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And one of the most eagerly anticipated football matches, the


Champions League final, reaches its climax.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


Reports from the Iraqi city of Mosul say dozens of civilians have been


killed while fleeing a neighbourhood held by Islamic State fighters.


Exactly how they died is not yet clear.


But there have been reports of the militants targeting civilians


Iraqi government forces retook eastern Mosul back in January.


They began a new push this week to capture the remaining


part held by Islamic State in the west.


The latest fighting is focused on Al Zanjili


They are escaping. They decided to gather their children and take their


chances in the streets of this war zone, fleeing neighbourhoods


controlled by the militants. There was danger all around, from the


militants and the attacking Government forces and their US


allies in aircraft overhead. TRANSLATION: I went out to bring


water from a nearby place. We were about 200 or 250 people, and a


member of Islamic State walked amongst us. Minutes later, a plane


struck the crowd. He managed to escape and we were hurt. In amongst


the families came the casualties. In one place, many did not survive,


their bodies were left lying where they fell. There is this account of


what happened. How the slaughter here unfolded. In the last two days,


IS has been shooting people escaping from this area in the street. I saw


over 50 dead bodies yesterday. We work with the Americans to give


smoke and Iraqi tank, and we followed behind them and rescued one


little girl and one man. While the civilians tried to flee, the battle


for Mosul rages on. There has been a month after month of intense street


fighting. Every house is being fought for. But the soldiers are now


closing in on the militants' last Bastian, Mosul's historic old city


and the few areas around it. For some, those who made it through the


front lines, there is relief, a sudden sense that, at least for now,


the worst is over. Alan Johnston, BBC News.


Days after President Trump pulled the United States out


of the Paris climate deal, France and India have reaffirmed


At a meeting in Paris, Mr Macron said they stood


India is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.


Mr Modi said the Paris climate agreement was part


TRANSLATION: We are in favour of this Paris agreement and we will


Even if this agreement did not exist, we will ensure that


future generations receive something good from ours.


-- future generations receive something good from us.


Actually, it's about something that can protect future


generations, that can give rise to a new Hope.


It's not simply just about the protection


of the environment, it's about our common responsibility


The deputy leader of Afghanistan has survived a bomb attack at a funeral


in the capital, Kabul. That the seven people were cold and over 100


injured in the explosions. The funeral was taking place of the son


of a prominent politician. He was killed yesterday during clashes


between demonstrators and police. From Kabul, we were sent this


report, which contains images find upsetting. Bloodshed in a


graveyard. Mourners were targeted in the cemetery as they were burying...


Survivors describe the carnage they had witnessed. TRANSLATION: There


were explosions everywhere, and I saw my hands and face were burning.


There were parts of human bodies lying all around me. After that, I


had to get to hospital. This is the third time in four days that dead


and injured Afghans have been brought to emergency hospitals


across the city. Kabul used to be one of the most secure places in the


country, now it seems it is one of the most dangerous. Relatives


gathered, anxious for news of their loved ones. This man was describing


how the suicide bombers blew themselves up one after another,


when suddenly gunfire rang out. It turned out to be warning shots from


the police, but it's a measure of how tense the city is. Kabul is


still reeling from a blast on Wednesday which killed 90 people.


Many residents are furious with the authorities for not providing better


security. One of the leaders of the unity Government was at the funeral


today, and I asked him why so many attacks seemed to be succeeding. I


would say that we will raise this issue very seriously within our own


system. You are not resigning? If that would have been the solution,


that would have been the first thing I would have resorted to. Them is


real anger here at the rising tide of violence, but it seems no one,


not the Government and not the international community, knows how


to stop it. He's a fellow with the Atlantic


Council's South Asia Center. He joins me live from Washington. A


tragic few days in Afghanistan. As the Government lost control of the


country? They have been fighting the insurgency on multiple fronts. It is


not just the Taliban that are active in Afghanistan, but according to the


top US commander in the country, there are at least 20 other militant


terrorist groups active in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the last


couple of years. At least 20 of them are involved in breast activities in


the country, including an affiliate of Islamic State. Their results of a


Pakistan -based network which Afghan intelligence has said was behind the


recent truck bombing in central Kabul on Wednesday. Needless to say


that this year and last have been the years of survival for the Afghan


Government. Often times, their ability to take on each of the


insurgent groups that operate in the country and be effective at it is


overstretched, but it does not mean they are losing control over their


security situation. We saw in our report that


The Government controls much of the territory, but occasional attacks in


places like Kabul and other urban areas do happen. The reasons behind


it is attributed to a failure of intelligence on the Afghan part. The


Afghan security forces are also on the front line and they are fighting


very bravely, which has also led to an alarming number of casualties.


The Afghan Government has ruled out a new security plan to work on the


effectiveness of the Afghan security forces, including building the


offensive capabilities of the force and improving its leadership, which


I think will prove very useful in the months ahead in the fight


against the Taliban. This year will be a challenging one nonetheless,


for both the the goverment and security forces, with setbacks in


like Kabul. Unfortunately, it seems that before the situation gets


better, it is likely to get worse. Thank you very much for being with


BBC World. Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. The US Defence Secretary,


James Mattis, says China's actions in the South China Sea show


a 'blatant disregard to the militarisation


of international waters and contribute


to instability in the region. A worldwide clinical trial has


reduced the risk of dying from prostate cancer


by nearly forty percent. The trial is believed to be


the largest of its kind. And uses a drug to stop more


testosterone reaching the prostate An outdoor music festival in Germany


has resumed after a terror threat Organisers say they were given


the go-ahead after an intensive search of the area found no evidence


of a concrete threat. It's less than a week before the UK


general election and the ruling Conservatives are coming under


pressure over their tax plans. The opposition Labour Party -


gaining in the polls - says the wealthy are being protected


from tax rises at the expense of the poor, a charge


the Government strongly denies. Senior Conservatives, including


the Defence Secretary and Foreign Secretary, have been sending


out a strong message If you are worried that income tax


might rise if we are elected, don't The Conservative manifesto


is nowhere near as explicit. What people will know


when they've vote on Thursday, it is the Conservative Party who


always has and is a low tax party. It is our intention to reduce taxes


for ordinary working families. What does the Conservative


manifesto say on tax question at the last election


David Cameron promise not to increase income tax,


national insurance or VAT. The 2017 manifesto,


only the Pledge on VAT Promising to raise the level


at which people pay the standard and higher amount of tax


would also amount to a reduction. Theresa May could have


tough Brexit talks ahead. There is no pledge not to increase


income tax was that she and her colleagues are talking


about tax today because they want to refocus attention in this campaign


about what would happen if a Labour Chancellor moves into


number 11 Downing Street. Labour says the policy of making


the better off and big businesses pay more is popular


and the There is chaos going


on at the top of the What Labour is offering


is no tax rises or An increase in


corporation tax and some other tax increases at the top end


to pay for social care. Theresa May could be


finding it is more convivial to talk about


tax than social care. colleagues are trying


to stir the enthusiasm of traditional voters


by saying instincts on


taxation are the same. Ariana Grande has made a surprise


visit to fans still in hospital after last month's concert attack.


The moment of crowning. By a signal given, the great guns of the tower.


Tanks and troops are patrolling the streets of central Peking after...


You can see it's mighty tail fin, the only sign left that an aircraft


had been here. Uefa imposes an indefinite ban on English clubs


playing in Europe. Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of the


Beatles LP, Sergeant Pepper 's lonely hearts club band.


Dozens of civilians are reported to have been killed in the Iraqi city


of Mosul while trying to get out of an area controlled by the Islamic


State group. India has promised to go above and


beyond and cut its pledged under the Paris climate accord following the


United States' withdrawal from the treaty.


Is Russia interfering with US politics?


It's the question hanging over Washington ever


Moscow has always denied involvement.


Those Russians whose names have emerged usually


But this week some were at the annual St Petersburg Economic Forum.


Our correspondent Sarah Rainsford was there, attempting


Can I just ask what it is you would like


Sarah Rainsford on the alleged Russian links to the Trump campaign.


So, over in America, where has the investigation


I asked our correspondent David Willis.


Next Thursday, the former director of the FBI, James Comey, is due to


give evidence to a Senate committee. This is the man who was leading the


investigation into links between the Trump administration and the


Russians before he was dismissed last month by Donald Trump. Now, any


evidence from his testimony that Donald Trump has sought to impede


that enquiry will be seized upon by opponents of the president. It had


been thought that perhaps the White House might seek executive privilege


to prevent James Comey from testifying. They can do that if a


Government official is threatening to reveal secrets, but the downside


of that, of course, is that the White House then looks as though it


has something to hide, so no indication at the moment that it is


going to do that. Meanwhile, a lot of speculation about the possible


role played by the President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in this


whole ongoing Russian investigation. Tell us more about Jared Kushner. He


is a person of interest. That's right. Yes, and he is a man who is


very close to the president, of course, the son-in-law of President


Trump, but also a special adviser to Mr Trump. It has been reported here


that he had meetings with the Russian ambassador to the US, and to


a Russian banker with close ties to the Russian president, Vladimir


Putin. There are also suggestions that Mr Kushner explore the


possibility of setting up a secure communications channel using a


Russian diplomatic facility to enable discussions between the Trump


Administration and Moscow, the suggestion being as well that these


meetings between the Russians and Mr Kushner took place in December of


last year, after Donald Trump add won the election but before his


administration had actually taken office.


The singer Ariana Grande has made a surprise visit to fans


still in hospital after last month's terror attack.


On Sunday she'll be joined by other music stars,


in a charity concert to raise money for the victims and their families.


From Manchester, Philip Norton reports.


Helping to mend broken hearts and shattered lives.


Pop star Ariana Grande visiting young fans who were injured


in the suicide bomb attack at her concert less


She posted a photo of her visit to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital


Among those she visited, eight-year-old fan Lily Harrison.


She suffered spinal injuries in the blast at Manchester Arena.


Our room was the last room on the ward of the corridor.


I think I was probably just as nervous as Lily.


She said, I think I might need to go to the toilet.


And then, yeah, she just came skipping onto our ward.


There's been an outpouring of love for the 22 victims who died


Ariana Grande has returned to the UK for a benefit concert in Manchester


tomorrow night and many of those injured, including Lily,


We said, if you want to go, we'll make sure you've got tickets.


If we get to the venue, or are on the way to the venue,


and you say you don't want to go, we're more than happy


Proceeds from the concert will go towards that We Love


Manchester Emergency Fund, set up by Manchester City Council


and the British Red Cross to support grieving families


A huge stage and tight security is in place.


An effort that would normally take months of planning


This is where the eyes of the world will be focused tomorrow night.


Millions of people will watch as Ariana Grande is joined on stage


by the likes of Coldplay, Take That and Katy Perry.


This concert will be broadcast tomorrow in 50 countries


A night of unity, remembrance and a shared love of music.


Lets get some sport with Hugh. A big match in Cardiff?


That's right the first man to score in three Champions League finals has


set his team on the road to history, and he has done it twice for Real


Madrid in Cardiff. Cristiano Ronaldo struck his first for Real Madrid in


the 20th minute, his side helping to be the first team to win the


Champions League twice in a row. Then the Juventus equalised with a


brilliant overhead kick, a stunning goal that may well have been the


headline if it wasn't for what happened subsequently. It brought


Juventus level at the time but then to goals in a few minutes change


things. There are about 30 minutes of normal time left, and a lot for


Juventus to do. They are trailing 3-1 in Cardiff.


The world number one is safely into the second week at the French Open


tennis after beating Juan Martin del Potro in the third round at Roland


Garros, getting the better of two fiercely contested opening sets.


Murray won the first on a tie-break, then the second 7-5, then he


clinched his place in the last 16 in impressive style, taking the third


set without dropping a game. It is a big win for the eve. It was


never going to be easy today. He is a tough guy to play against,


especially this early in a major. He came out playing very aggressive,


serving really well at the beginning and it was tough, but I managed to


turn it around and play some really good stuff at the end, so it was a


very positive win for me. South Africa have beating Sri Lanka by 96


runs in the opening match in group B. South Africa made 299-6, Hashim


Amla scoring a 25th ODI century in his career. The Sri Lankan batting


was all-out for 203. The British and Irish Lion started their tour of New


Zealand with a 17-13 victory over the Barbarians. It was expected to


be straightforward with a side made up of fringe players. The barbarians


had a 7-3 lead at the break. The lions edged ahead on 53 minutes,


then the conversion gave them a little bit of breathing space. They


held on in the end for a scrappy victory.


Britain's richest horse race, the Epsom Derby, has been won by the


40-1 outsider Wings Of Eagles, who came from behind, passing several


horses in the last 100 metres to win. It was the first win for the


Irish jockey, and the sixth for his trainer, Aidan O'Brien. That is all


the sport for now. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some


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