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President Trump says he won't give up on his travel ban -


and could submit new legislation in the coming days.


We will win that battle but we have other options.


Clashes in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad


over government corruption - have left at least five people dead.


At least six people die and dozens are injured as a powerful earthquake


And another group of whales is stranded


It comes after 300 died in the same bay on Friday.


President Trump says he's considering issuing a new executive


The president is hosting the Japanese Prime Minister but his


weekend of golf and dining is dominated by questions over what


comes next from his policy on immigration. The original order


banned citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries from the United


States. That has been overturned in the courts. Mr Trump told reporters


on Air Force One a new order could be issued as early as Monday and he


has not ruled out an appeal to the Supreme Court.


It was one of his boldest first actions.


After an appeals court backed the suspension of the ban, he said


But speaking on Air Force One, the President revealed he is now


We also have a lot of other options including just filing


We need speed for reasons of security.


It could very well be that we do that.


But his tweet this morning showed he is still not


The original executive order was signed at the end


It immediately brought chaos to airport terminals and sparked


It suspended America's refugee programme and banned travellers


Exactly how the White House might rewrite the order is not clear.


Perhaps that is something Donald Trump is considering this


weekend as he hosts the Japanese Prime


Lawyers would almost certainly have to address the claim that the ban


is unconstitutional in its current form because it discriminates


by blocking entry to the US on the grounds of religion.


As he went for a round of golf, the president reasserted that tough


immigration controls are crucial to protect America.


But for now people are free to travel.


So is the White House better off going to the Supreme Court


How successful would a watered-down travel ban be in the courts?


To answer these questions, I've been speaking to Areva Martin -


a civil rights Attorney in Los Angeles.


I think the White House is best advised to rethink the entire


position and strategy around protecting the Borders and national


security issues. The Court of Appeal made it clear that the current


executive order potentially runs foul of the Constitution and they


would not lift the ban on the executive order. I do not think the


president will fare much better in the Supreme Court, we only have


eight justices sitting and if it were to make it to the court in all


likelihood they would be a swift decision on ideological lines which


would mean the Court of opinion, the opinion would defect to be the law.


Essentially a major loss for the president and the administration and


I do not think trying to rewrite the ban is going to fare better because


civil rights lawyers have vowed to continue to fight in the court


system any efforts to ban individuals from this country on the


basis of religion. Moving on to illegal immigrants in the United


States. Concerned they might be deported, tell us why they are


concerned? Well, there has been reports of some raids by the


immigration and Customs and enforcement agencies in states like


California and Texas and North Carolina and there is tremendous


fear in immigration communities primarily because of the heated


rhetoric, the highly charged rhetoric president from during his


campaign and after he has been inaugurated around his efforts to


deport millions and millions of immigrants in the country. The real


concern here is priorities have changed and he is not just going


after individuals that have committed violent crimes who


everyone agrees should be the target of any deportation actions, but


these families, we are seeing individuals, mothers, even, who were


brought here as kids to have children of their own and there is


fear families will be torn apart and individuals who have not committed


violent crimes will be swept up in the raids. You might say that the


rhetoric has changed but a spokesperson for the immigration and


Customs enforcement says the operation was in the planning before


the executive order and reports of checkpoints and that is


irresponsible. What do you make of that? Conflicting information. We


are being told different things depending on where the information


comes from about whether these raids are as a result of the President's


stepped up immigration policies or if they were all ready planned


before Trump was elected. Right now, there was such a high level of


distrust of the administration it is hard to know which stories are


believable. Many thanks. Clashes in the Iraqi capital,


Baghdad, between the security forces and supporters of a powerful


Shia Muslim cleric have left The trouble began with


a demonstration against corruption by tens of thousands of protesters


waving Iraqi flags. Huge numbers of demonstraters


converged on a square They chanted


anti-government slogans. They complained of corruption


and demanded changes to a commission Then some protesters tried to move


towards a nearby area known as the Green Zone,


which houses government ministries. Riot police were determined


to drag them back, Video images from the scene show


tear gas filling the air and the sound of explosions


and gunfire can be heard. Well, staying in the region -


In Afghanistan, at least six people have been killed and many more


wounded in a blast in southern in the provincial capital,


Lashkar Gah - the Taliban has said A spokesperson for the


regional governor told the BBC that the attacker drove


a car into an Afghan National Army The target was a bank where


government employees come every month to collect their salaries. It


is seen as a soft target because this bank has been targeted in a


similar manner a few years ago. After a few hours, the Taliban


claimed responsibility saying the target was Afghan National Army


personnel. Helmand has been the subject of heavy fighting and in the


past few months even in the months of winter there has been sporadic


fighting in the province where it is said 80% of it is now under Taliban


control. Helmand is a strategic province and that is for the Taliban


and government. Come summer, the fighting will become even more


intense. Some other news... Violence has broken out in the Paris


suburbs at a demonstration in support of a twenty-two year-old


black man named Theo. The young victim was allegedly


sodomised with a baton Some of the protesters threw


firecrackers at police patrolling the demonstration in Bobigny,


and a car was set on firet. The president of the European


Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker says he doubts that the remaining 27


members of the Union can maintain a united front as they negotiate


Britain's exit from the EU. In an interview with German radio,


to be broadcast tomorrow, he also reiterated that Britain


could not negotiate trade deals as long as it remained a member


of the European Uunion. The Polish Prime Minister Beata


Szydlo is said to be in a stable condition in hospital


after her official car hit a tree A spokesman said she would remain in


hospital for tests but to carry out all her duties as the head of the


government. At least six people are reported


to have been killed in a earthquake The 6.5 magnitude tremor struck


the southern island of Mindanao The worst affected area


was around Surigao - where more than a hundred


people were injured. Family members watch on as emergency


workers pull a body from a collapsed home. Many had been asleep when the


magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck late on Friday night. It sent panicked


residents fleeing to the streets. Hospitals were pushed as the injured


came in. More than 100 people were hurt but that number is expected to


rise. Emergency workers combed through homes looking for


casualties. Heavy snow and rainfall in Eastern


Italy is continuing to cause damage. This is the mountain village


of Bisenti in the Abruzzi region. Access to the village


is now completely shut off Snow in the area reached


two metres in height. Elsewhere, in the region a ten


metre - wide and deep - The city's been hit


several snowfalls and Volunteers in New Zealand say


a further 240 whales have become stranded on a beach on the country's


South Island. Hundreds have already died in one


of the biggest ever mass strandings It's hoped they'll be able to swim


to safety during the next high tide. You might find some


of the scenes in this report Doing whatever they can to help


before it's too late. These volunteers have been


working for many hours, trying to keep the whales cool


as they lie stranded. Some say singing also


helps to keep them calm, but what they really need


is high tide. Very quickly this tide has come


racing in, and now we're all up to our knees,


some people are up to their waists in water, and we're starting


to get a bit of floating, and we're just helping assist


the whales with their breathing until the water gets deep enough


they can swim. This is one of the worst whale


strandings in New Zealand's history. 400 whales came into


Farewell Spit on Thursday. Rescuers managed to refloat 100


of them, but they failed to stop Scientists don't know for sure


why beaching happens. The whales could simply


have become lost. One theory is that if a single


whale gets stuck, others But once it has happened,


it can lead to devastation. For those ones that restrand


there's very little chance they will ever swim away,


so we have to euthanise We do hope they corral their


resources and head back out to sea. It's very difficult to manage that


part of it, but dealing with the ones that are left


is quite an issue. Efforts are stood down


overnight for safety reasons, but the logistics of trying


to save these whales and then dealing with


the aftermath if they can't Stay with us here on BBC news...


Still to come... Huge swathes of Australia


are in the grip of an extreme heatwave - with firefighters


worried about bushfires. Mr Nelson Mandela, a freeman taking


his first steps into a new South Africa. Iran's spiritual leader says


he has passed a death sentence on Salman Rushdie, the British author


of a book which many Muslims say is blasphemous. The people of Haiti


have flocked to church to give thanks for the ousting of their


former president. Because of his considerable value, Shergar was kept


in a secure box on a stud farm. She was driven away, the thieves bought


it with them. The stepped down from the plane, a figure in mourning,


Elizabeth II, Queen of this realm and of all her other realms and


territories, head of the Commonwealth, defender of the faith.


The latest headlines... President Donald Trump says he will not give


up on his travel ban and could submit new legislation in the coming


days. Clashes in the Iraqi


capital, Baghdad - over government corruption -


have left at least five people dead. Australia is known as a country


of extreme weather and that is In Western Australia,


residents are being evacuated In the east, authorities are warning


of catastrophic bushfire conditions as the mercury soars


past 45 degrees. Residents evacuated their homes as


floodwaters threatened to inundate the West Australian town. The nearby


river has swelled after days of torrential rain. Locals say the


water levels are the highest they have seen in 30 years. Three people


were rescued with some properties cut off by the floodwaters. My


backyard will go under, I reckon. It has six inches to go. We have


sandbagged around us to try to stop it but if it comes, it comes. More


rain is expected over the next few days. And while the West has had too


much of it, Australians on the east coast are sweltering through a


record-breaking heatwave. Temperatures reached over 40 degrees


in more than 50 cities and towns across the state of New South Wales.


The highest was 47 points six. Authorities say the worst is yet to


come. The most catastrophic fire conditions in New South Wales's


history are expected in parts of the states north on Sunday. It is not


another summers day or bad fire, this is as bad as it gets in the


circumstances. It is simply not a safe environment which is why we are


making it clear to people that the only safe place to be is not in at


risk areas. The Bush is a no-go zone but conditions are better in Sydney


where thousands of people are taking to the beach. Some sport other big


day in rugby. Yes, we will bring you up to date.


Liverpool have won for the first time in


it's quite a scalp they've claimed too.


They beat second placed Tottenham 2-nil at Anfield to move back


Liverpool forward Sadio mane got both goals.


Within two first half minutes as well...


With Jurgen Klopp relieved to finally get his first three


All this being nervous and stuff, it could have happened, show something


but the positive crowd was fantastic and a big joy to play here tonight


and it was a wonderful wonderful sign.


Alexis Sanchez scored twice for Arsenal as they ended a run


of two straight league defeats with a two nil win over Hull City.


The Chilean is now the Premier League's top scorer with 17.


He's eased some of the pressure on his manager Arsene Wenger.


He has faced renewed calls to step down after more than two


We played resilient, focused, organised but we wonder big pressure


to win the game. They played well and we need to be focused and come


away with a positive result. Manchester United beating


Watford at Old Trafford to extend their unbeaten run


in the league to sixteen games. Juan Mata opened the scoring


before Anthony Martial - making his first start in nearly


a month - added a second late on. People sometimes forget these teams


like Watford and Stoke, many of the medium teams in the table, they have


very good players. And I look at this team and these players were in


Italy when I was and they were playing in the Napoli, in Milan,


Eilat CEO, these are top players with top experience so the players


are good, these teams are much better than in the past. They can


discuss results with a top teams so I'm pleased because the three points


are important. These the results... IN Spain Barcelona have gone top


of the Primera Division The two will meet in the Copa


Del Rey final in May... They're above Real Madrid


by two points BUT have Real are currently


leading at Osasuna. Bayern Munich are now seven points


clear in Germany's Bundesliga. While second placed RB Leipzig lost


3-nil at home to Hamburg. The teams in third


AND fourth also lost... Onto rugby union AND a thrilling


encounter in Cardiff was won by England over Wales thanks


to a late try from Eliot Daly. They've extended their record


winning run to 16 now... BUT spent most the match


holding the Welsh at bay. The home side pretty much throughout


before Daly's touchdown If you could bottle the ingredients


that got England over the line today, as with France, what is it?


It is gripped. The players believe we can be the best in the world. If


you want to be the best you have to win the games. You are not at your


best against an opposition playing well, and we did that today.


After defeat to Scotland last week...


They ran in nine tries to score the competition's first bonus point


The movie industry in Pakistan has long been overshadowed


by the output from Bollywood - so when Indian films were boycotted


in Pakistan, many cinemas reported falling audiences.


That ban has now been lifted - but Pakistani actors


are still effectively prevented from working in India.


Now one Pakistani leading man is calling for the two nations


to open up their film industries to each other.


Osman Khalid Butt says it would benefit both nations -


and the BBC Asian Network's Haroon Rashid went to find out why.


It was assumed he would not have any competition at the Pakistani box


office because of the ban on Bollywood films. Now the movies are


back in business and the start of the romantic drama says it is a good


thing. We're not producing enough content in Pakistan to sustain


ourselves on our own. Generations have grown up on Bollywood so to


remove that we saw ourselves promoting the movie that it was put


for the cinemas because of the lack of Indian movies so I believe it is


great and healthy competition because it forces us to up our game


and show what we have got to offer in Pakistan. On the other side of


the border in India, Pakistani actors and stars are still banned


from being part of Bollywood films, is it fair Pakistan is allowing


their films to screen? There is a lot of jingoism and patriotism, when


even our actors go across the border call people claim it is the power of


the Indian and why not stay in Pakistan, even if we do not mention


it and were critical we do feel pride at the plethora of Indian


talent available and Pakistani talent was chosen on the basis of


their work and the work ethic and experience so I believe it is


unfair. And I feel India should be relaxing its policies after Pakistan


has removed the ban. It has all the ingredients of a typical Bollywood


film but how realistic is this representation of Pakistan? An


interesting question, especially because we live in a post-Trump


world and all the cliches you associate with salvation -- South


Asian region are coming back into play. People are have a myopic


vision of what Pakistan as a country is, they think terrorism and women


in burqas and no women in parliament or education but that is not the


case. It portrays and showcases to the world Pakistan is not what you


think and see in the news and the rhetoric you hear Donald Trump


talking about, bad is and ban Muslims. These are trigger words and


we're trying to showcase the poetry, the beauty and the majesty of our


country and show there are people just like any other people. Whether


the film is enough to change mindsets remains to be seen, it is


getting people talking. After more than 50 years trapped


in India, a Chinese man has finally Wang Qi was working


as an army surveyor in 1963 when he accidentally


crossed into India. Lacking the necessary documents


he was unable to leave the country After initially flying to Beijing,


he finally landed in his home city of Xianyang, where he was greeted


by family members and staff His return follows a report


by the BBC on his plight. Needless to say he was


very happy to be home. Live two pictures from Neath in


France. Authorities are on high alert


and security is tight as Carnival celebrations get underway


in the south of France. Tens of thousands of people


are expected to attend the annual festival in Nice,


marking a week before In the wake the wake of last year's


Bastille Day truck massacre, which left 86 people dead,


authorities are taking no chances.


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