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The headlines: The Turkish President attacks the Dutch as Nazis,


for blocking a campaign visit by the country's Foreign Minister.


The UN warns of the largest humanitarian crisis


20 million people face starvation in parts of Africa.


as his BJP party wins a landslide in key state elections.


And a record equalling 18th successive wins for England's rugby


team as they thrash Scotland to retain their Six Nations title.


An extraordinary diplomatic row between Turkey and the Netherlands


It all began when a minister in President Erdogan's government


was blocked from addressing a rally in Rotterdam.


That prompted Mr Erdogan to describe the Dutch government,


led by Mark Rutte, as "Nazi remnants".


A second Turkish minister has now been stopped


and in Ankara, the Dutch ambassador has been told he isn't welcome.


and today Recep Tayyip Erdogan doled it out.


After his Foreign Minister was blocked from landing


in the Netherlands, President Erdogan hit back


at the Dutch, his diplomacy typically undiplomatic.


TRANSLATION: They don't know anything about politics


They are Nazi remnants, they are fascists.


to rally Turkish voters in the Netherlands


before a referendum on boosting Mr Erdogan's powers.


But with the Dutch election next week,


the government there feared it could provoke tension


and feed the anti-immigrant Geert Wilders.


On the campaign trail, the Dutch Prime Minister


said he wouldn't give in Turkish blackmail.


he made clear that he threatened the Netherlands with sanctions,


and of course we cannot negotiate under such threats.


So then we decided, the Foreign Minister,


the Flemish Prime Minister and myself in a conference call,


that it was better for him not to come to the Netherlands.


His country having been occupied by the Nazis,


Mr Rutte reacted bluntly to the fascist comparison.


I understand they're angry, but this is of course way out.


Germany too was branded Nazis by Mr Erdogan


unprecedented language among Nato allies.


President Erdogan has an advantage with Europe,


Turkey the most active route for migrants,


and its role crucial to stemming the flow.


He's used it as a bargaining chip, but the EU is getting


increasingly frustrated with the Turkish strongman.


This is a classic Erdogan political tactic -


painting Turkey as the victim of Western oppression


and himself as the protector of national pride.


He thrives when he and his country are seen as the underdogs,


and this growing stand-off with Europe will rally


which he needs for a referendum victory.


So vintage Erdogan, pleasing his supporters,


horrifying his opponents, and reiterating the sense


that polarised Turkey is drifting ever further from Europe.


So why are Turkish officials taking these referendum rallies


Over 6.5 million Turks live in Europe.


Around 3.5 million of them live in Germany,


and around 500,000 live in the Netherlands.


says that in the most recent election,


over 2.8 million Turkish citizens


were eligible to vote at a Turkish Embassy abroad.


in winning President Erdogan the powers he seeks.


is President Erdogan being deliberately inflammatory?


A question I put to a Turkish academic based in Europe.


Oh, for sure, he is a master of provocation, both at home


and abroad, and this is pre-election mode in Turkey,


and also abroad as well, in a lot of the countries


where the Turkish officials are travelling to,


so it is a heightened mood of political polemic, if you will.


And Erdogan is quite expert in making sure that


these type of tensions do fit his political discourse and agenda,


You mentioned the election that present anyone


is holding next month - tell us about that election


There will be a referendum on the 16th of April


on a far-reaching constitutional change which, if accepted


by the electorate, would effectively replace Turkey's existing system


of parliamentary democracy with a strong executive


So a lot is at stake, it is a major turning point for Turkey.


Turkey has been governed with a parliamentary democracy


for many, many decades, and so this would be


So there's a lot on the line, and the government of


President Erdogan is campaigning heavily, of course aided


by the benefit of emergency laws that are in place at the moment,


and part of the opposition that is muted or being in prison.


Therefore, it is a very tense moment to go to the election.


And for more analysis on this diplomatic spat,


and what's behind it, you can go to our website.


At least 40 people are reported to have been killed


in twin bomb attacks in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus.


The bombs targeted buses carrying Iraqi pilgrims


to the city's ancient cemetery, which houses Shia Muslim mausoleums.


Our correspondent Richard Conway is at the scene.


This is the largest attack to hit Damascus in some time.


A suicide bomber detonated his device in this commercial district


in the centre of Damascus, killing at least 40 people,


The target was Shia pilgrims visiting a nearby cemetery.


President Assad wants to present his country


is returning to normal, but as you can see


from the destruction, that's a long way off from happening.


It's the largest humanitarian crisis since the end


Now the United Nations is pleading for help to avoid catastrophe.


20 million people are facing starvation in four countries


including Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.


Our world affairs correspondent Richard Galpin has more.


For months now, it's been known that millions of people,


including this young baby in Yemen, have been starving.


She was just four months old when a BBC team met her in December.


Across Yemen, hundreds of thousands more children


And the threat of mass starvation is affecting three other countries.


This is a refugee camp in South Sudan,


which, like Yemen, has been torn apart by conflict.


Families forced to flee their homes and left with little to eat.


Already, a famine has been officially declared here,


with almost half the population in urgent need of help.


We stand at a critical point in our history.


Already, at the beginning of the year,


we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis


since the creation of the United Nations.


Now more than 20 million people across four countries


Without collective and coordinated global efforts,


Of the huge number of people the UN says are now in danger,


nearly 3 million in Somalia, and more than 14 million in Yemen.


The UN is predicting that, without serious help,


1.4 million people could die before the end of the year


They're calling for ?3.6 billion to tackle this crisis.


Aid agencies on the ground say at the moment they do not have


enough money to deal with the rising demand for help.


Apart from conflict, the other because of the crisis is drought.


In this hospital alone, almost 50 children have died in two months,


People have travelled almost two miles to get medical help. Most of


the cases, the death is caused by dehydration. We are doing


rehydration and giving antibiotics as well. While some basic aid is


reaching those in need, it's nowhere near enough, so it's possible famine


could be declared in all four countries - unprecedented in modern


times. Richard Galpin, BBC News. A look at some more


top stories this hour. An intruder carrying a backpack has


been arrested by US Secret Service agents as he entered the grounds


of the White House. The suspect gained entrance


on the south side, near a portico from which Presidents


often address the public. The backpack carried by the intruder


was screened and searched, Italian police and protesters


have clashed in the It's where thousands were


demonstrating against the leader of the anti-immigrant


Northern League party. Italian media says violence broke


out when a group of masked Huge rival rallies have


been taking place in The protests were for and against


the country's disgraced president. Park Geun-Hye is said


to be in a state of shock as her opponents press


for criminal charges. Despite Friday's court ruling


confirming her impeachment she remains inside the


presidential compound. A female judge here in the UK


is causing controversy, after warning women who get drunk


that they are putting themselves at risk of being


targeted by rapists. Her comments have been


described by campaigners as "outrageous" and "misguided".


Frankie McCamley reports. Jailed for six years


for what police described but, sentencing,


judge Lindsey Kushner used her final words before retiring


to issue a rape warning to women. She said girls are perfectly


entitled to drink themselves into the ground but should be aware


of potential defendants to rape gravitate towards girls


who have been drinking. If push comes to shove,


a girl who has been drunk is less likely to be believed than


one who is sober at the time. While many might see her comments


as useful advice, others believe


this is a backwards step. I'm very anxious that whatever


message she meant to send, it's very clear that what it


has sent is the message there is not much point


in reporting. Whatever amount of drink


you've had, do report - you will be treated


better than this suggests. this woman now helps


others through the ordeal. It makes all of us really


quite angry, and not just because they're arrogant,


factually incorrect comments, but it's one thing to go around


making these comments when you sit in a court room all day,


and you are engaging in one aspect of society without engaging


with the women Judge Kushner is not


the first to comment Other judges have faced


criticism in the past. Campaigners, though,


hope this will not stop other rape survivors from


coming forward in the future. Stay with us on BBC News,


still to come: Some flipping good news


from Florida, the sea turtle returning to the


ocean after an unhappy accident. The numbers of dead and wounded


defied belief, this is the worst terrorist atrocity on European soil


in modern times. In less than 24 hours, the Soviet


Union lost an elderly leader and replaced him with a dynamic figure


20 years his junior. We heard these gunshots from the gym, they came out


of a fire exit, we will all petrified. James Ellroy, aged 41,


sentenced to 99 years. He travelled from Memphis to Nashville in an


eight car convoy. What does it feel like to be married at last. It feels


fine, thank you. Is it going to change your life much? I don't know,


I've never been married before. This is BBC World News Today,


I'm Alpa Patel. The Turkish President


attacks the Dutch as Nazis for blocking a campaign visit


by the country's Foreign Minister. And the UN warns it's


the largest humanitarian crisis with urgent action needed to


counter famine in parts of Africa. The Indian Prime Minister


Narendra Modi and his BJP party are celebrating


after a landslide victory The state is the country's


most populated - and influential. especially after his blunder over


withdrawing high-value banknotes. And whose control over


India is now absolute. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has


just delivered a stunning victory for his party in the country's


political heartland, Uttar Pradesh, and at the BJP headquarters,


it's time to celebrate. The party now controls more than


half of India's state governments, leaving the opposition


trailing in the dust. The people of Uttar Pradesh


have put their faith TRANSLATION: His hard work


speaks for itself. He's always working for our


country's development. These might just be local elections,


but there's a reason why the BJP and its supporters


are so pleased with this victory. It means that Narendra Modi's


grip over India It means that he has


very few challengers looking ahead to the next


general elections in 2019. And most of all, it means


that he can take risky Late last year, Indians faced


massive cash shortages after Mr Modi's shock decision


to ban high-denomination banknotes. It effectively sucked out


more than 80% of the total currency in circulation,


creating hardship for many, But as these election results


have shown, it has had little impact


on the fortunes A giant green sea turtle has


been returned to the sea off the Florida Keys,


a month after becoming It's a triumph for workers


at a turtle hospital who've worked hard to get the creature -


who's at least 50 years old - Joy, as Jolly the female turtle


is released back to the wild Jolly was named after the wildlife


officers who helped rescue her from multiple crab trap


lines last month. Weighing in at 150 kilos,


she made a quick recovery from the partial amputation


of her right rear flipper. The nesting season in


Florida Keys starts in April. she can get out there in time


to date and hopefully lay some eggs. Breeding is all the more crucial


in view of the green sea turtles' listing as a threatened species


in the Atlantic Ocean. It's really important


to get a turtle this mature back out into the wild -


they are sexually mature, and sea turtles aren't reproductive


until they are 20 or 25 years old. Jolly is probably 50 plus years old,


so that's when we want to make sure she gets out so she keeps


making baby turtles. so well worth shelling out


for her treatment and care. Jolly looking in good health there!


Now the sport with Jessica, big day in rugby. Yes, huge day over in


England, and that is where we are going to start.


England have retained their Six Nations title


with an emphatic 61-21 win over Scotland at Twickenham.


The victory secures them the Calcutta Cup


and equals New Zealands record of 18 straight test wins.


It finished 61-21, Joe Wilson reports from Twickenham.


At the start of this game, we were expecting a tight match, even the


prospect of Scotland winning here for the first time since the 1980s.


They have risen to third in the rankings, but at half-time in this


match we knew the game was up. Scotland suffered from their own


lack of discipline, one man in the sin bin in the second minute of the


game, and they struggled with injuries. But above all that, there


was Jonathan Joseph for England, exploiting any gaps with his


skilful, powerful running, and when he is in full flow, it is a site to


match any Twickenham has seen in over a century. From that point on,


Scotland is never game up, they came back with tries in the second half,


but the margin of victory made it a record in the fixture that goes back


to the 1870s. Now, England have the Six Nations, but they are not done.


Another win in Ireland in a final game of the Six Nations sets a


record for consecutive test wins, but coach Eddie Jones, never to lose


with England, says his sights towards the World Cup in 2019. We


are only just beginning, is what he said at the conclusion of this game.


The boys, today, fantastic, did it in style, clinical, ruthless


performance. We asked the team to make a decision, and as a team we


took a step forward today, but all eyes are next week now, I suppose.


Six Nations away form with a bonus-point 40-18


France will host Wales in Paris next Saturday, and they must concentrate


on finishing in the top three for the first time since 2011.


has come to an end at the quarterfinal stage.


They were the first non-league side to reach the last eight


But their brave efforts weren't enough


against Premier League Arsenal at the Emirates.


They held off their illustrious opponents until almost half-time.


and the Gunners scored four more after the break,


to secure their place in the semifinals.


Earlier, Manchester City cruised passed Middlesbrough


David Silva scored after three minutes,


and Sergio Aguero sealed the victory in the second half.


Hull City boosted their chances of Premier League survival


Substitute Oumar Niasse scored twice


to help Hull take an important three points.


Swansea got a goal back but remain in 16th place.


Everton continued their push for a top-six place


Bournemouth finally have their first league win of 2017,


thanks to a hat trick from Joshua King.


The first Masters 1000 tournament of the year is under way


these are the most prestigious events on the tour.


is up against Canadian Vasek Pospisil in the second round.


He will avoid some of the top players until the latter stages of


the competition. I would say, you know, I have an


opportunity to do well, you know, the bottom half of the draw is


unbelievably strong, you know, the bottom quarter is probably one of


the toughest that you will ever see! You know, and I am playing well, I


feel fresh, I had to take a decent break after Melbourne and, yeah,


hopefully I can play some good stuff. It is a place I have


struggled in the past, my results have been inconsistent, hopefully I


can do a bit better this year. That is all


the sport for you, back to you, Al. The novels of Jane Austen


are read all over the world. The author died young


in her 40s, but until now, little has been known


about what ended her life. Tests carried out on Austen's


eyeglasses show the medicine she'd been taking could have contained


arsenic, which may have Ben Moore has this


exclusive report. For one of history's greatest


writers, just reading her own novels would have been very difficult


without these. Jane Austen's specs have been


at the British Library for 20 years, but only now can


they bring focus to her life. there were prescriptions


similar to what we have today. So what we did was have


somebody bring in a portable lensmeter so we could very,


very carefully have it examined. The first pair are low perception,


but her eyesight deteriorated. The final pair revealed


that she would have had great This could help reveal the mystery


of why she died so young. The possibility of her being


poisoned accidentally We know now that arsenic poisoning


can cause cataracts. Arsenic was often put into


medication for other types of illness, so potentially


for rheumatism, Using modern optometry,


we are able to see just what Jane Austen's eyesight


would have been like. I can only see my hand


when it's about there. So that's what she needed,


to correct her vision. The British Library wants


optometrists to get in touch and through the eyes of one


of our best-loved authors. During feeding time


at this Chinese zoo, one little panda just


can't find its snack. After a few prods with a stick,


and some heavy coaxing, the panda finally discovers it


and has a good old munch. Good evening. We had quite a bit of


sunshine in the north-west and the South and east today, where the


sunshine, it was lovely and warm. This sunshine El Arabi temperature


to spring up to 18


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