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smear campaign against the country. Apache sandwich and a night in a


tent. Why punters a paid thousands of dollars each to attend this music


Festival are not happy. It is seen as a vital marker for all


US presidents. 100 days in office. And as Donald Trump


reaches that milestone - tens of thousands of protesters


are rallying in Washington and other US cities to express concern


over climate change. -- Mr Trump has previously


called it a hoax. This is Washington where crowds have


been making their way to the White House to express


their concern about climate change and the adminstration's plans


to roll back measures to curb global If we don't take care of Earth, we


don't have anything. We want our next generation to have this planet


that has not been reported by corporations. In defence of our


environment, for the climate, because we need to do it and we


believe that. The president will not be marking


his hundred days in Washington. He has been downplaying the importance


of the marker. This is how Donald Trump assessed how he has been


doing. Actually believe the first 100 days of my administration has


been just about the most successful in our country's history. The most


fundamental change can be found on the relationship between the people


and their government. For too long, politicians cared more about special


interest than they did very successful future for all Americans.


The Doucoure taxpayers money and sent their jobs and wealth to other


countries. Not any more. So what are Americans making of President Donald


Trump? Was called to the state capital of Pennsylvania, where he is


spending part of the day at a campaign still rally, taking place


in a few hours' time. Our correspondent is there. Protest


outside the White House, but you are there with supporters. What are


people across America meeting of Donald Trump's first 100 days?


Welcome to the swing state of Pennsylvania. This state was crucial


for Donald Trump to try to win the White House and she turned


Republican. If you asked me what people think, these are trump


supporters. They've been here since the early morning train to get to


the front of this rally. What do you think of his hundred days?


Fantastic. What are his main accomplishments? Just getting things


started. Getting people talking. Thinking about what her future is


going to be and he is there, he has got it, he is doing it. You've been


waiting for him for a little while. What they want is your president?


Just what happens then. He will tell us the same thing he has been


telling others but it is working. He has people talking across the


country. Some people can't handle it, but that is on them. The rest of


the country, they are for it. Thank you very much. Just to give


you an idea of how big the queue is, it stretches around the building.


Donald Trump has signed a 29 executive orders but he is yet to


have a major legislative one. He has managed to get a Supreme Court peck


through, which was an extremely difficult thing to do. People here,


obviously, think he is winning. I can speak to this woman who I spoke


to an earlier. You have been in this queue, when it comes to Donald


Trump, she doesn't have many legislative ones, so when it comes


to it, do you think he's doing OK as a president? I think he's doing


better than OK. There are a number of people out there who feel that he


hasn't had the legislative wing -- ones, that he has perhaps not got


Obama care repealed or replaced, that his travel ban is stuck. What


do you think? I think he has a choke hold on him. It's hardly the success


of something in business when you have summoned people at you. It is


hard to get things done. He has a lot of good people watch them and he


is trying to implement what he promised. But it's quite hard to do


when you have people per win knew in opposite directions. Even our own


party has a tendency to do a little pilling but once we get past that, I


think we will be great. There are rallies taking place outside the


White House so as well as his supporters, he has his critics. One


thing everyone agrees on, Donald Trump campaigned as being an


unconventional president and campaigner, and that, I think, in


the first 100 days is what many the first 100 days is what many


people will say she has proved to be.


What's more about the first hundred days on a website, including the


squares we can test your knowledge. The President of the European


Commission has warned that many people in Britain


are underestimating Jean-Claude Yuncker


was speaking after EU leaders, meeting in Brussels,


unanimously agreed their negotiating position on Britain's


departure from the union. From Brussels Damian


Grammaticas reports. At the heart of the EU today,


European leaders, 27 of them, now We all want a close and strong


future relationship with There is absolutely


no question about it. But before discussing


the future, we had to Michel Barnier, is the man


entrusted with the Everything ready


for the negotiation? EU leaders are worried


about what Angela Merkel His concerns are shared


by EU leaders too. What EU leaders are most worried


about is what Angela Merkel has called "illusions" on the British


side about what can be achieved This process today is


about injecting a bit It took the 27 just minutes to sign


off on their negotiating guidelines. They are clear Brexit


talks will be in phases. Stage one, the UK must


satisfy their demands on exit terms. What illusions do you think


some of the UK harbour? TRANSLATION: Sometimes,


I have the impression that some in Britain,


I don't mean the government, do not understand the process we have set,


a phased negotiation. This gives me the opportunity to say


again, there is no conspiracy, Theresa May's desire to talk


about a future trade deal early First, the EU want to agree


a guarantee of citizen's rights. Meaning the rights to live,


work and study now enjoyed by 4 million people,


EU citizens in the UK, Meaning the UK must agree to pay


all its portion of EU And solutions to avoid new border


controls between north And the EU side believe even


agreeing the first item on their list, citizens' rights,


won't be straightforward. Jean-Claude Juncker says the EU


is ready to give guarantees We have already prepared a text


which could be adopted immediately if our British friends were ready


to sign it like that. Money could be another before any


talk about trade deals will start. Tens of thousands of protesters


in US cities over climate change. And we'll be speaking to Damian live


a little later in the programme. Donald Trump has accused North Korea


of 'disrespecting' China, after it test-fired


a second ballistic missile. The test was launched hours


after the American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called


for a tougher international approach at the United


Nations Security Council. Meanwhile, an American


aircraft carrier - the USS Carl Vinson -


has reportedly arrived in the region after it was sent


to the Korean peninsula as part After Saturday's failed launch,


the Japanese government condemned the test and said it had lodged


a strong protest with North Korea It is a story that has world leaders


across the world worried, we have with us who someone


who used to be one. Kevin Rudd is the former


Prime Minister of Australia and now is the president of the Asia Society


policy institute in What do you think


about Trump's policy? I think the President's strategy has


one objective at the stage and that is to apply maximum pressure on


China. Because of North Korea's international, financial and energy


dependency on the People's Republic of China, what President Trump is


seeking to do, based on those discussions, is to keep that


pressure on, in the hope that Beijing can actually bring about,


through political pressure, the change in Norse kiddie behaviour. --


North Korean behaviour. Will this work? This has not been tried with


this focus before. China has been reluctant to deploy this level of


diplomatic lavage in the past, not just because of historical


relationship reasons with Norse code here, going back to the Korean War


half a century ago, but because China is often plain about the fact


that it does not want to see a conflagration on the peninsula, it


does not want to see the collapse of the regime and it does not want to


see any American troops landing on what was then be a vacated territory


in the north. This is a complicated and multilayered situation. What


centres there at that China is going to play ball? We don't know. There


are divided opinions in Beijing on this question and frankly for any


government this would be a hard call. On the one hand, they don't


want nuclear power operation on the Korean peninsula and they don't want


Cisco gear or Japan declaring -- developing their own deterrent. On


the other hand, they have deep caution about the great unknowns


which all from putting pressure on Zhong Yang. You see the regime of


Kim Jong in the fall or do you see him fall and replaced with someone


they are even less familiar with? This is the debate at present and


that is why politics within China and diplomacy is important for the


United States. As a former Prime Minister, someone who has been in on


the strategies of getting North Korea to the table, what do you


think you should be done to bring in North Korea to be more compromising


in this situation? I think there are two things. We have just discussed


one of them, which is seeking to work with our Chinese friends to


substantially up the level of each which is currently being deployed


against North Korea by Beijing. The second thing is this. The next big


hurdle and this tense situation on the Korean peninsula will come with


the President -- the next election or of the president of South Korea.


That is just a week away. Historically, the North behaved


badly on such occasions. They did so several years ago and did it five


years before that. So, if the diplomatic message can be kept --


got through, to say that it is time not to do what you normally do when


there is collection, which could fire for another battery of


missiles, instead, how about a separate meeting with the incoming


president in some third-party location? Thank you very much for


being with us. Nothing, it seems was able to


withstand the tornado. Internationally, there have already


been protests. Sweden says it received no warning of the accident


and the Russians denied anything had gone wrong. Only when radioactivity


levels began to increase outside Russia will be forced to admit the


accident. The mood here is of great


celebration. At the end of a 12 year war for them. They've taken the


capital for which they have been fighting so long.


It was 7am, the day when power began to pass from the minority to the


majority, when Africa reclaim its last great colony.


Protests over climate change. European leaders have taken just


four minutes to unanimously approve a negotiation strategy for Britain's


withdrawal from DEQ. More and that story, our European correspondent is


in Brussels. What message did Europeans -- European leaders sent


today? One clear message they wanted to


send is that they are united. It took them four minutes to agree


this. That is something they wanted to flag up. They walked in for their


meeting, instantly signed off on this negotiating position. There was


now debate, no discussion, no disagreement. They had prepared it


and they want the UK to know that the 27 other EU countries, the


remaining countries, are all united around this one set of guidelines,


this one position. The second thing they want the UK to lawyers that


they have various requirements that will have to be met as they go


through the negotiation. Those are the red lines and that is what they


expect. One of those red lines will be go


for spell. How much acrimony could this week to between EU leaders and


the United Kingdom? It could lead to an oral -- an


enormous amount. There are fears it could lead to a breakdown of the


entire talks and the whole separation process. One thing they


are very sensitive about already here is the way this is presented in


the UK. You mentioned it as a divorce bill, due say it is not bad.


This is the financial obligations of the EU and the UK that they have


entered into as a member of the EU. Projects that signed off on an a


multi-year budget that stretches up to 2020, which has already agreed


and approved. There are farmers, scientists, programmes leading the


UK that are expecting those payments and the save the UK has the shall I


will honour that obligation before they can move on to discussions


about something like a trade deal. That is something that they want to


focus on. What about the other priorities for the EU leaders in


Brussels? The first priority for them, before


money, what matters to them even more people. There the point of the


lives of 4.5 million people who have moved there in the EU, taking


advantage of the rates they have as members of the EU, that is European


citizens to the UK, UK citizens elsewhere in the EU, with jobs,


studies, homes, families, access to pensions and social security rates,


all that. What will happen to them when the UK reads? The EU said what


this set of very quickly and all those rates to be guaranteed for a


lifetime, into the future. That is the first priority and the something


be absolutely want to nail down. Turkey has blocked access


to one of the world's most visited websites -


Wikipedia. Anyone trying to access


Wikipedia from inside Turkey The government said Wikipedia


was attempting to run a "smear campaign" against Turkey with some


of the pages on the website suggesting Ankara was co-operating


with militant groups. President Erdogan's government also


dismissed 4,000 public officials today in the latest in a string


of purges following last year's I've been speaking to Alp Toker,


from the group Turkey Blocks, which monitors internet


shutdowns in Turkey. It's a widespread clock which is


affecting the whole country. This looks like it will be in for the


long haul. Why do you think Wikipedia has been blocked now? It


is unprecedented that such a large, International site like this has


been blocked. We are used to social media blocking, but this is slightly


different and this is different because Wikipedia as a platform for


others as well. People use it to present a Turkish point of view. The


figures walked in Turkey, that means that Turkey -- Turkish people cannot


edit it. It's almost heading over editorial policy to other countries.


It's a policy that could backfire. We have heard government officials


have been dismissed and popular dating shows have been banned. What


justification is the government using? That is part of the fact, a


response against the coup. A lot of people support this. They see a huge


fit in the country and the Internet censorship is part of that crackdown


and seen as a necessary measure. It seems like a lot of innocent people


are being caught up. It has affected the online culture a lot. We have


been tracking this. And Jimmy Wales the founder


of Wikipedia has tweeted Access to information


is a fundamental human right. Turkish people, I will always stand


with you to fight for this right. And now an update on a story we've


reported on a few days about two trekkers from Taiwan who were found


in the Himalayas about seven weeks A high-altitude search and rescue


team found them in a canyon After being rescued a few days


ago, doctors are now Here's the latest from


the BBC's Rahul Joglekar. I am sorry that everybody had to be


concerned about me. In the future, I will be more careful. I am looking


forward to going back to Taiwan. He survived the initially on potatoes


and noodles. Then, the ace for days. She has been taking good food. She


is happy. A lot of discussions with the nurses and doctors and from


today, he also started walking. They had come to Nepal to conquer the


treacherous peaks of the Himalayas. Now only one of them will return to


Taiwan after a throw -- miraculous rescue.


It was advertised as the ultimate in luxury -


but a new festival in the Bahamas imploded on the day


Festival-goers were promised a 'once in a lifetime experience' of art,


food and music, but instead found tents for accommodation,


sandwiches for food, and the headline act cancelled>.


Tickets cost up to $12,000. It was heavily promoted on social media but


ended up creating a vital part of a different kind. The headline act


ruled out. Festivalgoers arrived on Friday to find utilitarian white


tents, accommodation that some described as like a refugee camp. On


the menu, cheese sandwiches instead of gourmet cuisine. Organisers


postponed the event and cancelled an altogether sting that their team was


overwhelmed. That led to the chaotic scenes at the airport as people try


to get off the island. Many turn to social media to vent their


frustrations. The described the event as a complete disaster. The


festival organiser took to Twitter to apologise. He said he was


heartbroken and the event was not a scam. Organisers have promised a


full refund to festivalgoers and of looking ahead to next year,


promising to be able wet -- a bit less ambitious. Recovering from seen


that this will take one ambitious PR strategy.


Britain's Anthony Joshua takes on Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko


in a heavyweight unification fight in London in less


The IBF and WBA titles are on offer with a massive crowd


of 90-thousand people packing out Wembley stadium.


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