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The headlines - President Trump says he is committed to bringing American


Mr Trump describes the relationship as the cornerstone of peace


and stability in the region, as Shinzo Abe visits.


It's important Japan and the United States continue


to invest very heavily in the alliance to build


up our defence, and our defensive capabilities.


Earlier in a phone call to the Chinese president,


President Trump had a change of heart on a key policy


So, is his campaign rhetoric colliding with reality?


An imminent terror attack on French saw has been filed with the arrest


of four including a 16-year-old girl in Montpellier.


We travel to the kingdom to see what's changing.


President Trump has said he is committed to bringing


US-Japan ties even closer and that there are lines


in the cornerstone of peace and stability in the region.


Tokyo sees America as an ally to maintain security.


We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas


under its administrative control and to further strengthening our


The US-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of


peace and stability in the Pacific region.


It is important both Japan and the United States continue


to invest very heavily in the Alliance to build


up our defence, and our defensive capabilities which, under our mutual


leadership, will become stronger and stronger,


and, as time goes by, ultimately they will


Unsurprisingly, the first question from the full from journalists


was on a different subject, and that was the Trump travel ban.


The question put to him from the New York Post.


We are going to keep our country safe, we are going to do


whatever is necessary to keep our country safe.


We had a decision which we think will be very


successful and should not have taken this much time


one of the reasons I'm standing here today,


the security of our country, the voters felt I would give


it the best security. So we will do something rapidly.


You'll be seeing that sometime next week.


In addition, we will continue to go through the court process


and ultimately I have no doubt we will win that particular case.


The two leaders headed for Florida aboard Air Force One a couple of


hours ago. They will even play a round of golf. We know they are both


keen golfers and that was referred to and Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump


both using very warm words, what was the key announcement on the Japan -


US relationship? Very warm words indeed as you mentioned. This


reference to the cornerstone of regional peace and stability, that


alliance between Japan and the United States. In the words of


Donald Trump. Some pretty harsh things to say on the campaign trail


about Japan, accusing the Japanese of stealing American jobs, taking


advantage of the US over its security umbrella, the protection it


provides to Japan, but all very cordial today. Shinzo Abe has been


getting a good relationship with Donald Trump, making it a priority


and he has been very much in his corner since the new President took


office. They still have got things to discuss over the next day and a


half or so and trade of course is expected to be among them. America


of course under President Trump, withdrew from the Trans-Pacific


Partnership so that calls into question by latter at economic ties.


They have to be sorted out. There is of course also the relationship with


China and Japan and China are in dispute over islands in the east


China sea. America are crucial to Japan's security there. Plenty of


things to discuss. Donald Trump also talked about a number of new


announcements in the offing, including crucially, the travel ban.


He said there will be more to come. He has continued to stress the


security of people United States is his number one priority, his


obligation, as he puts it. Last night we heard the appeals court in


San Francisco had continued this day on the Executive order, the travel


ban, so it is now a question for the US justice department of what they


do next. They have said they are reviewing all options as they put


it, but most likely, getting this case back to the District Court,


because taking it to the Supreme Court is a very risky strategy at


the moment. All the time the court there is deadlocked, the pending the


decision. We will be talking more about Japan's relationship with US


later in the programme. China of course a key area of


diplomacy. Donald Trump has also


been speaking to China's Mr Trump said he was committed


to Beijing's One China policy, which asserts that Taiwan


is a part of China. American recognition


of the policy is a cornerstone of US-Chinese relations,


but Mr Trump has questioned it in the past.


Here's our China editor Carrie Gracie in the Taiwanese


capital, Taipei. Three weeks into the Trump


Presidency, the phone call between an American President


and a Chinese President It was becoming conspicuous


by its absence over those three weeks, a score of other world


leaders had already picked up the phone to Donald Trump,


but not President Xi. The sticking point was the future


of this place, Taiwan. This vibrant, noisy,


contradictory democracy. There's lots of people


on the streets because of this lantern festival.


The problem here is the identity and the future of Taiwan


because China wants this place back. It sees it as the last piece


in the jigsaw puzzle President Trump wants to sell more


exports to China to level up the trade balance,


and he started talking before his inauguration


as if the status of Taiwan might be a bargaining chip in that


and he might veer towards acknowledging the independence


of this place. That was a no-no to President Xi


and that call wasn't going to happen until they got


that clear between them. As far as China's concerned,


nothing happens until you've acknowledged the One China policy


that acknowledges that this So, President Xi got what he wanted


from President Trump and the question is did


President Trump get It looks as if Donald Trump blinked


and it is he, right now, as far as China and Taiwan


are concerned, is a paper tiger. French police have arrested four


people in the southern city of Montpellier on suspicion


of planning a terrorist attack. They had apparently bought chemicals


that can be used to make bombs, and a makeshift laboratory was found


during a search. Naomi Grimley has been speaking


about what has been found. This latest plot saw four people


arrested, three men And in their possession


was found acetone. That's significant because it is


a highly flammable liquid which can be used to make the explosive TATP,


and that was exactly the kind of explosive that was used


in the November 2015 Paris attacks So that might explain why


the authorities are particularly worried about this plot,


and they do say that an attack, a series of bombs


were in preparation It comes at a time when France and,


indeed, Paris in particular is under high alert,


a state of high alert. Emergency laws have been in place,


ever since the November attacks in 2015, and they've been extended


on a rolling basis. There is also particular worry


because security is high up the agenda as we move


towards the Presidential elections. The first round of which is


at the end of April. So you can see guards


on the street and, indeed, yesterday the Eiffel Tower announced


it was going to put a reinforced glass screen around the base of it,


and that's just an example of how some of these security measures


are becoming more permanent. Inside Saudi Arabia, the talk is


more about trying to get the country off its dependence on oil. Division


2030 was launched on the plan also includes effort slowly to open up


the Conservative kingdom, where cinemas are banned and women aren't


even allowed to drive. Our chief international


correspondent correspondent Our chief international


correspondent The moment many have waited for.


This is the first of many concerts planned by a new ministry planned


with bringing some fine to a Conservative kingdom one step at a


time. Look at the crowd, all men. In some Saudis don't want women at


concerts like this. It is too much and it is not good for the country.


But the pace of change is picking up. Dude bashing is one of the few


thrills on offer at the weekend. There are not any Saudi women here


today. It is quite a ride, I am sure they would enjoy it. In this young


country, two thirds of people are under 30. The bright lights of Dubai


or London are all too tempting. Now their rulers, including a


31-year-old deputy crown prince, are trying to encourage them to spend


their time and money at home. We are changing fast but we have to do have


the women driving festival and cinemas. The winds of change started


blowing from her. -- here. This is the empty Quarter. The world's


richest oil fields. No other industry provide so much cash to the


kingdom, 90% of its revenues. But low world prices cut those earnings


in half. And that means an end to the state's largesse. When I went to


see the powerful oil minister in the capital, Riyadh, he admitted, it


would not be easy. For sure, they will be paying, no pain, no game is


very much at play here. The middle class are already hurting I am told,


especially subsidies to fuel, water. For sure. And what those pains will


do is mobilise people to do new things they are not used to doing.


Saudis have enjoyed cheap petrol, lavish perks, no taxes. The economic


plan is ambitious, some say, too ambitious. In the heart of Riyadh,


this is the world's biggest Metro project. To change the way people


live, create jobs, including some for women. Equal opportunities for


men and women? Definitely, we have the same working hours, the same


loads, everything is equal. Progress takes different speeds, maybe we're


not as fast as people would like us to be but we are going as good as it


is for our nation and our citizens. There have been plans to change this


country before, so there is scepticism as well. To the outside


world, Saudi Arabia has long been viewed as a closed and Conservative


kingdom, it still is, but some things are clearly starting to


change. That does not include public discussion of its human rights


record or any political reform. But for the majority of Saudis, other


issues seem to matter far more. Do stay with us, much more ahead.


You have heard of fake news but what about fake publicity? That is what


Lithuania's tourism department has been caught doing. The details and a


couple of minutes. A report into the alleged abuse of


Iraqis citizens by soldiers has been a failure. It is accused of acting


with total disregard for the soldiers and their families. Defence


Secretary Michael Fallon explains. Most of these allegations now fall


away, following the striking off of the dishonest solicitor, fill


Shiner, as a result of the evidence that we put before the solicitor's


disciplinary tribunal. This will be a huge relief to hundreds of British


troops who have had these quite unfair allegations hanging over


them. They are now being freed of that and we will put in place new


measures to ensure this never happens again and there are proper


safeguards to prevent completely malicious and unfounded allegations


being made against our brave servicemen and women. This is BBC


world news today. President Trump has described


the US-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace


and stability in the region. President Trump committed to


Beijing's one China policy saying Taiwan is part of China. Shinzo Abe


has had a news conference Donald Trump at the White House and


President Trump described the US - Japan alliance as the cornerstone of


peace and stability in the region. Shinzo Abe said strengthening their


relationship could bring many jobs. TRANSLATION: Last year,


from Japan to the United States, there have been more


than $150 billion of new investment And those Japanese businesses have


created a large number of jobs, and the mutually beneficial economic


relations have been built with the United States


with Donald Trump taking on the leadership, I am sure


there will be investments made, I spoke to Nicholas from the centre


of strategic international studies and he gave us his analysis. I think


the chemistry was good and one of Shinzo Abe's goals is developed that


further and they will probably do that on the golf course this


weekend. The other thing he wanted to do is strengthen the US - Japan


alliance and get President Trump to reaffirm US security commitments to


Japan which he did in his opening statement. To a certain degree, I


think Shinzo Abe also wanted to accommodate Trump's America first


narrative in economic terms and you heard him talk about US - Japanese


investment in the United States and perhaps a new economic initiative.


The one area where they could be differences of course is on trade. I


thought it was interesting that President Trump spoke in bilateral


terms, referencing free, fair and reciprocal trade. Prime Minister


Shinzo Abe talked about rules and norms for economic immigration which


is very much an organising principle behind TTP. Overall, great


chemistry, a great start, but I think it is trade with governments


will have to have a lot of dialogue forward. On security, Japan has been


considered, this ongoing tension about what is going on in the region


with China and so on, what did you read into what we heard? I thought


it was very interesting that President Trump talk not only about


US security commitments to Japan, but strengthening mutual defence


capabilities. I believe he used the phrase impenetrable. That sends a


strong signal to China and North Korea. That they cannot drive a


wedge between US and Japan and that the alliance will remain strong. It


is a very reassuring signal for the entire region after a very bizarre


comments from Trump over the course of the presidential campaign.


Strengthening defence capabilities that security peace has great


potential to evolve with the new US administration. What do you foresee


coming out of the weekend, as we heard, they are due to go to Florida


and play some golf and continuing the talks, what will both sides want


to get out of it by Sunday? President Trump referred to


negotiations in Florida which I think reveals his mindset, with


respect to bilateral economic ties and his instincts to talk about


trade. I think President Shinzo Abe wants to get to know the President


better. He is on very solid political ground in Japan and be the


leader for several more years. He is going to present himself as someone


Trump can do business with. Over time, I think, on the golf course,


exchanging views, it will really do a lot on the governments can then


pick up the details in dialogue going forward.


Let's catch up with the sport. The Russian athlete Maria Savino


book has been stripped of her title from London 2012 after being found


guilty of doping offences by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. It


means the South African athlete becomes a two-time champion. She


also inherits the 2011 will Championship title which Savinova


also a link wishes. Savinova, one of Russia's most


famous middle-distance athletes, now one of most notorious drug cheats.


The court ruling today that between 2010 in July, and August 2013, all


her medals, prizes, all the money she has won, will be forfeited


because of abnormalities in urban biological passport. That is a


system which detects over a period of time whether an athlete has been


using performance enhancing drugs. Savinova previously had been


recommended for a lifetime ban by the world anti-doping authority


enquirer, led by Dick Pound in December 2000 and 15. Chelsea are


nine points clear of the top, a lead which could be reduced to six points


should second placed Tottenham win on Saturday. Chelsea play on Sunday.


Spurs lead the chasing pack but travel to Anfield to face Liverpool


who haven't given up their hopes of lifting the title. Both managers


have been sizing up the opposition. It was not a flying situation up


until yesterday for us. If we play like we played against Hull in the


first off, no chance, but if we play like the second half, a better


chance. We need to be ready to fight because we will have a very


difficult game. They are not in a good run but Liverpool have a very


good players and for me, one of the best squads, not only in England, if


not in Europe. I'm they will be motivated and this is always a big


match. Six nations continues this weekend. The action beginning with


Ireland in Rome to face Italy before Wales welcome England to Cardiff.


Scotland having beaten the French in Paris in 1999. Tiger Woods has


withdrawn from the next two events on the PGA Tour because of ongoing


back spasms. He pulled out of the Dubai desert classic this month and


only returned to action in December following two back operations. That


is all over now. He has also been ordered to pay the


President just under 2000 euros. His lawyer says the comedian will


appeal. TRANSLATION: The court has made a very dire technical error. It


sees the entire thing as art but then it starts to prohibit certain


sentences from it and that is against article five of our


constitution, the freedom of art. One cannot cut out certain parts of


the painting because they bother you so I am confident we will win in the


next court, the federal High Court of justice. We have heard a lot


about fake news recently but what about false publicity? That is what


the head of Lithuania's tourist department has done, using these


pictures as part of a publicity campaign. But if you look closely,


none of the pictures are actually from Lithuania but from Finland and


Slovakia. She has had to resign and this is what the Prime Minister


said. TRANSLATION: I think the situation that we have is not


normal. When we try to promote our country, these images were not from


Lithuania, it is very strange. We paid huge amounts of money for these


kinds of projects and I think in essence, it discredits the whole


idea. You could say that (!) the Prime Minister showed he had a sense


of humour by posting this picture on his Facebook page and captioning it


as the new Lithuanian government headquarters. You can actually see


if you look closely that it is in fact the EU building in Brussels. We


have some more pictures to show you quickly.


A dramatic flow of lava has reappeared and is shooting


You can see huge explosions in the sea water as the molten rock


spews out in what is known as a "fire hose."


It's impressive to look at, but it's also extremely dangerous,


and geologists are warning sightseers to stay away.


The lava flow here actually began on New Year's Eve,


but was cut off last week after a cliff collapsed


Do get in touch on Twitter and we will see you soon.


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