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Phase two of the operation to retake the city of Mosul gets under way.


It's the last stronghold of so-called Islamic State in Iraq.


Iraqi forces say they've captured several villages as thousands


of troops advance on the western half of the city.


I'm now above the village and they are about to do smarter it strikes.


You look at what happened last night in Sweden. Sweden?


Sweden asks for clarification after the US President refers


to an apparent terror attack there, which never happened.


The American company, Kraft Heinz, withdraws its proposed takeover


A SpaceX rocket successfully blasts off from the historic Cape Canaveral


launchpad used for the moon landings half a century ago.


Iraqi government forces are making significant progress


after stepping up their offensive against the Islamic State group


in the city of Mosul - hundreds of armoured vehicles


and thousands of men are involved in the operation.


The battle could see Iraqi forces denting the militant group's hold


across parts of northern and western Iraq that were seized two years ago.


Last month the government won back the eastern part of the city


and the advances of the last 12 hours or so take them within


Fears have been voiced about the safety of thousands


The BBC's correspondent Quentin Sommerville


is with the Iraqi army and sent this report.


Just after sunrise, Iraq began what it hopes is its last major


battle against the so-called Islamic State.


Thousands of men and hundreds of armoured vehicles in a line


The Iraqi army are starting their assault on Western Mosul.


They have reached their own defences.


Armoured vehicles are lining up, getting ready for the Islamic State.


They are only a couple of kilometres over that way,


They are dug in, the assault in Western Mosul has started.


Leading the attack, Iraq's emergency response division,


Some of these men were surrounded by IS two years ago.


Today, they threw everything they had at IS.


We are now above the village which is their main target.


They are about to call in some artillery strikes.


The captain tells me there are three IS fighters in a yellow building


down there and car bombs were targeting them now.


There were four car bombs in total, but soon government


They killed 13 IS fighters without taking any casualties.


This village is small, but it's important, it's


the gateway to Mosul proper and the city's airport.


Hidden inside another house, away from surveillance aircraft,


another car bomb disguised as an ambulance.


In these streets, though, a critical advantage - no civilians.


In western Mosul there are three quarters of a million people


It took these men just six hours to take this village.


They made good progress but with overwhelming force.


Beyond here is another town and another village.


That town overlooks Mosul Airport and the city itself.


From here on in, the going will not be nearly so fast.


As we have heard, eastern Mosul was liberated by government forces two


months ago, we got this view on life in that part of the city. The long


awaited operation to take the western side of most was happening,


in this side there is mixed feelings about people who are happy about the


news of the operation. Suicide attacks took place. And this year 's


presence has been increased, however that has not stopped people from


coming out to the market. We're so happy that our brothers in the Iraqi


army are liberating our brothers in the West. The Westerners had been


heard by the tragedies of IS. They have really suffered from hunger and


thirst. So we are so happy about the start of the operation. Thank God we


are in high-spirited and there is good relationship between Mr G


forces and the people, we feel safe, God willing things will be stable


soon. A senior member of the new US


administration has distanced himself from Donald Trump's assessment


of the media as "the The President made


the comments during a rally on Saturday in Florida -


but his Defense Secretary, James Mattis, had this to say


when he was asked what he thought I've had some rather contentious


times with the press, but no, the press as far as I'm concerned


are a constituency that we deal with, and I don't have any issues


with the press myself. Mr Mattis is not the only


Republican to speak out Senator John Mccain told the NBC


programme 'meet the press' that attacking the media had overtones


of dictatorship... If you want to preserve


democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many


times adversial press, and without it, I'm afraid


that we would lose so much of our individual


liberties over time. That is how dictators get started,


with tweets like that? With - no, they get started


by suppressing a free press. In other words,


a consolidation of power. When you look at history,


the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press,


I'm not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator,


I'm just saying we need to learn Let's go live to


Washington and speak to our correspondent -


David Willis. There is little sign that he's


trying to censor the press but he's certainly trying to discredit it and


in turn led Subasic we have got the media fighting back against that,


and catching him out if and when they can. How is that viewed in


America, in a country that according to recent polls doesn't trust the


press anyway. That is a good point Chris, what we have had from


President Trump over the last few days, is increasing bellicosity if


that is the right word, towards the mass media. He went on Twitter the


other day, to say that they were the enemy of the American people. That


is strong stuff, it is going a lot further than he has gone in the


past. Body clearly does believe that the media has misrepresented his


first month in office, there have of course been protests. There have


been problems though the administration links to Russia, has


been the resignation of General Mike Flynn, the National security


adviser. But President Trump believes it is all going swimmingly


and that is why, he went on the campaign trail. Last night, going to


Florida, giving that speech, as if he was campaigning for office, he


says he is campaigning for office in 2020. This is because he can


circumvent the mass media at gatherings like that, he can get his


message directly to the people who act should put him in the White


House. Let's just talk about Sweden if we can, the comments that he made


about Sweden in Florida, at that rally. Any response from the White


House or any of the governmental departments to Sweden's request for


some clarification. Not yet, this is very interesting because this is


something that came up at that rally in Florida last night. He was


talking about immigration controls, one of his pet subject and he talked


about open borders in Europe and how they had led to terrorist attacks,


and he cited attacks in Paris, Nice, Brussels, and only the day before in


Sweden. He said. You look at what is happening last night in Sweden, who


would believe this? Sweden. Well Sweden didn't believe it because it


was pretty quiet on Friday night in Sweden by all accounts. The most


ulcers thing going on by all accounts, was a contest to narrow


down who would represent Sweden in Eurovision Song contest. That has


prompted the Swedish Embassy in Washington to ask the State


Department to please explain what on earth the president was talking


about. And as soon as you get a response, we will bring it to you in


Sweden and I look forward to that. Let's have a look at other


developments around the world. Russian opposition activist,


Vladimir Kara Murza, has left the country after spending


more than two weeks in a critical Medical discharge papers said


he was suffering from the effects He has flown out of Russia


accompanied by his wife and a medic, A policeman has been killed


in an explosion near the bullring Police had been deployed ahead


of expected protests by animal The bullring reopened last month,


four years after being closed Zimbabwe's president


Robert Mugabe says both the governing party,


ZANU-PF, and the country's people see no viable successor to him


in next year's elections. Mr Mugabe - who turns 93 on Tuesday


- has been in power since 1980. His wife says he's so popular


voters would support him Malaysian police are hunting


for at least four more suspects in the death of Kim Jong-nam,


the half brother of in the death of Kim Jong-nam,


the half brother of He died on Monday after


apparently being poisoned Four people have already been


arrested over the death but many questions remain unanswered,


including what will The assasination of this man


appears to have involved Four have already been detained


in the poisoning of Kim Jong-nam, including a woman holding


a Vietnamese passport who could be this person from the crime scene,


and this woman who says She says she thought


she was on a television prank show. One North Korean citizen


is in custody, thought to be the man And now the authorities have asked


for Interpol's help to find at least four more North Koreans,


who all entered and exited Malaysia I can confirm today they have


left our country the very same day People of interest who might


know how Kim Jong-nam's Four suspects has been identified,


which could assist us very much Still the question of


what will be done with. Malaysian law requires his


family to come in person If still they don't come forward,


we have to look for the next option. It is unclear whether Mr Kim's


children could travel to the morgue Or perhaps the law requires


the presence of this man, the victim's half sibling


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. South Korea's unification ministry


say they believe Pyongyang orchestrated the poisoning of Kim


Jong-nam. The man once poised to rule


North Korea before falling out While Kim Jong-nam was alive


the thinking goes he remained a threat to his half brother


and to Kim Jong-un's fragile grip One of the biggest potential


takeover deals in corporate history is NOT going to happen -


after the American food giant Kraft-Heinz said


it was dropping its bid to buy The Anglo-Dutch company rejected


a bid from Kraft on Friday. Now Kraft has said it has 'amicably


agreed' to scrap the plan. Our business Correspondent Joe


Lynam has been watching Didn't quite turn out how we


expected it? I have never seen such a corporate U-turn, I calculate that


within 55 hours of the bid being submitted and initially rejected, it


has now been withdrawn entirely. This brought together some major


Grable brands that you and I know. Such as -- Major global brand. Such


as that Adelphia and Heinz baked beans, which is owned by


Kraft-Heinz, and that would have brought over marmite and other ones


from Unilever to create a huge player. Worth 55 billion. But it is


no more, what has happened is that basically it has become very clear


that it was never going to work and that Kraft-Heinz would have to


launch a hostile takeover bid and that would have cost it an awful lot


more money than it was prepared to pay and it wouldn't have made the


deal worthwhile and also it wouldn't have been a friendly and amicable


divorce. And if you're wondering why we should care, it is not just such


a huge takeover bid, a lot of jobs and products at stake? You are


rights to mention jobs, there are thousands of people working for


Unilever at the moment to breathing a sigh of relief, simply because


Craft Heinz is controlled by a Brazilian outfit called the 3G, they


have a deserved history for cost-cutting, taking a side to


factories and jobs for the companies they take over. They certainly would


have run the rule over Unilever factories all over the world saying


this one has to go. Stay with us on BBC World News,


still to come: A hat-trick from Harry Kane


who eases Tottenham Hotspur A full round-up of


the action coming up. The army defeated in the task it had


been sent to perform at retreating in good order. It had a terrible


effect on the morale, and terrified of the repercussions on the streets.


As the airlift got underway, there was no letup in the eruption itself,


lava streams in the greater flow down to the sea on the east of the


island, away from the town at the time being but it could start


flowing again had any time. The Russians heralded their new


generation space station with a spectacular night launch, they


called it, mir, the Russian for peace.


Iraqi forces say they've captured several villages


in their assault on western Mosul, the last stronghold of so-called


Sweden has asked for an explanation from Washington after


President Trump spoke of a security incident there,


Let's return to our main story - the Iraqi army's renewed


offensive to recapture Mosul from the Islamic State group.


already played you one report by Quentin Sommerville who's


As always, Quentin is also telling the story on Twitter.


incredible insight into that assault on Mosul.


And you can see those photos on Quentin's twitter account -


he is @sommervillebbc - and you can follow him while he's


A SpaceX rocket has successfully launched


from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida following a 24-hour


delay to replace a mechanical part, known as an 'actuator'.


The Falcon 9 rocket was carrying the 12th Dragon


spacecraft delivering cargo to the International Space Station.


This is the first SpaceX lift off from the Kennedy Space Center -


specifically pad 39A, which was the site of the Apollo 11


The payload is on its way to the Space Station,


but the rocket turned around and touched down on a landing pad.


Here's how NASA spokesperson Jessica Jensen summed up the mission.


Any time we can get a new pad off the ground, we completely modernise


We have run tonnes of tests to ensure that the hold downs


back in a different way than it used to on pad 40.


We have done tons of ground tests, but we have never made it an actual


rocket with a payload on top of that.


So to watch that happen for the first time was just amazing.


I am sure the team will be out celebrating tonight.


As of now we are still watching Dragon and ensuring it is on its way


to the space station safely and it still does checkouts


But all is looking great, we are not expecting any issues.


We'll be out tonight if you want to find us.


There will be some heavy drinking sure among some of our footballers.


Hello good evening, the draw has been made for the quarter-finals


of the FA Cup and Lincoln City - after that giant-killing


against Premier League side Burnley yesterday.


They could face Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium -


IF THEY can beat another non-league side - Sutton United tomorrow...


Jose Mourinho and Manchester United return to the scene of a 4-0


trouncing earlier this season as they visit Premier League leaders


Middlesbrough host the winner of the replay


between Championship side Huddersfield and Manchester City.


There's another London derby for Spurs, who host Millwall


and confirmation of what COULD be in prospect a trip to Sutton


end, Ibrahimovic's introduction made a difference as they beat the


championships I'd buy 2-1. Rovers are second bottle, but they stunned


United earlier on Ewood Park. They didn't hold their lead for too long,


Henrikh Mkhitaryan with a lovely pass for Marcus Rashford and he


rounded the keeper to make it 1-1 before Ibrahimovic's winner. They


gave us a hard game and congratulations to them, because


their approach was brave and strong and a very correct game. He had a


game in his hands easily. But they had a Brent attitude, -- a brilliant


attitude and this professional attitude, focus and responsibility,


we would be in real trouble. Tottenham Hotspur booking their


place, in a 3-0 win. The striker Harry Kane scored a hat-trick


against the championship side. Very good, we have not had a few great


results recently and we wanted to get a win today, we have done that


and played very well and comfortable and properly should have added a few


more goals and it is a great game all around and we are happy with it.


In Spain's Primera Division Lionel Messi's fourth minute goal


for Barcelona narrowed the gap on leaders Real Madrid to one point.


They are currently drawing. Real Madrid still have two games in hand


on the Catalans but the win came as welcome relief after comprehensive


loss to PSG earlier this week. Elsewhere Valencia picked up an


important week the Athletic Bilbao, moving them away from relegation


trouble, also victories for Villarreal and Celta Vigo.


Wigan have won Rugby League's World Club Challenge


It's the annual match bewteen the Superleague winners


The Warriors were facing the Cronulla Sharks at the DW


Stadium, they led 10-nil at halftime and though Sharks mounted


a comeback...Joe Burgess's third try secured the win ...22 points to 6.


Wigan the first English team to lift this trophy in five years.


Pleased with that, and wanting to perform. Really well. It is not the


coaching staff, the players have so much desire and so much guts and


determination to get these winds. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga won


the Rotterdam Open on Sunday with a 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 win over David


Goffin. It's also a first ever


title for the French sixth seed at this event,


having lost the 2011 The victory against the Belgian


third seed who was playing his second final in as many weeks took


just under two hours handing Tsonga That is all of the sport for now.


Now let's just show you some wonderful footage of some blokes.


This is Japan. 10,000 were wearing nothing but soon most I'll staff. To


take part in a 500-year-old tradition. The naked man festival


takes place every year, at a temple. These men have two scramble for


sacred sticks thrown into the crowd in darkness. The winners who find


the sticks are considered lucky men. Not too sure about the spectators.


Before we go, wanted Tony about Asus of interview coming up later with


the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. She talks about why she wants to


make a film about Cambodia's genocide. From all of us, good


night. Good evening it has felt more


springlike in winter this weekend because the


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