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The Indian embassy in Washington has expressed deep concern over the


killing of an Indian in Kansas in what is believed to be a racially


motivated attack. As a vigil is held for victim is, his wife said they


had grown anxious about racial hatred after the election of Donald


Trump. I just could not sleep. I was talking and then I was like, he will


be safe in this country. I am so worried.


The exodus of civilians from western Mosul -


as Iraqi troops push deeper into territory held by Islamic State


Also coming up, the woman linked to the murder of Kim Jong-Nam -


says she got 90 dollars to take part in what she thought was a prank.


Claudio Ranieri says goodbye to the Leicester City players


The Indian Embassy in Washington has expressed deep concern over


the killing of an Indian man and the injuring of another


More than a hundred people gathered for a vigil in Kansas honouring


the victims of what authorities suspect was a possible hate crime.


Sri-Nivas Kuchi-Bhotla died shortly after Wednesday's attack,


his friend Alok Mada-Sani, also from India, and an American


Adam Purin-ton, a white US Navy veteran


has been charged with first degree murder


Our correspondent Rajini Vaidhyanathan is outside


the bar in Kansas - where this happened


The two had moved from India here to Kansas and both worked for a tech


company, Garmin, and it was a nice evening on Wednesday and they


decided to come for a drink after work, something they often did. They


have been friends a long time. Through the course of the evening,


things got tens after a man approached their table and started


talking to them and by the end of the evening both were victims of a


gun attack in which the Indian man was killed. His friend survived the


incident and he is still recovering at home. He spoke earlier.


He randomly comes up and starts pointing fingers. Obviously, he


started with Sri-Nivas because he was closer to his table. We knew


something was wrong with the way he started the conversation and he was


pointing his finger. That is not something you see everyday. What did


he say? He came towards me and said, which country are you from? Are you


here illegally? Police are investigating the


possible motives, including the possibility that this was a hate


crime. Other witnesses in the bar have reported that the attacker


said, get out of my country. That is what is being investigated. The


man's wife is travelling to India to perform his last rites. I also spoke


to her yesterday. She told me a little bit about her fears about


hate crimes in the United States. When the recent elections happened,


he was watching it so closely. I was so worried. I just could not sleep.


I was talking to him and I was like, he will be safe in this country. I


am so worried. I think the hate crime will be more open now. Will it


be safe for asked to go there? Will it be safe for us to go to the


office? I am so worried, I am so worried. He held me like this and


said, don't worry. We should be OK, we should be OK.


Sri-Nivas loved America, a country he loved working in. His wife said


he was a hard worker and would leave the office late everyday. He was


dedicated to this country and his wife said when she comes back from


India, she wants to come back to America, she also loves this


country, despite her concerns she expressed. We are hearing that one


Indian society in the US is advising national is not to speak in their


local dialect. You have been in Kansas, what people you there? I


went to a vigil at a local church is not too far from the bar, which has


reopened, I should say. It opened at 11 o'clock on Saturday following


what happened. But the mood at the Interfaith vigil, there were


Americans, and Indian Americans are many said they loved this area and


think it is a united community and so they are not concerned about


living here, specifically, but they are devastated about what happened,


because many people here the two then. Thanks.


Tom Perez, a former member of President Obama's cabinet, has


been elected as the new national chairman of the Democratic Party.


After beating Keith Ellison a congressman from Minnesota.


Mr Perez then appointed him as his deputy.


The role of chairman is seen as critical with the Republicans


holding majorities in both the Senate and House


After his successful campaign, Mr Perez made this


Someday they are going to study this era in American history and study it


alongside the know nothing movement and will ask the question of all of


us, where were you in 2017? When we had the worst president in the


history of the United States, and we will all be able to say, whether you


are sitting here, outside, or whether you are looking across


America, we will be able to say, the united Democratic party led the


resistance, ensured that this president was a one term president


and elected Democrats across this country from the school board, to


the Senate, to the state attorneys general, two secretaries of State


and Senators and governors, to District six is. To New Jersey and


Virginia. Next year, we are going to have a market correction in all of


these states, like admiring -- like Maryland. That is what we are going


to do. The new chairman of the Iraqi troops are pushing


deeper into western Mosul in their offensive to drive out


so-called Islamic State This area of Mosul is the last


IS stronghold in Iraq. The militants are surrounded,


along with an estimated three-quarters-of-a-million


civilians. Our correspondent Wyre Davies


is at an advanced Iraqi military base where American troops


and advisers are a key part This woman is a victim of


Islamic State's latest tactic in its desperate bid to avoid


defeat in Mosul. The 55-year-old mother of seven


from the eastern part of the "I was lying on the ground


and people were pointing to the sky from where the bomb


came", she told me. One of dozens of drone attack


victims they've treated at This is pretty new for this


conflict, but also for These mortars can be


very effective and the impact on the population


really, really brutal. This IS video eulogises


the use of commercially available drones to drop


bombs and grenades. An organisation which governs


according to brutal feudal codes adapting modern


technology to lethal effect. Drones are yet another threat


for government troops now pursuing fighters from so-called


Islamic State into the narrow After days of fierce


clashes on the edge of the But from a field just to the south,


big American guns are helping to sway the battle perhaps


decisively in the government's This is an overwhelmingly Iraqi


military operation but the role of American advisers


and troops, so-called boots on the US artillery pieces


pounding targets in American commanders are reluctant


to divulge too many sensitive details, but say US


military support will be decisive. The fight in Western Mosul


would be a tough fight So the Iraqi army, the Iraqi federal


police, again will face It will be a lot of


house-to-house fighting. A Kurdish reporter,


Shifa Gardi was killed today covering the government


advance into Mosul. A handful of refugees


fled in the opposite direction but there are an estimated


750,000 civilians still trapped Wyre Davies, BBC


News, northern Iraq. The aid agencies are preparing for a


huge number of civilians from Mosul. One person told us about what they


have been hearing. Our teams have seen families who have just escaped


from the actual fighting will stop to the places where our teams are


operating. They are talking about horrible stories of snipers shooting


women and children. Those who are trying to escape. It is, and has


resulted in killing and injury among them. Also some families are just


separated. Everybody is running for their lives.


Those people trapped in the west of the city under the control of


Islamic State, what are your fears of them? First of all their safety


and secondly the longer this conflict continues, there will be a


danger of people running out of food and water and medicine and


everything. What do you know about the geography of the area? We hear


about narrow streets. What do you fear for the people trying to


escape? That is our worry, especially in the old part of the


city where it is estimated over 400,000 people will be living.


Narrow streets and old houses. With the fighting people could be at risk


whether they are staying or trying to escape. Given the numbers


involved, are you worried about mass casualties? We would be worried


about mass casualties but at the same time it is great to hear the


Iraqi forces and government have taken civilian protection as a


priority of this operation and we hope it materialises on the ground.


If there are many casualties, our agencies ready for that? We are not


ready. We are unable to reach into old parts of the city and we are


only able to support families who are escaping from fighting.


A 73-year-old man has died after being severely injured


when a man drove his car into pedestrians in the


Police say the driver was a German who was armed with a knife,


Police say they are not sure of the motivation behind the attack.


Two other people who were injured have both been


The UN's peace envoy for Syria says suicide attacks on two government


compounds in the city of Homs were designed to derail the current


At least 30 people were killed and dozens injured.


The former al-Qaeda affiliate, the Al-Nusra Front, which now calls


itself Fateh al-Sham, said it carried out the attack.


Our correspondent Rami Ruhayem is in Beirut and told me how


the bombings could happen in a city supposedly under tight


This is an infiltration, not a battle. Whoever did this probably


Fateh al-Sham, the rebel group which claimed this attack, managed to get


through to this well guarded, highly sensitive spot, a couple of well


guarded, highly sensitive spots, to carry out this attack. This has


happened before. The regime has faced attacks in area it controls


before. Several of them in Homs, mostly on civilian targets. This one


unlike the others was not on a civilian target but possibly on a


target that matters more to the regime than other targets, because


of the nature of the targets will stop intelligence headquarters and


quite high profile casualties, as well. And a group believed to be


behind the attack, are they involved in the putative ongoing peace talks,


which are due to take place? No, this group came into existence in


its current form a couple of weeks ago. It used to be called Fateh


al-Sham. In the first statement by its leader, they explicitly rejected


negotiations and said they are not going to lead anywhere. The only way


to continue the revolution, they said, is to continue the armed


struggle against the regime and this is probably one of the most


successful manifestations of their strategy. Of course, this is a


manifestation as well of Al-Nusra, there is fierce focus from the start


of the Syrian uprising till now, on fighting the regime and rejecting


all the Western backed and golf Arab backed attempts to find a way --


Gulf. To find a solution to the regime. Still to come... Lavish


birthday celebrations that the Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe who


turned 93 this week. Benedict will in his own words be


hidden from the world for the rest of his life.


The latest headlines. A vigil is held for the victims of a shooting


in a Kansas bar in which an Indian man was killed in what is believed


to be a racially motivated attack. In an exodus of civilians from


Western Mosul as Iraqi troops pushed deeper into territory held by the


so-called Islamic State. Malaysian officials say the Kuala Lumpur


International Airport is safe and has no radioactive or hazardous


materials. The announcement came after security experts carried out a


sweep for any traces of the toxic nerve agent that killed the half


brother of the North Korean leader. Police said Kim Jong-nam was


assassinated with a lethal dose of VX, a chemical listed by the UN as a


weapon of mass destruction. Even though the search was conducted in


11 days after the murder, police say not a single medical emergency was


reported. The screening process was carried out at areas and locations


related to this case. As a result of this screening process, we confirm


number one, there is no hazardous material found. Number two, it is


free from any form of contamination of hazardous material. And third, it


is declared a safe zone. Indonesian diplomats have visited one of their


nationals held as a suspect. The woman repeated her claim she is


innocent and thought she was taking part in a prank. She told Indonesian


officials that two Korean or Japanese looking men gave her a


substance that looks like baby all to wipe on the face of a man and


paid her $90. According to her she got 400 ringgits. There is plenty


more on this story on the website including a closer look at exactly


what VX nerve agent is. Go to the website.


There's been a lavish birthday party for Zimbabwe's President,


Robert Mugabe, who turned 93 this week.


Mr Mugabe is defying calls to resign.


The oldest president in the world said this week that


"the majority of the people feel that there is no


Organisers are saying they want to throw one of the biggest parties in


Africa. What does it take for such a big budget birthday? 150 cattle have


been slaughtered for food and thousands of people brought in to


join the celebrations and there is plenty of cake for officials, but


not everybody is celebrating. Some groups said the party abused power


and forced impoverished people to make donations. A protest group said


the feasting should stop until the country is fixed. As we speak


hospitals are in crisis, doctors have been on strike the last two


weeks. The government said this is not an ordinary party, that they


want to revere an African icon that is President Robert Mugabe.


The latest sport. Thanks. Scotland have secured a long-awaited victory


over Wales. Their first in a decade. Tommy Seymour's try put


the Scots back in front after Liam Williams


scored for Wales. Then Scotland secured the win


with a wonderfully worked try.. A great pass from Stuart


Hogg to Tim Visser. We started the championship well at


home against Ireland. We were disappointed in France but we


believe we can do something with this group and we are not just


saying that, whether people believe us or not. Today we came from a poor


first half to build an ice core and beat a very good Welsh side. We are


going to England for the next game. We are a group, if we work hard, we


believe we can win games. Jonnie Sexton returned from injury


to guide Ireland to a 19-9 victory The fly-half kicked 11 points


in what was his first match since he suffered a calf strain


playing for Irish province Ireland's other scores came


via Conor Murray's first-half try Claudio Ranieri returned to the


Leicester training ground. He left the club one point above the


relegation zone. They now sit in the bottom three after results went


against them on Saturday. Tonight Leicester striker Jamie Vardy


released a response to suggestions the players were responsible for his


departure. He said on social media:


I must have written and deleted my words


to this Chelsea are 11 points clear


at the top of the Premier League tonight after beating Swansea 3-1


at Stamford Bridge. Cesc Fabregas scored


first, Fernando Llorente level, but two late goals -


from Pedro and then Diego Costa We showed great character to start


the second half and create chances we had. Fabregas scored across the


bar and then be scored. We deserved a lot to win the game. Now it is


important to continue in this way. Winning over 29 points to be


champions. It is important to know this, for me, my players and fans.


To continue with the great focus and concentration.


It is looking unlikely anybody will stop Chelsea. Crystal Palace beat


Middlesbrough 1-0. They are out of the bottom three after the win over


Middlesbrough. Patrick van Aanholt with the goal.


It is a great victory and hopefully we can move on from there. I think


the two-week break had a big influence on players because we


could get a lot of work into the players in all aspects of their


game. And today they made a lot of really good decisions. They coped


with the pressure very well. Sunderland remain


bottom of the table That is all the sport. Back to you.


A reminder of the menus. The Indian embassy in Washington expressed deep


concern over the killing of an Indian man in a shooting in Kansas.


More than 100 people have gathered for a vigil honouring the victims of


what authorities suspect was a hate crime. That is it from me. Goodbye.


Hello, good evening. Breaking news on the weather front. The Irish Met


service have named Storms Iwan. It is heading our way and


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