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I'm Philippa Thomas here with the BBC special programme as Donald


Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. He has now taken


part in the official parade after taking the oath of office. He is now


beginning his journey from Capitol Hill to the White House which has


been vacating by the Obama family. It will be Donald Trump and his new


first Lady Melania Trump taking residence. Cheering crowds there


along Pennsylvania Avenue. They might even go past the new Trump


Hotel. You can see the Capitol Building behind that picture. It was


on the steps of that building that Donald Trump took the oath and


delivered his speech. We will bring you his speech later in the hour but


he was speaking about transferring power from Washington, DC to bring


it back to the people. We can join Laura Trevelyan among the crowd.


Can you give is an idea of what it is like out there. I am joined by a


loyal Donald Trump supporter from Alabama. It's the best day of my


life. I campaigned for him in Alabama. I did not think this day


was going to come. We were so surprised. Why were you so


surprised. We thought that the Democrats... We were doubtful. What


is your hope for the presidency? We want to get America back. We felt


like it was going in the wrong direction under Obama. What did you


think specifically was going wrong that you think Donald Trump can


stop? He is a businessman and he is going to do what he has campaigned


to do. The speech today was very hopeful. In Alabama, what are you


seeing? A state suffering from not having too many jobs? Yes, we are.


We are seeing people not having jobs. Our neighbours not having


jobs. He really campaigned a lot in Alabama. The right behind us, we can


see the parade is making its way towards us. What does it mean to you


to witness this? To see it here is overwhelming. The crowd here are so


happy. It's almost like a religious experience. The people here are


overjoyed. There's really not that many people who are against him. I


know there was going to be a lot of people here against him but there's


not really been that many people here who have been doing bad things


that I've been able to see. There are some protesters here. How'd you


hope that Donald Trump can unite the country after a bruising election


campaign? He seems like he really has the attitude of being able to do


what he says he's going to do. That is the spirit. I think the speech he


gave today was so uplifting. I know the crowd there was just really


excited. That's what I feel. The spirit was overwhelming. Everybody


around kept talking about how excited they were. He did paint


quite a bleak vision of America. He spoke about stopping the carnage.


It's been a bleak picture. Everybody has been really sad about our


country and the flag and the soldiers. A lot of soldiers have


been sad about it. I heard some soldiers that were around us. They


were very excited to have a president that supported them. They


did not feel like Obama supported them.


What about the people who are fearful about what will happen? Do


you feel for them? I think so. We want to support both sides. You


know. We definitely want to support both sides. I want to support both


parties but I don't want anybody to be hurt. So... We want everybody to


unite. And how will you personally judge whether Donald Trump has


succeeded? I think the biggest thing is bringing the jobs back. And the


economy. Phyllis, thank you so much for joining us on BBC News. That is


the view from a loyal Donald Trump supporter. Just as we see the


inaugural parade begins to come here down Pennsylvania Avenue, as


President Trump processes from Capitol Building to his new home,


the White House. We will of course keep watching, especially for that


moment when the crowds hope the car will stop and Donald and Melania


Trump will get out and walk a little down Pennsylvania Avenue which is


really part of the big tradition. It absolutely is. We'll Donald Trump


get out and walk past his hotel which is just behind me? The big


building with the clock tower. Will the showman in him be able to


resist. Or will he wait as presidents normally do. They


normally just walk that final block or two which is passed me, heading


towards the White House. It's fascinating to see the change of


tone with this parade. There's much more of an emphasis with links to


the military. Donald Trump has spoken about rebuilding the


military. There are many more groups from rural America in this parade.


Under Barack Obama, there were many more marching bands from the cities,


less of an emphasis on the military. You can see one of the marching


bands there. That is the United States Army band. So, the crowd here


just loving this. This is the kind of symbolic patriotism that they


associate with Donald Trump. They are thrilled to see it. They can't


wait to see the president himself. I know we were both in Washington for


the Obama inauguration is. It was absolutely packed, especially on


them more. -- the Mall. The crowd is not so


densely packed today. No, the crowds not anything like that Obama


inauguration in 2009. Being an the Mall for the inauguration in 2013,


the crowds seem to be a bit thinner than they were. Certainly, one of


the parade stands next to as wasn't full early on and we were told it


would be opened up to mems of the public. It wasn't a ticketed event.


This was such a brutal and divisive campaign and the opinion polls


suggesting that Donald Trump comes in with a very low approval rating.


There are a number of protesters here. Nevertheless, for those loyal


fans that it is a very special moment indeed. Laura, stay with us.


I know you can't go anywhere. Tell as if Mr Trump publicises his hotel


on Pennsylvania Avenue. You're a professor of Politics


at Birkbeck University, and just this summer you published


a book - it's called After Obama. From the inaugural speech that you


heard, what time does it set for you for American leadership? Really,


really worrying. It's very difficult to think in living memory that we've


seen such a stridently nationalist, parochial, insular and threatening,


frankly, speech, as far as the rest of the world is concerned. He's


really double down on his campaign rhetoric and anybody who thought he


wasn't serious, I think, this is a message, he was serious and the rest


of the world better brace themselves. We heard a young woman


from Alabama talking of it like a religious experience. He's going to


bring jobs back. Absolutely. It was striking, the poses he struck, it


was like a rugby captain at Twickenham rather than a solemn


moment of an American president taking power. He has doubled down.


He even spoke saying protection brings prosperity. That is not what


the historical record suggests at all. For his supposed to as --


supporters this is a huge moment, religious or not, for the rest of as


this is deeply, deeply troubling. Let's bring in Laura again. We are


looking at pictures of crowds, with banners saying make America to gain


-- make America great again. We should say that there have been


protests. Lots of people anguished and angry at what has taken place.


Absolutely. There is a divided America here. There are protesters


who feel that this election was stolen from them that Hillary


Clinton won the popular vote and that somehow the Russians have


intervened in this election and that had an incalculable effect.


Tomorrow, there will be a big protest here in Washington, a


women's march and marches in major cities across America. For many who


have come here, this is a special moment. Elisabeth, welcome to the


BBC. What does it mean to you to be here today? It's the most exciting


event I've been to in my whole life. It's a turning point for this


country and it was really important for me to come today. I did


everything in my power to help him get elected. I did everything in my


power. Where did you campaign for Donald Trump? I did a lot of


blogging for him, phone calling, cold calling. What are you hoping


that America can be changed by Donald Trump? It's important to


unite right now. With a very tough election, we need a healing process


and he's trying to unite this country. He didn't sound very


unifying note in his inaugural address. What did you think he did?


I believe he did. I think he did a really good job. You felt his


showing. You felt his love. I think that is going to do a whole lot of


good. When you talk about the need for him to unite the country, we can


see there are protesters here behind us. What do you want Donald Trump to


attribute to unite the country? Reach out to the Democrats and to


the people that are protesting. I think it might take time but they'll


see his compassion for this country. He has a big compassion. It's Compal


into the point he won. Donald Trump has got out of his car so he is


walking down Pennsylvania Avenue behind us. What kind of moment is


that for you? To know that the 45th president of the United States is


right here now. This is such a huge deal. It is the first elected


president of the United States that has won an election and he has not


held office. He is a citizen like me, like you. He was just weary of


whatever do direction this country... He decided to run and he


was elected. It just amazes me. It is an extraordinary story. Elizabeth


who campaign for Donald Trump. Thank you for joining us. One of many


loyal Donald Trump supporters who are thrilled to learn that he is an


Pennsylvania Avenue behind us and has got out of his car and is


welcoming the crowds. As we look at this picture of Donald and Melania


Trump greeting the crowds walking down the avenue. He looks like he


owns the world. He said, he's a citizen like me and you. She was


pleased he hadn't held elected office and could appear to her like


one of the people. Completely thrilled, Philippa. That's


absolutely something I heard over and over again across this campaign


and across this nation. Because Congress has been so deadlocked for


the last eight years Obama was in the White House. Initially, the


Democrats had control and then they didn't and the two sides were


against each other. Donald Trump's successful appeal is that he is a


successful businessman, someone who hasn't had a political career,


someone who gets things done, as he likes to say, on time and under


budget. That's his mantra. His critics would say that he has gone


bankrupt, writing off big debts, in a sense, that has been so powerful


that people have responded to him and when he says I will bring back


jobs, people in the rust belt where manufacturing jobs have gone feel


like this is someone who knows what he is talking about. He's a


businessman, an employer, he knows how to create jobs. He's talking


about cutting regulation. Even those who had reservations about his and


his experience, it was that simple economic message of, I will bring


back your job and I will protect your job from those countries that


want to undermine it, that was so powerful. That's what people


responded to, Philippa. Laura, thank you. As Donald Trump gets back into


the car, after their short walk. It was Donald and Melania Trump and


their young son Barron Trump. Very difficult for a young boy to know


what to do in the middle of the crowd. I saw Melania Trump put her


arms around him to usher him back into the car. I want to ask Robert


Singh from Birkbeck University, we heard from another support of their


talking about this is going to be a healing president, he can unite is,


because he is one of us. Whatever you think of that, he certainly


played that part really well. That's why he was swept into office? Let's


be careful. He was swept into office. He wasn't swept into office.


Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million. The I meant to say


that was the essence of his appeal. He adopted a populist pose of being


a man of the people despite being a sub -- celebrity millionaire. The


speech was clearly targeted at his base. The rhetoric and symbolism is


all about the people. Ordinary folks, I am your voice. Against this


establishment. This is just carrying on. In which case, it is in his


interest to say and his supporters believe it to be true that factories


are scattered like tombstones across America, families trapped in


poverty, crime, American carnage. His vocabulary, trapped, bleeding,


desperate, there's chaos with Obama sitting behind him. Yes. It was


really embarrassing. Far more embarrassing than eight years ago


when Obama was talking about no conflict between our values and


security when George W Bush was sitting behind him. This was a


condemnation of 30 or 40 years of the United States, including other


Republican presidents. The two bushes, Ronald Reagan. It's very


difficult to think of such an inaugural speech that has painted


such a dystopian speech that paints America as in crisis and decline and


only he can save it. We've never seen anything as demagogic as this


from an incoming president before. We'll talk about the facts behind


that. The real economy in America. I just want to remind people that, of


course, this is a historic day, there have been many historic


moments, we want to show you one of those. The moment that Donald Trump


took the oath of office. I Donald John Tromp solemnly swear that I


will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States


and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the


Constitution of the United States. So help me God. Congratulations, Mr


President. Let's talk about how Donald Trump might affect the rest


of the world because America first foreign policy is the new heading on


the White House website as of a few hours ago with pledges to rebuild


the American military and destroy Islamic terror groups. The German


vice Chancellor said in a television interview...


The president of Taiwan, Richard at Mr Trump.


Couple of different reactions. To discuss foreign policy and the


impact across the world, we can talk to our correspondent in Mexico City


will grant and Steve Rosenberg in Moscow. He promised to build a wall


and make Mexico pay for it. Do people think this will happen?


People here are furious that the suggestion that they would have to


pay for a wall that they don't want that is designed to keep them out


and stop their families living together, people being able to work


in the United States, this whole foreign policy, that you mention,


America first. If it's going to affect anywhere it will be Mexico


first and foremost. The lines," from here on in, it will be higher


American and buy American". That's going to affect Mexicans. If you


export to the United States, it's going to affect you if you are


working in a car plant for a US car firm based here in Mexico. A lot of


people are very frightened about what this will mean to individual


families. I went to San Luis Potosi which has


been affected by Ford pulling out of a ?1.3 billion investment in a car


assembly plant. People are genuinely frightened about what will be


coming. President Trump made it clearer that he will be focusing on


American jobs at the cost, if need be with his relationship with


Mexico. The inaugural speech was largely domestic. We know that


Donald Trump as a more positive outlook towards Russia. Is this


where we get the Russian reset? I think it's possible. There's been a


very positive reaction here in Russia to Donald Trump's speech. Two


senior Russian senators, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the


upper house, he said that the speech was impressive, not a bad start,


room for discussion. And we heard from another senator who said it was


powerful, a speech of a new age. I think it is a positive reaction


because there was a lot in that speech that would have been music to


Moscow's is. For example, Donald Trump's pledge that the US wouldn't


impose its lifestyle on anyone else. A pledge to defend its own borders


not anywhere else. In other words, his message was that America should


focus now on America. That is what Russia has been saying for a long


time. The Russians have been criticising US administrations for


interfering, or meddling as they put it, in other parts of the world,


including in Russia's backyard, an area that Moscow considers to be its


sphere of influence, countries like Georgia and Ukraine. I think it's


highly likely that if Donald Trump is determined to focus on America,


the Russians will see it as an opportunity to increase their


influence in this post-Soviet space. Thank you. I want to come back to


you to talk about immigration. Donald Trump Mayfield a need to live


up to his pledges to his base because there is a lot of anger at


what is perceived to be for example Mexicans taking jobs. That's right.


What will be happening today is that other countries are looking at


what's happening with Mexico and using that as a litmus test for


themselves. The discussion of the war affects all of the countries in


Central America, particularly Honduras and El Salvador. The vast


majority of Central American migrants from those countries. We


wonder what will happen with the thaw with Cuba that was a key part


of President Obama's legacy. We'll Donald Trump try to unpick that and


change further the rules of engagement with Cuba? Questions of


engagement with Colombia which is an important regional ally. Plenty to


be picked in terms of trade but, as you say, particularly in terms of


immigration. So many Latin Americans have family existing already in the


United States and they see, particularly in Mexico, a seasonal


movement of working in the United States but coming back to Mexico to


use those dollars to prop up their families back here. Thank you very


much. Much more in just a minute's time. Do stay with us.


Good evening. Temperatures are already falling but it has been a


smashing day for many. This was sent in by Alan from a little town in the


foothills of


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