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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


-- Geeta Guru-Murthy. It was badly hit. Malaysia and police confirm


there was an air of chemical attack on the Korean leader's brother.


Donald Trump hits out at the press and confirms he intends to build the


wall on the border with Mexico. We are building the wall. And Claudio


Ranieri's sadness at being sacked just nine months after winning


Leicester City their only Premier League title.


Police in the say a highly toxic nerve agent called VX has been found


on the face of Kim Jong-nam, the murdered half brother


Mr Kim died last week after two women accosted him


briefly in a check-in hall at Kuala Lumpur airport.


The nerve agent, VX, is classified as a weapon of mass


Our correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes


Last week at Kuala Lumpur airport someone chose to attack Kim Jong Nam


Last week at Kuala Lumpur airport someone chose to attack Kim Jong-nam


in full view of at least half a dozen CCTV cameras.


It was a very deliberate and very public act of violence.


It is the VX nerve agent, which is a chemical weapon.


Kim Jong-nam was walking across this busy departures hall last week


Now we know what was used to kill him, VX, one of the most


Just a tiny drop, one hundredth of a gram,


VX is also banned under international convention,


and yet someone decided to use it here in the midst of this


VX is colourless and odourless with, the feel of engine oil.


It is so deadly it is classified by the United Nations as a weapon


Symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath,


South Korea says the North started producing chemical weapons


in the 1980s and has up to 5000 tonnes of stocks.


North Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un already


Some think he is now sending a chilling new message,


by killing his older brother with the world's


What they have demonstrated is that they do have a weapon


of mass destruction, VX, which has the potential to kill


They have shown that they want to be part of the weapons


of mass destruction club and that they should


And if we do nothing, then we're going to be


The more we learn, the more bizarre this story becomes.


This is one of the alleged assassins taking part


Nothing about her suggests she could be a killer.


About the only thing we know for sure is that Kim Jong-nam must


His body convulsed, his lungs gasping for air.


Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC News, in Kuala Lumpur.


Joshua Pollack is the editor of The Nonproliferation Review


and a leading expert on nuclear and missile proliferation.


Thank you for your time. Can you tell us a bit more about this nerve


agent? VX is an especially potent nerve agent, and has traditionally


been used as a battlefield weapon, not as a tool of assassination. The


only exception I am aware of where some attempts in the 1990s by a


group in Japan the boys in some of their enemies with VX among other


chemical and biological agents -- group Japan to poison some of their


enemies. It had mixed success. The success of this was not in doubt he


suddenly. What do we know about how it was made, whether North Korea has


it and has used it? It is a synthetic chemical. It has long been


strongly suspected that the North Koreans have it. It is one of the


preferred military nerve agents. You can read for example South Korean


Defence Ministry papers on the subject which suggest that VX and


also selling are the mainstay of the North Korean chemical arsenal. This


report, if it is accurate in the end, tends to confirm they do have


VX, but it does not tell us a much. Can you explain a bit more about the


biological effects on the victims hit with this, and also what about


using this drug, it seems a pretty exotic approach? Well, yes, the


effects. It is inhaled, absorbed through the eyes or even through the


skin, and if that happens it will cause a lot of the body systems to


shut down. I think approximate cause of death is that you stop breathing


because your central nervous system stops telling you to breathe and


your muscles that control your breathing also fail. I would say


that the power of this agent, and it is an especially deadly agent, using


it in an exposed public space, especially in a foreign country, is


especially provocative and is likely to have consequences for North


Korea's relationship with Malaysia, among other countries, along with


China which apparently had extended some form of protection to the late


Kim Jong-un -- Kim Jong-nam. So there will be consequences. There


are really two hypotheses right now about the decision to use this nerve


agent. Firstly, that it was meant as a demonstration of North Korea's


capabilities and its willingness to use them against its enemies. A


warning that it could enhance its deterrence of South Korea or the


United States. Another hypothesis is that the agent is so exotic, so


unusual, as a tool of assassination, that it would not be detected in


time by the Malaysian authorities who would hand over the body to the


North Korean authorities and nobody would ever be the wiser. That may


have been what the Russians intended with polonium in London seven years


ago. Sorry to interrupt, Joshua Pollack, we are out of time, but we


do appreciate your time and expertise.


Iraqi forces are launching attacks on a neighbourhood in the west of


Mosul a day after troops recaptured the city's airport.


Mosul is Barack's second-largest city.


It fell to IS in June 20 14th and the Iraqi


military operation to retake it began in October last year.


Government forces retook the eastern side across the River Tigris last


The river, which splits the city in two, is now the front line.


Iraqi forces advanced into the western side


via the south on Sunday, moving in on the airport,


and also cutting off exit routes to the Syria


border to stop IS militants from escaping.


Well, our Middle East correspondent Quentin


Sommerville is with the Iraqi army in Western Mosul,


and - as he's been doing throughout the week -


he's sent a flurry of tweets from the front line.


Here's a look at part of his story today.


And Quentin's Twitter address is of course on-screen there.


Donald Trump, speaking to the conservative wing


of the Republican Party at an event in Maryland, has renewed his


He said "fake news outlets" where the enemy of the people.


He also said he was going ahead with building the wall


For too long we have traded away our jobs to other countries. So


terrible. We have defended other nations' borders while leaving ours


wide open so anybody can comment. We are going to build the wall, don't


worry about it. -- anybody can come in. In fact, it is going to start


soon, way ahead of schedule. We ahead schedule. -- way ahead. Way,


way, way ahead of schedule. I am not against the press. I don't mind bad


stories if I deserve them. And, I tell you, I love good stories, but I


don't get too many of them. But I am only against the fake news media or


press. Fake, you're that worried. I am against the people that make up


stories and make up sources -- you hear that word. They should not be


allowed to use sources are mostly use somebody's name.


We are also putting in a massive budget request


And we will be substantially upgrading all of our military,


Bigger and better and stronger than ever before.


And hopefully we'll never have to use it.


But nobody is going to mess with us, folks.


Well, another line coming out of Washington at the moment, the White


House correspondents' Association has protested about some journalist


are apparently being excluded from a press briefing. China wass from


several organisations were told they could not attend an off-camera


meeting -- some journalists from several organisations were told.


Laura Bicker is in Washington for us.


What do we know about this? From what happened today, we understand


the white House press officer Sean Spicer said they have expanded the


call to include other networks, including the likes of the right


wing conservative publication and the Washington Times. When they


included the list from today's briefing, these were allowed in, but


we understand certain others were not, including the BBC, CNN, the New


York Times, political and others. I have a statement from our editor in


Washington and he said he understands the white -- White House


restrict certain press, however he says on this occasion selected media


were not allowed to attend including the BBC. The BBC has a


representative at every daily White House briefing, so we are not clear


why we were barred from today's and we are seeking clarification from


the White House press team. That is going on at the moment. He just


mentioned there the White House correspondents' association is all


school -- also asking why this has happened. Apart from referring to


the press again publicly in Maryland, Donald Trump also spoke


about that wall, which is not going away. The new US delegation has been


in Mexico as well this week? Yes, that was interesting. He said they


were ahead of schedule when it comes to plans for that border wall and


work will start soon. The first we have heard there. There were other


interesting briefings within that speech, where he spoke about a plan


that is being developed to combat the so-called Islamic State. We


heard a bit about a plan during his campaign, one he said that would not


be made public, but we now understand our plan is being put


together. I think the biggest cheer for his speech today, and remember


this is almost preaching to the choir, the right wing conservatives


happy to have a right-wing president, and the biggest cheer


came during the America, first, when he said he would fight for American


jobs and American democracy. Laura, from Washington, DC, thank you very


much. Stay with us on BBC


World News - still to come: Something of interest to the Friday


night team in the newsroom, we will look at the new drive in Japan to


get people to leave work early on Fridays.


The Conservatives have beaten Labour to win the Cumbrian seat of Copeland


But Labour held Stoke-on-Trent Central seat, seeing off


But the reaction from Jeremy Corbyn, and first the Prime Minister.


This is an astounding victory for the Conservative Party but also for


the people of Copeland. You know, Labour have held the seat since the


1930s. A party in government hasn't won a by-election from the ... From


a seat held by the opposition for 35 years. I tell you what happened


yesterday, people came out, worked and knocked on doors to deliver a


message, a message about the economy, about jobs, about this


country, but above all it was a message that hope triumphs over


there. -- message that hope


triumphs over fear. The brother of North Korean leader


Kim Jong-un was reportedly killed by a nerve agent in Malaysia. Donald


Trump has claimed he will build the wall on the border with Mexico ahead


of schedule. Remember his rally last weekend in Florida, those comments


about Sweden? Those comments but a lot of


attention and he touched on that again today... I took a lot of heat


on Sweden. And then a day later I said, has anybody reported what is


going on? It turned out they didn't. Take a look at what happened in


Sweden. I love Sweden, great country, great people. But they


understand I am right. The people over there understand I am right.


Take a look at what is happening in Sweden. The comments Mr Trump was


referring to concerned a Fox documentary about alleged violence


in Sweden. Our correspondent has been to Malmo, one of Sweden's most


diverse cities to see what the situation is really like. You look


at what was happening last night in Sweden, Sweden! Who would believe


this, Sweden! Since Donald Trump's comments there have been that has


been attention on Sweden's approach to immigration. It the more refugees


per capita than almost any nation in Europe. Many settled in Malmo, home


to one of Sweden's most notorious neighbourhoods. What is it really


like there? TRANSLATION: There are a lot more


problems in the US than in Sweden, so he should solve the problems in


the USA first then he can talk about the problems here in Sweden.


Bullies in Sweden did not publish data on the ethnicity of criminals


but they tell us that in Malmo, one of Sweden's most diverse cities,


crime has gone down actually in the last year. But at the same time fear


of crime here has gone up -- police in Sweden. It is this that is


driving support for the country's nationalist party who believes


Donald Trump was right to link crime and immigration. There are a lot


more problems here than we see in more Swedish parts of Sweden. I


think the military should help the police get control of these areas.


You one for me to going? Yes, exactly. The Swedish government says


discussion of no-go zones is wildly exaggerated. When we spend the night


there we did not see any outward signs of trouble. So was this


typical? Most of the nights are like this, OK, we have problems and we


cannot deny that and we have things to work on, absolutely. But,


overall, I would say it is quiet. And safe. Many locals say they are


fed up your feeling like political footballs in a global debate about


immigration, a debate plenty would like to call time on.


Let's get some of the sport now. Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes has all the


latest. A rather shocking editor to a football fairy tale? Yes, thank


you very much. Claudio Ranieri has claimed his dream died after he was


sacked as manager of Leicester City. He has now become one of sport's


most famous victims after the success of last year. BBC sports


editor Dan Rowan reports. At least there is still some loyalty left in


Leicester. Claudio Ranieri and the city both came to terms with his


dismissal, the miracle worker out of work -- Dan Roan. Emotions among the


neighbours, running high. It is a disgrace! Having masterminded the


least likely and most popular triumph ever seen in the Premier


League, the Italian has become the victim of its most controversial


sacking. Nine months ago he was the toast of Leicester... But the fizz


has long gone, today's press conference flat. The man who stood


beside him in the dugout was left to describe his mood. A bit shocked, as


we all were, but his tone was no different. Very level-headed in


terms of, that is football. Can you categorically say he had not lost


some parts of the dressing room, Claudio Ranieri? There was a lot of


frustration because of results but he had not lost the dressing room.


But the ruthlessness of the dismissal has shocked even those


spent a lifetime in the game. Former Leicester star Gary Lineker did not


just present Claudio Ranieri with coach of the year, he paid a very


public prize for doubting the team's success and he is angry. Just to


toss that all the way of a premature decision, over a disloyal... And in


many ways a lack of gratitude, it is quite gobsmacking. I am not ashamed


to say that last night when the news broke I shed a tear, I shed a tear


for Claudio, for football and for my club. Since then the euphoria has


evaporated. The champions languishing one point above the


relegation zone. The club's Thai owners said the club was in trouble


and they decided to act. The fans are divided. For me, I would have


kept him. To find out he had been sacked after what he did last year,


disgusting. It was not long ago Claudio Ranieri helped bring the


city to a standstill. Many wanted him to stay forever but the journey


has ended faster than many imagine. Apologies there for the Sound


problems on that film. The former Great Britain coach Brian Noble says


he is certain rugby league can be a success in North America. He is now


coach of the Toronto Wolfpack, a Canadian team who have begun life in


the third tier of British rugby league and have plans of reaching


the super league. Thanks to the better Toronto winter they will play


half of their home games in England before playing the remainder in


Canada. They will have to fund their opposition's travel and


accommodation. They play in the challenge cup tomorrow live on the


BBC sport website. Back to you. Thank you. Thousands of workers in


Japan had the chance to go home early today in the country's first


ever Premium Friday, part of a drive to tackle Japan's notoriously long


working hours. All offices are being encouraged to close early on the


last Friday of every month. People dying from overwork in Japan is such


a long-standing problem that it even has its own words...


a long-standing problem that it even has its own word...


Extraordinary! I will not tell you what we are all saying in the


newsroom here. It is of course 24/7 here at the BBC, and we don't mind!


All very happy to be here. Carry on watching, because BBC News continues


in the coming hours, and I am on Twitter, @ Geeta Guru-Murthy. I will


see you soon. Hello there. Good evening. There will be a detailed


look at the weather in the UK for the weekend and beyond. Right now we


will look at some weather stories elsewhere around the world,


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