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The headlines: The US Vice President gives a full commitment to NATO


While the Russian foreign minister - announces


a new ceasefire for Ukraine - due to start on Monday.


President Trump gets ready for a campaign-style rally in Florida.


We'll be asking what that means A huge storm over California brings


flooding and high winds, triggering some massive sinkholes.


Another arrest in Malaysia in connection with the murder


of Kim Jong Nam - the half-brother of North Korea's leader.


Non-league Lincoln City beat Premier League team Burnley.


The UN says it is a conflict that has claimed more


Now, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has announced


a new ceasefire between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists.


He was speaking after a meeting with his Ukrainian, German


and French counterparts at the Munich Security Conference.


The contact group agreed the ceasefire would start and their


withdrawal of heavy military hardware will begin.


But optimism might be in short supply.


Earlier the Ukrainian Foreign Minister told reporters he was "not


at all" happy with the outcome of the same meeting.


It was the latest in a series of highly anticipated events -


the day started with an assurance to Nato allies by US


Vice President Mike Pence that America would be unwavering


A show of strength to counter what many see as a growing


Massive deployment of US military might in Europe underlines how


America has been the predominant power in Nato since the end


Now there is a US president who has called this alliance obsolete.


So, at this Munich Forum, anticipation and anxiety


about what message President Trump's deputy would bring here.


What we were most looking for were the messages coming out


from the leading members of President Trump's team,


Everyone says they have been reassured by what he had to say


about the transatlantic alliance and the belief in Nato.


There is so much relief here about what you had to say,


doesn't that make you worry that Europe was worried about your


commitment to the transatlantic alliance and to Nato?


I think President Trump has made it clear that the United States stands


strongly with the North Atlantic Alliance.


But the president has also made it clear that we expect our allies


to keep their word, to live up to the commitments they have made


There was a clear message on Ukraine, too - a call to Russia


It was not what Russia's top diplomat wanted to hear in Munich.


Sergei Lavrov accused the West of being stuck


TRANSLATION: The historic period that can be called the post-Cold War


The main result, in our view, has been the failure


As leaders come and go in Munich, there seems to be greater


clarity this transatlantic friendship will hold.


Real proof is yet to come in what happens on the ground.


Well coming up later in the programme -


Lyse has been speaking to the former US Secretary of State -


To get her views on the Trump administration.


To Florida, where he is about to hold a campaign rally. The White


House has said the president will speak directly to the American


people, it is unusual for one to hold a rally so soon after coming


into office. Let's speak to David Willis. What does the White House


mean by campaign style rally? Well, you can read into this what you


will. At face value, this is part of his campaign, would you believe, for


2020, for real action. At I think more relevant late, this is a way


for the Donald Trump to promote his own version of events over the last


four weeks. Those four weeks having been channelled jewellers, we have


seen protests, we have seen leaks, we have seen unfavourable court


decisions. He insisted at a press conference the other day that


everything is going swimmingly that is not the way it has been dipping


it in the media, and that is why Mr Trump is taking aim at the mass


media. He went on Twitter last night to say that they were the enemy of


the American people, as he put it. Part of the appeal of going out on


the sort of campaign rallies is that he gets buoyed up by the crowds, it


energises him, and it enables him to deliver his message directly to the


people who voted for him and put him in the White House. He does indeed


seem to enjoy these rallies. Stay with us a moment because the


American woman who was at the centre of the US Supreme Court ruling which


legalised abortion in America has died. Norma McCorvey was known under


the pseudonym James wrote when she took legal action to terminate


pregnancy. She later waived her right to anonymity and became an


anti-abortion campaigner. Norma McCorvey died at an assisted living


Centre in Texas. David, how is this news being taken over there? It is


very interesting because Norma McCorvey is not a name that a lot of


people know here in the United States but she was part of one of


the most landmark court cases in modern history. She was 22 at the


time she was unmarried and unemployed and pregnant for the


third time, she wanted to have an abortion, she was living in Texas


and abortion was illegal in Texas at the time so she filed a court case,


little knowing that this court case would work its way all the way


through the appeals court system to that highest court in the land, the


US Supreme Court, where she went under the pseudonym of Jane Roe.


It's basically made it unconstitutional for individual


states to bad abortion. Ironically, Norma McCorvey herself went from


being in favour of abortion to a very staunch opponent of it after


converting to Christianity. So, she died at the age of 69 in Texas


assisted living place but she will have certainly seen as having made a


concern will -- a considerable mark on the history of this country.


In the Gambia - Adama Barrow has been publicly sworn in as president.


He was first sworn in last month in neighbouring


Senegal, at the height of the country's political crisis.


His predecessor, Yahya Jammeh, had refused to step down


after he lost the election, but was forced into exile.


A Muslim cleric who was jailed for life in America for plotting


terror attacks in the 1990s has died in prison.


Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was blind, was seen as having inspired


the 1993 bombing attack on the World Trade Center,


A train has derailed in Belgium killing one person and injuring 27.


The rail operator says the passenger train was travelling from Lurr-vuhn


to Brussels when it left the tracks and one of the carriages toppled.


Three of the injured are reported to be in a serious condition.


A fourth man has been arrested in connection


to the death of Kim Jong-Nam, the half brother of North Korea's


There are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the apparent


murder at Kuala Lumpur airport last week, lets take a look


We strongly urge and demand the Malaysians side not to be entangled


with the political plot by the hostile forces towards the PPR


Khairy who want to damage the image of our Republic, and to release the


body immediately without any condition.


Lots more on Kim Jong-un man on our website.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come: Sport will look


at the gold news from Australia - including an unlikely


This is BBC World News Today. I'm Alpa Patel.


The latest headlines: The Russian foreign minister,


Sergei Lavrov, says a ceasefire between Russian-backed rebels


and the Ukrainian army will come into force on Monday in eastern


President Trump will be holding a campaign-style rally.


The White House says - the President will speak directly


Now let's return to Munich - where a Security Conference


Today saw the first major foreign policy address


for the Trump administration, delivered by Vice


Some Nato allies had questioned President Trump's warning


that the US might not uphold its commitment


to former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.


This Munich Security Forum has been described as one of the most highly


anticipated and that is largely because top Appomattox wanted to


hear what messages would leading members of resident from 's team


bring here. They have been reassured by statements that have come out


from Vice President Mike Pence that says they value the Nato alliance


and their relationships with Europe but how far did those statements


going reassuring European allies here and what do they make of the


emergency -- emerging policies from the US administration? Former US


Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is here. Welcome to the


BBC. What did they say to you here? People you have known for every long


time in European and American diplomacy, how worried are they


about these mixed messages coming out of Washington? I think people


are glad to be at this conference because it is at a time when people


are try to sort out who is thinking what, a time of uncertainty. I think


they were encouraged by the words of the secretary of defence and the


vice president but what they are really looking for our actions and


trying to figure out also the extent to which the President of the United


States is really echoing some of these words. I think it is for them


to verify and that is what they are talking about. It is quite


extraordinary that people feel they have to mention values that should


be taken for granted by now in the world in which we live, a sort of


post-World War II order, what does that tell you about the anxiety in


Europe about the way things are going? I think it is interesting


they mention that because I have to say there has not been enough


discussion of values and benighted States. I am chairman of the board


of the National Democratic Alliance that is based on the really common


aspect of our basic Western values so I do wish we would talk about


them more. I am glad that the Americans being asked those


particular questions. We have the official administration and the


members of Congress here and I think those are issues that need to be


brought up. You have been hearing reassuring statements here but back


home in Washington where you live, there is concern about what has been


described as nails in the White House, are you worried? Well, I am,


having been in two White houses, President Carter and President


Clinton's and the bottom line is we are a country who knows how to make


decisions. I think all I'm doing is looking at what the news is coming


in, St who is going to be National Security Advisor, ex-person has


turned it down because he has not got the staff he wants, those are


basic questions and I do find it travelling -- troubling. Madeleine


Albright talking to our chief correspondents Lyse Doucet.


Between one - and three-hundred thousand people have taken


to the streets of Barcelona as part of a series of protests calling


They want the government to allow in more people who have fled Syria


Spain has so far taken in just 1100 of the 17,000


refugees it promised to accept in September 2015.


And in Paris there have been protests in support


Two police officers were injured and 13 people


The demonstrations come after a young black man


was allegedly raped with a police baton earlier this month.


The 22-year-old - identified publicly only by the name Theo -


There's been a big shock in the FA Cup as for the first time in 103


years, a non-league side has made it through to the quarter-finals.


Lincoln City are have beaten Premier League Burnley to make it


Lincoln play in the fifth tier of English football.


Sean Raggett was the hero heading in a late goal...


It's the first time the club have ever got this far


I am lost for words. I didn't know what to do in the celebration. The


fans were amazing. It is unheard of, it is crazy.


That was by no means the only FA Cup shock of the day.


League One Millwall beat Premier League champions


Leicester City 1-0 to secure their place


Despite being reduced to ten men for much of the second half,


Shaun Cummings grabbed the dramatic late winning goal to put the Lions


It was very disappointing. We played well in the first half. We played so


so in the beginning of the second half. When they played ten D 11,


they played better than us, with more desire, more heart, and they


deserved to win. No such problems for


Premier League leaders Chelsea. They easied past Championship side


Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0. Pedro and Diego Costa


with the goals in the 2nd half. In the days other ties Championship


side Huddersfield earned a replay against Manchester City -


it finished 0-0 Middlesbrough beat Oxford United 3-2


but the winning goal didn't come Gareth Bale scored on his return


from injury as La Liga leaders Real Madrid beat Espanyol


2-0 on Saturday. Alvaro Morata's header gave Real


the lead in the first half to help his side move four points


clear of second-placed Barcelona, That was before Welshman Bale sealed


the win, following three months out Afterwards, he said it


would take him a few weeks to fully gold medallist Mo Farah has raced


for the last time indoors. He won the 5000 metres


at the Birmingham Grand Prix He has already said that this


will be his final year on the track, he'll bow out


at the World Championships in London in the summer before


switching his attention Amazing support from the crowd. And


everyone. I can't believe it is my last race. I have had it right to


wear indoors, something must come to wear indoors, something must come to


an end. It is weird thinking about it, I have had great support from


everyone. It has been amazing. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is through to


the final of the Rotterdam Open final after beating Tomas Berdych


in straight sets. It's the Frenchman's


400th career win. It was a dominant display


from Tsonga who needed just one break of serve to win the opening


set against the 2014 champion. An early break in the second


made it a relatively Tsonga will face either


Belgium's David Goffin or fellow Frenchman Pierre-Huguet Herbert


on Sunday. during a so-called weather bomb -


a particularly dramatic storm - which has hit the US


state of California. Heavy rainfall has been


accompanied by winds of more Hundreds of homes have been


evacuated due to fears of mud On the line is Terry Anzur,


anchor for KFI News in Los Angeles. What are conditions


like at the moment? At the moment, we are getting a


little bit of a break from the rain and they have lifted the evacuation


orders in the neighbourhood of the burn area where the water that came


down yesterday had turned the streets into Withers of mud. Rivers


of mud. People can go back home but they had to walk home because a huge


clean-up effort is going on. We have just had some pictures in of fire


truck which fell into a sink hole, absolutely unbelievable pictures.


How are emergency crews coping with all of this? It shows you that the


first responders are victims of this huge storm, just as much as regular


people. This fire truck was on in a state 15 yesterday responding to an


accident that involved a truck, when the pavement began to crumble and


your the fire engine. You can see in that video the five engine just


tumbles over. Good to know that all six firefighters who were working on


that engine were able to get away but now it is just sitting on its


side out in love San Bernardino County officials say it, cost some


$3 million to repair the highway. It is good to know nobody was hurt in


that. Tell us what are the challenges emergency crews are


facing. Well, of course, there are lots of power outages and that is


largely because we have been in a drought for six years and now, all


of this rain, all at once that we needed so badly, has caused the


trees to come out of the loose soil and fall down onto power lines and


onto people's home. The other problem we have, sinkholes, opening


up in the pavements. People driving down the streets minding their


businesses, and suddenly, there was a big hole in the road. Two cars


tumbled into a sinkholes yesterday, another one has opened up in another


community and police are just trying to warn people to stay away from


those areas. How unusual is this for California? This is crazy. Friday


night traffic come holiday weekend, it is always bad here at the front


of this has hit, everybody was on the roads. We had freeways that were


filled up with water. The big trucks were having trouble getting through.


This is very unusual, I have been covering traffic here for very many


years, and I have never seen a thing like it. Thank you for being with


us. If you want to get in touch with me about that story or any other,


you can get in touch with me. That is it for now. Goodbye.


It has been a mild springlike day across many parts of the country. We


saw sunshine across southern


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