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A warning from Germany's chancellor following a tense G7 summit -


she says Europe can no longer fully rely on other nations.


British Airways resumes some flights after a massive computer failure -


but delays continue and thousands of passengers remain stranded.


We've been in the line for about five hours now.


We've no idea how long we're going to be here and


we are getting no communication from the staff.


Less than a week after the devastating terror


attack in Manchester, thousands turn out for


And that first handshake between Trump and Macron, the French


President says his bone-crushing technique is no innocent gesture. We


will find out more later. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel


has called for European unity in the face of Brexit


and the election of Donald Trump. Speaking at an election rally


in Munich in Southern Germany, she said the events of the past few


days had shown that the Europeans could not necessarily


rely on other nations. TRANSLATION: We Europeans must


really take our fate Of course, in friendship


with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain


and as good neighbours, wherever that is possible also


with other countries, But we have to know that we must


fight for our own future on our own, And that's what I want to do,


together with you. Her comments follow the G7's failure


to commit to the 2015 Earlier the German leader described


the talks as "six against one", calling the summit in Sicily very


difficult and very unsatisfactory. Instead she described


the relationship between Berlin and new French President Emmanuel Macron


as a priority. We can talk to Damian McGuinness in


Berlin. He seemed dramatic remarks for Angela Merkel? They were pretty


forthright comments. There are a couple of things going on here. On


the one hand, the European Union feels a certain amount of anxiety


about Brexit. That was a big blow to the EU when the referendum took


place last year. Also, Donald Trump is a leader that European leaders


find quite difficult to deal with. We saw this at the G7. By the end of


the weekend, there was still no agreement over the Paris climate


accord. Donald Trump is still not clear about whether he's going to


sign up to that or not. In the face of those challenges, what Angela


Merkel seems to be saying is that this is the time where the EU can


pull together. Partly because there is a sad note of optimism in the EU.


One being that growth is returning to the eurozone. The other is that


Emmanuel Macron is the new President in France and is very much a leader


that Angela Merkel can deal with. They have similar values when it


comes to free trade and border controls, and when it comes to the


liberal values and the wider sense of the term. Angela Merkel feels she


can work together with Paris. She is also politically strong. She looks


like she's going to win a fourth term in September. If you have this


jewel Franco German motor back on the road again, that is good news


for Europhiles and people that support the EU. Has there been any


reaction to the comments yet? There was a certain amount of astonishment


that they were so direct. It's quite unusual for her to speak in such a


direct manner. She was very passionate when she was speaking at


this beer tent. It also has to be borne in mind that we are entering


the pre-election season. Toy said an extent, the comments were aimed at


German voters. -- to a certain extent. She was setting herself up


as somebody who would stand up to Donald Trump, who is not popular in


Germany. To a certain extent, she's thinking it is going to win his


votes. Also, it is about boosting defence spending in Germany. That is


another thing she is keen on pushing for to get the spending on defence


up to 2%. All of this is about her pushing her domestic agenda and


saying that the EU needs to be stronger and stand on its own feet.


With me is Thomas Kielinger, a German journalist


He is the London correspondent for Die Welt, which is


Thank you very much for coming in. I am just reading one of your


colleagues, Jeremy Cliff of the Economist, saying that her comments


were recorded for a full minute, it is worth bearing in mind the


context. It is always good in Germany to be speaking on behalf of


European Union becoming more strong. That is the basic creed of hers and


most Germans. If you think it is helpful for the German public to


hear her say these things, I think she is grievously mistaken. To cast


aspersions on the security link that we have with Britain and the United


States, this point in time, when there is enough criticism to be had


about the American President, some unhappiness in Germany about Brexit,


fair enough. But you should not, as leader of a friendly government,


speak in such doubtful language about essential links. Obama seemed


to see her very much as the leader of Europe. They had a very strong


relationship. Trump, very different from the outset. There was that


first visit of hers to the US. If there is any kind of rift, what does


it mean between Germany and the US? We are all very unhappy about


President Trump. But the nature of the strategic relationship


transcends any present government or any President of the United States


that we might be facing. But it does depend on trust and personal


relations? But you can't they say it and make it look like it is almost


over. Trump is still a work in progress. We still have to hope for


better days yet. He still may be able to learn and his advisers might


tell him. The language he uses is, for as commentators and others that


are saying these things, it is not for her as a head of government. Who


is she replacing the relationship with Britain and America with?


France? Very good, we should have good relations, improving relations


with France. But this is early days. Again, we have to see what Macron is


going to do. She is throwing the baby out with the bath water. In


terms of Brexit, some who were hoping for a soft Brexit, they are


wondering if there is any chance, post-German election later this


year, of some sort of reform within the EU? That is the $100 million


question, if the EU will be able to reform itself. To keep the UK in?


Yes, keep a friendly relationship with Britain. We know that she is


unhappy about Brexit, lots of people are. Probably the majority of


Germans don't want to see Britain leave. That is not to say the world


is going to collapse around our years. Britain is deeply embedded in


the security architecture of Europe. She is a reliable member of Nato. To


cast aspersions about this special link, simply because Brexit is going


to happen, strong or weak, is not for her to say. I think she will


live to regret having said it, I am sure. Interesting to talk to you.


Thank you very much for coming in. British Airways is warning


of further disruption for passengers as it tries to return to normal


at Britain's biggest airport. A major IT failure on Saturday saw


all flights cancelled and thousands of passengers around


the world stranded. The airline says it's now running


a near-normal service from Gatwick airport just south of London -


but at Heathrow, there are still big delays,


especially on short-haul flights. Our business correspondent Joe Lynam


has the latest from Heathrow. For some BA customers, it's been


a long, uncomfortable night. Bleary passengers this morning,


still hoping to catch their plane. Even free bottles of water


at Terminal 5 failed It's a lot of moving


around, standing in lines I think it's too big and they don't


know what to do with it and it seems We've been in the line


for about five hours and we have no idea how much longer we will be


here and we're getting no Sarah Booth and her family should be


on holiday in Budapest but instead she is stuck having lunch


at a pub near Heathrow. She was told by BA to come


to the airport, only to find We only travelled based


on the fact our fight was still running and we had been


told by BA to make sure all flights were running,


before we left home and we did that. Malvern in Worcestershire


and my sister and her family have Now they're probably


going on holiday in the UK instead. We had really been looking


forward to it because we do But it's not as bad as it could have


been because other people probably BA passengers in Rome have been


told it might be Tuesday Some travelled by train from Naples,


after spending hours on a plane there yesterday


which never took off. We've been booked on a flight


from here to Barcelona, and Barcelona to London


but the Barcelona fight has been delayed an hour and so we have 30


minutes to get the connecting flight in the hope we get back


to London tonight. Otherwise we have got


to wait two days. As thousands of people wait


in a packed Heathrow, dozens of flights have


already been cancelled. And many more will not depart


as the airline struggles to reset its global network


after a major power failure. Some passengers have been


told their flight is cancelled online and then get the exact


opposite message when they call This problem looks set to persist


for far more than just a few hours. Anti-terror police have been


carrying out more raids in Manchester in the last few hours,


following Monday's bombing The victims of the attack have been


remembered in church services across the city,


while thousands of runners have been taking part


in the Great Manchester Run. In the centre of Manchester, people


ran in remembrance and in defiance. Holding this race in the streets


just days after an attack here was in itself sending


an important message. We're here to run for Manchester


and to show that we're not scared This simple act of gathering


together after a bombing that left so many families grieving expressed


a sentiment that only a few could Do something to say


we need to hate less. Do something through


courage and through pain. Do something for someone


that you care for. Do something to help


out with the cost. Do something for someone


that you're there for. Do something for someone


that you've lost. Yet this attempt to return


to normality exposed what has become at least for the moment


the new normal. Armed officers and extra security


are now an obvious presence, here to offer reassurance,


but they're also a reminder of what happened in Manchester


less than a week ago. Yes, I was a bit nervous,


I'm here with my husband. If anything else could have


happened, you know.... I've got children at home,


so I did think twice, People paid their respects


all along the race route. And at services nearby


in Manchester Cathedral. Today we remember Megan Hurley,


Elaine McIver, Courtney Boyle, There, the names of each one


of the 22 people killed On shirt after shirt,


people wore yellow ribbons to show solidarity and sympathy


for their families. We weren't going to come today


but we thought we're not We're going to come


and have a great day Lay some flowers.


The kids are going to have fun. Trying to move on in Manchester does


not mean forgetting. And this is a city still in need


of support and reassurance. there is much more ahead. We are


joined by a body-line which expert to find out more about that


handshake between President Trump and his new French counterpart,


President Macron. In the biggest international


sporting spectacle ever seen, up to 30 million people have taken


part in sponsored athletics events The first of what the makers


of Star Wars hope will be thousands Taunting, which led to scuffles,


scuffles to fighting, fighting to full-scale riot


as the Liverpool fans broke out of their area,


and into the Juventus enclosure. The whole world will mourn


the tragic death of Mr Nehru today. He was the father of the Indian


people on the day of independence. The Oprah Winfrey show comes


to an end after 25 years The chat show has made her one


of the richest people on the planet. Geri Halliwell, otherwise


known as Ginger Spice, has announced she's left the Spice


Girls. She's the one with the bounce,


to go, the girl power. Standing alone, Europeans can no


longer fully rely on other nations. The warning from Angela Merkel


follows a tense G7 summit. And a second day of chaos riles British


Airways passengers after a major computer failure on Saturday.


The French president Emmanuel Macron has admitted that a much


talked-about ultra-firm handshake with President Donald Trump


at the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday was not


Mr Macron said in a newspaper interview he wanted to show that


France would not make little concessions, even symbolic ones.


Judy James is a body language expert and author


of The Body Language Bible, who regularly teaches


Let's have a look at the handshake between Macron and Trump. Mr Macron


holds on, it seems, for longer than necessary. If you just watch very


carefully. What do you think is going on? You can see the term


camped over the top. He has his hand and he can't get away. His fingers


try to slide out. He also has the eye contact, so Trump asked to look


away first. Power posturing politics, in the crudest form. Which


Macron has admitted? EU yes, sad, but amusing to watch. Macron and his


team know the power of the image. We have seen them at the Nato summit.


Macron, scene to go to Angela Merkel to greet her in a group, rather than


President Trump? That is the equivalent of shaking hands and


going like that at the last minute. You think I am going to you, I am


going to make you wait. This is alpha behaviour. You get the


original alpha male, the toughest character, and the young


whippersnappers. We are watching the great handshake when he moves over


to him. These younger guns that we have seen, Justin Trudeau in Canada,


almost parodying the Trump gritting. We saw the Canadian leader meeting


him in February. What is he doing? I think he had seen that Trump does


this famous grabbing and yanking handshake. He got out of the car, he


got very close, so there was no room for manoeuvre. He does what is


called a power Pat, looking like the senior politician. I think he was


watching him, like a footballer watches a fellow footballer. It is


difficult, you never know which one he is going to pull out of the bag.


We can see Macron and Trudeau, some funny images on their Twitter feeds


of them in this gorgeous part of the WorldCom in Sicily, having a bit of


a bromance. Even between the two of them, the one that gesticulates the


first it looks the more powerful. Trudeau is beating Macron. There is


even fighting between the young whipper snappers. I would love to


hear their side of the story. We also want to look at a famous image


of Mr Trump pushing past the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Do you think


that was deliberate? Do you think you just didn't care? You must have


no cameras were trained on him. I think this is in his DNA. He feels


he has to fight for the space and power. We know he is the boss, but


he still had to slap the guy on the arm, push him out of the way. What I


love after this, you does this pruning. I have won again. His chin


goes up, he buttons up his jacket. It is quite sad that he doesn't seem


to realise he has got the job. He still seems to think I have to prove


that I am the boss everywhere. That must go back to some childhood


upbringing. He grew up with very strong entrepreneurial father and


grandfather. He feels he has to prove himself. He might be the boss


in the White House, but he doesn't seem able to hold his wife's hand on


all occasions. This is arriving in Israel. Tries to take his wife's


hand and she flicks him away. She flicks. Couples usually do signs,


tiny manoeuvres, to speak to each other. You would expect her to drop


her hand. He puts his hand back, and flicks like a naughty boy. Who is


the more dominant? We have felt sorry for her, but I think she is


tougher than she thinks. Also in Italy, coming to meet the Pope? The


hair was to important. He managed to hold Theresa May's hand? He grabbed


it, she might have swatted him if she had known that is what was what


got to do. It ended up looking like they were holding hands. The senior


women on the political stage, and the men still, well, they... After


it out. Thank you for coming in. I am trying to get my body language


strong. Germany's Angelique Kerber became


the first women's top seed to lose in the opening


round of the French Open Makarova was a 6-2, 6-2 winner


in one hour and 22 minutes and it leaves Kerber's number one status


in the balance. Both Simona Halep and Karolina


Pliskova have the chance to take top spot for the first time with good


runs in Paris. Of course I am disappointed that the


clay-court season was not so good. At the end, maybe it is good that it


is over for me. I don't know, I think I will go back home, I will


maybe do a few days rest, or a few more days. I don't know, I don't


know what I will do now. For sure, I will think about what the best


preparation is for grass now. Better news for Petra Kvitova,


who won her first match back since being stabbed


during a burglary at The 27-year-old Czech who's a two


time Wimbledon Champion defeated It was a nice and really


heart-warming welcome. My team was there, my family was there,


everybody that helped me through the difficult times. I'm happy with the


game, of course. It wasn't only about the game today.


Sebastian Vettel has extended his lead in the Formula One


drivers championship after winning the Monaco Grand Prix for Ferrari


The German started behind his teammate Kimi Raikkonen


on the front row of the grid, but was able to overtake


during their only pit stops mid-way through the race.


Vettel has finished first or second in every race so far this season


and with nearest rival Lewis Hamilton coming home only


Dutchman Tom Dumoulin has won the 100th edition of the Giro


d'Italia overhauling all of his main rivals with a stunning ride


He's the first from the country to win the race and it's his first


Sitting in fourth place in the overall standings before


the final 29.3 kilometres into Milan, Dumoulin was second


fastest in the time trial with the three ahead of him


His final margin of victory was 31 seconds over Nairo Quintana and 40


ahead of last year's champion Vincenzo Nibali who


It's really crazy. I cannot describe it with words. It's incredible. Such


a nerve-racking day. I was super nervous from the beginning of the


day. I needed to stay calm. I almost couldn't. But I did it. I had good


legs and I just went for it. Sweden's Alex Noren has won


the European Golf Tour's PGA Championship with a blistering


course record 62 in the final He overturned a seven shot deficit


to win his fifth European Tour title in 11 months finishing off


with an eagle on the 18th to end up on 11 under par winning by two shots


to pick up the first prize of more India have beaten New Zealand by 45


runs after chasing down a revised target in their rain affected game


at The Oval in South London. The match was warm up ahead


of the ICC Champions Trophy which gets under way


in England on Thursday. New Zealand were dismissed for just


189 from their 50 overs. India easily reached their revised


Duckworth Lewis target of 85. Fernando Alonso has dropped out with


21 laps remaining, due to engine failure. Everything on the website.


My children are going to be delighted with that Indian cricket


victory. The Swedish satirical


drama The Square has won the prestigious Palme d'Or,


the top prize at the The film is inspired


by the arts world and stars The Cannes jury president described


The Square as a rich masterpiece that tackles what he called


the horrific dictatorship That it from me. Thanks for staying


with us. This is BBC News. Some of you may be wondering why I


have this particular sphere behind me. It is a decent


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