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I'm Samantha Simmonds with BBC World News.


Egypt's president declares a three-month state of emergency.


It comes after 45 people were killed in two bomb attacks


Thousands attend a vigil against terrorism in Stockholm,


as a British man, Chris Bevington, is named as one of the four people


This is where the truck ended up, smashed against a department store


window. People have been coming to write messages of hope and defiance


on the boards and there have been more tributes to the victims.


Marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge,


members of the British Royal Family attend a special commemoration


And: the Turkish Airlines flight that landed with more passengers


The Egyptian President, Abdul Fattah al Sisi, has announced


a state of emergency, following two bomb attacks


The attacks on two churches were deliberately timed for a day


when millions of Christians in the country were attending


services to mark Palm Sunday, one week before Easter.


So-called Islamic State say it was responsible for the blasts


- the latest in a series of attacks on Egypt's Christian minority.


29 people were killed in the first explosion in the Nile


While 16 more died in the second attack in Alexandria.


This report from our Middle East Correspondent, Yolande Knell.


Egyptian Christians had gathered to celebrate one


But this Palm Sunday brought violence.


The first deadly explosion was during mass at St


George's Church in Tanta, leaving blood everywhere,


Just hours later there was another attack here,


This time just outside the church, the dead included police officers


who had stopped the suicide bomber from entering.


The head of Egypt's Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros, had already left.


In Rome, at Palm Sunday prayers, Pope Francis condemned the bombings.


He's due to visit Egypt later this month.


A recent upsurge in attacks on Egypt's Coptic Christians


They are one of the oldest Christian communities in the world


and they make up one in ten of the country's mainly


In February hundreds fled the Sinai region following a threat


from the so-called Islamic State group which also claimed


And in December, nearly 30 were killed in this


Coptic leaders say Christians feel increasingly threatened.


I'm very blessed to be part of a church that has


faced discrimination systematically for decades.


And the response to that has always been quite gracious,


And I pray this continues, because if we get into a spiral


of violence more and more people will get hurt.


Egypt's government says the latest attacks are another failed attempt


to destroy national unity by causing religious tensions.


But Coptic Christians, grieving once again,


say much more needs to be done to make them feel safe


For more on these attacks, I'm joined by Doctor


He's a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council and


the Royal United Services Institute in London, as well as author


of A Revolution Undone: Egypt's Road Beyond Revolt.


Thank you very much for joining us. Tell us more about this state of


emergency. Wendy you expect it to come into force and how do you think


it will work? I think it comes into force immediately. How it actually


works is a question that is as yet unanswered. I am not sure what the


precise stipulations are going to be. The government is able under a


state news and see to do a number of different things. It's not clear


what they are going to do. -- a state of emergency. There has not


been any discussion around, for example curfews. They could easily


implement that but so far it hasn't been raised. There are different


effects that apply to the legal code but, as yet, it doesn't seem to be


entirely clear what they are going to change from what the status quo


is. What do you think will need to change to protect the 9 million


Coptic Christians in the country? There are two things. First, I think


it's about protecting Egyptians en masse, not just Coptic Christians,


because the whole country is at risk of militant attacks from terrorist


groups. What is specific that these attacks today is that they targeted


the Christian community, in particular, in Tanta and Alexandria,


and that comes after the declaration earlier this year of an increased


targeting of Christians in Egypt by Isis, by Daesh. I think that's


likely to continue. They've been singled out for targets by these


radical groups. Having said that, I'm not sure what can be done in


order to completely defend against such activities taking place. We saw


in Westminster that it's impossible to completely eliminate the risk of


terrorism. We've seem in Stockholm and other places around the world.


The question that remains is, particularly when it came to Tanta,


there are questions relating to whether or not there was a security


breach that was a result of some sort of failure within the system.


The head of security in that area, where Tanta is located, was


dismissed by the state today. That seems to indicate that some sort of


breach had taken place. With Alexandria, that's very different.


There was a huge security presence and seven police officers, men and


women, died as a result of their efforts to try and keep the suicide


bomber out of the church. They succeeded in doing that but they


lost their lives in the process and other people were killed at the end


of the day, there are certain things you can do security wise to minimise


the risk of attacks, but very little that I think you can do to


completely obliterated the risk of attacks. Thank you very much for


your thoughts. 20,000 people have gathered


in central Stockholm for a "lovefest" vigil to remember


the victims of Friday's Swedish police say the Uzbek suspect


was facing deportation and had expressed sympathy


with extremists groups. Talented, compassionate and caring,


Chris Bevington in the words of his father. He chose to marry and to


call Sweden home. He had young children and worked for the music


company Spotify. He was here, in Stockholm's crowded shopping streets


on Friday afternoon when a hijacked truck was turned into a weapon. A


Belgian, and to Swedish citizens were also killed. Today,


investigators revealed more about the man they think was at the wheel.


We know the suspect showed sympathies for extremist


organisations, says the police chief. Among them, Islamic State. He


is a 39-year-old from Uzbekistan, although he hasn't been officially


named. He was on the security services' radar but they say he was


a marginal figure. His application to stay in Sweden was turned down


last summer and police were looking for him because he had avoided being


deported. This is where the truck ended up, smashed against a


department store window. People have been coming to write messages of


hope and defiance on the boards, and they have been more tributes to the


victims, too. Just yards away, a vigil, a chance


to share feelings and try and make sense of them. Sadness, anger, fear


of what might happen next. Quite emotional. I'm very sad, very angry,


but at the same time it's quite wonderful how people come together.


We stand here in solidarity, not just with those in Stockholm, but


around the world, with everyone. We need to feel the love and that we


are together in this and not afraid. There is pride as well in the


response so far. Spontaneous applause. Home's police officers and


a challenge to those who threaten the way of life here. -- some


spontaneous applause for Stockholm's police officers. This is a good


picture of how Sweden reacted. A display of multiculturalism,


kindness and tolerance, things which people recognise could now face a


threat. The US Secretary of State,


Rex Tillerson, has criticised Russia for failing to prevent last week's


poison gas attack Mr Tillerson did not accuse Moscow


of involvement in the attack but he said he would discuss


Russia's international obligations on chemical weapons when he visits


the country on Tuesday.He also clarified there is no change


in the US policy towards Syria. I think the President was very


clear in his message This strike was related


solely to the most recent, horrific use of chemical weapons


against women, children and as the President


said, even small babies. The strike was a message to Assad


that your multiple violations of agreements at the UN and under


the Chemical Weapons Charter in 2013, that those would not go


without a response in the future and we are asking Russia


to fulfil its commitment and we are calling on Assad to cease


the use of these weapons. Other than that, there is no


change to our military. David Willis is in


Washington for us. The US Secretary of State not


exactly trying to smooth a path ahead of his visit to Moscow, easy?


-- is he. Harsh criticism of Russia following the chemical weapons


attack last week, none of it harsher than that from the United States and


from the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. He went back to


criticising Russia today on the Sunday talk shows. Particularly


saying that Russia was complicit, if you like, although he didn't go


quite that far, in this chemical weapons attack, by failing to see


through the commitment it gave to the international community to lead


to the ending of the chemical weapons programme in Syria. As far


as that was concerned, Mr Tillerson said that Russia was either


incompetent or outmanoeuvred. He is due to visit Moscow in the next few


days, and he said he will be pressing Russia to live up to that


commitment it gave to the international community, and he will


also be urging Russia to re-examine its current relationship with the


administration of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The next few days, that


meeting could also illuminate the sort of relationship the United


States will have with Russia going forward. It's almost expansionary,


just a few weeks ago, when he was first taking office, it looked as


though, as far as the Trump administration was concerned, that


Syria wasn't really America's problem, that China might turn out


to be the enemy of Russia the friend. A few weeks later, a lot of


that has changed, it seems. We also hear the winds of change from


another President Trump's top advisers, his national security


adviser, who was on one of the Sunday morning chat shows. He said


with regards to Syria that the restriction will try and change the


Assad regime and destroy Isis in Syria at the same time. That's a


massive shift in policy. Yes, although it's been tempered slightly


by remarks made by Tillerson. They are more or less in lockstep, these


administration officials, but there is some daylight between their


stances on these things. The American stance as far as Syria is


concerned, administration officials are keen to point out that that


remains unaltered, namely that American involvement in Syria is


chiefly aimed at rooting out and destroying so-called Islamic State


and, once that's achieved, then they plan to coordinate with the


international community and seek to engineer the removal of Bashar


al-Assad. But they are making the point that the cruise missile attack


launched by America a couple of days ago was a one-off, and it doesn't


change the basic policy, as far as the US is concerned in Syria.


According to US media reports, Donald Trump's deputy


national security adviser, KT McFarland, has been


Ms McFarland, who previously worked for Fox News, had been


The move comes days after Mr Trump removed his senior


strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.


A car bomb attack targetting the new head of the Somali army has


killed at least 13 people in the capital Mogadishu.


A vehicle packed with explosives was driven towards a convoy carrying


Mohamed Ahmed Jimale, who was only appointed last week.


The car struck a packed minibus, which was destroyed.


The Islamist group al-Shabab said it carried out the attack.


Norway has raised its threat level, after the discovery of a home-made


bomb in the capital Oslo late on Saturday.


A 17-year-old Russian citizen has been detained in connection


The authorities say the man was known to them,


and had expressed support for Islamic State militants.


Stay with us on BBC News, still to come:


Can Sergio Garcia seal the deal? All the highlights from the Masters in


Augusta. Years of hatred and rage, as they


jump up on the statute. This became a massive demonstration of black


power, the power to influence. Today is about the promise of a bright


future, a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past.


I think that Picasso's works were beautiful. They were intelligent and


it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art.


A state of emergency has been declared in Egypt after


at least 40 people were killed in two separate attacks


And Swedish police say the Uzbek man suspected of carrying out Friday's


deadly lorry attack in Stockholm was wanted for deportation.


Commemorations have been taking place in northern France to mark


the centenary of the battle of Vimy Ridge.


The four-day battle was one of the fiercest


Thousands of Canadian forces under British command died.


Duncan Kennedy reports from Vimy Ridge.


It was the battle that defined a nation, in a conflict whose


Today's commemoration at Vimy Ridge was a chance for Canada to remember


those who fell here and those who rose to the


The burden they bore and the country they made.


Because this, too, is why we're here.


More than 3500 Canadians died in the four days it took


An event later described as the moment Canada came of age.


Today, beneath a World War I fly-past, Prince William


and Prince Harry laids boots and poppies, as symbols


The Canadians at Vimy embodied the true north, strong and free.


In nearby Arras, Scottish losses in the wider fight


That he lay down his life for his friends.


The daily rate of casualties was greater than at the Somme.


Among those to die was 26-year-old Sergeant David Wood from Edinburgh.


We would not be here without them, we would not be free to do


They fought and died for us and we have got to remember


There are no more combat veterans alive from the First World War.


Vimy Ridge and Arras are among the final great


acts of commemoration, to honour their sacrifice,


mourn their loss, and remember their lives.


Duncan Kennedy, BBC News at Vimy Ridge.


The final round of The Masters is moving ahead at pace


with a clutch of players well placed to win the Green Jacket


The overnight leaders, the joint leaders, Justin Rose and Sergio


Garcia, who went in on six under. Justin Rose remains six under


through six. Sergio Garcia leads by two. Paul Casey, a fast mover, four


under for his round today. He has a chance. Rickie Fowler, also an four


under. Manchester United are now


21 matches unbeaten in the English Premier League


after they defeated bottom club Sunderland 3-0


at the Stadium of Light. Zlatan Ibrahimovich opened


the scoring on the half hour mark before Sunderland were reduced


to 10 men when Sebastien Larsson Henrik Makahtarian doubled United's


lead less than a minute after the break before


Marcus Rashford added a 3rd late on moving


Jose Mourinho's side up to 5th. We want to fight in the Premier


League until it is not mathematically possible, but


apparently we cannot win it. In the Europa League, we can. We have eight


teams in competition and a quarterfinal, and it's a competition


that we can win. During this match, we had lots of players that were not


here today. And the most important thing was, after the three points,


not have more injuries. The hardest thing when you are a


manager is when you are losing all the time, and at the moment we are.


That is hard. I have worked at teams which a won a lot of games, but at


the moment it's tough, but it is tough for the players. They care,


and at the moment we are not doing as well as we should be.


Everton were 4-2 winners against Leicester with Belgium


striker Romelu Lukaku collecting two.


Leicester had been 2-1 up after ten minutes but were trailing


by half-time as Lukaku made it 23 in the league so far this season,


while Leicester lost their first match under


Craig Shakespeare since he took over.


We scored at 4-2 and then we controlled the game and had some


great football. I think it's one of the most complete performances of


the team of the season. We have really comfortable feeling, playing


at home. With the support of the fans. It's a tough stadium to come.


That's what we like, to have it. And to put the pressure on every


opponent, and the next one is next week.


In Italy's Serie A, Roma have maintained their chase of Juventus


Did it remains that way, it would open up a 7-point gap.


To motor sport and Lewis Hamilton has won the Chinese Grand Prix


He led from pole to finish for his first win of the year.


It gives him a share of the championship lead


with Sebastian Vettel, who finished in second with Red Bull's Max


Verstappen moving up from 16th on the grid to finish third


as the teams now move to Bahrain for next weekend's third


To two wheels, and in the MotoGP Championship Yamaha rider


Maverick Vinales has won the Grand Prix of Argentina


extending his lead in the World Championship, having also


triumphed in the season-opener in Qatar.


The Spanish rider inherited the lead on the third lap when world champion


and pole-sitter Marc Marquez crashed out on his Honda.


Italian Valentino Rossi, racing in his 350th Grand Prix,


took second place on his Yahama ahead of Britain's Cal


Sergio Garcia still leads by two strokes. Eight under in his final


round at the Masters. It's always nice to be bumped up to


first class on a flight, but maybe not when it's such a surprise as


this. For a crew of a Turkish airlines flight, it meant having to


look after one more passenger after they helped a woman having a baby on


board. That's one flight none of those on


board will forget in a hurry. Congratulations.


The Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al Sisi has announced


a state of emergency, following two bomb attacks


The attacks on two Coptic churches were deliberately timed for a day


when millions of Christians in the country were attending


So-called Islamic State says it was responsible for the blasts.


The state of emergency announced by President Sisi will last


for three months and will expand police powers of arrest


It's expected to get underway immediately. Stay with us here on


BBC world news.


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