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The headlines: Tony Blair puts himself on a collision course


with the British government as he asks Britons to rise


The former Prime Minister kicks-off a campaign to find a way out


of what he called the government's plans to "rush over


The people voted without knowledge of the terms of the exit. As these


terms become clear, it is the right to change their mind.


President Trump's search for a National Security Adviser goes


on after his second choice for the top post says,


Also, the latest twist in the killing on the half-brother of North


Korea's leader. After more than 20 years at Arsenal,


what next for Arsene Wenger as he hints he could be managing


another team next year. The former British Prime Minister


Tony Blair has launched a campaign to persuade people in the UK


to change their minds He said the current government


was set on leaving the EU "at any cost", which would damage


the economy and weaken But the speech has been ridiculed


by Leave supporters, with the Foreign Secretary,


Boris Johnson, accusing Mr Blair of insulting


the public's intelligence. Here's our political


correspondent, Carole Walker. A rallying cry from


the former Prime Minister. Time, he said, to rise up and force


a rethink on the decision The people voted without knowledge


of the terms of Brexit. As these terms become


clear, it is their right Our mission is to


persuade them to do so. He said he would expose the risks


of the current plans for Brexit, damage to the economy and jobs,


put the break-up of the UK He said controlling immigration had


become the government's main consideration as it took the country


towards not just hard Brexit, I would actually question


whether the referendum really provides a mandate for Brexit


at any cost. We will withdraw from the single


market, which is around half We will also now leave the customs


union, covering trade This impacts everything from airline


travel to financial services The Prime Minister has been


meeting her French counterpart this afternoon as she prepares to begin


the formal Brexit She said she will seek


the greatest possible access to the European single market


through a new free trade agreement. Will you take the advice


of Tony Blair? Ministers are scathing


about Mr Blair's intervention. We heard all these


arguments last year. It is insulting the intelligence


of the electorate to Tony Blair believes the government's


approach to Brexit is being driven by ideologues passionate


about the move to take Britain out of the European Union


and that the Labour Party is failing But some will doubt


whether he is the man to lead a popular movement to overturn


the Brexit vote. Tony Blair did not say he wants


a second referendum. Do you really think you are the one


with the popular appeal to get a different answer if you did get


a second go? This is a free country,


so I have a right to speak and you have the freedom


to listen or not. You don't want to listen to me,


you don't want to listen to me. I know there will be


a volley of abuse that will come my way for speaking,


but I am speaking because I believe And he still has some supporters


in the party he used to lead. Whether you love him or loathe him,


I think he is somebody He has huge experience


of politics at the top level. But Theresa May is unlikely to be


swayed by warnings from one of her predecessors as she embarks


on the complex and difficult negotiations to take


Britain out of the EU. A day after the US President Donald


Trump told a news conference that his administration was running


like a "fine-tuned machine", senior Republican Senator John McCain has


said it is in disarray. His comments came after the former


naval admiral chosen by President Trump to be his


National Security Advisor While the search for a new security


adviser goes on, the president returned today to one


of his favourite themes - talking about jobs and


the American economy. I would do everything I can to put


our great people back to work. This is our mantra, by American and


higher American. We want products made in America, made by American


hands. Let's focus on the lingering


questions about his team, including Wyatt is so to find and national


security adviser. But that question to the deputy assistant secretary of


defence, former, of Middle Eastern policy. There has been turmoil at


the highest ranks of the White House. There are several different


individuals or fractions who are vying for power with this president.


The dismissal of Mike Flynn, who might have been the best choice to


begin with, has thrown the National Security decision-making process


into turmoil. The fact that Bob Harward, losing to be the first


choice of the president to replace Mike Flynn has now turned the


position down, citing family and financial reasons, but it seems that


the chaos of the White House seems to have played a role than that. It


has left the United States and many of our allies and confused as to


hide the president makes decisions, how this White House makes


decisions. We might have Cabinet secretaries and place, in terms of


the Secretary of State, secretary of defence, but they don't have a lot


of people underneath them. This is a dangerous time for the US National


Security Council at eight and it is incumbent the White House to set the


ship of State straight sooner rather than later. I suppose, if people are


not following the minutiae of politics, they don't live in


Washington, DC, the Mitre students that this is all just political


matter nations and ultimately somebody will be advising him on


security matters -- matters, so what does it really matter? From the very


beginning, this administration was not necessarily prepared to govern.


The president himself like the idea of running for president, enjoyed


it, but was not prepared to govern. At this point in 2009 when the Obama


administration came in, you already had undersecretaries of state, not


just nominated but confirm, and putting in teens in the departments


of defence and state ready to implement the President's policy.


This administration was not prepared for the challenges of filling the


key roles in the national security architecture, not just in the


National Security Council, but in the Department of State and the


Department of defence. As a result, there has been more chaos than


usual. This is something that is really quite unique. Mike Flynn


lasted just over 20 days as the National Security adviser. The


previous document to last the least amount of time lasted a year. This


is unprecedented in terms of the turmoil we are seeing in the highest


levels of the national security community right now.


And Mr Trump has got through another key appointment.


The US Senate has confirmed his choice to head


He's Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma Attorney General.


He was chosen in spite of concerns by Democrats and green groups


about his views on climate change and his ties to the coal


Mr Pruitt has sued the Environmental Protection Agency more than a dozen


One woman arrested in Malaysia over the killing of the half brother


of North Korea's leader has said she was duped into thinking she was


part of a comedy show prank - that's according to Indonesia's


national police chief, who's been briefed by Malaysian authorities.


Kim Jong Nam died after being attacked at Kaula Lumpur


Meanwhile, North Korea has made a plea to Malaysia to release


We strongly urge and the manse the Malaysians side not to be entangled


with a political plot by the hostile forces towards the DPRK, who want to


damage the image of her country. And to release the body immediately


without any condition. The American food giant Kraft Heinz


says it will continue to press for a takeover deal


with the Anglo-Dutch firm Unilever, despite its initial


bid being rejected. The offer, which would be one


of the biggest ever corporate mergers, amounted to ?115 billion,


which Unilever said "fundamentally Pakistan's security forces


have carried out raids across the country, killing


and arresting dozens It follows the suicide attack


at a famous Sufi shrine in the south The attack has been claimed


by the so-called Islamic State. The prime minister, Nawaz Sharif,


says his nation is fighting a war Spain's Princess Cristina has been


cleared of tax fraud related charges following an investigation


into her husband's However her husband


Inaki Urdangarin, was sentenced to over six years for fraud


and tax evasion. More than 300 people have broken


through a fence separating the Spanish territory


of Ceuta from Morocco. Most of the group are believed to be


migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, Video footage shows them using clubs


and shears to create gaps The German Defence Minister,


Ursula von der Leyen, has warned the United States


against damaging European cohesion. Speaking at a security


conference in Munich, he said the US tone on Europe


and NATO had a direct impact The new US Defence Secretary,


James Mattis, has given a new assurance that American


security is permanently tied But he stressed the need for members


to contribute their fair share. President Trump came into office and


has thrown his full support to Nato. He, too, spices need to's the


adapted today's strategic situation for it to stay credible, capable and


relevant. As the Minister noted last week, it is at the demand that all


who benefit fund the best alliance in the world carry the proportionate


share of the necessary costs to defend our freedoms and we are


committed to passing those freedoms in tact the next generation.


Least to set has been in Munich speaking to those involved.


Many of the world's top diplomat and secretaries have been here in


Munich. There is real time diplomacy here, real negotiations going on


behind the scenes, and even on the public platforms to tackle the great


crisis of the world. There is a buzz this year, largely because of the


uncertainty and anxiety about the new policies emerging from President


Trump's new team in Washington. Most of all there is concern about the


transatlantic relationship. Let's hear from Britain's Defence


Secretary, Michael Fallon. General Mathis said he was committed to


Nato, but there have been comments from many attending that the weren't


convinced by his speech. He repeated the commitment that Donald Trump


gave to Theresa May when she went to Washington, that America remains


100% committed to Nato. We are no doubt that America has a continuing


commitment to Nato. Even the chairman of the Munich community


Forum said he wanted to hear from the United States that they would


not try to break up the European Union and destroyed the pillars that


have been in place since the Second World War. That is quite


extraordinary. Nobody is suggesting that America wants to break up


Europe. This is the Munich Security form! You get uncertainty over a new


administration, particularly when it changes from Democrat Republican or


vice versa. On the commitment to Nato, we are in no doubt that


America is behind the Alliance. They want Europe to do more to contribute


more. We agree that two and a half years ago. We all agreed we would


spend 2% and in Britain we do. America wants the other European


countries to step up as well. If you saw British prime ministers given


more than an hour press conference the President Trump came gave


yesterday, would you be worried about the leadership in your


country? We all handle these things in different ways. This is the


beginning of the new administration for a very new president. What is


important is to judge this administration and what it actually


does, not what was said during the campaign. Over here, temp three has


reassured all the allies that the two remains behind the Alliance. If


President Trump decides he wants a more aggressive, kinetic action for


Islamic State, will Britain back him in that special relationship? We are


making probably the second biggest contribution... Would you change


Britain's engagement of President Trump changes his? We will keep


making the contribution we are making. The RAF flying six nights a


week in this campaign and we've been doing it for two and a half years.


Many of the times that Daesh occupied have been liberated. In the


end, the fighting has to be done by local troops that have the support


of the local population. Thank you. We will watch in the months to come


what happens on the ground. Much more to come, both at the public


Ponton also behind-the-scenes. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: We hear how a British soap actor is


trying to make it in Bollywood. Tony Blair urges Britons to


reconsider Brexit, saying people voted without knowing the true terms


of the deal. President Trump's search for a


national-security adviser goes on after his second choice for the top


post turns it down. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has


been at the club for more than 20 years but has suggested he'll decide


whether to stay any longer He's under increased pressure


after the 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions


League. And our football reporter


John Bennett was listening as Wenger spoke to reporters ahead of their FA


Cup game against Sutton on Monday. Composed and determined, it is no


supplies, really. He has shown his determination in 20 years at


Arsenal. Asim Wenger looks like a disc -- has recovered from that


awful night in Munich. He made it clear that far from focusing on his


future, he is focusing on is next game. What really stood out is the


comment about still being a manager next season, whether with Arsenal or


elsewhere. Let's see what happened at one of the most anticipated press


conferences of the season. Do you feel offended by some of the things


that you read? No. Why? Because I am used to hate. I've been here for 20


years. I think in life it is important to do what you think is


right and all the rest his judgment, and I am in a public job and I had


to accept that. I think I have to behave with my values and do things


the way I see my job and accept that everybody can have an opinion on it.


Did you say to anyone this week that you would decide your future in


March or April? Yes. March or April? I don't know. If I said March or


April, it is because I do not know. No matter what happens I will manage


next season, whether it is here or somewhere else, that is for sure.


Asim Wenger moving forward, not looking back. People are starting to


think what Arsenal will be like after he leaves. But to Arsenal fans


have to be careful what they wish for? What is important is that the


club makes the right decisions for the future and I did not work year


for 20 years not to care about this club, because I had many


opportunities to go somewhere else in that period and I care about this


club and they care about its future and I think it is very important


that the club is always in safe hands, be it me or someone else, I'm


sure it will be. Next up is Sutton United, from the fifth tier of


English football. They have an Astroturf pitch, a crowd of 5,000.


Anything less than a big win and the pressure will increase even further.


Former New Zealand fly-half Dan Carter has apologised


after he failed a drink-driving test in Paris on Wednesday.


The three-times World Player of the Year who plays


in France's top league was stopped in his car in the centre


of the capital. Writing on Facebook he's said,


Budapest could decide as soon as next week


whether to withdraw its bid to hold the 2024 Olympics.


The Hungarian captial's mayor has said he's considering dropping


their attempts to host the games while protesters say they have


collected enough signatures to force a referendum which would ask


Budapest residents if they agreed that City Hall


At the moment they're in the running along with Paris and Los Angeles.


Rome and Hamburg have already withdrawn.


A decision will be made by the IOC on September 13.


A British soap star is the latest in a number of Brits


Alex Avery, who's been in Eastenders, is starring


in Rangoon, a period drama about the Burmese conflict.


The movie also stars top names from the Indian film


industry like Kangana, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan


Bollywood movie Rankine has A* cast, and plenty of music. It is a period


drama set in the aftermath of World War II. For British actor Alex


Avery, it is a break-in to the Indian film industry. He is playing


an English army officer. The usual rules for English actors is one of


being a major in the British Army. Do you feel that you your typecast?


I think western actors probably do get typecast, especially British,


because the imperialistic nature between India and Britain, a lot of


it is Army centred. Going to India to look for jobs in the movies is


not the most obvious career choice for an actor is more used to British


soaps. Most of the rules are in Hindi and go to established Indian


stars, but Alex is hoping that things will change. If you go back


to older films, not Bollywood comes necessarily, but Gandhi, passage to


India, you realise there are rules that British people could play in


terms of education, legal, journalists, but they are all


slightly periods. In the last decade there have been a number of


Hollywood stars who have appeared in Indian films, likes best solution


and Ben Kingsley. Only ten years ago it used to be if you wanted to make


a film in India he needed to make her masala movie or an arthouse


movie. Five people are making movies that are neither. And they have the


opportunities to make those movies. India is a rich place to make movies


that could work for a global audience, so I think we will see


more actors from different backgrounds working in India on


Indian movies. Mastering the language is the next step.


Mastering the language is the next step.


Its not unusual to be asked for directions by someone from out


Well, unless they happen to be driving a military helicopter.


A lorry driver in Kazakhstan has captured the moment a pilot landed


on a highway to ask for help after apparently losing his way.


The pilot asked how to get to a city in the the north-west


of the country, much to the amusement of


The country's Ministry of Defence said the pilot had been taking part


in a visual orientation exercise when he lost his bearings.


Dick Bruna, the Dutch illustrator and author who created


the much-loved cartoon rabbit Miffy, has died at age of 89.


He wrote more than 30 books about Miffy's adventures,


which sold over 80 million copies worldwide.


It was created in 1955 to entertain his young son.


That's it for the moment. The weather is next. Thanks for


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now let's look at the weather elsewhere in the world. In


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