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Good evening. I am live in Paris. It comes out that the man who shot a


police military four previous convictions. During a previous time


of 14 years, he did not show any sign of radicalisation. Security


forces have been mobilised ahead of the presidential elections. The


president says everything will be done to make sure things go


smoothly. Nothing will stop this fundamental democratic movement. Our


other top stories. As the Prime Minister campaigns for the election


in the United Kingdom, the nurse at suggestions as the possible


softening of our governments promise not to increase taxes. Police


investigating the attack on the Brescia Dortmund team bus last week


make an arrest and see that the motive may have been financial gain.


And women's football. One of the top Afghanistan woman football was


forced to flee the country because she is in fear of her away.


There are just a few hours of the campaign left before the election on


Sunday. Events have been dominated to D-Day events in Paris last night.


We have here from the prosecutor that the attacker had been laid in a


out of prison all of his life. He had served sentences for theft and


aggravated violence, including the attempted murder of a policeman in


2001. A letter claiming his allegiance to Islamic state was


found in his pocket after he was shot dead last night. Last night,


alone attacker with a weapon shot policeman dead. His target was


French police. This mobile phone footage shows the moment he killed a


policeman and injured two others before being shot dead. The


policeman he killed was identified today. Dead for doing his duty. The


group calling itself Islamic State claimed responsibility. He had


already served years in prison for attacking police. Officers today


searched the family house. Three of those living there are no being


questioned. Neighbour stalled as they did not see the family very


often. One said he read in the attic and the morning paper and discovered


that the attacker had been living on his street. Another neighbourhood


rebranded as part of the story of France's terrorist attacks, with


thousands of people in ordinary areas listed as potential threats,


security forces here are stretched to breaking point. The selection was


always seen as the possible point for terrorism. The parties have been


promising thousands more police jobs if they are elected. We want to take


back control of our borders from the European Union. We will only raise


the level of protection on our borders. Pictures of hatred must be


expelled. No one will be able to preach against the values of the


Republic. The newcomer said that liberty and democracy would succeed.


It is our liberty and democracy and freedom which is being targeted. Do


not given to intimidation. They are determined that these attacks will


not stop the transition of power this was an attacker who had the has


any of prison sentences, but had no history of affiliation with Islamic


state. He was convicted of aggravated violence in 2008 towards


a police officer. He was jailed for two years in 2014 for theft and


burglary. He was arrested this year on suspicion of planning to attack


the police, but was released due to insufficient evidence. Police say


they have recovered the gun used by the attacker. They are now trying to


piece together his background. I want to clarify that either was not


on the watch list. In 14 years, he had shown no sign of being


radicalised trying to convert other people. The investigations are


attempting to establish the exact context in which he decided to act.


I am pleased to see that the author of a major book on terrorism and


friends has joined me. -- France. Is it feel you're on the part of the


security forces what happened last night? I do not think so. We have


been subjected to potential endless terror from Islamic state but that


has not happened. All these attempted attacks have been nipped


in the bud by the security services because they were able to act in


advance. So you think they are making improvements? Definitely. The


only thing that happened unfortunately last night was this


attack. But I do not think that will change the election. Islamic state


is interested in boosting the extreme right. They want to see a


fracturing between France and other liberal democracies within Europe.


The only way to survive as Muslims, they would say, was to join under


our banner. It looks as if Le Pen has had a major boost in popularity


following last night 's attack? She will probably get through to the


second round. But that is not so much a question of how she will do


beyond fear. This is a story about a man who has been in and out of


prison much of his life? We do not know, but there is a fair chance he


was radicalised inside? We do not know that. Obviously, there have


been people in prison who have been released, like when the policeman


was stamped in June last year, he was stabbed by someone who had just


come out of prison. Therefore, we have an enormous problem not only in


France, but also in the likes of Italy and Germany. The lorry driver,


he was someone who had already been imprisoned. My advice to the next


fix French president is that we would consider the judiciary is the


priority. We need to build new prisons, re-educate the prosecutors


and the lawyers in order to be a weir of these threats. There are


interested. They are doing their jobs, but they are not we are enough


of what the issues are. This is an issue which they did not study.


There is an enormous amount of information which has to be


implemented, whether it is in Europe, which is known the soft


underbelly of the West. That is how the extreme Islamists see it.


Fascinating stuff. Thank you for talking to us.


This city is on high alert. We do not want any more incidents.


Security guards were brought out to protect 60,000 polling stations


across the country. We are in for tents days. Back to you. Of course


there is much more you can find on the website. Back to other news.


Here in the UK, the Prime Minister is on day three of the campaign


trail and along with the Chancellor, they have given their hint of what


will and what will not be in the Conservative manifesto. She says she


will keep the current spending on foreign aid. The Chancellor says he


will like to end the party prize mac promise not to increase taxes. --


party's promise. She looks confident enough and the


message, when we have heard before and will again. What drives me in


politics is to make the United Kingdom a country that works for


everyone and not just the privileged few. That meant sticking to


Britain's target for spending on foreign aid, some right wingers want


cut. What we need to do is look how that money is spent and make sure we


are able to spend that money in the most effective way. Clear enough,


but what about that other costly pledge, keeping up the value of


pensions? You are telling the country that you are a leader that


the people can trust. Can pensioners trust you to go on raising their


state pensions year by year, just as your party and your Government does


now? What I would say to pensioners is like at what the Conservatives in


Government have done. 1000 and year better off due to action that has


been taken. We were very clear that we need to support people in their


old age and that is what we have done. That was not a yes. You're in


Berkshire, plenty of people like the idea of looking after pensions. They


have worked all their lives and paid the national insurance. They have


paid their taxes. I think they deserve it as much as anybody else.


If you cannot look after the elderly, what can you do? They do


not use it. A lot of them put it straight in the bank. She may be


about to upset a lot of other voters. Even thinking about dropping


the promise to pensioners... She is clearly protecting overseas aid


spending at the same time. A big lead in the polls comes in handy if


you are about to annoy millions of pensioners. A big majority in the


Commons, even more so. That deserves a cardinal. Jeremy Corbyn is


campaigning his way, to small clouds and big ones. -- crowds. The


Corbyn's wave sounds like this. Theresa May seems incapable of


answering any questions over state pensions. I give you that commitment


now. Labour will maintain the triple lock. Standing by what is called the


triple lock. Pensions up every year by information or average earnings


or 2.5%. I am not quite sure where I am going. Nor is anyone. The


campaign has just started. The Liberal Democrats look perky. They


are sure this election will be better than last time. We are the


only opposition to the Conservatives. Giving a clear and


effective decent opposition on every level. And on the go. Pollsters and


pundits may think they know how this ends but there are still 48 days


until polling day. German police have arrested a man suspected of


setting off a bomb against the Dortmund football team bus last


week. The had been initial fears it was a terror attack but prosecutors


now believe the man hope to send the club's share price plummeting, with


the intention of making a profit on investments he had made before the


attack. Damian McGuinness is in Berlin for us. Tell us about this


latest development, please. Yes, as you say, initially police did think


it was a terror attack. They were not sure whether it was Islamist


terror or right-wing or left-wing extremists. It now turns out,


according to prosecutors, this was in fact financial crime. So what the


suspect is alleged to have done is to have bought boot options, as they


are known. You can bet on the share price going down and if the share


price does go down the company, in this case the football team, then he


could have earned lots of money. He wanted to do this by bombing the


Bath coach, the team bus, which would have led to multiple injuries


amongst the players, if not fatalities. It was quite a brittle


attack. -- brittle. Unfortunately, only one player was injured. There


were no vitality is but that was a matter of luck. Now the judges here


in Germany have issued a formal arrest. So far he has only been


detained. He has been charged with attempted murder. It has shot


Germany because a lot of people feel it is a terrible way of trying to


make money on the stock market. Any indication from the authorities how


on earth image that connection? Yes, it's interesting. It seems that


there were a couple of mistakes in the sport. Even though the


technicality behind this attack was sophisticated. It was all planned so


that he could detonate the explosives from the hotel room while


the team were in the coach going from the hotel room to the stadium.


From the technical side, it was quite sophisticated, according to


experts. It sounds that the suspect made some errors. According to


prosecutors, he bought the stock options from an IP address in the


hotel. He did not... It was quite clear to investigators there was a


connection there anyway. The initial tip off came from banks because the


financial sector realised that something was amiss. The suspected


money-laundering. The informed the authorities and the authorities have


been tracking this young man. He was then detained this morning on his


way to work. He works as an elocution in the southern state. --


electrician. He has been arrested and will be charged for attempted


murder. Fascinating. Thank you very much. We are going to bring you some


breaking news. The story that is developing. It has been reported


that US military officials are saying that a close associate of the


Islamic State leader has been killed in a commando raid. He was reported


killed during the ground assault in Syria. He was reported to have been


involved in plotting the New Year's Eve attack on the nightclub in


Istanbul in Terkel, in which at least 39 people were killed. -- in


Turkey. At some of the other day's stories now. US and Afghan officials


say it more than 50 people have been killed or seriously injured in an


attack on an army base in the northern town. Military officials


say is suicide bomber blew up his bomb at the gate. The Taliban says


it launched the attack. Emergency services in South Africa say at


least 19 schoolchildren were killed when their minibus collided with a


truck near the capital. The bus exploded into a ball of flames on


impact and fell onto its side. Police say the bus driver was


killed, whilst the driver of the truck survived. It is not clear what


caused the crash. Arkansas's has executed its first inmate after 12


years. The US Supreme Court rejected the final appeal to stop the lethal


injection. He was one of eight men that Arkansas had originally planned


to execute over 11 days. At least 11 people had been killed after another


night of looting and violence in Venezuela. After two days of protest


after the Socialist Government. Tens of thousands of people have taken to


the streets over the past three weeks to call for the new


presidential elections. Has computer hacking become a more widespread


problem? The authorities have had to come up with new ways to protect the


online communities. In the UK the average hacker is 17 years old. They


are not motivated by money either. That has made the effort to stop the


hackers even more focused. The internet is breeding a new kind


of criminal who'd never normally They're young and tech savvy


and sometimes don't even realise Investigators questioned teenagers


convicted of cyber crime The report found financial


gain wasn't a priority. But they did want to


impress other hackers. And thought the risk


of getting caught was low. The early motivations


can be the challenge, can be proving to their peers online


that they can complete the challenge or they can break into certain


things, or find vulnerabilities. But we do see, if they are good


at that and if they can build their reputations in forums


and prove to their peers, we do see them then getting


into this more for monetary This self-confessed hacker, now 16,


claims he taught himself. I got interested, wanted to know how


it worked and how this actually happens, how a website


gets taken down. You learn about the Computer Misuse


Act, which is something you are likely to fall


foul of if you go off and do cyber security


without any guidance. The NCA research also shows


early intervention can Here, teenagers take part


in a tech competition, learning how to hack and stay


on the right side of the law. A lot of students have access


to their own computers at home now and therefore they are trying things


out, and rightly so, we don't want to discourage


people from going out and trying new skills,


learning how to do things. What we absolutely must


get in there, though, is there is a line


they shouldn't be crossing, It's a huge challenge


for law enforcement. The average age of suspects in cyber


crime investigations is now just 17. In Afghanistan, women's football has


seen a revival since the fall of the Taliban. One of the founders of the


team fled the country in fear of her life because of her links to


football. I can't forget that moment when I


thought I may longer not be alive. You only have the option to leave or


shut your mouth. I am not the person who shot my voice because I know my


voice can change so many things. She is the face of Afghanistan fit all,


but like so many teenage girls, playing for her country was just a


dream. -- football. I left the country. The culture was changed.


The Taliban... During the Taliban rain, it was a tough time for women


especially. She saw football as a way of empowering women. She


recruited group of girls. The first game was against a team in control.


The scene of so many public executions. We played in a stadium


and the same stadium where women were shot. It was like a revolution.


It was a huge change. The women who were killed in that stadium, in that


penalty area, and it was that area where I kicked the ball. Afghanistan


one but that did little to endear the players to some people. They


became a target from abuse. Those girls who are playing football and


doing any kind of sports, they are prostitutes. We faced the problems


of violence from women against women. From man against women. Her


family were threatened so she fled to India before moving to Denmark,


where she now lives as a refugee. Injury cut short her career and now


despite living thousands of Columba Tours, she continues to work for the


football team. -- Columba Tours. There is a problem with my injury


but I do participate and I do coordinate the programmes and I do


help my country from far-away. That is the thing that kept me alive and


kept me happy and it motivated me to work hard for my country. I love my


country. Just before we go, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as you have


never heard them before. Last week, Harry Styles


went straight to number one with his debut single,


Sign Of The Times. Or will Ed Sheeran


retain that top spot? He had 13 weeks at number one


with Shape Of You before Harry came along


and spoiled his Easter. The royal couple made a surprise


visit to BBC radio one to talk about the mental health campaign. William


announced he previously texted into Radio 1 under an assumed name. What


a lovely surprise. That is it from the programme. Next, the weather.


Goodbye. If you have outdoor plans this


weekend, the weather shouldn't


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