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I'm Laura Trevelyan live in Washington.


Theresa May becomes the first overseas leader to hold face-to-face


Trade was top of the agenda, as well as strengthening the special


relationship between the UK and the US.


A free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world and our


relationship has never been stronger. I am convinced that a


trade deal is in the national interest of both countries and will


cement the crucial relationship that exists between us. We will bring you


more from that news conference and the gut how the relationship might


develop. -- how the relationship might develop.


In the past hour, Theresa May has been giving a news conference


alongside Donald Trump, after she became the first


Mr Trump said the US was renewing what he described as its "deep bond"


It came at the end of the first meeting he has had with any foreign


leader. The agree to strengthen their mutual ties. Theresa May told


reporters that the UK and US had reaffirmed their commitment to Nato


following their meeting, which had focused on trade and security. The


United States respects the sovereignty of self-determination. A


free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world. Our


relationship has never been stronger. Both America and Britain


understand that governments must be responsive to everyday working


people, that governments must represent their own citizens. Madam


Prime Minister, we look forward to working closely with you as we


strengthen our mutual ties and commerce, business and foreign


fears. Great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our two countries.


-- foreign affairs. More from that news conference but firstly our


correspondent is that the White House for us. Theresa May came here


needing a trade deal but she also got a very strong commitment,


doesn't she? Tell us more about that. I think there are in number of


things that were important for her in this press conference. One of


those with the commitment and she spoke to Mr Trump and he said they


were ?100 to 100% behind Nato. That is a very important signal to send


to Britain and members of the European union. That is an


achievement for her. She did say at the also talked about ways to reform


Nato and make it more nimble with dealing with current threats, like


cyber security and terrorism. I think the other thing that was


important for her to get, which she did, was her statement on torture.


It has played very badly over in the UK. He was axed about his support


for torture. It is his belief that it could work. He said it is my


belief but I am going to defer to my secretary of defence. He does not


believe torture is the way to go and he will have the deciding vote on


this. It was a clear statement on an issue that has been quite


contentious in the UK. Also here in many quarters as well. The two


leaders are having a working lunch now in the White House. Theresa May


said they were going to talk about Syria and Russia. What is likely to


come up there? It was interested that Russia was raised, with his


ties with Putin. He said he has not met the man and he does not know


whether they will have a good relationship with him. He left that


open. Also more importantly for Britain, this issue of sanctions.


There are reports you might be lifting sanctions and he said that


as premature. It is too early to say and that is something that would


have reassured Theresa May. Britain's position is that it should


not be lifted. In terms of Russia and Syria, Mr Trump has talked about


being willing to join Russia in fighting Islamic State in Syria and


putting Basha Assad's fit on the back burner. It is possible that Mrs


May may be possible to go some distance with him on that, due to


comments made by her Foreign Secretary recently. Thank you very


much. The first British journalist to ask a question was Laura


Ginsberg. Here's what happened. Laura? Laura Ginsberg, BBC News. You


have talked about where you agree. You have also said you will be frank


where you disagree with the president. Can you tell us where in


your talks you do disagree and do you think the president listened to


what you had to say? Mr President, we will see what she says. Mr


President, you have said before that torture works. You have praised


Russia, you say you want to ban some Muslims coming to America, you have


said they should be punishment for abortion. Many people in Britain,


those sound like alarming beliefs. What do you say to our viewers at


home who are worried about some of your views and worried about you


becoming a leader of the free world? Your choice of the question. There


goes that relationship. I have been listening to the


president and that is the point of having a conversation and a


dialogue. We have been discussing a number of topics and we will carry


on after this press conference meeting and discussing a number of


other topics. There will be times that we disagree, the point of the


special relationship is that we are able to have an open and frank


discussion. So that we are able to make that clear when that happens. I


am clear also that there are many issues that the United Kingdom and


United States stand alongside each other and many issues that we agree


on. I said yesterday in my speech that we are at a moment now that we


can build a stronger and special relationship, that will be in the


interests of the wider world as well. We have a great general, who


has just been appointed secretary of defence, General James and she has


stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture. Or


water boarding, or however you want to define enhanced interrogation,


these are worse lots of people would like to use. I do not necessarily


agree, but I would tell you that he will override because I am giving


him that power. He is an expert, he is highly respected. He got through


the Senate very, very quickly, which in this country is not easy, I will


tell you. I am to rely on him. I believe it does work, I have been


open about that for a long time but I am going with our leaders and we


are going to win with an without, but I do disagree. As far as Putin


and Russia, I do not see good, bad or indifferent. I do not know the


gentleman. I hope we have a fantastic relationship. That is


possible and it is also possible that we will not. We will see what


happens. I will be representing the American people very strongly and


forcefully and if we have a great relationship with Russia and other


countries and if we go after Isis together, which has to be stopped.


That is an evil that has to be stopped. I will consider that a good


thing, not a bad thing. How the relationship works out, I will be


able to tell you that later. I have heard many times when I thought I


was going to get along with people but I do not like them at all. I


have had some were I did not think I was going to have much of a


relationship and it turned out to be a great relationship. To Reza, we


never know about those things, do we? -- Theresa May. I will be


representing the American people very strongly. We can now get


reaction to that joint news conference from our political


correspondent who is in London. Chris, Theresa May had to walk a


tightrope here, making sure she got that trade deal because Britain is


going to leave the EU but not wanting to defer too much to Donald


Trump. How did she do? It was extraordinary to watch that because


you have to be partly a critical correspondent but also the body


language expert and pop psychologist as well as you see the dynamic


between the two leaders, both new in post. Mrs May is the first foreign


leader to step into the White House since President Trump took office.


You could see an element of the awkwardness. They had not met


before. I was really struck early on at how the Prime Minister was


willing explicitly to say that President in their private talks had


given 100% backing to Nato. We have seen the scepticism that he has


articulated towards Nato. He is concerned about what he sees busy on


fair funding burden that Washington has two shoulder for the Atlantic


alliance. We have heard lots of concern here in the UK, not just


from the Conservatives, but from across the House of Commons in the


last couple of days about that outlook from President Trump on


Nato. It was one of the questions that was tucked into the Prime


Minister's pocket just the other day. For her to say that they had


that conversation in private and she has had reassuring words on Nato, I


thought was very, very striking. As you say, she has two strike a tricky


balancing act. She has to be able to make the case that is in the UK's


interest to have a good relationship with the White House, whoever the


occupant of the building has to be. At the same time, politically and


personally, the clearly different characters. They are, indeed. What


impression do you think President Trump made over there in Britain? It


was his very first press conference with a foreign leader. What I


thought was striking in that sense was that you got an element from a


British's viewer perspective of President Trump, as opposed to


candidate Trump. He was more softly spoken, wasn't he? Then you got


flashes of the man that we saw on the campaign trail. Crucially, the


approach that he has struck, that is also different to help so many other


occupants of senior political roles take to operate. At the end of that


exchange, when he was talking about volunteering the difference views


between him and his Defence Secretary over water boarding and


torture and volunteering that as Defence Secretary would have the


final say over the policy. That kind of approach, to publicly volunteered


differences and to save the subordinate may have the final say,


is unconventional. It is something of his prize. I suspect, in terms of


the overall UK reaction, the die-hard critics of Mr Trump will


not have changed his mind watching the press conference. Those who love


him will be reassured that his presidency would be good news the


UK. Maybe some who were open minded and could be persuaded one way or


the other might acknowledge that is another side to President Trump and


those -- from those performances on the campaign stage. Chris Mason in


London, thank you very much. Mr Trump is planning to speak to


Vladimir Putin on the phone on Saturday. His relationship was


brought up and here is what he had to say in that press conference. As


far as Putin and Russia, I do not see good, bad or indifferent. I do


not know the gentleman. I hope we have a fantastic relationship. That


is possible and it is also possible that we will not. We will see what


happens and I will be representing the American people very, very


strongly and very forcefully and if we have a great relationship with


Russia or other countries and if we go after Isis together, which has to


be stopped because it's an evil that has to be stopped, I will consider


that a good thing and not a bad thing. How the relationship works


out, I will not be able to tell you that until later. I have had many


times when I thought I would get along with people and I do not like


them at all. I have had some were I did not think I was going to have


much of a relationship and it turned out to be a great relationship. So


Theresa May, we never know about those things, do we? I will tell you


one thing, I will be representing the American people very strongly.


Donald Trump. Joining me now from London is the Republican commentator


and part of President Trump's transition team. Thank you for


joining us. This was his diplomatic debut. How did you do? I thought he


did very, very well. I was disappointed that the first question


that he was asked that took everything out of context, is going


back to campaign staff. Women being punished for abortion was a


hypothetical question. He changed his position and very much came out


of yesterday that anyone coming from an Arab nation that supports


terrorism. They have accomplished more things on his to do list and


every single day there has been an achievement of one of his promises.


People are in shock about what he has done. Can we stick to what was


said at the press conference? What did you make of Theresa May saying


that the president had told her he was 100% behind Nato? Where you


reassured? People take Trump literally and not seriously and


combine things. I am sure he still feels that it is obsolete because


Donald Rumsfeld said it was obsolete. He is most perturbed that


we carry 80% of the cost and 27 nations to not pay for it. If you


think that has disappeared, the fact of the matter is he selected and has


now been concerned ats confirmed the general who is behind Nato. That is


the other good thing is that he does not need people to agree with


heading. He once the variety... He said, didn't he, in that press


conference that he would be overruled by the general when it


comes to torture. That he thinks that it works but he accepts the


journal does not believe in it. That may be extraordinary but is that the


essence of Donald Trump's are we going to do that all antique pieces


out a look at the whole picture? He has been very, very comfortable with


people disagreeing with him and he has created that. He has not changed


his opinion. What you said is that he would never ask anyone to do


anything illegal. He would defer to the general and in the Wall Street


Journal and article written had said that torture had worked. He says he


believes that but he is not going to force that belief on the people who


are experts. That is one of the key things about him. Let's turn to


Russia, we know that President Trump is going to speak to Vladimir Putin,


someone who he said that if he could have a good relationship with him,


that would be great. Do you think it is too early to be talking about


lifting sanctions on Russia over their behaviour in Ukraine? I do not


know if that is the question of is it too early, what the question is


is what would be the reason? What is the thinking behind it? Is it a


carrot? What is really going on because I will tell you, Donald


Trump does not do anything without having thought it through


strategically and even anticipating what potential reaction could be. It


was interesting to that Theresa May talked about the question of Russia.


She talked about the agreement to which Russia must live up to if


those sanctions are imposed. Donald Trump did not seem so familiar with


the diplomatic language as Theresa May. Is that something that is going


to come in time? I think that for someone who is 18 months ago, two


years ago, was not a politician at all has turned our entire political


system upside down, who took 3084 counties. Hillary only 157. -- 384.


Give him a chance. He is a fast learner and he has been impresseds


impressive at what he has mastered in such a short time. -- impressive.


Thank you for that perspective on President Trump following his first


meeting with a foreign leader. Let's hear more from that press


conference. One of the key items was trade and the economy. Trade between


our two countries is already worth over ?150 billion per year. Together


we have around $1 trillion invested in each other's economies. The


defence relationship is the broadest, deepest and most advanced


of any two countries sharing military hardware and expertise. I


think the president and I are ambitious to build on this


relationship in order to grow our economies and provide the high


skilled, high-paid jobs of the future for working people across


America and across the UK. Theresa May there. Joining me is that Bishop


from the London Chambers of commerce. I am not an economist but


I understand tariffs currently between Britain and the US are


minimal. If there was a trade deal, how much would trade be boosted? You


are right. The rules apply and there is an extra layer on top from


most-favoured-nation. The tariffs are not generally a barrier to trade


and as you just heard, the trade between the US and the UK is


enormous. They are our biggest individual country export market and


we are in the top five of their export markets. Investment is


enormous, too. We are starting from a good place. The trade agreement


usually comes into play because barriers to trade are high and if


you reduce those barriers, trade will grow. There has got to be some


thought put into what the trade negotiations will entail. Peter,


would this not mean if there was a trade agreement that those


politically sensitive areas, which are Government protected, like


defence and health spending, that Britain would have to open up to the


Americans. Like open up the NHS? We have to pick on areas, like Donald


Trump has said he is putting America first. He has got to find something


in it from the USA, the getting a preferential access to us. We have


65 million people, it is never going to be an equal deal. It has to work


for them, too. Do you think then this is much more about the


symbolism of the special relationship between Britain and


America at a time where both political leaders want to show they


can go it alone? I think that is an important part of it. By some levels


of measurement, the USA and the UK are in the top five of the easiest


places to do business in the world. Doing business with each other is,


at the starting point, easy. That is not to say that free trade


agreements can achieve more. Those tariffs are low but not known every


sector, they can be lowered on both sides. You can take away export


licensing, you can take away other licensing regimes. And have the


mutual recognition of standards. All the nontariff barriers things can go


down. I do not want to give the overall impression that the free


trade agreement is a bad thing, but is not the massive boost to trade


that it could be with countries where it is harder to do business.


Thank you so much over there in London. Donald Trump said he had a


friendly call with mixes president -- with the Mexican president. We


had a talk that lasted for an hour this morning and we are going to be


working on a theatre relationship and a new relationship. The United


States cannot continue to lose vast amount of business, companies and


millions and millions of people losing their jobs. That will not


happen with me. We are no longer going to be the country that does


not know what it is doing. We are going to renegotiate our trade deals


and we are going to renegotiate other aspects of our relationship


with Mexico. In the end, I think it will be good for both countries.


Donald Trump talking about Mexico earlier in that press conference.


Joining me now is the BBC's correspondent. You just heard what


Donald Trump said there but earlier today he had a long phone


conversation with the Mexican president after that bust up


yesterday and now the Mexican president is not coming here. What


did you make of his public comments following the bust up yesterday and


the phone call with the Mexican president this morning? During that


press conference, Donald Trump said he was not as brash as you might


think that if you use some of the language he used to describe the


Mexican president. He said he loves the Mexican people but they have


beaten us to a pulp. You saw a bit of the characteristic Donald Trump


that we are used to, rather than the more statement like President Trump


that we saw alongside Theresa May. He is continuing that fight, shall


we say, but he did have a phone conversation with the Mexican


president earlier today and one of the upshot is from that conversation


from the Mexican side, we have heard that both have agreed not to discuss


publicly how they will pay for the wall. He did not mention the war,


did he? Maybe he is coming steeped in the art of diplomacy. Maybe he


has kept as part of the bargain but he said that the US cannot continue


to lose vast amounts of business to Mexico. He is not giving up some of


that fight he has picked with Mexico, which we saw throughout the


campaign and has led to the meeting being cancelled next week. What you


make of the overall tone of what did you think of the


body language between Theresa May and Donald Trump? I think it felt at


times that she was in charge. I felt like Donald Trump was dragged be


more statement like. Except for of course the moments with Mexico. One


of the most telling moments was when one of our little editors asked a


tough question. What I have been saying on social media is that


British journalists are ASCII and tougher questions than we have seen


in the US. -- are asking tougher questions. You are watching BBC News


life here in Washington, DC. I think I am ready for something




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