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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is currently


A very warm welcome. We will continue listening to this press


briefing. Yesterday, we were told that the president expects the FBI


investigation will be wrapped up with integrity. Today the president


tweeted and called it a witchhunt. How does that help wrap that


investigation up with integrity? The President... He wants to know very


clearly... There is two pieces of this. What was not a's involvement.


The President's concerned about any entity is attempting to influence


the election and the second is this false narrative that we continue to


fight every day that has been debunked by intelligence


individuals, members of Congress who have been briefed over and over


again. That is where I think he is concerned as well as many American


people who are concerned that there is this false narrative being


perpetuated out there. That is the knot of this. I talked to a former


FBI official today who said that the President's implicit threat to


former FBI director James Comey indicates that the president is in


head words out of control. I would like you to respond to that. Is he?


That is frankly offensive. Two questions about the FBI's director


selection process. You said the names are coming from the Justice


Department right now. Is the president consulting with Democratic


congressional leaders as well, or Republican congressional leaders on


this, or is he just getting names? That is a good question. I know that


obviously he will take input from them. I do not know what


conversations he has had so I will be glad to check on who he has


spoken to or maybe speaking to. So that is Sean Spicer, the White


House press secretary speaking there and refusing to comment on a lot of


questions that have been put to him by the press that are gathered,


mainly saying that he cannot comment on these tapes that President Trump


himself mentioned on Twitter. No further comment from Mr Trump on


James Comey, the head of the FBI and his firing and not aware of any


recordings that were made either. So here is some of what Sean Spicer had


to say earlier. Did President Trump record his conversations with former


FBI director James Comey? I assume you are referring to the tweet and I


have spoken to the president and he has nothing further to add on that.


Why did he say that and what should we interpret from that? As I said,


he has nothing further to add on that. Are their recording devices in


the oval office? For a third time, there is nothing further to add on


that. Does he think it is appropriate to threaten someone like


James Comey? I did not dig it is a direct. He has simply stated a fact.


-- I do not think it is a threat. We now go to our correspondence. I


think the tweet warned James Comey against linking any information


because he would have hoped there were not any recordings. That sounds


and read like a threat to the rest of the world so it is not clear what


was meant by that and what he was intending on whether he has any


tapes of these conversations and certainly the whole mention of


takes, even in quotation marks in his tweet, is absolutely reminiscent


of the next in Iraq, something he has been accused of emulating this


week in the treatment of James Comey himself. -- emulating the Nixon era.


Were shocked by the tweet saying he was thinking of cancelling the White


House briefings, because up until recently we did not know this was


going to happen? The tweet went out first thing on Friday morning. No, I


am not shocked by that because he has an absolute love- hate


relationship with the publicity machine, with the media machine. It


is something he drives off of and also something that he despises as


per players of fake news, as he would put it. I think was more


shocking was the other tweaks this morning where he said there will --


although I am an active president, you can't expect people to go one


speak on my heart and to always speak with perfect accuracy. In


other words, inviting people to be sceptical or doubtful about what


they hear coming out of the spokesman's mouth. Now, journalists


tend to be doubtful and sceptical people. That is in the nature of the


job. But you do not normally you the other side saying, "Don't believe


every word we say." We heard anything further about James Comey


and his firing, because he is now saying that it was all his decision.


James Comey has not given any interview since his firing and I


would be surprised if he does any time soon. Some of his friends have


been suggesting that any dinner back in January the president asked him


for a pledge of loyalty, which he declined to give. That is also the


dinner where the president says James Comey gave him an assurance he


was not being investigated and there is lots of disagreement there but we


will certainly wait with bated breath for any account that James


Comey decides to give of his firing because so far we have had just a


letter that he wrote to his staff saying presidents can sack FBI


director is for no reason or any reason. OK, we will leave it there


for now. The United States and China have


announced a trade deal. The unexpected agreement gives US


farmers, energy companies and financial services access


to China's huge market. It also reflects the warming


in relations between Our business correspondent


Karishma Vaswani has more. broadly speaking it gives American


credit rating agencies and credit card companies, financial services


basically, access to China's all-important market,


the middle-class. In particular, American beef


exporters will also be able to sell their products in China


after years of being banned and China will also accept shipments


of US liquefied natural gas. Now, in return, China


gets to sell its cooked poultry products to the US,


but frankly, this isn't just a deal Now, typically the criticism


from foreign investors who are doing business in China, they


say that it is usually China that It is what President Trump


has been saying on the campaign trail,


and he has promise to make China play by


the rules again and open up its markets


to American businesses. This deal looks like


he has gone some way to getting what he wants,


but Beijing isn't one to give This weekend, China is hosting


the one belt, one road Basically its coming out party


to the world, if you will. And it wants global


recognition for this Now, part of this trade deal


includes the US sending some of its representatives to the summit,


something that previous Soldiers in Ivory Coast have opened


fire in at least five military They're shooting in the air


in protest at a deal made with the government to scrap plans


to give them back pay and bonuses. It follows a televised apology


by a spokesman for the soldiers Candidates in Iran's presidential


election exchanged barbs in their final debate on Friday,


accusing each other of corruption The current president Hassan Rouhani


is contesting the election, to be held next week,


along with five other candidates. European officials are discussing


with the US whether to broaden The US brought in restrictions


in March forbidding passengers from carrying laptops in their hand


luggage if they were travelling The UK announced


a similar ban soon after. US officials have already


warned that the ban Hospitals across England have


been simultaneously hit Hospitals across England have


been simultaneously hit A short time ago, the Incident


Director of the National Health service issued a statement


to reassure patients they WILL be able to access emergency services


in the same way they normally A computer virus has caused IT


systems to fail and has led to many of hospitals having


to divert emergency patients. It appears organisations


in other countries may have A major incident has been declared


by NHS leaders in England and hospitals like this one


in Colchester have been experiencing serious computer problems


after a cyber attack. inside the door said that


all the computers have gone down, and they are not sure


whether the doctors can If it is x-rays,


breakages, what have you, hospital trust covering


North Lincolnshire, IT systems were closed for three days


as the result of a cyber attack last Hundreds of operations and patient


appointments were postponed, people were told to get to A


only if it was really necessary, there were warnings that


NHS IT was And today staff looking in at other


hospitals found this on their screens, with a message


saying, your files are encrypted, if you want to recover them,


you need to pay up. Ransomware, a hidden


programme used by criminal The NHS is vulnerable,


because typically it has not invested enough in computer


security, using old computers and systems and if they don't keep them


properly patched they will keep In a statement, NHS Digital,


responsible for IT, has said: One doctor at this hospital


in Mansfield told us how it was a patient with severe back pain,


which could potentially And we had to divert her


to another hospital, Queens It is getting a bit


difficult for us. It takes an awful lot of time


for us to process the Some hospitals warned


local people they were experiencing significant IT


and telephone problems. Some GP practices have also reported


significant problems. We will bring you some breaking news


and it appears that Italy's highest court has upheld the 16 year jail


sentence that was imposed on the captain of the shipwrecked cruise


liner, the Costa Concordia. 32 people died when the vessel hit the


rocks of the Italian island in January 2000 and 12. The captain was


also convicted of abandoning ship before his passengers and crew were


clear of the Costa Concordia itself. James Reynolds is in Rome for us.


James, just tell us what took place today in court. This was the


definitive ruling by Italy's highest court. It had to consider an earlier


ruling by a lower court, which had convicted the captain on multiple


counts of manslaughter, on causing a maritime accident and abandoning a


ship before its passengers and crew were safe. Italy's highest court has


decided that that sentence and verdict is sound. That comment of


Italy's justice system, is that. It now means that the captain will


begin to serve his 16 year sentence. Under the way that Italian law


works, you did not have deserved his sentence until it was finally


concluded. It has now been concluded. His lawyer says that he


is on his way to hand himself in to begin serving his sentence. Have we


had any reaction yet from the family of those who died? A lawyer spoke on


the steps of the court, saying that this is finally justice at last.


They're in mind, of course, this was more than five years ago that this


happened and the captain throughout the time has suggested that he was


not to blame. The families disagreed. Now, essentially, the


court has sided with the families, saying that the captain's bad


handling of the ship, his decision not to steal it properly, his


decision to abandon the ship before everyone was safe, is an issue for


which he has deserved 16 years in prison. And Italy itself, of course,


I am just thinking ahead to the sort of reaction that would have been put


into place in terms of safety of other cruise liners. Has there been


any such reaction since the incident? There have been a lot of


investigations and thoughts about how the cruise industry might try to


work and that particular operator was fined 1 million euros. But by


and large, this court's verdict was about the actions of one man. It was


about his bad decision-making on that night and Italy's justice


system has concluded that his actions caused the death of 32


people. James Reynolds in Rome. Thank you for that.


In Venezuela people are continuing to take to the streets


in their thousands to protest against the government.


The situation is becoming increasingly violent as riot police


Over the past month nearly 40 people have been killed.


Vladimir Hernandez has spent a day out on the streets


Scenes like these in Caracas are happening almost every day.


Thousands of Venezuelans are taking to the streets all around the


These people are asking for a fresh election against President


The inflation rate is estimated to be at over 700%, and


"I am angry because of the economic crisis," this man says.


"I want to recover the country where I grew up," this woman says.


And this young student says she doesn't want


more young people dying in the protests.


But, like so often, it is not long before things turn nasty.


And this is what protesters here in Caracas get every time


The National Guard throwing tear gas at them.


The Government says they are cracking


down on unauthorised protests and accused the political


down on unauthorised protests and accused the political


This man is the latest victim of Venezuelan's


"You Are a hero," shouts and protest is. His Friends Say He Loved Playing


Football. HE WAS ALLEGEDLY SHOT IN THE CHEST. Scenes of anger and


frustration as another young man loses his life as a result of the


political unrest here. Away from the protest, I have come to one of


Caracas most deprived areas. I am here to meet a demonstrator who lost


a kidney over a week ago after he says being shot at a protest. When I


reached his home, we watch the video which showed the moment of death of


a fellow protest. He later told me that this had been the first time he


had cried in a decade. TRANSLATION: We need to keep


fighting, but we need to find an alternative, because they are


killing us. It is guns against rocks. Despite the rising


casualties, more protests are planned for the coming days, and


with the economy in such dire straits, more and more Venezuelans


say they are willing to take the risk because they have nothing left


to lose. South Africa has been hit by violent


demonstrations this week. Protestors demanding houses and jobs


have been clashing with police in several townships south


of Johannesburg, putting pressure of President Jacob Zuma's government


to deliver on election promises. At least 70 people have been


arrested for public violence. The government has admitted


that the issues behind the latest wave of protests are genuine


and deserve a response. Nomsa Maseko reports


from Johannesburg. A sense of calm returns


following days of protests. The demonstrations were led


by communities who feel marginalised and neglected,


protesters up in arms over The week-long unrest,


dubbed service delivery protests, Poverty and stubbornly high


unemployment 23 years after the end of apartheid has angered many,


piling pressure on Labelled coloured under apartheid,


not black, not white, the community of Eldorado Park south


of Johannesburg feels unheard Some have even openly declared that


life was better under white minority rule while others say


the protests are justified. The government must act to build


houses firstly, then the community, but take the government seriously,


but if they don't start, we will not stop until our


demands have been met. But our protests in South Africa


is to start to build. Locate the streets, no cars pass,


no-one goes to work, That is how we put this


government in action. This woman has been on the housing


waiting list for more than 20 years. She lives in a one-bedroom house


with family members. I feel frustrated, I feel very


disappointed in all of this. Now because of us young people


who can't get houses, we have You vote for houses


you don't get the house, you vote for jobs, you don't get


a job so it hasn't helped. I don't know what to say but I'm


struggling with my children. It's only my disability grant


for this little money. There are concerns that


criminal elements are infiltrating these protests


but the grievances remain genuine. Like many communities


in South Africa, most people just want a piece of land to build


a house on - a simple request that successive administrations


have failed to address. Corruption is often cited


as the reason why the government appears unable to deliver


on the many promises NASA's 200th spacewalk outside


the International Space Station has been marred by problems


after failing battery power and an oxygen leak in a spacesuit


forced delays and part Two US astronauts were tasked


to replace an electronics box and install equipment to fix


a cooling system problem during the walk which was expected


to last 6-and-a-half hours. The mission was shortened


because of reduced battery NASA says the two astronaughts


had to share a vital cable supplying power,


oxygen, cooling water and communications, after one


of the spacesuits developed a leak. Europe's most extravagant


pop-music competition - the Eurovision song contest -


reaches its climax on Saturday. It's fair to say that


the United Kingdom has not done well in recent years,


but what affect will Brexit have? Even the prime minister has


warned that British fans Steve Rosenberg is in


the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Love it or hate it, here's one


European institution the UK It's the final of the Eurovision


Song contest this Saturday in Kiev. Lucie Jones is flying the UK's flag,


but will Brexit mean that it meets In recent years it


has been hard enough for the United Kingdom to get points


from our European neighbours when we have been


on speaking terms with But now that we are leaving


the EU in an atmosphere of acute disharmony,


will that condemn the UK to eternal They may be excited


about Eurovision in Kiev, but Britain's Prime


Minister Theresa May has warned that Brexit could scupper


the UK's Eurovision party. Well, is the Prime


Minister a Eurovision I can't imagine her sat


with her flag at home. Brexit is so far out


of my hands and my control. The signs are that


Europe has not fallen We have discovered that


even the French love Well - so that France


wouldn't come last. France is very bad,


but England is worse, And being happy is what


Eurovision is all about. The UK hasn't won the


contest for 20 years. Let's turn now to some live pictures


from central Portugal, where Pope Francis has


arrived from Rome. He is on his way to


Fatima's Sanctuary Square, where tens of thousands of Catholics


are waiting to welcome him as starts Tomorrow he will be making saints


of two children who had repeated visions of the Virgin Mary exactly


100 years ago, during A reminder of our top story: in the


past hour, the White House press secretary has refused to comment on


President Trump's tweets that appeared to be a thinly veiled


warning to the sacked former FBI director James Comey. And in the


last few minutes, the UK Prime Minister to read MA has said that


the massive cyber attack on the National Health Service in England


as part of a wider international attack and there is no evidence that


patient data has been compromised. More on this right here on BBC News.


Goodbye. Hello. The weekend is nearly upon us


and we will see sunshine and showers. Some areas will escape


showers and remained dry, particularly across the South. We


have the influence of some low pressure through the week across


northern and western areas. Saturday morning will start cloudy. Most will


be across northern and western areas. Sunshine across the South and


the East. Showers developing in the afternoon across the Midlands. There


will be a lot of dry weather and temperatures touching 12 feet -- 20


Celsius in some places. Most of the cloud across western areas. More


rain turning to the far south-west later in the day. Most of the


showers will be across Scotland and Northern Ireland on both Saturday


and Sunday. It is possible we could see the old heavy, thundery won in


western Scotland. Also chilly across this North East corner of Scotland


with a strong breeze. During Saturday evening and overnight, the


next pulse of rain moving to the south-west. This weather front will


go northwards and may bring some rain to parts of the country. Maybe


the odd heavy burst. As it moves through, it brings fresh air. We


have lost that you midfield to things. Sunday quite a nice day for


many places. The odd shower around. Most across the North


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