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A warning to President Trump from the EU and China.


They say he's making a major error by withdrawing


from the Paris Climate pact, and promise to step up


Today, China and Europe have demonstrated solidarity with future


generations and responsibility with the whole planet.


Mr Trump's accused by developing countries of showing disregard


for millions of lives - but one major oil company boss says


it won't change the move towards clean energy.


At least five people have been killed in the Afghan capital,


after police opened fire on protesters angry


And he's openly gay and the son of Indian immigrants and he's set


Celebrations in a Dutch court after a group of people conceived in a


fertility clinic gained the right to learn if the doctor was their


father. And he's openly gay and the son


of Indian immigrants and he's set to become Ireland's new Prime


Minister. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Donald Trump's decision to withdraw


the US from the Paris climate change agreement has


been internationally condemned. The group of the world's 48 least


developed countries accused Mr Trump of showing disregard


for millions of lives. India, China and the European Union


have restated their But President Trump's senior


economic adviser Gary Cohn said the decision allows the US


to keep its options open to get Today we are stepping


up our cooperation on climate Which means that today China


and Europe has demonstrated solidarity with future generations


and responsibility We are convinced that yesterday's


decision by the United States to leave the Paris agreement


is a big mistake. Bigger than not ratifying


the Kyoto protocol. The fight against climate change


and all the research, innovation and technology


and progress it will bring will continue,


with or without the United States. International condemnation but Mr


Trump seems set on his ways. Yes, he believes he has kept a promise, if


routine made in how oil -- in Pennsylvania to those he calls the


forgotten people, the workers in coal and oil and gas. These, he


says, I see easily elected -- elected him to pull out of this


deal. The Environmental Protection Agency has briefed reporters at the


White House. She has said that the Trump administration believes this


is a bad deal, that the Paris climate agreement is a bad deal for


workers and jobs. He said that other countries may help negotiate and


they can negotiate if they wish but he reiterated the point that if they


don't this is fine, too. He was challenged on several occasions by


reporters who are keen to find out whether or not President Trump


believes climate change is real and whether or not it is caused by


humans. He said that measuring the human impact of climate change is


challenging. He said he has indicated that human activity


contributes to it in summer manner. But when comes to those


conversations he's had with Donald Trump, he said they both agreed that


when it came to that agreement it wasn't in America's interests. We'll


talk to you in a moment. Let's hear some of the words from the man


himself. The president made a courageous decision yesterday in


behalf of America. He put America's interests first with respected


environmental agreements in international discussions. I


appreciate his fortitude and leadership in this matter. The


discussion has been one of a thoughtful collaboration of the last


few weeks. He heard many voices across a wide spectrum and the


President made an informed and thoughtful decision for the


country's benefit. Is there not some concern that the United States, the


world leader, isn't leading the way when it comes to climate change?


Within the top of the recession, they are not concerned about that.


International condemnation of job there are shoulders. They've had a


lot of praise from leading Republicans, the house speaker.


These people have come forward and said that Donald Trump has made the


right decision for American businesses. You're right, there has


been condemnation from within. If you look at the likes of California,


New York, Washington State governors, they've said they will


try to keep on fulfilling their climate change agreement. That


commitment that America made to cut at least 26% of carbon emissions by


2025. As full 60 other males of major US cities, including


Pittsburgh, the city Donald Trump named saying he represents the


people of Pittsburgh not Paris. The measure of Pittsburgh has put out a


climate change order today saying that his city will work towards the


Paris climate change agreement. There is some dissent within the US.


Thank you. India, a country attacked


by Donald Trump as benefiting from the climate agreement,


has said it remains Prime Minister Narendra Modi


said the exploitation This was expected to be


India's energy future when Prime Minister Narendra Modi


came to power three years ago. He said economic growth


was the priority. The forecast was that India,


already the third biggest producer of greenhouse gases in the world,


would treble emissions But things have changed more quickly


than anyone expected. Suddenly, instead of coal


being the first recourse for powering India, renewable energy


becomes the first recourse The price of renewable energy has


really, really fallen fast. While renewable energy


was about 14 rupees, or about 20 US cents,


per unit of electricity about five years ago,


it has now fallen to about 2.5 That makes renewable energy cost


competitive with coal. Last year, one of the world's


biggest solar plants opened here. India needs to massively increase


the amount of power it produces. 300 million Indians still have no


access to electricity and the average Indian uses a tenth


of the power of an American. India's emissions will have


to increase, but because of the technological changes


and because of the energy efficiency, India's emissions


will increase at a slower rate and will probably start increasing


faster and at a lower level than everybody expected


they would just a few years ago. Isn't that the Indian Government has


certainly been converted This is about economics,


not ideology. But arguably, that makes it


even more significant. Because if doing the right thing


is also the most profitable thing, people are far more likely


to want to do it. Some the world's biggest oil


companies have said they still ExxonMobil said the 2105 accord


remained a "critical" step, given rising emissions


from developing countries. Another US firm, Chevron,


said its policies on reducing emissions would remain aligned


with the targets set out in Paris. Meanwhile the boss of BP,


Bob Dudley, took a slightly different tack, saying some


of the reaction to Trump's announcement had been "extreme"


and that it wouldn't change his company's plans


to move to cleaner fuels. Well, I know there is a lot


of extreme reaction, big reaction to it, but the reality


is it has only been 12-16 hours since the announcement came


and I know the United States is a centre of innovation


in lots of clean technology and things, so I think it is more


of a symbolic stepping out of the agreement,


which I think takes, from what I understand,


more than three years to do anyway, so I wouldn't overreact


to it whatsoever. Quite a surprising move


from the president. Did you ever think


this day would come? Well, I think, as Dan Yergin said


earlier, all through the campaign, those statements were made so,


in many ways, it's not that much of a surprise but let's wait and see


what the substance of it is. I know the United States will be


the centre of lots of clean technology innovation so I wouldn't


overreact to it. I think it doesn't matter, it's not


going to change our strategy. We have in place a strategy


to recognise the long wave line transition to a low carbon energy


is absolutely inevitable, it is under way, so we have


a strategy that works with what we have today in research,


development and renewables Erik Solheim is the head of UN


Environment Programme - Hagen panicking a little bit too


much given that Trump has made this announcement gesture Mike? It's a


setback but it's in no way the end of the Paris agreement. India is


positive. We've just heard both on BBC. China are moving faster. The


private sector is in the lead. It is the private sector that is leading


the renewable revolution in the US. The big companies, Facebook, Google,


Apple, Microsoft, they've said that they disagree with the president but


will move ahead and bring the renewable revolution anyway. Given


that Americans use up some of the most energy converted to other


nations, it is a setback. Surely they should be leading the way.


Absolutely. We need the leadership but in the absence of the American


leadership, it's refreshing to see that the private sector is waiting


in the United States, states like California, Washington, New York are


leading, these are some of the most modern states with some of the


biggest companies. China and India are taking up leadership with


Europe. Europe and China are aligning for climate action. Just a


a few years back, it was not possible for Europe and China line


with each other in the absence of United States. As in the


international community failed, not being able to convince the leader of


the United states that climate change is a thing? -- hasn't the


international community failed. We have tried it and was in focus too


on the -- and I wouldn't focus too much on the United States. But


wasn't Ronald Reagan that launched the digital revolution, nor Jimmy


Carter. It is companies and people that drive the renewable revolution.


Its companies that are driving it but if you don't have, if you still


have doubters within the international community, what's that


stop other people that might change their minds? We have some -- refuse


signals of the break-up of his deal. That is because of the leadership in


China, Africa, Europe. The main reason, the fact that you cannot be


both environmentally friendly and develop fast at the same time. Until


recently, there may have been a contradiction here. You needed to


make a choice but now sold and wind energy can compete with coal. It is


a win, win. As you see in India, providing jobs and green energy at


the same time. We have to leave it there. Thank you so much.


Here in the UK, with less than a week to go


until the general election, opinion polls suggest the race


In just over an hour's time, the Prime Minister,


Theresa May, and the Leader of the Opposition Labour Party,


Jeremy Corbyn, will face members of the public in a live TV question


The BBC's Ros Atkins is in York, where the BBC's holding the special


It is one of the last chances for Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May to


make a pitch live on national TV to the electorate.


In terms of how the audience has been selected, this is


a BBC question Time special but, as you know, BBC Question Time


broadcasts many times throughout the year on the BBC,


it has a devoted production team which is very used


to pulling together audiences which are


city or area of the country they are visiting.


That same process has been followed today so this audience will


not be a representation of the UK, it will be a representation of York


There is a renewed interest in both what


Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are saying because, as you say,


there is a perception, widely accepted by


people following the campaign closely, that's Theresa May has had


a couple of tough days in the last two weeks around the U-turn on how


social care will be paid for, and also her


the big BBC leaders debate a couple of nights ago


Jeremy Corbyn, largely given a tough time by the print


media in the UK, has had a good campaign,


he has not had any huge gaffes beyond one in a BBC Radio


interview when he forgot a statistic which created bad headlines, but


generally his campaign has gone well and that meant the music has


slightly changed, the polls have tightened, and while we need to be


cautious we can certainly say he is applying pressure on Theresa May


that perhaps wasn't there when she called this election


when some polls gave her a lead of up to 20 points.


That Question Time leaders' special starts in just


At least five people have died in Afghanistan after police opened


Hospital sources told the BBC another five were admitted


Live bullets and tear gas was used by police to disperse a large crowd.


They were protesting against deteriorating


This is the second day of protests close to where a car bomb


on Wednesday killed more than 90 people.


Police fired water cannon and live bullets as protesters approached


the presidential palace in Kabul, itself just metres from the site


Earlier in the day, crowds had gathered,


chanting slogans calling on the president to resign


and demanding more be done to prevent such attacks.


There has been a lot of anger from the crowd all day,


directed at anyone and everyone that they hold responsible


At Pakistan and the militant network the Haqqanis,


who they allege were responsible, at international forces for not


providing enough security here, and at the Afghan government.


Some of those protesting were demanding the execution


of a number of prisoners from the Haqqani network


TRANSLATION: The officials say it is hard to tell


Well, they should come out into the streets with us


They should start by executing the Haqqani


The protest began peacefully but five people were shot


by police as clashes erupted between protesters


TRANSLATION: Look what they have done to us.


We are being killed every day in terrorist attacks so why should


Protests like this are unusual in Afghanistan


but there is real anger here at the deteriorating


Officials, though, say the country is doing all it can.


We know we are fighting more than 20 international terrorist


Afghanistan is the only country in the world now that is fighting


With the capability, with the numbers of security forces


we have, we are still doing very good.


Afghanistan often sees an upsurge of violence in the Muslim holy month


of Ramadan and it is hard to rule out the prospect of more attacks


A group of children conceived through IVF have won the right


to have the DNA of the doctor at the sperm bank tested.


They believe he may be their biological father.


Jan Karbaat, who died last April, is suspected of replacing the sperm


chosen by their mothers, with his own.


He could have fathered around 60 children.


Anna Holligan was in Rotterdam District Court


This was just the first round but you can see


The room is full of people wondering if the person sitting next to them


Their mothers all had IVF and now they believe


the doctor who ran the clinic, secretly inseminated them


TRANSLATION: I did not see the similarities at first sight


but, after having spoken with the lawyer who told me a couple


of indicators that biological children of Karbaat have,


an overbite, a feet condition and hypermobility,


both characteristics, my son has two.


TRANSLATION: I want to know for sure that this is my dad.


But if anyone asks me who my dad is, you can probably answer


the question, at this moment I cannot answer the question.


Dr Karbaat called himself a pioneer in the field of fertilisation.


This incredible case has raised questions about how IVF


clinics and the procedures they offer are monitored.


TRANSLATION: For the donor children, we hope we can work together


with the biological children of Mr Karbaat to sample


and match their DNA so we can see if there is a match


And even if his family refused to cooperate,


the judge agreed DNA samples can be taken from items seized


from Dr Karbaat's home shortly after his death.


That DNA profile will then be sealed until another judge rules


on whether the results can be compared to the DNA


Ireland is set to have it's first gay Prime Minister.


Within the last hour, Leo Varadkar has been named


as the new leader of Fine Gael, the biggest party in Ireland's


This was the scene at Mansion House in central Dublin,


where Mr Varadkar's supporters celebrated the news.


He is the son of an Indian immigrant and also Ireland's first


He was the favourite to take over from Prime Minister Enda Kenny,


who resigned last month after leading the party


Around the world, people look to Ireland to be reminded that this


is a country where it doesn't matter where you come from but rather


I know when my father travelled 5000 miles to build


a new home in Ireland, I doubt he ever dreamt that his son


would one day grow up to become its leader and that,


despite his differences, his son would be treated the same


and judged by his actions in character, not his


Joining me from Dublin is the BBC's Chris Page.


It's a day of firsts for Ireland. Yes, a number of firsts. Leo


Varadkar is set to become the Prime Minister. He's been elected the


leader of the largest party. You'll also be the first gay leader, the


youngest leader in history and the first of Asian descent. He's half


Indian, his father is an Indian doctor that came to live here in the


1970s. He married an Irish nurse and they settled in Dublin, where Leo


Varadkar corrupt. It was a different country then. Divorce and


homosexuality were in the 1990s. Until then, they were relatively few


England and Ireland was one of the poorest countries Europe. Then a


huge economic boom and Ireland became one of the gritters


countries, then a crash and now Ireland has recovered and we are now


one of the fastest-growing economies. He embodies the Liberals


-- liberalisation of Ireland. It was once one of the most socially


conservative countries in the European Union. When it comes to the


contenders, Simon Coveney one the most thoughts from the ordinarily


members of the party. How did Leo Varadkar win? Yes, Ireland has never


had a leadership contest like this before. It opened its entitlement to


ship up to voting. To make a major leadership event of the contest.


There may be a general election if you're this your next year, voting


was extended to all party members, but electoral college system meant


that party members in parliament had the biggest say, therefore it's


counted for much more than anyone else and the Parliamentary party


footed by an overwhelming majority -- party voted by an overbearing


majority in favour of Leo Varadkar. He's a major darling, in some eyes


and this is why they think he will be the man to lead them into a


general election, he would be the man to shore up the position in


parliament. At the moment, Fine Gael is a majority Government. And I was


sick in that sense. Note that one has his biggest -- and digs are


shaky in that sense. His predecessor has said that the exit of the UK


from the European Union is Ireland boss Matt biggest challenge yet.


There is no doubt that the exit of Britain's economy from Europe will


be a big challenge. He's got some big shoes to fill. And Connor is


resigning 15 years. -- Enda Kenny is resigning after 15 years. Yes, he


was Prime Minister of road for six years. She has given a resounding


endorsement to Leo Varadkar. It is appointing general election results


last year. Now Leo Varadkar takes on the mantle. A new route within the


over. Thank you very much. Much more on Leo Varadkar on the website. You


can also get in touch on twitter. The weekend is upon us and the


weather is looking mixed. Overall, not bad for most. A lots of sunshine


around if you


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