iron Lady as the Irony Lady.


Next Tuesday it is over to the courts, who could force


the government to give detail, more detail, to Parliament,


before the technical process of extricating ourselves


In these negotiations it will not always seem that


Our Europe correspondent Damian Grammaticas is in Strasbourg.


It is interesting, the comments by Boris Johnson, although some


here see them as at best insensitive and at worst offensive,


have not made a big impact because here the view


is there are serious issues at stake and the important thing to be


remembered is what they are saying is the UK needs to understand


it is trying to achieve unprecedented things.


Theresa May wants a free-trade deal and an unprecedented amount


of time within two years and for that she needs


goodwill on behalf of the negotiating partners here.


What the Maltese Prime Minister who will chair the EU countries said


was that Theresa May had made a political decision


to prioritise stopping the free movement of people,


and the UK leaving the single market would not achieve


Angela Merkel clear, saying outside the EU,


the UK could not cherry pick because from the EU perspective,


any deal would not offer benefits that would make any other country


want also to follow the same path outside the EU and from the EU point


of view that is what would do greatest harm to their unity.


Thousands of British holidaymakers are on their way home


from The Gambia after a state of emergency was declared there.


The Foreign Office is advising people to avoid all but essential


travel to the country, after its President refused


to accept that he lost last month's election.


It's basically that we are going to evacuate everyone back home today.


About half the holiday-makers in The Gambia are British.


Most are following Foreign Office advice to leave,


Asking us to leave is unnecessary, I think, at the moment.


But I understand that we need to do it.


To me, it feels stupid, because this will all be over


But it's not just foreigners fleeing the capital, Banjul.


Many Gambians fear possible violence, as the President


tries to cling to power, defying his election


President Yahya Jammeh at first conceded that he lost,


22 years after seizing power, and facing mounting


accusations of torturing and murdering opponents.


But then he changed his mind, and refused to step down.


The man who won, Adama Barrow, fled to neighbouring Senegal.


He insists he will be sworn in as President tomorrow,


and other West African states, including Nigeria,


are preparing their forces to intervene on his behalf.


The Foreign Office stresses that one of its first


duties is the protection of Britons overseas.


So ministers say they had no choice but to urge those


The Americans took a similar decision, more than a week ago.


Ministers feel caution has to be the watchword.


We have been putting a contingency plan together,


should the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office change.


And of course, that happened last night.


And the advice, to stop all but essential travel,


effectively translates into, you shouldn't go unless you have to,


and if you are out there, you really ought to come home.


So now, charter aircraft are flying into The Gambia


empty, flying out full, as the tourist exodus accelerates.


Tonight, Senegal is seeking UN backing for West African


Its troops are already massing on the border.


Our correspondent in the Gambia, Umaru Fofana, has been to Banjul


international airport to assess how holiday-makers on their way home


Thousands of European tourists are streaming out of the Gambia,


with special flights having been arranged for them.


They are mostly from the United Kingdom, which has nearly


1000 tourists in this country at present.


But there are also others from France and from the Netherlands.


Some of them have reacted negatively to having been asked to leave,


but others say that it is safety first, therefore they are


pleased to go back home, at the insistence of the governments


All of this comes just a day after President Yahya Jammeh


declared a state of emergency, which was endorsed by Parliament,


which also extended its mandates, which should have ended


All of this comes amid uncertainty as to what will happen next,


with a massive troop build-up by particularly Senegal and Nigeria.


To install Adam Barrow as the elected president


of this country, something which President Yahya


Some news coming in, the former US President George bush senior who has


been in hospital in Texas since the weekend, since Saturday, he has


apparently been moved to intensive care. He is said to be in a stable


condition after being treated for pneumonia. And he is 92 years old.


His wife Barbara has also been admitted to the same hospital as a


precaution because of fatigue. So the former US President George Bush


senior who has been in hospital in Texas since last Saturday has been


moved to intensive care suffering from pneumonia. The headlines.


President Barack Obama prepares to make a final farewell speech in


front of jealous of the White House with two days remaining of his


presidency. A visit to India, Britain's Foreign Secretary has


warned EU leaders not to penalise the UK over Brexit. Thousands of


Gambians and foreign tourists are fleeing the country after political


unrest, the president refusing to stand down after the elections last


month. Let's show you the scene live at the White House, where President


Obama with just a couple of days to go before standing down as


president, journalists there gathering for the final press


conference of the Obama administration. Hundreds of


journalists there. And one of the questions the president will have to


answer is why he decided to commute the sentence of Bradley Manning, the


soldier who was responsible for the biggest league of classified


information in American history. That is Chelsea Manning, she already


served seven years in jail but the president decided to commute her


sentence. That will be one of the big talking points obviously. The


president perhaps will be reflecting on the last eight years and perhaps


what he thinks the next four years of the Trump administration might


look like. We're waiting for that press conference from the president.


It's being hailed as a victory for disabled people.


Doug Paulley, who uses a wheel chair, took legal action


because he couldn't board a bus in Leeds, when a mother


with a pushchair refused to make way for him.


Today judges at the Supreme Court ruled that the bus company's policy


of "requesting" but not "requiring" other passengers to move


Our disability affairs correspondent Nikki Fox reports.


It has taken almost five years of legal battles


But finally, Doug Paulley had his day in the highest


All seven judges agreed the bus company's policy


requiring a person to vacate the wheelchair space was unlawful.


Today the Supreme Court has allowed the appeal of Doug Paulley, albeit


to a limited extent. But it is not quite as clear-cut,


because the judgment does go as far as insisting


someone move from the space. It has not gone as far as some


people would like or it has gone too In the end, this is about disabled


people's right to access, to travel on the bus, and,


hopefully, today has been a step in It began in 2012 when Doug


was unable to catch a bus because the space for wheelchairs


was occupied by a mum She refused to move which meant


Doug could not get on. First Group admit that


following the verdict, they might have to amend training


they provide staff, but are pleased drivers will not


have to force people off the bus. We really welcome the fact


the court confirmed that to remove a passenger from a bus


if they refuse to move from the space, which is important


for drivers to have that clarity. The impact of the judgment will have


much wider implications that Any service provider or company that


has a dedicated space for disabled people, which could be


a supermarket disabled bay, or accessible toilet


in a restaurant, they will have to make sure wheelchair


users get priority. I will not go on the bus and take


the woman with the pram... I am disabled, but I am still a man


and this just feels not right. It is not quite as simple


as wheelchairs versus pushchairs. It is better to remain a grey area


for people to use common sense. However, nuanced, today's ruling


paves the way for a closer look at legislation when it comes


to prioritising access 2016 was the hottest year


since records began over a century Average global temperatures


edged ahead of 2015 - and are now 1.1 degrees higher


than pre-industrial levels. In fact, it is the third consecutive


year that the record Scientists believe that the El Nino


weather phenomenon played a role - but increasing levels of greenhouse


gases were the main factor Our Science Correspondent


Rebecca Morelle has more. Our planet is warming, fast,


and the latest data suggests that This winter, parts of the Arctic


have had a heatwave, temperatures were above freezing


when they should While Australia's Great Barrier Reef


was transformed to this. Vast swathes of coral were killed


off, as the waters warmed. 2015 was the warmest year


on record up until now, It's beaten it by about 0.1,


0.12 degrees Celsius. Which doesn't seem like a lot,


but in terms of the yearly Part of this rise was caused


by an El Nino event, a warm ocean current that disrupts


the world's weather. But scientists say greenhouse gases


were the main driver. This shows how global


temperatures have increased The bigger the circle,


the hotter the year. And the latest data,


collected by Nasa and meteorological agencies around the world,


suggest 2016 is the third year The global temperature


is edging ever closer Scientists say a rise of two degrees


Celsius above pre-industrial levels could lead to dangerous impacts


around the world. So a lower limit of 1.5 Celsius


was set by the Paris climate agreement, a global deal that came


into force last year. But with carbon dioxide at record


levels, scientists say this is a temperature threshold


we are on course to surpass. To tackle global warming,


the world is being urged to move away from fossil


fuels, like coal. But in the US, Donald Trump has said


he wants to revive the industry, and has threatened to pull America


out of the Paris climate agreement. The woman who brokered


the deal is concerned. If the US chooses to exit the road


and the path that has been pursued by every other country in the world,


it is only going to damage itself, because it will


become less competitive. We are moving toward


a de-carbonised society. All eyes will now be


on this year's data. Already, scientists forecast that


2017 won't be as warm, But they say longer term,


unless action is taken, Going back to the White House and


pictures of journalists just waiting for President Obama to stand at that


podium in the next couple of minutes or so. We expect his final news


conference shortly. Our correspondent is just outside. He


has had well over 100 news conferences, daily press briefings


and so on. But the suggestion has been that this administration has


not been as forthcoming as many people had hoped. He is at the


moment fashionably late, he has not been as forthcoming as people might


have hoped. There has been quite a lot of control of information in


this White House even though he promised great transparency. They do


send out briefings and notes about decisions they have made but they


have also kept the limits and controls about what they release.


But they have had fairly good access in terms of a press briefing room,


daily press briefings, as we said. Quite a lot of press conferences and


when Mr Obama comes to them he tends to talk fulsomely, he not only


answers the question but gives an explanation of why he believes what


he believes or defends what he did. So we have had a lot of time of him


talking to the press. Just to cut you off, we are going to hear the


president himself. Let me start by saying I was sorely


tempted to wear a tan suit today. For my last press conference. But


Michelle whose fashion sense is better than mine tells me it is not


appropriate in January. I covered a lot of the ground I want to cover in


my farewell address last week. So I am just going to say a couple of


quick things before questions. First we have been in touch with the


family of President George Bush and his wife being admitted to hospital


with morning. They are not only dedicated their lives to this


country, they have been a constant source of friendship and support and


good Counsel for Michelle and me over the years. They are as fine a


couple as we know. And so we want to send our prayer and our love to


them. Really good people. Second thing I want to do is to thank all


of you. Some of you have been covering me for a long time. Folks


like Christie and linen. Some of you have just gotten to know me, we've


travelled the world together, hit a few singles, a few doubles.


Barack Obama at the White House with the final press conference of his


presidency. Even when you complained about


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