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In the last few minutes, he has rescinded the deal which was set up


with Cuba by President Obama. The president has also said


that he is being investigated for obstruction of justice,


by the man who told him Frustration and anger


following the tower block fire in west London,as crowds


gather to add their voice The Prime Minister, criticised for


her response, visit some in hospital and has announced a ?5 million


relief fund. We want to ensure that people immediately have the support


the need for them to be able to help deal with terrible and horrific


circumstances. And he was Germany's


longest-serving Chancellor, presiding over German re-unification


and a driving force behind Hello and welcome


to World News Today. President Trump has just cancelled


his predecessor 's agreement with Cuba. He said the agreement only


hilt the rich and Cuba did nothing to help the American people.


This is the scene live in Miami where the President is speaking.


It was a great day. It was a very important moment, just like this is


no. This is a very important moment for Cuba. America will always stand


for everything and we will always cheer for the freedom of the people


of Cuba. That little boy whose story I just talked, the one who played


the violin so beautifully so many years ago, is here with us today in


our fact an extremely warm auditorium. Of course, he is no


longer a little boy, but the world renowned violinist. Today, he will


once again playing his violin and fill the hearts of all of those who


cherish Cuba, the United States and freedom. I would like to invite him


to the stage. This is President Trump live addressing the Cuban-


American community in Miami. He has within the past half-hour reversed


the three years of United States policy which with Cuba. President


Trump talking about the human rights record in Cuba and said he is not


going to the ease the travel restrictions until Cuba holds fear


and free elections. The profits from investment and tourism flow directly


to the military. The regime takes the money and owns the industry. The


outcome of the last administration executive action has only been more


repression and a move to crush the peaceful, democratic movement,


therefore, effective immediately, I am cancelling the last


administration is completely one-sided deal with Cuba. I am


announcing today a new policy. Just as I promised during the campaign. I


will be signing the contract rate at that table in just a moment. Our


policy will seek a much better deal for the people of Cuba and for the


United States of America. We do not want US dollars to prop up a


military monopoly which exploits the citizens of Cuba. Our new policy


begins strictly enforcing United States law. We will not lift


sanctions on the Cuban regime until all political prisoners are freed


from prison. Freedom of assembly and expression are respected, all


political parties are legalised, and three and internationally supervised


elections are scheduled. We will finish strongly restrict American


dollars for falling to the military, security and intelligence services


that are at the heart of the Castro regime. We will be restricted. --


they will be restricted. We will enforce the ban on tourism. We will


enforce the embargo. We will take concrete steps to ensure that


investments fall directly to the people, so they can open private


businesses and begin to build their countries great, great future. A


country of great potential. President Trump speaking with the


last 30 minutes. He is still speaking at the moment. Speaking to


the large Cuban - American community in Miami.


He is making good on a lot of these campaign promises? Yes, although he


said it was a terrible deal that President Obama mean, he is not


doing a complete turnaround. President Obama Normalised


diplomatic relations. The first United States Embassy in Havana was


opened at couple of years ago. He has brought in tougher restrictions


when it comes to things like travel restrictions banning business with


the new Cuban military, which could affect the Cuban economy. It is not


a complete rule back. This will be popular with his base. You can see


the code around him. In Florida, he won 54% of the vote of Cuban-


Americans. It was a vote winner. We will talk to you slightly later in


the programme. Staying with this issue of Cuba. We can no speak to.


the Washington Office of Latin America.


She worked with the Obama administration and opposes


I am assuming you are disappointed but not surprised by what you hear


unknowns. That is exactly right. I am surprised. Any step back from


normalisation is bad for America and bad for Cuba. The only people at


benefits as a small minority of focal Cuban- Americans in Florida. A


lot of people did vote for him in the campaign and what he said it did


prove popular. That is what these people wanted. Absolutely. They are


a small minority who wonders. The overwhelming majority of Cuban-


Americans favour lifting the embargo. This policy is not only


unpopular amongst Americans, it will be unpopular amongst Cuban-


Americans. We were expecting him to focus on the human rights record in


Cuba. He was talking about encouraging political transparency.


That is not unreasonable. The question is not if it is


unreasonable, but how best to go about promoting that. We believe the


best way to go about doing that is to get more engagement, not less. In


terms of the practicalities, what with the embassy, the first United


States Embassy, it would remain open. But practically, how will this


affect the community? In terms of the community on the island? In


terms of travel both ways. This makes it harder for Americans to


travel. This punishes the private sector, the very people that


President Trump wants to hilt. The notion that travel only hilt the


Cuban military is simply not true. $40 million have gone to private


homeowners in Cuba through travel. That has definitely been an obvious


benefit of the lifting of the travel ban. Thank you very much for joining


us. Donald Trump has taken to Twitter,


to confirm he is being investigated for obstruction of justice


in connection with the firing He said: "I am being investigated


for firing the FBI Director "by the man who told me


to fire the FBI Director!" Once again, he called


it a "witch hunt." He also insisted that, "After seven


months of investigations and committee hearings


about my alleged collusion with the Russians, nobody has been


able to show any proof." As a result, sources close to the US


Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, say he may have


to recuse himself from the inquiry, as he may now be


a potential witness. This gets more and more complicated.


Starting from the beginning, we heard from the president that he is


not being investigated. He is now being investigated. What do we make


of this? James Comey testified before the Senate last week. He was


fired by the president at the beginning of last month. He said the


president was not the subject of the investigation as to whether his


campaign colluded with the Russians. James Comey Was then fire. The


investigation was then taken over by a special counsel. He has broadened


the scope of the enquiry and is now investigating president Trump. With


a naughty obstructed justice by filing James Comey. It sounds rather


complicated. He was not been investigated before but he is no.


What happens if Rosenstein recuse as himself? He is the deputy Attorney


General. He is the most senior person investigating the Russian


investigation. The Attorney General had to take himself off the case


because he was a former senator who was a key surrogate for the Trump


campaign. There was a potential conflict of interest for him. The


deputy general was no overseeing this. It was him who authored the


letter setting out why James Comey was fired. He has now been


criticised by the President this morning and it looks like he himself


may have to take himself off the investigation because he could no be


a witness perhaps because of that letter which set out why James Comey


was fired. James Comey Says he believes he was fired because of his


involvement with the Russian enquiry. Thank you for clarifying


Oliver. There has been growing anger in


London about the situation surrounding the major tour block


blaze. The BBC's Dan Johnson


gave us the latest from I'd say at the height of this


protest there was probably 4-500, maybe more, people here and some


of them decided that it wasn't enough just to stand outside


and chant their message to make their demands plain,


they decided that they were actually going to take that message


inside the council offices. They went in through the front


doors, they were in the foyer The police have arrived and heard


most of those people away. They are now, most of them,


still gathered here. Some have left but there


are still a couple of hundred They are now just been reading


through a list of the names of those people that are known to have died


in this fire. They say that they just haven't been


getting enough information quickly They say that at this point,


two or three days on, just isn't going quickly


enough, they say. They say they know people have been


missing since the fire happened. They strongly suspect they have


lost their lives and want that official confirmation


so that they can move At the moment, they also


have the demands that they want the council to meet,


more funding for those who have been left homeless


because of this disaster, they want to know that everyone


will be re-homed as quickly That is one of their


immediate priorities. They say temporary accommodation has


also got to be of a better standard There is understandably a lot


of anger and emotion in this crowd. People are really upset


and frustrated by the response from They feel it hasn't been good enough


and hasn't addressed They say the council hasn't


been accountable to them and they want to council officials


to come out and actually be to them, They have had a written response


from a council official but that, they say, is not satisfactory,


so quite a big crowd still here trying to get


the message through. They are deciding what


they need to do next. Certainly, there are wider


issues at play here. You might be able to see


that there are political posters now Certainly, this disaster has sparked


a wider sense of unease and feelings of inequality in this


borough and beyond. Issues they want to be addressed


as quickly as possible. In the last hour, the Prime Minister


Theresa May has offered a ?5 million relief fund for those


affected by the fire. A short while ago, she spoke


to my colleague Emily Maitliss and insisted the government


was doing everything it could. We are committed to


ensuring that people are rehoused, as far as possible,


within the borough. Some people may actually


want to go to another part of London where perhaps


they have a greater support network, where they have


friends and relatives. We are ensuring that within three


weeks people will be rehoused so they have


a home to go to. I ask you again, do you accept that


you misread the public mood, You didn't go and meet


residents and they really This was a terrible


tragedy that took place. All their possessions,


their home and everything. What we are doing is


putting in place the I have heard horrifying


stories from the fire brigade, police, victims themselves,


that were in the tower. Some of them, of course,


have not been able to go What I'm now what


absolutely focused on is ensuring that we get that


support on the ground. Government is making


money available. We are ensuring that we


are going to get to the bottom of what has happened


and we will ensure that people are We need to make sure that actually


happens. The BBC's deputy political editor


John Pienaar in Westminster. He gave us the latest


on the Prime Minister's reaction The Prime Minister's having to show


some of the empathy and the agility that some of critics say


she was lacking when she made her I saw the truly inspiring sight


of people of all communities, all social classes, coming together,


offering clothing by way of donations, too much


for the volunteers on the ground to deal with, and just


about everyone I spoke to spoke of the lack of leadership at local


and national level. We've heard from Theresa May today,


she made the announcement She is under pressure,


she'll need to see that those coming public enquiry is set up quickly,


that it makes effective recommendations, that they


are acted upon quickly. The roots of this goes


beyond the last two Tory administrations, back


through the time of the last Labour administration,


but inevitably the buck stops on the desk of the serving


Prime Minister, and this is a defining test of Theresa May's


authority, weakened as it is since the election,


and that test has come far more quickly than Theresa May


could possibly have imagined. We have a special section on our


website done it dedicated to the Grenfell Tower disaster.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


The United Nations says so-called Islamic State may be holding more


than 100,000 civilians in Mosul as human shields.


It says these people are surrounded by fighting,


with hardly any food, water, electricity or fuel.


An operation to retake the city, led by Iraqi government forces,


Russia's Foreign Minister says he cannot confirm that his country's


warplanes killed the chief of so-called Islamic State,


The night-time raid targeted the group's leaders last month.


Earlier, the Syrian government said al-Baghdadi was killed in an air


strike, but did not say who carried it out, nor provided any evidence


A judge in Massachusetts has ruled that a 20-year-old American woman


who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself is guilty of his death.


Michelle Carter faces up to 20 years in prison


18-year-old Conrad Roy was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning


The court, near Boston, heard that Carter had urged him,


in text messages, to follow through on his plan to kill himself.


The former German Chancellor, who presided over the fall of the Berlin


Wall and the reunion unification of the country has died, at the age of


87. He was Germany's longest serving post-war leader, leading the country


for 16 years from 1972-1988. He led the country through unification


after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The French president has paid


tribute to Helmut Kohl. Our Berlin correspondent said that the


international reaction to the death of Helmut Kohl was announced.


Tributes were pouring in. He is revered here in Germany as the


father of reunification, but Helmut Kohl is one of the political giants


of modern European history. He saw the coming together of East and West


Germany but then there was the introduction of the euro. He very


much pushed that project through along with the French president. The


German public were initially very sceptic. In later life, it has


worked out very well for them and that something Germany is very


popular -- grateful for. He was the longest serving Chancellor.


Popularity did that for numerous reasons. He promised Germany that


they would see looming landscapes following unification. It took a


long time for these landscapes to flourish. He was later bought by a


donations scandal which dogged his Conservative Party. He has gone to


his grave refusing to name any of those people behind illegal payments


to the party. But I think he will be remembered for his political


accomplishments but on the European stage, as well. There are many


Reports from Spain say the Real Madrid football star,


Cristiano Ronaldo, says he is "sad" and "upset" after being accused


of tax fraud and wants to the leave the club.


A source close to the player has told the BBC that Ronaldo believes


he has done everything by the rules and that he is an honest man.


David Orstein told us the latest from the BBC Sport Centre.


What we know is what we've been told by sources close to Cristiano


They say he's very sad and really upset.


He doesn't want to stay in Spain and feels he's honest,


has good character and did everything OK.


He doesn't understand. At this moment he wants to leave.


The sole release to taxation charges against him. He denies the


allegations. We do not know if this is a threat to the Spanish


authorities to say that he will leave the club if they do not drop


the case. The story emerged in a Spanish newspaper and says it is an


irreversible decision. They say he has already informed his team-mates


that he is going to be leaving. Thank you very much for watching.


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