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Britain's embattled Prime Minister Theresa May


appoints her new cabinet and sidesteps suggestions her


general election setback has left her feeling shell-shocked.


What I am feeling is actually there is a job to be done and what the


public want is to ensure the government is getting on with that


job. about the leadership,


the man seen by many as her main rival in her own party,


Boris Johnson, gives It is absolutely right that she


should go ahead, former government and deliver on the priorities of the


people. I am going to be backing her.


Theresa May is a dead woman walking, it is just how long will she remain


on death row. All this comes as Mrs May faces


the challenge of minority government We'll have the very latest as MPs


prepare to head back to Westminster. Exit polls show France's


President Macron on course for a majority in parliament -


creating a new party with many MPs who've never before


been in politics. And in sport, Rafa Nadal makes


it into double figures Hello and welcome


to World News Today. The British Prime Minister Theresa


May says she is getting on with delivering the job following the


Conservative Party losing their majority. Mrs May has retained most


of her ministers but she appointed an influential adversary, Michael


Gove. With Brexit talks starting in a week's time, the prime instead has


faced criticism after losing her majority.


She's putting on a brave face but Theresa May knows she has


The shock of election night is still sinking in.


After church this morning, the Prime Minister rang


round colleagues who'd been defeated on Thursday.


For now she keeps the job but senior Conservatives have demanded changes.


It's going to require a different approach,


we are going to see, I hope, more collective


I and other senior colleagues have made that clear to her.


I think you will also see that she will want


to work much more closely with the Parliamentary party.


There is no appetite for a general election among conservatives,


but the Labour leader says he is ready to seize power.


We cannot go on with a period of great instability.


We have a programme, we have the support and we are ready


to fight another election campaign as soon as may be, because we want


It is not just the opposition snapping at Theresa May's heels.


It is just how long she will remain on death row.


We could easily get to next week and it all collapses for her.


When Tory MPs start to return to Parliament this week,


they will face the reality of political life without a majority


Controversial policies like grammar schools,


social care and pension changes may bite the dust.


There is no point in sailing ahead with items that


were in the manifesto which we will not get


To get anything done, the Conservatives need


They are trying to do a deal with Northern Ireland's ten


Today both sides suggested that the principles


We had very good discussions yesterday with the Conservative


Party in relation to how we could support them in forming


a national government, one that would bring stability


We have made good progress but discussions continue.


After such a bad political miscalculation, most leaders


would be forced out, but many Tory MPs do not


have the appetite for a leadership contest just as Brexit talks


are about to start and they certainly don't want to risk


For now, Theresa May's colleagues are rallying behind her,


but she is certainly not in charge of her own political destiny.


Among appointees to Theresa May's cabinet is Michael Gove,


a Leave campaigner and an adversary of Mrs May's.


In the last hour, she was asked whether his appointment


What I have done today is seeing people across the party accepting


the invitation to be in my cabinet and I have brought in talent from


across the party. This is a government that is going to be


governing for everyone, we want a country that works for everyone,


bringing that talent together to ensure we can deliver a successful


Brexit but deal with the challenges that people see in their everyday


lives, like dealing with the need for more housing, ensuring we have a


proper mental health legislation and providing that technical education


for young people. I am pleased people across the party has agreed


to serve and we will be getting on with the job with government. Just


one more thing. It has obviously been a difficult few days for you


both personally and politically. How are you feeling? I imagine you are


feeling rather shell-shocked. What I am feeling is there is a job to be


done and what the public want is to ensure the government is getting on


with that job. I have appointed cabinet ministers today, I will meet


with them tomorrow. On Tuesday I will meet President Emmanuel Macron.


These are important in getting on with the Brexit negotiations but


also dealing with the challenges people see in their everyday lives.


This is a government getting on with the work we need to do, to ensure we


are a government that will govern for everyone, that we see


opportunity across the country, that we see people making the most of


their lives. Just one more thing quickly. Some of your colleagues


have been suggesting that you might be a caretaker Prime Minister. For


the record, do you intend to serve a full term? I said that if re-elected


I would serve a full term but what I am doing now is getting on with the


immediate job and that is what is important, that is what the public


would expect. They want to see government providing that certainty


and stability at what is a critical time. The Brexit negotiations start


in a week, we need to get those right and make a success of it but


there are other issues we need to address. We have been listening to


voters and that is what we will be doing.


The British Foreign secretary Boris Johnson,


seen as a potential challenger, gave his support to the Prime Minister.


Of course people are wondering what is going to happen now there is a


hung parliament, there is no absolute majority, but Tulisa may


got by far the biggest mandate anybody has got for my party for


decades. She leads by far the biggest party in parliament, Jeremy


Corbyn did not win this election, it is absolutely right that she should


go ahead, form a government and deliver on the priorities of the


people and I am going to be backing her and everyone I am talking to


work as well. Our political correspondent Tom


Bateman joins us from Westminster. People taking the pledge of loyalty


from Boris and Michael Gove back in Cabinet. What you have to remember


in terms of where Theresa May is at his her authority is severely


weakened and damage. After an election result and Boris Johnson is


right when he says things about the share of the vote, the Conservatives


managed to achieve which is of a historic high, but the reality is to


reason they had called the election three years early, she wanted to


call it two in her words bolster Par Hansson, to strengthen her hand


ahead of those Brexit negotiations. But she managed to wipe out her own


Parliamentary majority and therefore over this weekend she has been


trying to shore up her position in Downing Street. Largely in regards


to her standing in the party and her own MPs have the power to mount any


leadership challenge against her. What we have seen over the last


couple of days and with this reshuffle today is it has been a


limited reshuffle. She has not tried to do too much and that is largely


because she has been unable to. Most of the Cabinet has stayed in place,


there has been one demotion and that was a member of the government who


many had seen had not performed well and so was not surprising. What this


tells you is Theresa May is boxed in in terms of her ability to manoeuvre


in the Cabinet, moreover she is handing out olive branches in the


form of Michael Gove who has been brought back into government,


somebody she had fired when she first became Prime Minister. What we


have to wait to see is over the next few days, whether there are further


court against her or whether it is the case that other Cabinet members


should say she should remain in place.


Exit polls in France suggest the centrist party


of President Emanuel Macron is on course for a landslide


victory following the first round of parliamentary elections.


Interior Ministry figures put his Republique en Marche party


and allies on more than 32% of the vote, with the Conservatives


more than ten points behind and the National Front


of Marine Le Pen trailing in third place.


But turnout was a record low of just over 50%.


The interim president said figures should drive its candidates to


redouble their efforts before next week's second round.


TRANSLATION: This evening this isn't a done deal.


The low turnout must encourage our efforts to strengthen our engagement


with the people. It was at the core of our movement's creation. This is


one of our priorities in the coming weeks. What do these numbers mean?


This is a two round election, this is the first round of voting in the


577 constituencies. Next Sunday we will have the definitive result but


normally you can get a clear picture from the first round of how they and


result is going to be an normally what we see today is a clear


indication of the end result and the end result looks like it will be a


huge majority for the Republique en Marche party with up to 440 seats,


three quarters of the seats, which is above and beyond what they could


have dreamt of and bears out all the prediction that Emmanuel Macron made


when he launched his bed. He said that if he became president, even


though he did not have an established party behind him, it did


not matter because with this group of people behind him, there would be


this logic of institutions. The established parties that he was


setting up in opposition to have collapsed, the Republicans on the


right, they have held their own just about, enough to save face, about


100 seats. But on the left, the Socialists have fallen apart and it


may well be that they are down to the lowest ever number of seats in


the National Assembly, down to just 30 or 40 which is a complete


collapse and we must mention Marine Le Pen, riding high a few weeks ago,


her party got 13% and they may well have no more than two, three, four


MPs in this assembly. Many in Emmanuel Macron's party, many of


those people have never been in politics before. Who are they? That


is the true interest in this story. It is a story of renewal, of how in


our democracies and not just in France, there seems to be an


appetite for something different and new, and what Emmanuel Macron did


was to tap into that feeling and bring to his party, this movement


that was launched on the Internet, all these people, candidates from


different backgrounds, ages, men and women, who were complete novices and


have been brought through on his coat-tails into the national


legislator. We will keep you up-to-date on all the events in


France in the coming hours. More on our website along with full details


of all the candidates. All that ahead of the second round of the


Parliamentary elections next Sunday. Much more ahead: Catalonia's


independence campaign have published their manifesto to leave Spain with


the help of Pep Guardiola. In the heart of the West German


capital. The crowd packed to see the man who fought damn who has raised


great hopes for the end of the division of Europe. Michael Jackson


was not guilty on all charges. The screen is testament to his


popularity and faith in his innocence. As long as they will pay


to go see me, I will go out there and kick them down the hill. What


does it feel like to be the first man to go across the Channel? It


feels marvellous really. Britain's Prime Minister insist she


will preside over a successful exit of the EU despite losing her


majority. After an extremely difficult few days, Theresa May says


she is focused on getting on with the job and one of her first moves


will be to visit Emmanuel Macron. But with Brexit talks due


to start within days, the UK election has emboldened those


politicians who are calling for the country to remain


inside Europe's Single Market. So what does the UK political


upheaval mean for Brexit negotiations and what do Europeans


make of the last few I'm joined from Paris


by the journalist and The French seem invigorated with


their new politics and all the people coming into Emmanuel Macron's


party. What are they thinking? That France is strong and stable in


comparison with the UK. It is very strange. On Friday we were mystified


because we do not understand what the results in the general elections


mean. It is wonderful to see that young voters went to vote en masse


and for Labour, but word they more interested in the scrapping of


tuition fees or showing that they were pro-European? The problem is


that Labour is going to go for Brexit, it is not going to be


questioned Brexit in any way. They want to get out of the single market


and so does that mean all be young voters who voted for Jeremy Corbyn


want to stop Brexit? As opposed to a hard Brexit? Also Theresa May looks


incredibly weak now so does that mean that the Tory party is going to


get rid of her? Even if it happens, it will take a few weeks, months and


in the meantime, their negotiation talks are going to start. In


Brussels there are 27 states that are quite in agreement about how


those talks should be led and on the other side, in Britain, the message


this election is sending out is actually not very clear. Their


message might be mixed, some seeing it as a message that the government


should implement a softer Brexit, whatever that means, but also people


are worried that the negotiations will be difficult. How can Britain


negotiated in a strong position if the Prime Minister might not even be


there to see them through? Exactly. It is a question for the future


Parliament, the future British Parliament to resolve. Perhaps you


need a cross-party negotiating team to send to Brussels, that is


possible, especially when Theresa May doesn't even know whether she


will get there. Port of the DUP, so I think the British government has


to somehow find something before it goes to Brussels, otherwise perhaps


negotiations can be delayed until somebody has a majority in British


Parliament. Thank you very much for your time. Thousands of people


pushing for Catalonia for independence have protesters the


Spanish government to recognise a referendum there. Campaigners held a


rally in Barcelona as they released a manifesto ahead of the


independence vote in October. Amongst those taking part was Pep


Guardiola. Leading political and civic figures


attended the demonstration. It followed the Catalan regional


government announcement on Friday that it intends to hold the


referendum on October one. We will vote even though the Spanish state


doesn't want us to. Pep Guardiola read out a strongly worded manifesto


outlining Catalonia's intention to push ahead with the vote. We call on


the international community to help us. We call on all democracies in


Europe, all around the world to stand by us, defending the rights to


free Catalonia, freedom in political expression. To face up to the abuses


of an authoritarian state. We Catalans are going to vote the 1st


of October your. Spanish Prime Minister has condemned


the referendum plan as illegal and has pledged to block it although it


is still not clear exactly what steps he would take to do so.


Catalan is a fairly even divided on the issue of independence although a


clear majority would like to be able to hold a legal referendum on their


future. Hello and welcome to the programme


where we start with the French Open tennis and the news that


Rafael Nadal has beaten 2015 champion Stan Wawrinka in straight


sets to becomes the first man to win the same Grand Slam on ten


occasions in the Open era. Now one has ever won the same grand


slam ten times. Was Rafael Nadal about to be the first? To complete


it he would have to overcome another champion in Stan Wawrinka. Nadal


lived up to his reputation as he powered his way up to the first set.


A fresh slate for Wawrinka. He has won his previous three grand slam


finals and he was looking to put the first set behind him and kick on. He


started promisingly. Nadal is yet to drop a set so far this year and in


truth they did not look like he would hear. He just wouldn't give up


and Wawrinka was never able to get into the contest. Clearly the


frustration was getting the better of him. Match point, a chance to win


a grand slam for the first time since 2014. A chance to put all


those injury problems behind him and to make history. A chance he


wouldn't give up. Rafael Nadal's prowess on clay has never been in


doubt and ultimately need there was his tenth French Open title.


Lewis Hamilton has won the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix


for the sixth time after leading from start to finish in Montreal.


The victory cuts the championship lead of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel


to just 12 points after the German could only manage a fourth place


finish following a poor start that saw him drop back to 18th


Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate Valterri Bottas finished second


for a first half of the season in the race for the constructors


championship and the British driver who got his campaign back on track


with a third win having started on pole position


India have crushed South Africa by eight wickets at The Oval to book


their place in the semifinals of the ICC Champions Trophy.


In a winner takes all tie in London, South Africa looked to be cruising


reaching 116 for the loss of just 1 wicket.


But three run-outs in a collapse of eight wickets for 51 runs saw


them crumble from 140 for 3 to all out for 191.


India captain Virat Kohli led from the front on his way


to an unbeaten 76, ably assisted by Shikhar Dhawan who made 78.


India racing to their target with 12 overs to spare.


They join England and Bangladesh in the last four, with Sri Lanka


meeting Pakistan on Monday for the final spot.


Luckily got the big strikers out early and that really helps to close


the innings off because in the end if you get a 50, 60 run partnership,


the opposition is still in the game. The bowlers stuck to their lines and


got us the breakthroughs when required and that really helps when


you chase that kind of a trophy because the bowlers have done such a


good job. That is all from me, back later.


A lottery ticket sold in California USA has won a jackpot


Powerball lottery officials said one ticket sold in Sun City has matched


all the winning numbers drawn on Saturday.


This jackpot is said to be the seventh largest US Powerball


history and the anonymous winner is said to be a manufacturing


You can reach me on Twitter - I'm @Geetagurumurthy


Some of you have had a dry and bright Sunday, others have had


frequent showers. Scotland, Northern Ireland and particular. Blustery


across-the-board and that continues as we finished the day and go into


the night. A few showers across the rest of England and Wales. Compared


to what we saw to take us into Sunday, it will be a cooler night


but temperatures still in double figures. The winds will strengthen


for a time across northern England, North West and Northern Ireland. May


just have a few restrictions on the bridges. Check the travel tomorrow.


Bright skies here and there but one or two showers. Quite a bit of cloud


around first thing in England and Wales. The cloud could be thick


enough for a few showers. They will go through quite quickly. Longer


spells of sunshine towards the channel islands and as this rich of


high pressure starts to build in, any early showers will fade away.


The cloud will thin and break, best of the sunshine to the south and


east. Temperatures at the highest shelter of that breeze down the


eastern half of the country, 19, 20 Celsius. Monday evening we will see


a dry start. A ridge of high pressure trying to build in from the


south-west but these weather front is pushed through bringing


increasing amounts of cloud. That cloud will bring the odd spot of


light rain. The hills of north-west England in particular. Eastern


Scotland, good cloud breaks here. The further south you are, not only


dry but sunny spells. Wednesday we draw air from the south. Rain at


times, most will have a dry day and with southerly winds, temperatures


will be the highest for the week, maybe reaching 26 or 27 Celsius in


the south-east corner.


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