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This is BBC World News Today with me Geeta Guru-murthy.


Malaysia says the half-brother of the North Korean leader


Toxicology reports show he died from VX poisoning -


a substance which the UN classifies as a weapon of mass destruction.


Donald Trump's latest promise to his supporters:


and better America - and no delay in building the wall:.


With building the wall. We're building the wall. In fact, it's


going to start soon. Way ahead of schedule.


The fatal shooting of an Indian man in the US is investigated


The American new intervened is hailed as a hero.


And preparations begin for Sunday's Oscars ceremony. Will Hollywood the


Goering La-la? -- the. Five. Welcome.


Police in Malaysia say a highly toxic nerve agent called VX has been


found on the face of Kim Jong Nam - the murdered half brother


Mr Kim died last week after two women accosted him


briefly in a check-in hall at a Kuala Lumpur airport.


The nerve agent, VX, is classified as a weapon of mass


Our correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports


Last week at Kuala Lumpur airport, and some choose to attack Kim Jong


Nam in full view of these six CCTV cameras. It was a very deliberate


and public act of violence. To date, we learned what killed him. As is


even more shocking. It is VX nerve agents. A chemical weapon. Kim Jong


Nam was walking across this busy departures hall was the granny was


attacked at this exact spot and now we know what killed him. Small


Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill:. One of the most


deadly nerve agent ever invented. 100th of a gram would have been


enough to kill him. -- VX. Someone used it to kill and hair in the


middle of this International Airport. It is colourless and


odourless with the view of engine oil. Said Adley, it is classified by


the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction. -- so deadly.


Symptoms include:. It was produced in the 80s. North Korea's dictator


Kim Jong Un already had nuclear weapons. Some think he has sent a


message by killing his brother with the deadly nerve agent. What we do


know is they have a weapon of mass destruction. VX, which has the


potential to kill many thousands of people, they show that they want to


be part of the weapons of mass destruction club and that they


should be taken the really. If we do nothing, we are going to be in a


very difficult position. This is probably far more dangerous than the


nuclear weapons programme that has been spoken about in the past 12


months. The more we learn, the more bizarre the story becomes. This is


one of the alleged assassins' Facebook page. Nothing about her


suggests he could be a killer. About the only thing we knew is that Kim


Jong Nam must have died in excruciating pain. His body


convulsed, his long lasting for air. -- lungs. -- gasping.


Richard Guthrie is a chemical weapon consultant and he can join


Thank you for joining us. What do we know about VX and who might possess


it? It is one of the most potent nerve agents. It is highly toxic and


has a perfect right interviewing signalling between nerve cells says


edition doses, the nerves cannot Ali Al basic functions, such as


controlling heartbeat and breathing. That can inevitably leads to death.


In other countries have manufactured it over the years, mainly in very


small quantities. It is hard to scale production to an industrial


process because the chemistry is quite complicated and some of the


Chronicles used to manufacture it are highly reactive. -- chemicals.


Have to be used under controlled conditions. It is made in small


quantities in a number of laboratories at long, across the


world, primarily to test equipment. The Beano which countries, other


than North Korea, might possess this and do we have any evidence they


might possess it? -- Do we know. Many countries have now signed up to


the 1990s the chemical weapons Convention, which is aimed at the


chemical weapons free world. There are only about five countries who


have not signed up and your career is one of them. There are other


countries who have had VX, such as the United States, former Soviet


Union and Syria had a small quantity. There is of all been


destroyed. How worrying is that we have seen this being used in such an


open, busy area? How was it not picked up in Malaysia? Well, it's


easy for VX not to be picked up because it is contained, then it


would not give off any kind of odour. It is easy to protect a small


quantity and they would only need a small quantity in this case. There


has been a very long history of assassination by poison over the


decades. Famously in 1989, the apartheid authorities tried to kill


a reverend who became adviser to the President when it was the ANC


administration. They laced his underwear with nerve agent and he


was lucky to survive. Some assassination by poison is done


discreetly in order to make it look like it's natural causes. Other side


dot-mac times, it is done in an overt manner to be an expression of


power. This would seem to be a case where the authorities, one presumes,


in North Korea, want to strand agelong, powerful message that they


have these materials and can use them. -- send a strong message. We


want to talk about the effect on the victim, or how it acts. Looking at


the footage, it was such a brief level of contact if that is what


happened. It is potentially a very brief level of contact bodies VX


will play on your skin and may need a drop of a less than the size that


you can see with the visible ally to kill. Because it affects the nervous


system and permeates through the body affecting the nervous system.


Then the large exposure would be quick, but it can, over a period of


Alice, with very tiny exposure, implies that the substance detected


was VX, that it was not the smallest of those is to allow him to walk


around for some minutes, but that doesn't go out VX. It is very


consistent with known reactions of VX recommending the past. Thank you


very much indeed. Good to talk to you. Thank you.


For Donald Trump, it was like going back


The President has been speaking to the Conservative wing


of the Republican Party, at an event in Maryland -


the place he says he made his first real political speech,


at the start of his campaign for the White House.


He told the gathering that he'd inherited a mess, but said


he was keeping his promises, and insisted that construction


of the wall along the Mexican border would start soon.


Here's a little of what he had to say.


For too long, we have traded away our jobs to different countries. So


terrible. We have defended other nations' borders, while leaving Al


is wide open, anyone can come in. -- ours we are going to build a wall.


Don't worry about it. We are building the wall. In fact, it will


start soon, way ahead of schedule. CHEERING


Way, way, way ahead of schedule. I'm not against the press, I don't mind


bad stories if I deserve them. I don't get too many of them. I can


only against the fake news, media press. Fake, fake. We have to leave


that word. I'm against people who make up sources.


They shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they


We are also putting in a massive budget request for our military.


CHEERING And we will be substantially


upgrading all of our military, all of our military. Authentic,


defensive, everything. They get and better, and stronger than ever


before. And hopefully we will never have to use it but nobody will


message is, folks. Jane O'Brien is in


Washington for us. We have seen two very senior members


of the new administration in Mexico City this week. He is still going


forward with the plan, any detail on it? Now. That is the bottom line. No


detail whatsoever. When he says he is ahead of schedule, we don't know


what the schedule was so no clue what that means. He also still have


to find the money because no one has come up with Google paid. Mexico


said it will not but presumably the will have to leave some amount of


billions of dollars to build the wall. There are issues over the land


that this wall will cross, much of it is owned privately. We will have


to buy it on private land owners, all the drill. That will cost money.


All sorts of details that will need to be thrashed out in that speech.


Fake news and fake sources, we heard. This be a recurring theme.


Some of his own sources been called into question a number of times on


the campaign trail. What a remake of this latest assault? To be perfectly


honest, you have to take it with a pinch of salt. What he was doing


there was playing to his audience. This was his warm up act. He


mentioned that at the beginning of his speech and the audience loved


it. His actual message there was that his supporters should listen to


him. They should not be distracted by all the bad press that he is


getting like the story about what he is doing all the stories about his


dysfunctional White House, or the story about what he says. They


should listen to him, they should listen and look to what he is doing


and I think that is the message he is trying to get across there.


Again, saying he is going to improve funding for the military. Again, I


don't know if any numbers came out there. He is a very powerful man in


a powerful position with a huge military already. Indeed. What he


did not mention is, as he said, the military has always been big.


America is a superpower. What has been lacking in the last eight years


is the political will to use it. I think that is far more to the point


and again, it comes down to money. He mentioned in that speech


sequestration, a horrible word but it's what Congress decided to do


when they couldn't agree a budget eight years ago, blanket cut across


the board, including the military. There is a deficit budget talks have


not left on dress, they will be watching the dolls anti-sense, and


they will want to know how Donald Trump wants to pay for his enlarged


military. -- and the cents. Thank you.


Iraqi forces are launching attacks on a neighbourhood


in the west of Mosul - one day after troops


It fell to IS in June 2014 and the Iraqi military


operation to re-take it began in October last year.


Government forces retook the eastern side -


across the River Tigris - last month.


The river, which splits the city in two, is now the front line.


Iraqi forces advanced into the western side


via the south on Sunday, moving in on the airport.


And also cutting off exit routes to the Syria border to stop IS


Well, earlier we received this update via twitter


correspondent Quentin Sommerville, who's on the front line in western


Here is a look at part of his story to day.


Do follow him on Twitter to keep up to date with what is happening in


Mosul, in a rock. Now a look at some of


the days other news. France's far-right presidential


candidate, Marine le Pen, has refused to be questioned


by police in connection The National Front leader denies any


wrongdoing and claims the allegations are designed


to damage her election prospects. The European Parliament alleges that


more than 300,000 euros of funding was misspent


by her party. Britain's main opposition


Labour Party has suffered a shock defeat to the governing


Conservatives in a parliamentary It's the best by-election


performance by a governing party in Britain in more


than half a century. Labour had held the seat


for more than 80 years. At least 18 people have been killed


in a crash improve. Many casualties were on the bus which burst into


flames and chainsaws were used to free people from the wreckage. --


Peru. US police are investigating


whether the fatal shooting of an Indian software engineer


in the state of Kansas Srinivas Kuchbhotla was killed


and another Indian engineer Alok Madasani was injured


in the attack. Adam Purinton has been charged


with murder after the shooting Some people on social media have


blamed the charged atmosphere created by Donald Trump. It has been


said it's too early to point out a motive.


A third victim who was injured is 24-year-old Ian Grillot.


He's being hailed as a hero after stepping in and trying


He has been speaking from his hospital bed. I heard gunshots, I


got out, expected his magazine to be empty, tried chasing down, but I


guess I miss counted. I got behind him and turn around, he fired at me.


-- need to around. We are looking at if the crime was


committed with buyers and motivation. -- biased motivation. I


just done what anyone should do for another human being. It's not about


where you're from or ethnicity, we are all humans. One of the gentleman


who survived came in here today and it was the greatest thing. I can't


even describe it. Some one who was watching over me. I wanted to go


fishing this weekend but I don't think that's going to be happening


right now. That's my first thing I want to do is do a bit of fishing


and get together with the gentleman that I have now become best friends


with after last night. Of course, one man killed and


another Indian person injured. We will keep up-to-date with that story


for you. We've been reporting


on President Trump's rally today - but remember his rally last weekend


in Florida and his His remarks about what was happening


there on the night before I do a lot of heat on Sweden. --


took. A day later, I said, has anyone reported what has been going


on? It turned out they didn't. Take a look at what happened in Sweden. I


love Sweden. Great country, great people. I love Sweden, but they


understand I'm right. The people over there understand I'm right.


Take a look at what is happening in Sweden.


The comments Mr Trump was referring to concerned a Fox News documentary


about alleged violence committed by refugees in Sweden.


Our correspondent Maddy Savage has been to Malmo, one of Sweden's


most diverse cities, to find out what the situation


You look at what's happening at night in Sweden. Sweden, who would


believe this? Sweden. Since Donald Trump's comments, there has been a


way of media stories on Sweden's migration. They take in more than


almost anywhere in Europe. Many settled in Malmo, everyone is


Sweden's mouse Toryism neighbourhoods, Rosengard. So what


it really like there? Police in Sweden and publish data on


the ethnicity of criminals, but they have taught us that, in Malmo, one


of Sweden's most diverse cities, crime has actually gone down in the


last year. In the same time, fair crime here has gone up. It is this


their asses driving support for the country's national party which


believes Donald Trump was right to link crime with immigration.


Rosengard has a lot more problems than we see an more Swedish part of


Sweden. You want the army together into Rosengard?


The governments there is talk of no go zones is highly exaggerated. We


in the spent the night in Rosengard, we saw no outward signs of trouble.


Is this typical? And many locals here say they are


fed up of feeling like political footballs on a global debate about


immigration. A debate plenty with like to call time on.


On Sunday millions around the world will tune in to watch


the Oscars where La La Land - a musical revolving


around two LA dreamers - is expected to scoop


But the Academy Awards won't just highlight escapism.


The ceremony will also showcase more earthbound movies


with diverse casting - and may become an arena


Top of the Oscars he is La La Land, which seems to have won the hearts


and minds of Academy members. This musical has earned 14 Oscar


nominations, matching the wreckage set by the pictures All About Eve


and Titanic. The stars believe it has revived the musical genre. It's


a genre we all thought was gone, the old Hollywood musical. It still very


special that it happened and I think that the audience has connected with


that. On the block nominees are less creamy than La La Land. When it


comes to storytelling, they display diversity. Lack of inclusion at the


Academy Awards has been a big issue. Last year, the Oscars was besieged


by white protest. This year, there are films like Moonlight and Fences


nominated, which have largely black casts. There have been many black


actors nominated this year, as well as one with Indian It's great that


we have had more black people nominated across the board, actors,


cinematographers, directors, screenplay. All easily it's not just


about black nominees, it's about all different kinds of nominees. We


still have a far way to go before we can say that Oscars Are White is


obsolete. There has been protest after the protest since Donald Trump


moved into the White House. The Oscars podium may be used to vent


discontent. This could be the most politicised Oscars we have ever had


because I think, for the first time, a mass number of actors feel that


perhaps their role as citizens is more important and they will speak


out. Protest extends beyond American shores. Iranian film director


nominated for his picture, Knee Salesman, has decided not to come


because of Donald Trump. And actively, with awards shows we have


seen over the past two or three weeks, people have things they want


to say. When they get on a platform, they will say it. What they say to


people you don't think the Oscars is the appropriate arena for expressing


protest? I think the Oscars are political and it is a platform to


honour the art. That all becomes part and parcel with the art. The


White House has suggested the president may already be engaged on


Oscar night but that may not stop anyone on the podium who criticises


him and his policies from receiving presidential condemnation or


ridicule by way of Twitter. That happens to Meryl Streep at a legal


ban blog award that could happen again on Sunday night. -- own Golden


Globes night. Now, just last season, Claudio Ranieri was parading around


the Premier League trophy with Leicester City. Now he has been


sacked. The bosses said they could not risk the file's future hanging


just above the relegation zone. However, Claudio Ranieri said what


happened was an amazing adventure. Is there anything you would like to


say to the fans? Yes, I am very sad for them. I wish them all the best.


It has caused some shock waves here. Let me tell you. Gary Lineker,


former Leicester player, has said he is very sad.


And you can get in touch with me and the team on Twitter -


Hello. Nothing too money horizon through this weekend, thankfully. On


the other hand, no clear blue skies and sunshine all the time. From it.


It'll be mild, plus the ruins but nothing too extreme. Some rain,


then. Especially along the west. This set of weather fronts will


bring a pretty wet and windy start


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