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This is BBC World News today. The headlines from... The man who shot


dead a policeman in Paris on Thursday, carrying shoes he had for


the these convictions. Officials have given details of his time in


prison. Melo during his imprisonment, or 14 years, during


that entire period he did not show any signs of radicalisation.


Security forces mobilised head of the French presidential elections.


The Prime Minister says everything will be done to make the election


goes smoothly. As Theresa May campaigns for the upcoming election


here in the UK, there are suggestions of a possible softening


of her Government's promise not to raise taxes. Police investigating


the bomb attack on the football team bus last week make an arrest and


revealing motive may have been money. Melo last year, Harry Stiles


went to number one... Can he do it again? Built Ed shearer in the claim


that top spot? He had 13 weeks at number one before Harry came along


as spoiled his Easter. Sounds familiar.


LAUGHTER The royal couple on radio as they


visit the BBC to talk about mental health and play some chart-topping


music. Nearly 24 hours after his deadly


attack on the Champs-Elysees, a full picture of the man who shot dead a


police officer in the heart of Paris is starting to emerge. Karim Cheurfi


was a violent serial offender who had spent more than 14 years in


jail. French officials say he was inspected are becoming radicalised


just over a year ago. Security remains tight, both in Paris and


right across France, head of the first round of residential voting on


Sunday. But those fatal shots fired by Karim have already cast a shadow


over the ballot. In this election, not everyone fighting for influence


is a politician. Last night, a lone attacker with an often Matic weapon


brought chaos to the capital's well guarded heart.


His target, French police. Curling a country on the cusp of an election


after two years on high alert. This mobile phone footage shows the


moment he killed a policeman and injured two others before being shot


dead on France's most famous street. The policeman he killed was


identified today, and dead for doing his duty, the interior minister


said. The group calling itself Islamic state has claimed


responsibility, the gunmen named as 39 The Rd Frenchman karim Cheurfi --


karim Cheurfi, who had already spent years in prison for attacking


police. Officers today searched his family house east of Paris, three of


those living there are now being questioned. Neighbours told us they


did not see the family very often, one man said he read about the


attack in this morning's paper and discovered that karim Cheurfi had


been living on his state. Melo today another house and neighbourhood


rebranded as part of the story of France's terrorist attacks. But


thousands of people from ordinary areas listed as potential threats,


security services here are stretched to breaking point. This election was


always seen as a target for terrorism, 50,000 security forces


have been brought into security vote. The leading candidates have


promised thousands more police posts if they are elected, and when it


comes to being tough on terrorism, it is sometimes hard to tell them


apart. Tries Melo we want to take back control of our borders.


TRANSLATION: I will raise the level of protection on our borders by


renegotiating the treaty. TRANSLATION: Preachers of hatred


must be expelled and Islamist mosques closed. TRANSLATION: Note a


man in any mosque will be able to preach against the values of the


Republic. The liberal newcomer said their duty was the key. TRANSLATION:


At heart it is our democracy that is being targeted, our unity. I say


don't give in to fear, or division or intimidation. France's locked in


a debate about how to stop attacks like this, even harder perhaps to


stop them influencing its democratic transition of power. Our


correspondence in Paris, Christian Fraser spoke to a counsellor for


Left Front, one of the millions of people are likely to vote for no one


in Sunday's election. Melo my natural candidate would be John Luke


Melling John, because he is from the same political side. I have too many


disagreements with him. For example on immigration. I think that


today... Goes back years to tough? Yes. I am for the free


installation... I am not for his controls on frontiers. I think that


happens today in the integration of happens today in the integration of


people from Africa, North Africa... Goes like you would have an open


door policy? Maybe you were collared open door, but you cannot prevent


people from emigrating. It is impossible. The obstacles that are


put in a way might be counter-productive? I think we have


about everybody, not just give papers to people that work, but to


everybody. Joining me now is the Anglo-French journalist and


broadcaster. Badge driven coming in. How are those Poles looking? Very


tight. All polling and campaigning stops tonight. So that the French


people can have time to reflect, read up and to think about their


vote. Uppermost in their minds will be security issues and the future of


France. The polls, the four leading candidates is that of the two front


ones, are Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, you have Francois Fillon, and


then you have surprised a Jean-Luc Melenchon, but it seems to be


tightening as we had the first three I mentioned within about 4% of each


other. It is the most unpredictable and wide open presidential election


in modern history. Many people voted for and none of the above. Why?


We'll see what the French people decide, that is what the pollsters


think, and there are people who says they will abstain will do what they


call in French... I think a lot of people who are disillusioned in


France and indeed in other countries with politicians, the political


class, and that is why a candidate like Emmanuel Macron is saying it is


no longer do think of right and left, we need some of the policies


on one side and some of the other, he were to become President at 39


years old it would be remarkable. Other people are saying that the


latest shooting in Paris and killing of a police officer, serious


wounding two others and of a German tourist are really going to play to


the fears of some people, to use the Marine Le Pen senators plan to close


the Borders, stop immigration, not just illegal in the but chuck out


anybody who is suspected by intelligence services are is


foreign. We were ultimately see who goes through to the two candidates,


who get the most votes, we don't think anyone will get 50%, so who


are the two people who are going to go forward and you then will be


within a very short breadth of the palace itself on the 7th of May.


What about turnout? What are you expecting? You say people are


disillusioned, do you expect...? And that is also an unknown. How correct


at the polls? Who will go thrower but how many people abstain? It was


33% a few weeks ago, it looks like people have been making their minds


up in the last week. We think it might be 23% abstention, but it is a


very important election not just for France but for the United Kingdom,


it will have an effect on the rest of the EU. It is crucial for France


and we will see who versus who I will find that out on 7pm London


time this Sunday. Police in Germany have arrested a man accused of


bombing the boss of the German football team Dortmund last week.


One player was injured on the bus was on its way to the stadium. The


suspect may have been carrying out a complex financial scam. The bombing


was potentially deadly, shattering the windows of the coach, it was


only a matter of luck that no one was killed. Police initially thought


the attack on the team bus was an act of politically motivated terror,


but now prosecutors say the attacker was driven by greed, not ideology. A


28-year-old man who stayed in the same hotel as the players is accused


of bombing the team in order to force the club's share price down,


prosecutors say his aim was to make a huge profit on the stock market.


TRANSLATION: Retraced the accused by noticeable option dealings, we now


know that the accused but the different derivatives of the


Dortmund stock. With all these directors he speculated on falling


stock prices, but the main part of these finance products himself on


April 11, so the day of the attack. The team has expressed relief that


the perpetrator appears to have been caught, but there is also widespread


disgust in Germany that summer may have been prepared to kill in order


to make money from shares. The team is looking for to the next match on


Sunday but some players have not yet fully recovered. TRANSLATION: Is a


success would give us a boost, I can speak for myself. I think that I am


able and at the moment I don't see why I personally cannot, with all


the emotion involved cannot coach this game. The bombing shocked


Germany, particularly because it was not clear who the attack and why.


Officials remain cautious, saying in the perpetrators could be Islamist


extremists or criminals with a completely different motivation. Now


it seems that caution has paid off. US military officials say a close


associate of the group that calls itself Islamic state.


US military officials say a close associate of the leader of the group


which calls itself Islamic State, has been killed in a commando raid


Abdurakhmon Uzbeki was reportedly killed during the ground assault


Our correspondent in Washington, Gary O'Donoghue, has more details.


The attack took place on the 6th of April. I think the reason foreign


the gap is that they try to gather as much intelligence as they could


in order to get the man they thought they had got. That was probably the


reason for the delay. It was a ground operation, in other words the


US spent a lot of time hitting people in Syria and Iraq,


individuals through drone strikes and hellfire missiles fired from


drones, much more rare is using commandos on the ground.


As hacking becomes a bigger and bigger problem ,


signs emerge of how young the hackers are.


The bodies of the dead still inside. I never thought they would go


through with it. Some places have already had nearly


as much rain as they normally expect in an entire year. For millions of


Americans, the death of Richard Nixon has meant conflicting


emotions, a national day of mourning next Wednesday, sitting somehow


uneasily with the abiding memories of the shame of Watergate. Liftoff


of the spaceship discovery with the Hubble space telescope, our window


on the universe. The man who shot dead a policeman


in Paris on Thursday , Karim Sure-fee , had


four previous convictions. The Chancellor and Prime Minister


given a first hints on what will be the Conservative manifesto. Theresa


May says she would keep the current spending on foreign aid despite


pressure within our own party to cut it. The Chancellor has hinted that


he would like to end the party's promise not to increase taxes. I


Deputy political editor reports. No leader stays popular forever, but


Reza made feels she's liked enough for now to make policy some might


like and others won't. She was confident enough, have promised when


we heard before and will again. Melo my passion in politics is to make


the United Kingdom a country that works for everyone and not just the


privileged few. That today that meant sticking to Britain's target


for spending on foreign aid, which some right-wingers want cut. We need


is look at how that money is spent and make sure we are able to spend


that money in the most effective way. But what about that


costly pledge? Keeping up the value costly pledge? Keeping up the value


of pensions? Again today, you are telling the country that you are a


leader that people can trust. Can pensioners trust you to go on


raising the state pension year by year, just as your party and


Government is now? What I would say to pensioners is just look at what


the Conservatives in Government have done. P yesterday, ?1250 a year


better off as a result of action taken. We were clear about the need


to ensure that we support people in their old age and that is what we


have done. That wasn't a yes. Here and that is what we have done. That


wasn't a yes. Here in Baxter, plenty of people like the idea of looking


after pensioners. They have worked all their lives, paid their national


insurance. I think they deserve it as much as anyone else. If if you


can't look after the elderly, what can you do? If it can be done, stop


it. A lot of them put it in the bank. Trees may may be about to


upset a lot of voters, even thinking about dropping the Tories promised


to pensioners takes a leader very confident about the election,


especially now she is protecting overseas aid spending. A big lead in


the polls comes in handy if you about to annoy millions of


pensioners. A big majority in the Commons, even more so she then on


and doesn't. That deserves a hug, Jeremy Corbyn parred campaigning his


way to small crowds and big ones. No talk of saving on benefits here, the


carbon wayside like this. Theresa May seems incapable of answering any


questions about the protection of the triple lock. I give you that


commitment now, Labour will maintain the triple lock. Standing by what is


called the triple lock, painted up every year by inflation or average


earnings or 2.5%. And not sure where I'm going. Nor is anyone for sure,


the campaign has barely started. The Lib Dems look perky, they are sure


this election will be better than last time. And we are the only clear


opposition to the Conservatives, opposing a hard Brexit, it and being


a clear and effective opposition on every other level. And on they go.


Pollsters and pundits may think they know how this ends, but there are


still 48 days to polling day. The internet is creating a new kind


of criminal according to a new report from the UK's


National Crime Agency and that criminal is younger and far more


tech-saavy than many of the others law enforcement are


used to encountering. The agency says an increasing number


of young people are slipping Doctor Merry 18 is a cyber


psychologist who has done extensive research on the pathways young


people take to cybercrime. What sort of person is attracted to the world


of hacking? We published a report last year where we found that the


typical profile of the youth hacker was male, highly intelligent,


clearly had an avid interest and skills said regarding technology.


Had some need for affiliation and affirmation, so to a group, and also


enjoyed the challenges involved in tracking behaviour. How do they take


that first step onto that pathway to crime? It's a good question. We know


a lot about real-world criminality, we know very little about cyber


criminality. Where the pathway from into cyber juvenile delivers the


bank potentially into organised cybercrime will stop we do need more


research in this area. There is no point and actually considering


hacking when a young person is 15, they don't just wake up and become a


hacker we have to go back in a developmental context and start


thinking about identifying these kids very early, and I'm talking


about school entry age. We have IQ metrics and CQ metrics, but we have


no CQ, we have no technology quarter, everywhere in the identify


these kids we would be able to engage with them, nurture them,


during the educational process and stop them going outside the system


to seek affirmation. That also is very technical. How easy is it to


achieve? It is to design a scale, and that's a major piece of work for


behavioural scientists, but it is not such a big thing to do for them,


a scale would be an assessment that you give to young children and you


would aim to identify latent talent of talent that would manifest over


time. At that point, you could then hot house them and get them to


engage in parts of the curriculum where they could build their


self-esteem within the educational system rather than engaging in


potentially criminal behaviour. That is a way of staging an educational


intervention. In addition to that, we also need to stage interventions


in terms of the actual behaviour. It would be very difficult for any


parent of a tech talented 13-year-old to explain to them,


well, if you are engaging in this behaviour online and you are at the


perimeter of the network, that is OK, but if you do this in terms of


penetrating the network then that is criminal. It would be difficult for


a teacher to teach that to a young person. What we need is extensive


education. Sorry to interrupt, running out of time. Teenagers and


consequences. Thank you very much. Hugh Ferris has these bought for us.


They've met in two of the last three finals...


There'll be a Madrid derby in the SEMI-finals


Real have been drawn against Atletico in the last four...


where surprise package Monaco will take on Juventus in the other match.


It is friends reunited because it is the fourth year in a row they will


meet any cabbage leaf. Past three seasons we have two finals,


1/4-final, and on every one of those occasions rearm and it has come out


as the winner of those ties. It will be looking for revenge, this season


in La Liga, Ray R Madrid had a 3-1 win and they met only a couple of


weeks ago, another Madrid derby that finished 1-1. It will be close and


tight and tense. It means they won't meet in the final, got into the last


three seasons they have met any final, this tiny meet semifinal.


Ajax will play Lyon in the semi finals while Manchester United


will face Celta Vigo in the other tie.


There's been another shock at the Monte Carlo Master tennis,


with world number two Novak Djokovic beaten in three sets


The Belgian raced through the first set to take it 6-2 against


the number two seed Early in the second Djokovic lost his


BUT he did recover well to take it 6-3.


BUT it was the number ten seed who progressed despite the Serb


As Goffin set up a last-four meeting with nine time champion Rafa Nadal


They say that when Ding Junhui plays snooker...


There's over a billion people glued to their TV sets in China.


Well you can bet there's even more watching his second round match


at the World Championship in Sheffield, England as he's up


against China's number two player Liang Wenbo for a place


in the quarter-finals These are live pictures from the Crucible...


Ding leads 9-6 so this is the final frame of their session before


Meanwhile one of her grandchildren, the Duke of Cambridge,


made a surprise public appearance here at the BBC buildings in London.


Can he do it again? All will edit shearing reclaim that top spot 13


weeks at number one before Harry spoiled his Easter. Santa milia.


LAUGHTER -- sounds familiar. Didn't they do


well? That is it from the programme. Cheerio.


It looks like many others will have a shot to the system next week as


winter makes a return. But funny weekend it will be mostly dry. It


will be some ground frost and it will be quite chilly overnight.


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