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Hello and welcome, this is BBC World News Today


Nearly seven months after the vote to leave the EU,


Britain's Prime Minister sets out what she wants Brexit to look like.


Britain will leave the single market with Theresa May dismissing the idea


of any deal which would leave Britain half in, half out.


What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market.


The EU has responded, saying it is ready to start exit negotiations as


soon as the UK is. Arrested in Istanbul -


the main suspect in the nightclub massacre which killed 39 is reported


to have confessed to the attack. And President Putin calls those


behind allegations of a Russian dossier on Donald Trump "Worse than


prostitutes." After months, finally today some


clarity on what the UK Theresa May set out


12 key objectives for The UK will leave the single


market, but seek a free The British Prime Minister


said she hoped that a deal could be done in two years -


but warned the remaining 27 countries that she would walk away


from talks, rather than accept In response, the European


Parliament's Brexit negotiator said it was an "illusion" to


think that Britain could enjoy the advantages of the single market


without its obligations. It was billed as the most important


speech of her term in office. It was certainly the clearest exposition


yet of what Britain wants from Brexit.


Not partial membership of the European Union, associate membership


of the European Union, or anything that leaves us half in, half right.


I want to be clear. What I am proposing cannot mean membership of


the single market. But, she said, Britain would push


for the freest possible trade with European countries and other nations


around the world. For the first time, Mrs May confirmed that the


British parliament would get to vote on the final deal at the end of the


negotiations. Sitting in the audience of the ambassadors to the


UK. Mrs Mae emphasised she didn't want to undermine the EU, but she


also warned against those who wanted to see the UK punished for voting to


leave. While I am sure a positive agreement


can be reached, I'm equally clear that no deal for Britain is better


than a bad deal for Britain. The opposition Labour Party said


that Mrs Mae wanted to leave the single market, yet still have access


to it. That, they said, was like having your cake and eating it. And


they warned against her negotiating position.


Throughout the speech there seem to be an implied threat that somewhere


along the line if all her optimism of a deal with the European Union


didn't work, we would move into a low tax, corporate taxation bargain


basement economy on the shores of Europe.


And that implication of a warning was picked up by the European


Parliament's chief negotiator on Brexit.


I don't think we're going to make a lot of progress if this has to


happen. Saying, OK, if our European counterparts don't accept it, we're


going to make from Britain if free zone or tax haven? I don't think


that is very helpful. It creates an illusion. The illusion that you can


go out of the single market, that you can go out of the union, and


that you can't cherry pick. But you can have still a number of


advantages. -- that you can cherry pick. I think this will not happen.


The German Foreign Minister said at least the British position was now


much clearer. A sentiment echoed in the Irish parliament.


I welcomed the statement today in that it brings clarity in a number


of areas. This is the start of the process now. Europe is now going to


have to respond to the statement made by the Prime Minister today.


And that response is only just beginning. The tough negotiations


will take many years. Sylvie Goulard is Member of


the European Parliament from France. She favours close ties. We know you


have to going vote shortly so we appreciate your time. First, what do


you make of what you've heard today? Mrs Mae tries to be friendly, but I


observed two things. First of all, there is a threat not to have a


deal, which would mean 50-60 billion and paid for the European Union. We


have to be aware of that. And the second thing is that of course I


wonder if she realises that the single market was the greatest


achievement of the UK in the EU. And also to be half in, half out was


never offered. It was always the thing the British diplomats wanted


to achieve in Europe. So it's just a big shift in the position of the UK


compared with the past. I'm a little bit surprised that people call this


clarity. Given what you say, and what other people there in the EU


will be thinking, how near to achieving what Theresa May has said


today - do you think people will how achievable if it? If you want to


achieve leaving the single market with no customs union and


recognising the restrictions of the Court of Justice, to a certain


extent it will be quick because we did not intend to give half


membership. But on the other hand, I wonder if one day people will not


wake up in the UK and realise the price to pay for it. Of course you


can do this, but how much are you ready to pay for that? And it not


something that is so easy. Once again, there is something missing in


Theresa May's speech which is that the UK should be responsible for all


the credit, the guarantees of the credit benefited in the UK from the


European investment bank. We are ready to continue, but then the


guarantee should be in the hands of the UK, or they have to pay the


bill. On this, she said nothing. So when Theresa May says that no deal


for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain, do you believe


her? Do you believe that Britain needs the EU less than the EU needs


Britain? No, I don't. We are all interdependent. We know that the


beginning of the negotiations, people are bluffing a little bit.


But once again I cannot imagine that the UK is leaving the EU with no


deal and at the same time we remain close partners in Nato and for


intelligence and fighting against terrorists. Let's be very serious on


that. There is a common threat for the Western world. We have to be


very close. It requires that we are reasonable on the other side. I


don't know why you would necessarily connect the single market idea with


cooperation and collaboration against the terrorist threat, why


those should be linked. This is all one common cause, surely? I agree


with you from a logical point of view, but from a political point of


view no deal would mean I insist -- no deal would mean billions of


unpaid commitment from the partners. I'm not sure it's the best they do


have a friendly relationship in the future and I cannot imagine that the


UK is not going to respect the previous commitments. Of course, I'm


not talking about the future. Giving of these reservations which many


others may share, how did you expect this divorce -- how long do you


expect this divorce process to take? According to the treaty we only have


two years to negotiate, sign and ratify on both sides, which is very


short. This is for the divorce agreement. To rebuild a new


relationship, above all if this is a full-fledged trade agreement, it


will require years. The former ambassador to the UK said it was a


matter of fact. He was criticised in the UK, but the experience of all


trade deals we have made in the past confirmed that it will take years.


We appreciate your time and we will let you go back into the chamber and


cast your vote. Thank you very much for joining us there.


Let's speak to our Political Correspondent, Rob Watson.


How close do you think we are to clarity on what might happen with


Brexit? I think we're closer to clarity on what Theresa May would


like, and if you strip away a lot of the rhetoric from the speech, it


comes down to this - Theresa May is essentially saying that Britain


would like all the things that it likes about the European, such as


free trade, cooperation over security and law enforcement, and


that it doesn't want any of the things that it doesn't like, such as


being part of a supranational political entity like the European


Union, paying money into it and having the freedom of movement. That


raises two huge questions - what will be the EU 27 make of that


position? Are they prepared to meet her all the way, half the way, some


of the way. And I think crucially what will the international banks,


International businesses, the vast majority of whom were very mixed


against Brexit, what will they make of what Theresa May has said today?


I think she's made it clear what she wants. The question is, can it work?


We had this from Theresa May that she is prepared to walk away with


nothing. What would that actually look like, walking out of the


negotiations? Well, of course, what her opponents say is that would be


pretty catastrophic if it really came to it because it would mean


instead of free trade, absolutely borderless trade with the current


single market of 500 million customers, you would have to operate


on the basis of tariffs. Of course, there's no doubt that the Prime


Minister wants to avoid that. But I think she also felt that it was


important and that unlike David Cameron she should be prepared to be


seen to be willing to walk away from the deal. I think for those who


thought maybe it would be a soft Brexit, it's pretty clear that she


really does mean a clean break with the European Union and what she


wants to put in its place is essentially a trade relationship and


one of cooperation over issues and diplomacy -- issues of diplomacy and


Security. Box of the timescale might we be talking about realistically?


Theresa May wants to get this process is underway in two years. In


other words, to have the shape of the deal done. Then she is allowed


for the possibility of a transition period. In other words she reaches


an agreement with some form of free trade and custom arrangement between


Britain and the European Union. But it doesn't come into force


immediately to enable businesses and border guards and whatever to adjust


to it. But I think really to step back from all this, there has been a


truly dramatic day. There's no doubt about this. It feels like a page has


been turned in the extraordinarily long and sometimes complex history


between Britain and continental Europe. The real test is going to be


how does the British economy perform? I think while it's


perfectly true that Theresa May is unassailably political in this


country, she remains fairly popular with the voters, the real test will


be is going to work out economic? Rob Watson, thanks very much.


Nigeria's military says a fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram


extremists has mistakenly bombed civilians, killing more than 100


It's thought that three of the kidnapped Chibok girls


With me if our correspondent. What details are emerging? First, we


understand from a statement released by MSF that 52 people were killed.


About 120 others were injured. It was a camp for internally displaced


people close to the border with Cameroon, but in Nigeria in Borno


state. According to the MSF, they're saying that six of the staff from


medicine. Frontier were killed in the bombing. The Nigerian military


are talking to each other. First they said it was a mistake. They had


had information that Boko Haram militants were gathering in the


area. Based on the information they got, they bombed the place.


Unfortunately, they discovered that it was killing civilian people, not


Boko Haram people. The President of Nigeria has also expressed concern


and save it was a regrettable operation and a mistake. But the


Army have said it is the first time that this mistake has occurred in


the operations in claim to clear the Easter blocker Ha-ram militants.


Thank you very much for the update. Turkey says a man arrested


in Istanbul last night has admitted carrying out the nightclub


attack on New Year's Eve, The suspect has been named


as Abdulkadir Masharipov, a 34-year old from Uzbekistan


who was allegedly Two guns, two drones and 200,000 US


dollars were also seized. A late-night raid to catch


Turkey's most wanted. Police swooped on an Istanbul suburb


after a massive manhunt, Abdulkadir Masharipov, a 34-year-old


Uzbek who police say has confessed On the run for over two weeks,


he was found in an apartment in a western suburb of Istanbul,


detained with four others. The city's governor said


the gunman had entered Turkey illegally a year ago,


spoke four languages Adding that he clearly


acted on behalf of the Questions now will focus on any


accomplices he may have had, If he talks, he could


lead police to others. The New Year's Eve attack


was swift and deadly. It took just seven minutes


for him to shoot his way into Istanbul's Reina nightclub,


firing 180 bullets inside. Most of the 39 people


killed were Arab tourists. Others jumped into the


freezing river to escape. Capturing the man who brought


horror to this nightclub will be a huge relief,


and could be a valuable asset. It's the first time the authorities


have caught alive an IS suspect But the real challenge now


is how to secure Turkey, to step up intelligence and halt


the wave of terror that has Now a look at some of


the day's other news. An inquest has heard how concerns


over security at a Tunisian holiday resort, where 30 Britons were killed


by an Islamist gunman in June 2015, were raised six months before


the attack took place. A report in January 2015 for the UK


Government suggested there was a low standard of protection at some hotel


entrances in the area of Sousse. There has been yet more unrest


in Brazil's prisons. 26 people are now confirmed to have


died in rioting at the weekend, while a new uprising has been


taking place in the northeast President Michel Temer has


said his country will aim to build at least 30 new facilities this year


in an effort to stop overcrowding - one of the major


causes of the riots. The search for in airliner vanished


three years ago with 239 people on board has been called off. An


underwater search for debris has failed to discover a significant


amount of wreckage. The families of those on board said the decision to


stop searching is irresponsible. The plane disappeared on its way from Q1


and to Beijing after turning off course. -- from Kuala Lumper.


Vladimir Putin has dismissed allegations that Russia had gathered


compromising material on Donald Trump as total nonsense.


The Russian president said the leaked information


which appeared last week in the US media was an obvious fake.


TRANSLATION: First of all, he's a grown-up man. And secondly, he's a


person who has been organising beauty contest for many years. He


communicated with the most beautiful women in the world. You know, I can


hardly imagine that he went to the hotel to meet with our girls of


reduced social response putting. Undoubtedly, my girls of the best in


the world, of course. But I doubt Mr Trump took this bait. And people who


order such things, which are now being spread against the new


President of the United States, they fabricate them and use them in the


political race. There were some prostitutes. They didn't have any


moral limits. One of Donald Trump's closest


advisers has told the BBC that the US would win


a trade war with China. Antony Scaramucci added


that the current trade relationship was more favourable


to China than the US. But in one town in America's


rustbelt, it's a company with roots in China that's


actually creating jobs. This is Donald Trump's America now.


Ohio, like so many small towns across the nation, he won here with


a promise to bring jobs. Somewhat surprisingly the factory down the


road is run by a company with its headquarters in China. Fuyao has


moved into a plant General Motors closed down, making windshield but


cars once bowled off the assembly line. This Ohio factory floor,


Donald Trump's anti-globalisation campaign rhetoric meets the reality.


This Chinese managed company is determined to become the biggest


manufacturer of car windshields in the world. Our goal is to become


number one. To be able to achieve our goal,


obviously you have to combine all the resorts, manpower. I believe we


have to have two feet. One in China, one in the US. Fuyao is putting its


money where its mouth is, investing millions of dollars in the plant.


More than 2000 jobs have been created locally. Scott used to work


the General Motors and he is still grappling with the cultural


differences of Siam we have to find common ground on what our goals and


standards. There are things you don't


necessarily see or hear as you would in an established American company.


For Tonya, who saw the community suffer when the GM plant close, it


doesn't matter that Fuyao is playing people less. I believe the wages


will go up once that more profitable. Those profits will be


shared with our associates. Experts say this is the future. Chinese


expansion into the US market. This is a country which has rapidly been


increasing its manufacturing exports to the United States. It tried to


move from being just an assembly plant to getting involved in the


distribution system, getting close to the customers. The question is


can they penetrate deeper into the American market? However Donald


Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on Chinese imports. His


rhetoric against China is heated. Jeff says not worried we don't


really talk about politics. We talk about the family, local people in


the US and China. This is why we try to follow what is called the


American dream. The American dream has taken a hit at the local tavern


weather is nostalgia for the GM days when business was brisk. I would


have people around the bar. Two of the waitresses working. Now just one


person works during the day. It's very slow. Tammy's regulars say


thanks to, things are picking up. My son's working there. He's building


the catwalks and stuff inside the play. A lot of my friends work there


and they're doing good. Trump supporters around this, and across


the nation, hope the next President will bring business back to their


communities. They may be surprised that China is now creating


manufacturing jobs, but a Pajic is better than none. -- but a


paycheque. Winner Donald Trump is a prolific


user of Twitter. One of his messages was posted about his daughter,


Ivanka, but what a difference a space makes. Because of a simple


typing error, he directed people to hear - the Twitter feed of a


different Ivanka. This one lives in Brighton on the south coast of the


UK. The mistake went viral. We cannot speak to Ivanka Majic, who


joins us from Brighton. -- we can now speak. Tell us what happens when


you realise to the next President of the United States had mentioned you


in a tweet. I woke up to find that my husband had received a text


message asking me to appear on ITV news. In relation to this tweet. So


I quickly went downstairs to find my phone and to find that my


notifications had gone beyond being able to be counted. So, yes, it has


been quite a surreal day. Not quite what I expected and not what I had


planned, but there you go. What did you then do? You don't particularly


share the same politics is Donald Trump - you're involved in the


Labour Party that you decided to give him some advice. Well, I


thought it's one of those moments in life where you have an opportunity


to say something but some people may read or listen to. You're right, my


politics couldn't be further from Donald Trump's. However, I thought


climate change is something that everybody could agree with and is a


big problem and a big concern, regardless of their position on the


political spectrum. So I thought, well, if I find something, if I


quickly search for an article that has a good info graphic, if it's


going to get picked by should have something that looks good is


informative. And I went with my climate change tweet. You said he


should spend less time and twitter and more time learning about climate


change. I nearly said less time on Twitter, but then as my sister


pointed out, you know, that's where the action was so to advise him to


not spend time and twitter would be a bit counterintuitive in this


situation. So we went for more care and twitter, rather than less time.


Did you get any response from him or was this just response from


everybody else now watching the conversation? There's been lots of


response, but non-that I've noticed from Donald Trump. But I would


hardly expect a man with his impending job to have time to


respond to my tweet. It's not the first time you'd be mixed up in


social media terms with Ivanka Trump. It is not, no. It's been


happening for quite a while. I've been on Twitter for quite a while.


I'm a little older than Ivanka Trump so I got there first and I picked up


my handle, which is the common Slavic name. When I set up the


account I didn't even think there would be a time when Ivanka Trump's


father would be running for President so I went with my name and


here we are. Over the last few years there is many times when I've been


confused with Ivanka Trump. Like Mr Trump himself, people often put


space in and then things end up on my feet. She is not the only person


I get confused with. There is also a Hungarian concrete design. How many


followers did you gain in the last? Something like 6000. Thank you very


much Ivanka Majic from Brighton. We appreciate your time.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


of the team on Twitter - I'm @KarinBBC.


For now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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British Isles at the moment, there was variety on a theme of cloudy and


mild. One of the major exceptions to that particular rule comes in the


shape of the weather that prevailing at the moment across the


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