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America defends its decision to drop a huge bomb on Islamic State


militants in Afghanistan, and says the operation


The enemy had created tunnels and extensive minefields and this weapon


was used to reduce those obstacles. Another battle against IS -


Iraqi forces meet fierce resistance as they close


in on the Old City of Mosul. Is North Korea's leader preparing


for another nuclear missile test? China warns tensions


are so high conflict And Canada is a step closer


to legalising cannabis It was the right


weapon for the target. America's most senior military


commander in Afghanistan has defended the decision to drop a huge


bomb on Islamic State militants in a remote area


in the east of the country. This is the first time the US


has deployed in combat the Massive Ordinance


Air Blast bomb, referred to as 'the


Mother of All Bombs'. The Afghan government


says 36 militants were killed and no civilians,


although the Islamic State A remote valley in a room or


country. 11 tonnes of high explosive


dropped on an Isis tunnel complex in the mountains


of eastern Afghanistan. The weapon used is called a BOAB


or a massive ordnance air burst, also known as


the mother of all bombs. This was its first


time used in combat. This was the right weapon


against the right target. We will continue to work shoulder


to shoulder with our Afghan comrades to eliminate this threat


to the Afghan people, especially the people


in Kandahar and the people in the entire region and the people


around the world. Local villagers confirmed that Isis


fighters had set up bases in the mountains behind them


and said the bomb had hit its target, but the strike


was condemned by so-called Islamic State


and the Afghan former president. How could the United States


use Afghanistan as its For testing weapons of mass


destruction on our soil? President Trump's targets now


include three major problem areas for the US, Afghanistan,


Syria and North Korea. The massive weapon that the Pentagon


has used in Afghanistan has intended to send a message


to its enemies, you're not safe In Syria, the Trump Administration


will be hoping that that last week's cruise missile strike will deter


President Assad from any further Mr Trump is hoping sending this


powerful naval armada off shore will deter


further nuclear tests. The question is can you manage


three global crisis It is very possible that if these


three scenarios come together, Syria, Afghanistan and


North Korea, that it would overwhelm the policy-making capabilities


of Mr Trump's Administration. planning capabilities


of the Pentagon and it resource capabilities


of the US military. President Trump and his entourage


now feel they are on a roll, tackling head on the foreign


policy challenges the previous administration was


unable to resolve. There is now the risk that racking


up the rhetoric could lead America into new conflict or in the absence


of any swift resolutions, Mr Trump will turn his back on foreign


adventures and focus instead on Joining me from our Washington


studio is Doctor Kamran Bokhari from George Washington University's


Program on Extremism. Thank you for joining us. Let's


start with the ball itself. The general described this as the right


weapon for the target. What do you make of this? I think that is pretty


accurate. He would not be using a $15 million a piece weapon


frivolously. Or just to send a message or Telegraph something to


the North Koreans or the Russians. I think there was significant


intelligence about the identity of the people who were in this complex.


That they were high level operatives of Isis and there is the logistics.


What kind of weapon will be used in a decisive strike and lead to the


outcome that is desired? How significant was the target area? We


are talking about 300 metre long network of caves and tunnels. How


significant was that link this location? -- heading this location?


We do not have much intelligence on it but if the decision was taken to


use this weapon, it means that there was a significant complex that could


not be taken out by any other weapon, at least not in a decisive


weight. Of course the people inside were not low level operatives, they


had to be senior officials who were actually involved in the planning of


attacks on other countries. Let's focus on those operatives, Isis has


been operating in Afghanistan since 2015. We know so much about them in


Iraq and Syria. We have to keep in mind that Isis did not walk or


travel from its core car to Afghanistan. The Isis in


Afghanistan, like any other country, Bangladesh or somewhere in Africa,


consists of local actors who have joined Isis on their own. They were


there and they had their own presence. They just switched sides.


They were likely former Taliban or I chi leader. Or both. They had the


wherewithal to support the Isis cause. -- Al-Qaeda leader. Isis may


have given them some assistance. Therefore, this is a formidable


presence. They have demonstrated their ability to target capital. If


you have the intelligence, you do not sit on it, you act on it. A lot


is being said about Donald Trump cosmic strategy or a lack of it. --


Donald Trump's strategy or a lack of it. Is there is strategy or are


these one of strikes? We talk about strategy. We have to keep in mind


that a change in Government, in terms of the new political party


taking office or new head of state, does not mean there will be a new


strategy. Yes, there will be new ideas that will be brought to the


table through the new staff of the president trying to deal with the


same problems that their predecessors were struggling with.


That's something to bear in mind when we talk about strategy. At this


point, there is no good strategy. There are a set of options that most


of them are on it a sliding scale of bad to worse. This is a very


difficult situation and it does not matter whether Trump is in office or


if Hillary Clinton had been collected, she would have faced the


same problem. You take it one day at the time and hence the one off


strikes and you deal with it not in a... But in a fashion that makes


sense for the reality on the ground as it falls. A sliding scale of bad


to worse. We are going to leave it there but thank you very much for


your expertise. Let's turn to Iraq now


where government forces are also Iraqi authorities have told


the residents of Mosul to remain indoors as security forces begin


encircling the Old City, before Our Defence Correspondent Jonathan


Beale reports from the front line. The old city of Mosul


and its most famous landmark, the leaning minaret


of the Al Nuri Mosque. This is where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


where first appeared as leader of the so-called


Islamic State. They still control it,


most of what you can see. We know the enemy is weak


and on its last legs. A visit to the front line, though,


tells a different story. For the past few weeks,


the Iraqi advance Well, these the federal police


are surrounded on two sides by IS and they are firing


on their positions. The IS snipers just


10 metres from this You can see the rounds,


the IS rounds coming in here pretty Tens of thousands of civilians


are still trapped, caught Much of Mosul has already


been turned to rubble. Even in these deserted


streets, recently secured,


there is just the debris of war. Here discarded IS uniforms


and nearby one of But the enemy is not


just hiding in the city. We joined an Iraqi intelligence


unit hunting down IS infiltrators and collaborators


who have already escaped. Now seeking shelter


and avoiding capture in camps, living alongside


the innocents of this war


who fled the fighting. In the camp or in his


house, in Mosul. The extremists may be


losing their grip on Mosul, but even if they are defeated,


IS will not have gone away. North Korea has vowed to mount


a "merciless" response to any US provocation following comments


from President Donald Trump that the isolated regime's nuclear


weapons programme "will be dealt Meanwhile, Pyongyang


is thought to be preparing parade tomorrow at which its latest


missile technology Our reporter John Sudworth


is with a group of foreign journalists invited


to witness the event. In North Korea, the spectre of war


looms large over daily life. These girls are singing


about being soldiers. While, not far away,


real ones crowd into a shrine to the country's founding president,


General Kim Il-sung. These are scenes akin


to a religious pilgrimage. But of course in honour


of a still ruling family their disposal all of the myths that


would rival any of the world's great And as the country prepares


to display its devotion at the anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's


birth this weekend there is an awareness of the rising


tension with America. If we do not have


the nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapons of another


country will come on our soil. It doesn't matter whether Americans,


they make the situation on It doesn't matter, we feel safe


because we have the great This week, the current ruler


Kim Jong-un held this meeting where his late


grandfather was honoured. He is also thought to be


planning a massive military parade as a powerful tribute


and a message of defiance. This is a country where


art and armaments are blended in singular purpose,


to demonstrate to the watching world that its nuclear ambitions


will not be stopped. Let's bring you up-to-date with some


of the other news. A vigil is being held in Lagos


to mark the three years since the mass abduction of more


than 270 schoolgirls Rallies have also been held to urge


the government to increase Most of the girls who were abducted


from the town of Chibok A Japanese woman who murdered three


lovers faces execution after the Supreme Court


rejected her final appeal. Kanae Kijima poisoned all three men


with carbon monoxide after giving It could take years for the hanging


of Kijima, who has married twice since being caught,


to be carried out. New Zealand is cleaning up


after avoiding the worst of a powerful storm that swept


across the country. Cyclone Cook caused landslides,


uprooted trees,forced road closures and left thousands


of homes without power. But the storm moved quickly down


the country, easing fears of prolonged rain


flooding low-lying areas. Several thousand people have


been evacuated from four Ben James has been following this


story and reports from Beirut. Ready to move after


a series of delays. Ambulances and buses are taking


civilians and fighters from the Foua and Kefraya are


held by the government. Another, Zabadani,


is also part of the deal. It is thought people


there will begin to be moved All four towns have been


under siege for more than But many people did not


want to leave their homes. We do know know what


to say at this time. You feel like you're


leaving your land. We are leaving our lives,


our hopes our future, our memories, The UN has described


the humanitarian situation as Activists shared footage last year


that appears to show people eating grass and leaves


from trees to survive. People from the Government towns


were taken to this opposition held area near Aleppo,


ahead of their onward journey. Critics say starvation is being used


as a tactic to force deals like this and redraw


the sectarian map of Syria in the President Assad insists he sees


the movement as temporary. It is expected 30,000 people will be


moved in this latest deal, the largest


of its kind so far. Police in Israel say a Palestinian


man has fatally stabbed a British The attack took place


near the Old City where Christians The violence occurred at a time


of heightened security because of the Jewish Passover


holiday and the Christian Easter. Our correspondent Tom


Bateman has the details. The police and the security agency


Shin Bet here have said that it was a 57-year-old man who lived


in a Palestinian neighbourhood east They say he has been recently


released from a psychiatric hospital and suggested he had


previous criminal convictions. That may shed some light


at the early stage of this investigation


as to what went on. In terms of this attack


itself, we know that this woman was attacked


on It was running on part


of the line just outside Jerusalem's old city when this woman


was repeatedly stabbed this morning. There was an attempt


to resuscitate her and Two other people were much


less seriously hurt. A 30-year-old woman who is pregnant


and a 50-year-old man. It seems either in


a panic to get away when the tram stopped,


perhaps rather suddenly. Some more details are now


emerging about this. heightened security at this time


of year in Jerusalem, with authorities aware of


the fact that many more It is the Jewish Passover week


which means many people in the old city itself and Christian pilgrims


heading for Easter festivities, too. And has been hurled. Blasphemy is


punishable by death in Pakistan but the incident has shocked many. A


quiet dignified funeral begins for a young student whose life was so


brutally brought to an end. His father buries his son. The latest


victim to be accused of larceny and then curled in Pakistan. -- killed.


In this country, there is no freedom of expression. We have killed my son


and then left the blame on him. I am his father. He used to sit at home


and speak lovingly about the message of Prophet Muhammad. He had been


studying at the University. Yesterday, a mob of hundreds of


young men rampaged through the campus, accusing him of spreading


blasphemy on line. This is his room where he tried to hide from the mob.


You can still see on the walls philosophical quotes he had written


up. From his Windows years he would have seen the mob as they came down


the path. -- window here. Eventually, they found him. They


kicked him and beat him and shot him. They dragged him downstairs and


continued to beat him. All films on video is too horrific to show. Long


after he was dead, they continued to attack his body. They wanted to set


his dead body ablaze but the police took action and his dead body was


protected. The university has been closed indefinitely and a number of


arrests have been made. Close to 70 people have been murdered in


Pakistan after being accused of blasphemy in the past years. This


has shocked many but there has not been the outrage from Government


officials one might expect. I want justice for my country and I want it


so that nothing like this happens to any other child. They did not just


attack my son but by doing it in the university, the challenge the state.


The state should ensure justice. -- ensure justice. He described himself


as a humanist. Many are sharing his writings on line.


Police in Italy have arrested a Mafia boss who absconded from prison


last year. He had been serving a life sentence for murder and drug


trafficking. Police followed his wife and spotted him preparing a


barbecue outside a flat in Tuscany. The Canadian Government has


introduced legislation that would legalise marijuana next year. It


would become only the second country after you require it to legalise the


drug as a consumer product. On Thursday at the Prime Minister


fulfilled his campaign promise and introduced legislation to legalise


marijuana in the name of safety. If your objective is to protect public


health and safety and keep cannabis out of the hands of miners and stop


the flow of profits to illegal crime, then the law that stands


today has been an abject failure. The Government says its plan to


regulate the sale of marijuana will keep kids away from it and stop


money going to organised criminals. The proposed legislation which has


introduced today seeks to legalise, strictly regulate and restrict


access to cannabis and it will make Canada safer. It will impose serious


criminal penalties that provide cannabis to young people, create an


illegal market to cannabis and it will protect public health through


strict requirements for safety and quality. It would set the minimum


legal age for use at 13. Individual Robinsons will be able to raise the


age. -- regions. They will be able to possess 30 grams of dried


marijuana. There will be tougher penalties for selling to miners and


harsher penalties for those using cannabis and driving. Crossing the


US border after smoking pot, there are still some areas that need


ironing out. Every Saltburn country has the ability to make the


decisions for themselves. -- Saltburn country. It should be


decided by Canada day. More and more companies are being


encouraged to bring their pet to work. What are the pitfalls? My


colleague has been finding out. Brooke, Reggie Max and Peggy our


office buddies. The foreign's pets at work scheme has proved so popular


that 100 dogs will have passed an assessment to gain their own staff


passed by the end of the year. People did wonder how many dogs


would be coming into the office and whether we would have large numbers


roaming the office. On any given day, we have a total of 25 dogs in


an office of 1000 people and it is very rare to hear a dog bark in the


office but they are there if you want to go and find one to pet. We


do not just relieve stress and help build office camaraderie. It has


helped to meet make friends. They come and talk to me. They do not


know my name but the note my dog. What about that time when she needs


to go to the toilet? She starts to get up and places a little bit. We


have had the odd accident in the past. Dog daycare is ?30 a day and I


have three of them. For me it is a big saving. Have there ever been any


other fall outs with any other dogs? Not that I have seen. They love


chasing each other around the park and the odd bar. A good idea or a


bad idea? I am going to regret asking. Tell


A cloudy day across parts of the country. Some rain as well. A fresh


feel to the


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