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This is BBC world News. The United States warned it could take further


military action against the Syrian government. After its missile dry on


a Syrian air base, Washington says it will no longer allowed President


Assad to use chemical weapons without consequences. The United


States took a very measured step last night. We are prepared to do


more. Russia says the strikes could have very serious consequences in


the region and the UN calls for restraint. America 's allies offer


their support. In other news, four people are


killed and many injured as a lorry ploughed into strop is in the


Swedish habit. Holm. There were buddies in the street and I could


see the police covering the body with an orange blanket.


The United States has said it could take further military action


It comes after Washington fired missiles at an airbase from which it


believes President Assad's forces launched a chemical weapons attack.


Addressing an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council,


the American ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said it is in America's


vital national security interest to prevent the use


Our military destroyed the airfield from which this week's


The moral stain of the Assad regime could no longer go unanswered.


His crimes against humanity could no longer be met with empty words.


It was time to say "Enough" but not only say it, it was time to act.


Bashar al-Assad must never use chemical weapons again.


The Syrian government denounced the attack as reckless and irresponsible


but America has had support from other countries.


It was after dark on the east coast of America and before the sun had


risen in the Middle East when the commander in


From two US warships, a volley of cruise missiles


air base, that has been used, say the Americans to launch the chemical


It is in the vital security interest of the


United States to prevent and to deter the spread and use of deadly


There can be no dispute that Syria used banned


chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical


weapons convention, and ignored the urging


The grotesque aftereffects of the attack, the United States believe


a nerve agent was used, horrified the world and


A line had been crossed and unlike his


Assad choked the lives of helpless men, women and


It was a slow and brutal death for so many.


Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this


No child of God should ever suffer such horror.


What is astonishing, is the speed with which this administration has


changed its policy to Syria and decided to act.


At the start of week, President Trump saw Bashar


al-Assad as a useful ally against Islamic State.


But the chemical weapons attack changed everybody and


within two days, targets had been identified and struck.


Here what is we know about the attack.


Targets included, aircraft, fuel depots and radar.


Because Russian forces are also at the base, Russia


was informed of the attack in advance.


The aftermath shows damage at the base, but hardly devastation.


aim was to destroy the infrastructure that allows the base


to function and the attack has brought the president support.


The president was authorised to conduct


the strike, he is not asking for a declaration of war,


he was dealing with circumstances and as the


commander in chief not only did he have the right,


Despite the enthusiasm we can see, to quote Churchill, it is


the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end.


Donald Trump, who didn't want to get embroiled in


foreign conflict, has just ordered US forces


address last night, he didn't sound like an isolationist.


Good night and God bless America and the entire


The president, not yet 100 days in, has travelled a


Russia - which supports President Assad -


has reacted angrily - accusing the United States


There would be negative consequences it said.


Moscow also accused President Trump of damaging the fight


against terrorism and so-called Islamic State group in Syria.


Until recently, the Russian media have been singing


Today, state TV accused him of an unprovoked show of force


with the missile strike he ordered on a civilian air base.


Moscow said it was a gross, groundless violation


It's definitely an aggressive act against international law,


against a sovereign country, and without any true


evidence of the Assad regime using chemical weapons.


It is Russian military power that's been keeping


Russia's air force and navy is helping Syria's leader turn


the tide of the country's Civil War, and boosting Moscow's


Today, the Kremlin accused Washington of inventing a pretext


the tide of the country's Civil War, and boosting Moscow's


Today, the Kremlin accused Washington of inventing a pretext


Those American Tomahawks may have been targeting the Syrian military,


but judging by what the Kremlin has been saying, its US-Russian


relations that will take a real battering now as a result


The Russians had been hoping that with Donald Trump


in the White House, relations with America would improve.


So far, there's been no sign of that.


Today, Moscow suspended a deal designed to prevent incidents


between US and Russian warplanes over Syria.


Which means that we have two big military powers in the area


operating without any contact and any coordination,


The Russians are hoping that this US strike was a one-off, but tonight,


they are strengthening air defence systems across Syria, just in case.


Reaction from Moscow pretty much resistant from the reaction of the


security meeting. Our correspondent Nada Tawfik


is in New York where the UN Security Council has been holding


an emergency meeting. A polarised debate at the UN.


Absolutely. We got to hear from several states about their opinion


on the US air strikes. We heard strong language from the US


ambassador saying the US was justified in their actions and that


they would do more if necessary, also calling on the Syrian


government to start engaging in political talks that the UN has been


holding, saying they haven't held up to that agreement. On the side of


the US we had Britain and France saying they thought this was a


legitimate response to what they consider a war crime and really


holding Russia counter to the several failed the toes they have


used to block action against President Assad. On the other hand,


we had those who were upset with the US action, Russia's position. It was


said to be against international law, they didn't get permission from


the UN Security Council, saying that they were the investigator,


attorney, judge, and executioner. We heard this is going to be the end of


the beginning, not the beginning of the beginning, not the beginning of


the end. The ambassador saying that more could happen. Under what


conditions will she talking about? I think she was trying to send the


message that the US will act decisively in the case of any kind


of chemical weapons use, the idea that President Assad and act or


whoever was responsible for the chemical weapons could act without


international reaction, those days are over. What we did see on the


council was disagreement amongst council was disagreement amongst


everyone, really, that we wanted to tempt down the tone of the things,


escalating. The US Secretary General escalating. The US Secretary General


also heard anyone talk when this also heard anyone talk when this


Newlyn has been negotiating in Newlyn has been negotiating in


Geneva. The key question is how the talks really are going to make any


progress for the Syrian people when the seventh year of this conflict


these kinds of division still remain. Thank you.


Until the chemical attack in Syria, President Trump seemed to be against


any intervention. Jeremy Bowen reports evocations of the US strikes


for the seven-year Syrian war. The war crime that killed so many


pushed the Americans into military action. The long-term impact on the


war itself depends on what the Americans do next. More chemical


weapons attacks on civilians might bring a tougher response. The Syrian


regime denies it has ever used chemical weapons. I think Trump


himself knows that Syria did not use any chemical weapons and does not


have any chemical weapons and it has given its stockpile to the


International organisation responsible for that. The Americans


say they have cleared proof that the Syrian Armed Forces carried out war


finds by using nerve gas against civilians, they are certain of that,


that is why they carried out this raid. Four years after the invasion


of Iraq we see Iraq has been destroyed. Syria is the second


secular state after Iraq that is being targeted by the West simply


because it is secular and it has an army and again with the Israeli


occupation of Palestine. In one of the Damascus suburbs in which more


than 1000 people were killed by chemical weapons in 2013, local


people stopped believing the regime years ago. They want more military


action from the Americans. TRANSLATION: We hope that foreign


intervention will bring an end to the suffering of the Syrian people


and not just a single hit. The solution is for the Assad regime to


step away from power, the end of the massacres in Syria, the end of


targeting civilians. A major reason why the Syrian war is so hard to


stop is that so many countries are involved with different interests


and objectives. President Assad's main allies are Russia and Iran, the


biggest Shia Muslim trees. These days, the rebels still fighting the


regime mainly Muslim Sunni Islamist. Some are approved by the West, some


are Jihadis. Revel sometimes fighting but -- each other. There is


also a war against so-called Islamic State led by the US and its allies.


Think of it all as layers of conflict. Sometimes they are


parallel and sometimes they intersect and now Donald Trump has


added a whole new layer. The events and the US response will force the


Syrian regime to take American threats more seriously, including


calls for regime change. What is certain is that more foreign


intervention, no matter Do stay with us. We will be live in


Stockholm with the very latest on a spec it terror attack that truck in


which four people were killed. Today is about the promise of a new


future, a day when a line can be drawn under the bloody past.


I think the works of Picasso were beautiful, they were intelligent,


and it is a sad loss to everybody who loves art.


This is BBC News. Our mains dory, after a missile strike on a Syrian


air base, Washington says it will no longer allow President Assad to use


chemical weapons without consequences.


In other news, Swedish police are investigating suspect it terror


attack that killed four people, injuring many others. A man has been


arrested in connection with the attack with his identity not


disclosed. The incident happened outside a department store on the


busy pedestrians treat in the afternoon. People have warned


against travel to send. Holm against -- are less strictly necessary.


Sadly this afternoon panic. People running for their lives. Around the


corner, Laurie has ploughed into a department store. And on its way,


smashing through this pedestrian area, killing and injuring those who


happens to be there. I could actually see bodies lying on the


street, I could see the police covering the body with an orange


blanket. There were lots of police around, lots of people standing


around filming, taking photos. I heard the noise on the screens and


saw the people, as I walked out. There were just outside the store, a


dead dog of the owner screaming, it was a lady laying with a severed


foot, there was blood everywhere, there were bodies on the ground


everywhere. And a sense of panic. People standing by their loved ones


but also people running away. Mainly into the minor streets around. A


sense of sheer panic. After the police and ambulances arrived at the


scene, it became clear this was not an accident. TRANSLATION: Sweden has


been attacked. Everything indicates this is a terrorist act. The


government is doing everything to support the authorities who are


working now and we urge the public to be alert and to listen, not least


to the information from the police. The police locked down the city


centre, the Metro was closed, and government offices shut. They have


not found the truck driver at the scene, it was thought he may have


entered a nearby Metro St -- station to get away. But soon these pictures


were released of a man the police wanted to speak to with connection


with the incident. And now there has been an arrest. After a day in which


four people were killed and many more injured. The people of Sweden


have not suffered an incident like this for many years.


A short while ago, the Swedish Prime Minister gave this statement. Sweden


has been attacked at 2:53pm, a truck violently ram a pedestrian rate in


the heart of our capital, leaving at least four people dead, and 15


people Syriza the injured. -- seriously injured. My thoughts are


first of all with the Vic Tims and their families. In this difficult


moment police and hospitals are doing everything they can to stay


day wise and maintain our safety. Thoughts, concerns, and condiments


is have reached many of us from all around the world and we are grateful


for the many warm expressions of sharing our grief. We are determined


never to let the values that we treasure, democracy, human rights,


and freedom, to be changed by hatred. Let's cross live to


stockholder. Manny Savage is near the scene of the attack. The hunt is


still on for the driver of the truck. The hunt, we understand, is


still on for the driver of the truck. One person has been arrested


person is understood to fit the profile of somebody else or possibly


the same person from a picture that release released earlier on today.


Somebody wearing a light jacket with a black pudding and the leaflet -- a


black pudding underneath it. We haven't even given the name of the


person. We are waiting to find any more information emerges on that.


You might be able to hear distracting traffic in the


background, the roads around the city centre are starting to reopen,


having been closed for several hours, the subway system also


reopening which is allowing a lot of people who were stranded in the city


centre says the attack to finally make it home to their loved ones. As


you heard, the Prime Minister said he will do everything it takes to


make Sweden's safe but I think it is safe to say that while people are


very shocked about a terror attack happening here in a very peaceful


country, this has happened at a time when there has been heightened


national political debate about Sweden's repaired this for an


attack. Very early on, the Prime Minister said everything pointed to


an act of terrorism in this case. Yes, that is understood to be the


case, and that message is still something that he is seeking to


betray. One other thing he mentioned in the press conference earlier was


that he is adding reinforcements to Sweden's borders, to ensure that


safety is maintained there, and also, this Friday night, a lot of


major public places also remaining closed. Shopping mall is, all of


this on and theatres as well, so that police and security forces can


focus their efforts on the places they believe to be most important


for the investigation. Thank you. Here in London, are mainly tourist


two was locked -- knocked into the River Thames last month has died.


31-year-old Andreea Cristea had been visiting London with her boyfriend.


Her death brings the number of people killed by the attacker


There had been a hope that Andreea Cristea would make it.


She was young, she'd been on holiday, about to receive


Doctors at St Bartholomew's said she'd been in a critical


Yesterday, they decided to withdraw life support.


We are saddened by the death of Miss Andreea Cristea


She had been receiving care here since the Westminster terror


attacks, having been initially treated at the Royal


And our thoughts are with her friends and family


I'd like to pay tribute to all the staff who showed


great care and compassion in looking after her.


Her family praised the kindness and empathy shown by medical


After fighting for her life for over two weeks, they said,


our beloved and irrepressible Andreea, wonderful daughter, sister,


partner, dedicated friend and the most unique and life-loving


person you can imagine, was cruelly and brutally ripped away


from our lives in the most heartless and spiritless way.


She will always be remembered as our shining ray of light that


will for ever keep on shining in our hearts.


Khalid Masood can't have cared who he targeted that day,


using a blunt weapon, a hire car.


He mowed down his victims, somehow sending Andreea over


the railing of the bridge and into the river.


Leslie Rhodes, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochrane and PC Keith Palmer


The inquest into their deaths has been adjourned, but it will consider


what happened in precise detail that day.


The benefit the coroner has is the sheer number of witnesses.


It's thought 1,500 people may have seen what happened.


Last week, Andrei Burnaz laid a single flower in memory


of the woman he'd hoped would be his wife.


Today, for all the victims, the flowers, the candles


Senators in the United States have confirmed as the preening quart


judge following a battle over the post. It is seen as the biggest


success so far for president tramp. -- resident trumps. -- President


Trump. There are rallies in South Africa


demanding the resignation of the president following his dismissal of


the finance minister. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to keep


the rival groups of them as traitors apart. -- the groups of


demonstrators. Lots more on our website. From us,


thanks for watching. Thank you for joining me, let's


start with North America, the


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