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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


President Trump visits the CIA on his first full day in office


and promises to defeat Islamic terrorism.


It comes on the day that hundreds of thousands of people


march in Washington, and cities across the world,


This has to be eradicated, just off back the face of the earth. It is


evil. This has to be eradicated,


just off the face of the earth. Rescuers continue to dig at the site


of the Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy in the hope of finding more


survivors of Wednesday's avalanche. And people in the Gambia


are expecting to see its former President Yahya Jammeh leave


the country after finally agreeing Yahya Jammeh is reportedly now on a


plane to Guinea. The newly elected US


President Donald Trump has told a gathering


of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, that he stands with them


'One thousand percent'. Speaking at the CIA's headquarters


in Fairfax in Virginia, he said there was no


one he respected more. And he promised that Islamic


terrorism would be defeated. We have to get rid of Isis,


we have to get rid of Isis. Radical Islamic terrorism,


and I said yesterday - Mr Trump also had plenty


to say about the media. He accused reporters of being


inaccurate in their reporting As you know, I have a running war


with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on




Right? And a sort of made it sound like I had a feud with the


intelligence community. And I want you to know the reason you are the


number one stop, it is exactly the opposite, exactly the opposite. They


understand that as well. I was explaining about the numbers. We did


the speech yesterday. I don't know about the speech... But we had a


massive field of people. You saw it, packed. I got up this morning and


turned on one of the networks and they show an empty field. I made a


speech. I looked out, it looked like a million, or a million people. They


showed a field where there was practically nobody standing there!


During the speech, Mr Trump also confirmed that the British Prime


Minister Theresa May is to travel to Washington to meet him -


The BBC understands it's this week. A Brexit trade deal between the UK


and the US is likely to be high on Mrs May's agenda.


Mr Trump said recently he'd be keen to work on a deal that was good


for both countries but also said during his inaugural address that


in relations with other countries, he'd always put America first.


Today, as Mr Trump was speaking, just a few miles away in Washington


DC, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets


in protest against his statements on women and minorities.


The main Mall in Washington in fromt of the Capitol Building


is still crowded with people - organisers say they won't be able


to lead a formal march towards the White House


because there's just not enough room to move the crowds.


Just by way of comparison, this is the same scene


exactly 24 hours ago, for the inauguration


As you can see, there were far fewer people there on Friday.


Here's a statistic to reinforce the difference -


the Washington's Metro rail system says that up to 11am


on Saturday morning, there were 275,000 rides


In the same timeframe on Friday morning, the day of the inauguration


Here's how one of the speakers at today's event -


the singer Madonna - explained her motivations


Welcome to the revolution of love! To the rebellion, to our refusal, as


women, to accept this new age of tyranny. We are not just women that


are in danger, but all marginalised people. For being uniquely


different, right now, my truly be considered a crime...


Another actress speaking at the event was Scarlett Johansson,


who made this personal appeal for the family planning


organisation, Planned Parenthood, to be spared from funding cuts


For the more than 2.5 million patients a year that rely


on Planned Parenthood services for cancer and STD screenings,


birth control, safe abortion and pregnancy planning,


these are uncertain and anxious times.


Lawmakers in 24 states have tried to block patients from receiving


Congress has voted to limit access to reproductive services nine times.


Our correspondent Barbara Plett-Usher has been among those


This is probably the biggest inaugural linked demonstration


Organisers were predicting up to 200,000 people,


but now the mayor's office has increased that estimate to probably


half a million people, and that's just here in Washington.


In cities around the country there have also been big demonstrations,


in places like New York and Los Angeles.


Also in a number of countries overseas as well.


This is an event that was organised by women who are afraid


that the Trump administration would roll back some


of their rights, or at least not actively promote them as they had


hoped a government might do, but it has taken in a much


Those groups that feel vulnerable have also come here,


groups representing immigrants, groups representing people


of colour, the NAACP, civil rights groups,


environmental groups, all saying to Mr Trump


and their rights - they are sending a message


that they are a voice to be heard, a force


to be reckoned with, and they want to tell him


as their government, as their president,


We have had a lot of star power here, too.


Even the former Secretary of State John Kerry has been wandering around


the rally with his dog, saying hello. Hillary Clinton has treated


in support as well. In fact quite a number of people here were


galvanised by having supported her before, her having lost, and then


wanting to make a statement here about that as well. Speaking about


politics we will have to see where this goes. When you ask people what


they expect, they say, we want to show solidarity, we want to send a


message that we cannot be ignored, but where it goes from there is not


entirely clear. A number of groups have taken part that are already


organised COMMENTATOR: Black lives matter, planned parenthood, the


American Civil Liberties Union, so you might see a swelling of numbers


in those groups, more members there -- groups that are already


organised, like Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood And The American


Civil Liberties Union. But we will have to see how this


outpouring of solidarity and concern actually expresses itself beyond


today. Barbara Plett-Usher there. Washington wasn't the only place


to host an anti-Trump demonstration on Saturday -


there have been protests in 60 other This was the scene in Tblisi,


the capital of Georgia. And our correspondents were able


to meet demonstrators at a number This is all part of the global


women's March but you can really feel the Dutch flavour here. People


highlighting the issues they feel are most destructive to society.


This is to show the many parties who come up with populist slogans, fear,


fear mongering, that we see no. Among the issues these people


believe made people vote for Donald Trump, things like fear and


discontent, are also present here in the Netherlands, and they are


warning Dutch politicians to pay attention. This is all ahead of


elections in March and many believe they will be the first real


indication of whether the US have had any real impact here on the


European mainland. Here in Vienna the marchers are out as well as they


have been in cities across Europe and I am here with an American who


has been here in Vienna for 17 years. Why did you come out today? I


came out because I have three children. This is my youngest, four


months old, and the thought a child anywhere would feel less than


because of statements made by those in power, it makes me heartsick.


Many people in the crowd are telling me how frustrated they are at the


election of Donald Trump and their concern moving forward for the


protection of women's writes. They want the new administration at the


White House to protect women's writes, but not just that, but


people in the Road have also come out to speak about women's writes in


general, women's equality, equal pay -- women's rights. This is one of 60


March is going on around the world. We will bring you some breaking news


now. The former president of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, is reportedly


on board a plane and leaving the company. He is understood to be in


the company of the president of Guinea negotiating his departure and


it is thought he is heading to exile in Guinea. We can get the latest


from our West African correspondent in the Gambian capital, Banjul. What


is happening at the moment? Yahya Jammeh is now on board the plane


with the Guinean president and we are told they are just about to take


off from Banjul airport. His wife was also with them. So this is the


end of a 22 year rule here in Gambia and there is no doubt there will be


celebrations tonight in the streets of the capital. The end of a


political crisis after the election last month, when President Yahya


Jammeh first admitted defeat, then a few days later he turned around and


said he was rejecting the result, and over the last few days west


African state which mounted up pressure against him, gathering


troops just across the border, threatening to remove him from power


by force, and now he is on board, he is leaving. This is the end of his


political rule. How significant is that and what about the incoming


president, where is he? The new president, Adama Barrow, is still in


Senegal, in Dakar, and he said he would return to the Gambia ones


Yahya Jammeh has left, so I believe he will be returning in the next


three days. Obviously this is quite a big development in the region. The


West African state sending a very strong message not only across the


region but also across the continent that they stand ready to fight to


protect democracy and the people's will, that they are ready to send


troops to whomever is rejecting the results of a fair election. Do we


not exactly the terms of this deal, in terms of what now happens to Mr


Yahya Jammeh? -- do we know exactly. That is a good question and the big


question at the moment because we do not know exactly what sort of deal


the West African president, the Guinean president, and the


Mauritanian president the radio today, had in their talks with Yahya


Jammeh in their discussions with him to step down -- that they had today


in their talks. Some kind of amnesty, guarantees of safety for


him and his family, or whether there is going to be, whether he will have


to leave in exile or whether he will be able to come back to the Gambia


at some point. We do not know, but all we know is he would be on his


way to Guinea at the moment and perhaps to another country later on,


but we do not know yet. Many live from Banjul for us. Much my head.


The Brazilian football club shopper Quincey plays again, their first


match since last year's deadly plane crash -- Chapecoense.


For all of you who have done amazing just remarkable work, I can't wait


to see what you do next, and I will be right there with you. God bless


you. I am Geeta Guru-Murthy with the


latest headlines for you. President Trump visits the CIA


on his first full day in office and promises to defeat


Islamic terrorism. It comes on the day that hundreds


of thousands of people march in Washington,


and cities across the world, Four more people were pulled out


overnight from the rubble of an Italian hotel


that was destroyed by It follows the rescue on Friday


of four children and a woman. The avalanche took


place in remote valley From the ruins of the hotel,


in the last moments of light on the third day, rescuers pulled


this She was the final member


of her family to be Relief workers then carried away


a boy who had been with her. Concrete walls had protected


them from the avalanche. Later, rescuers made


their way to for more The rescued adults and children were


flown to hospital in a coastal city TRANSLATION: The medical condition


of the survivors is good. Only one patient is


currently in the operating theatre having surgery


on The survivors' family members


can now breathe again. Doesn't my face


show how happy I am? I would like to see him


but for now the boy is safe. Fresh rescue teams prepared


to relieve their exhausted TRANSLATION: We are


going to take over. The rescue operation


will continue through the night. We are convinced that we will find


other people still alive. To find them, they will have


to dig through tonnes How many more survivors might


there be underneath all of this? Updates on the website of course.


For now, James Pearce has all the sport. Yes, lots of football. Two of


the big teams met at the Etihad Stadium. It finished 2-2, with City


and Tottenham, and City fans will wonder how the team did not end up


winning. They dominated and led 2-0 but their opponents find a way back


into the contest. Home fans were not happy with the referee Andrew


Marriner had turned down penalty appeals when Raheem Sterling


appeared to be pushed over when through an goal. We considered view,


we were not able to win the right positions, the right moments. And of


course you have to score goals. We created so many chances to score


goals and if you're not able, against the top teams like


Tottenham, so again, they shot four times against Everton, two times and


two goals. Manchester United came from behind to draw 1-1 with Stoke


City, but it is not the result, it will be the achievement of that man


there who scored the equaliser that will feature in the stories


tomorrow, because he has become Manchester United's record


goal-scorer, claiming his 250th goal for the club. It is a great feeling,


obviously. A bit of a strange one at the minute, having dropped two


points, but in the grand scheme of things it is a huge moment, proud


one, for myself, and something that will live with me for the rest of my


life. I have the utmost respect for Sir Bobby Charlton, and he


congratulated me after the game, so he is pleased in some way anyway.


But it is a great honour for me. I made it clear throughout my career I


am a team player, but it is important, especially when you


finish playing, something you can look back at and, you know,


something for when your kids grow older, they can look at, but today


it is a proud moment. It was a dreadful result for Jurgen Klopp's


Liverpool who were beaten 3-2 at home by strugglers Swansea city. Two


goals from Fernando Alonso put City 2-0 then Roberto Firmino drew the


hosts level. Kill the Sigurdsson had the decisive one, Swansea off the


bottom of the table but Liverpool remaining seven points behind


leaders Chelsea who play Hull City. It as a reaction, but at the moment


it is not allowed, a big influence, the damage... But in this moment it


should have, and it has, actually, because it feels really better in


this moment, and we have to... Yes, of course, we analyse it, like we


always do. We analyse the games we win so we will do the same with this


but I can already see around the goals we defended really badly. So


today it was, you know, the rest was not good enough to win the game.


Elsewhere Bournemouth drew with Watford, Crystal Palace lost 1-0 to


Everton, Middlesbrough were beaten 3-1 by West Ham and West Bromwich


Albion beat Sunderland 2-0, leaving David Moyes's Aslef at the bottom of


the table. Rafa Nadal had to reach deep to get through these gruelling


set against the teenager on the sixth day of the Australian open.


Serena Williams on the other hand was able to save her energy for


later as she eased into the last 16 beating fellow American Michael


Gibbs in straight sets. One of the performances of the day came from


Britain's Juana contact -- Nicola Gibbs. -- to Anaconda. She will now


play Katarina Makarova in the fourth round. Tyrrell Hatton takes a lead


into the final round of the Abu Dhabi championship. He is on 13


under par but faced with an intimidating chasing pack including


the US Open champion Dustin Johnson. Busy day, but that is all your sport


for now. Lovely. Thanks very much, James.


It's been no ordinary match for the Brazilian football club


You remember the team lost almost all of its players in a plane crash


Well, today they played their first friendly match,


against the national champions, Palmeiras.


Thousands watched as the three surviving members of the team


were given a heroes' welcome before kick-off.


This is the very first game of the Chapecoense football club back here


at the arena, after the accident that killed most members of the team


in Colombia almost two months ago. They are playing a friendly match


against Palmeiras, the defending Brazilian champions, and the funds


raised by this match will go into rebuilding the team and supporting


the families of the victims. Earlier on we saw a ceremony here with


relatives of the victims receiving medals from the club in honour of


those who past, and also alongside the three players who managed to


survive the crash, they were here and they received the trophy, the


American cup, and you will remember that was the final they were meant


to play in Colombia, they were headed to Medellin when their plane


crashed in the mountains. They did not get to play that match and they


were awarded the title in tribute to all the victims. Very moving moments


here at the arena, with the fans showing their support for the new


team formed by a majority of new players. The stands are packed, the


city of Chapeco has been really anxious for the moment and is really


keen to see the team continue its trajectory of success which has been


a big thing for this city of Chapeco in the South of Brazil for a long


thin. Thank you. The final scorer there was 2-2. Back to Washington


now. Returning to Washington now,


and as Donald Trump was being inaugurated,


things weren't changing only in Washington or in the Oval Office,


but on cyber space as well. One by one, pages were


changed on the White House Users have been pointing out that


former webpages that hosted White House policies on climate


change, LGBT rights and civil rights Instead, these sections have been


replaced with pages on "Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community"


and "America First Energy And on Twitter, Barack Obama let go


of the @POTUS handle and archived his Presidential


tweets at @POTUS44. Donald Trump is keeping his


@realDonaldTrump handle Following the same pattern,


Michelle Obama has become @FLOTUS44 and Melania Trump is now @FLOTUS -


who hasn't tweeted yet. Former White House digital staffer


Kori Schulman explained in a blog President Obama's WhiteHouse.gov


will be preserved on the web at ObamaWhiteHouse.gov -


in a move similar to Bush In the meantime Barack Obama


has returned to his He says he and Michelle Obama


will be going on a quick vacation, after which they'll get


back to work. That is it from the programme. And I


am on the same old Twitter handle, Geeta guru-Murthy. And you


can keep up-to-date with all the events and the aftermath of that


incredible day in American politics, online. Thank you for watching. This


is BBC Nears. Good evening. It is a cold night out


there, but a huge amount of variety across the UK this weekend. This




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