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As Iraqi forces close in on so called Islamic State


in the heart of Mosul - the militants launch


a counter attack, we report from the front line.


The fight here is at extremely close quarters.


This is the most forward position the Iraqi troops have.


Around 150 people are killed after an oil tanker


explodes in a huge fireball in Pakistan's Punjab province.


In Britain, 60 high-rise buildings fail safety tests carried out


We begin in the Iraqi city of Mosul and reports from there say


fighters from so called Islamic State have mounted


a counter attack in districts to the west of the Old City -


The army has told the BBC that British fighters


Earlier, the Iraqi military said it had captured


almost all of the area - our correspondent Orla Guerin,


and cameraman Nico Hameon, have sent us this report


But troops from Iraq's emergency response division


The target here - a hospital complex.


Getting a chance to see how the fight is being taken


Well, the fight here is at extremely close quarters,


this is the most forward position the Iraqi troops have.


They tell us that the nearest IS position is just 15 metres away,


and when they are firing here, the distance is so small


that sometimes they can see the faces of the IS militants.


The troops here, mostly young, determined to end a reign of terror.


"Daesh came and killed civilians," says Ali Mahdi,


"They destroyed life in the city, our duty is to bring


Here is the hospital building where commanders say about 200


foreign militants are holed up, including some Britons.


"That is what our intelligence tells us," says Colonel Falah al-Abdan,


"And also we heard them speaking on the radio -


we can tell their nationality from that."


Now their caliphate is turning to ash,


their positions being pounded from above


Part of the final push to eliminate an enemy


that once controlled a third of Iraq.


Years of conflict in Yemen have destroyed


The collapse of water and sanitation systems has left almost 15 million


people without access to basic health care.


As a result, easily treatable diseases such


as cholera are spreading at an unprecedented rate.


More than 200,000 people are believed to be infected,


and more than 1,300 people have already died - a quarter


Dr Richard Brennan is the World Health Organisation's Director


He joins us now live. Good to have you with us. Talk through the


particular challenges are facing in Yemen, giving the damage done to


infrastructure. The conflict has been going on for a


couple of years but that has been on the back of decades of


underdevelopment and political tensions. There has been intense


conflict over the last two years, divided government in Yemen so there


is a government based in the northern city, the southern city,


which has the backing of international communities, the


legitimate government. There are huge problems with access to people


in need because of conflict. There are major political cliches to get


access to people in need because of the divided political situation. As


you rightly say, a lack of support for the health system over the years


has really resulted in major deterioration in the infrastructure


any health service available so we estimate now that 14.8 million


people do not have access to basic health care. Along with that, health


care workers, among the best and brightest, have left the country or


not being paid and many have not been paid for eight months. So


defend very difficult to get these health care workers to come to the


facility. There has been a big international effort to address


these problems, massive cholera outbreak that you mention but the


hurdles are substantial indeed. You have dealt with other conflict


zones and trying to reach people in desperate need, how does the


situation compare with what you have seen elsewhere?


This is certainly amongst the toughest that I have been faced


with. There are more people in need of humanitarian assistance generally


in Yemen today there now are in any other country around the world. It


is a tough situation for the committee globally right now. The


WHO, we have great emergencies, major crisis and, normally would


with expect one of those every couple of years, we have seven


ongoing at the moment. Including Syria and a rock, Somalia, south


Sudan and so on. The Yemen situation which has been declared one of the


pre-famine situated globally right now is at least one of the top two


or three in terms of... Need and level of difficulty in which to


work. OK, Richard, many thanks for that.


Apologies for the glitches on the line but thank you for persisting.


At least 150 people have died after an oil tanker


caught fire in Pakistan, according to the authorities there.


More than 100 other people are in critical


The fire started after a tanker carrying 50,000 litres


of petrol overturned on the outskirts of Bahawalpur


Villagers rushed to collect the fuel and a dropped cigarette may have


Hundreds of local villagers flocked to the scene of the overturned


In this impoverished area, they collected fuel in buckets,


jerry cans, and even empty water bottles.


But moments later, grief and anguish -


thousands of litres of petrol went up in flames,


Early reports suggest the blaze began when someone lit a cigarette.


TRANSLATION: The oil tanker capsized, people


The local traffic police asked people to leave,


warning it may explode, then suddenly there was fire.


TRANSLATION: I had already taken some petrol, I was about to fill


another can but felt dizzy due to the fumes so decided not


Dozens of the injured had to be airlifted to hospital.


The nearest burns unit is around 100 miles away from the site.


Medical teams worked flat out to assist the injured


Some in Pakistan have blamed the victims for rushing


towards the scene of the accident, but in other quarters


there is a sense of anger that people here are not educated enough


about basic safety issues, and that poverty forces them


to risk their lives for a few litres of free petrol.


The tragedy casts a shadow over preparations for the Muslim


festival of Eid al-Fitr, due to take place here tomorrow.


Instead of celebrations, there'll be funerals.


Materials used in 60 high rise buildings in the UK have failed


safety tests done after a huge fire in West London which killed


Local authorities have been testing the external cladding used on some


So far, every single sample has failed the fire safety test.


Thousands of residents were evacuated from other


blocks in London - but some refused to leave,


Pendleton in Salford, the latest location where tower block cladding


is being removed, an unsettling sight for another group of residents


It has left us, as residents, very confused and very concerned about


Tonight the Government released new figures


showing the latest buildings to have tests on cladding.


They show a 100% failure rate on samples.


60 buildings have now failed those tests.


The buildings stretch across 25 local authorities.


Immediacy is to give advice to the residents, to


reassure the residents, and ensure those buildings that are high rise


buildings are as safe as they possibly can


The Government says it can test around 100 samples in any 24-hour


period, but at the moment it is only testing


eight or nine a day, so with


up to 600 tower blocks in need of testing, unless those samples


start arriving much more quickly, this is


Arnold has been a fire safety expert for 20 years.


He says cladding currently only has to withstand


flame tests from the front - he says this simply isn't enough.


Test everything, test every angle, then you will know


In Camden, entire families have today been hauling their


possessions away from four tower blocks as safety measures are being


We went with Maureen and 87-year-old father


unsure if they should leave their tower.


Maureen went in and filmed on her mobile phone,


Afterwards, she seemed satisfied with what was being


Tonight, residents in Camden who have moved out of their


tower blocks have been with Muslims celebrating


small moment of relaxation amid the uncertainties


Duncan Kennedy, BBC News, in north London.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


At least seven people died when the world's second highest


cable car crashed in the tourist resort of Gulmarg in


Police say the cable that operates the six-seater cabins snapped


Hundreds were stranded in the dangling cabins


The Italian government has stepped in with $19 billion


The amount is three times higher than originally forecast.


$5 billion will go to bail out Banca Popolare di


Vicenza and Veneto Banca with the remainder set


The Prime Minister defended the use of public money to avoid


Hundreds of police have lined the streets of Istanbul to try


and stop the annual Gay Pride march from going ahead.


It's the third year in a row the march has been banned -


authorities say it's because of security concerns


More than 2,000 people in south west Spain have been


evacuated from the path of a huge forest fire.


The fire broke out in a pine forest near the city


It's being treated as a level one maximum threat,


Windy conditions are making it difficult to bring


Stay with us on BBC World News, coming up in sport...


The latest installment in Formula One's great rivalry -


championship leader Sebastian Vettel takes on Lewis Hamilton


We have a rightful claim in certain parts of this country. I take pride


in the words... He believes God told him to plead


guilty and that was the end of it. They have advised the government


that the increase in lung cancer is due to smoking tobacco.


Hello, this is a BBC World News today.


As Iraqi forces close in on so called Islamic State


in the heart of Mosul - the militants launch


And more than 150 people are killed - as an oil tanker


bursts into flames - in the Pakistani province of Punjab.


Lewis Hamilton called Sebastian Vettel's driving


"disgusting" after the two clashed in an incident packed


A remarkable race that featured three safety cars and several


crashes was won by Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo.


Vettel was penalised for hitting Hamilton's Mercedes


as they prepared for a re-start following a safety car.


Hamilton was on course for victory with 19 laps to go in Baku,


but was forced to stop to replace the head rest on his car.


He ended up fifth, behind Vettel who's extended his championship lead


18-year-old Canadian Lance role came in third for Williams.


Germany and Chile are through to the semifinals


Germany beat Cameroon 3-1 in Sochi, and the moment of the game came when


the referee consulted the Video Assistant Referee


after this reckless high challenge by Ernest Mabouka on Emre Can.


But it was Sebastien Siani who was wrongly sent off in a case


It was only after Cameroon's players insisted the players review


the incident again that he sent off the right person.


Timo Werner scored twice in a dominant Germany performance.


Chile advanced after a 1-1 draw with Australia in Moscow.


James Troisi put the Socceroos on the front foot with a goal just


before the half time interval but Chile only needing a draw


to qualify for the last four levelled matters


through Martin Rodriguez giving them all they required to join


With a week to go until Wimbledon someone, who knows a thing


or two about winning it, Petra Kvitova, has won


just her second tournament back since returning from a knife attack


The Czech, who's a two time champion at the All-England Club,


defeated 21-year-old Australian Asheligh Barty, having


suffered the attack during a robbery at her home in December.


The 27-year-old's hand was damaged and was out of action until last


month's French Open, having been told she may not play again.


And after dropping the first set, came back to triumph 4-6 6-3 6-2.


I could not imagine a better comeback. I won a Trophy, about what


is why I was fighting to play tennis again. I was still able to have


great motivation to win titles for example here in Birmingham.


Roger Federer created history of his own by winning his ninth


The 18-time Grand Slam champion was a straight sets winner over


Germany's Alexander Zverev in less than an hour.


The 35-year-old top seed lost his first match


of the grass-court season last week in Stuttgart to Tommy Haas,


but was back on track at Halle - culminating in this 6-1,


6-3 victory over the home favourite Zverev.


Now to cricket, where South Africa beat Pakistan by three wickets


in their first match of the Women's World


Pakistan posted their highest ever World Cup score with opener


Nahida Khan making 79 as they finished on 206-8.


In response South Africa slumped from 113 for no loss to 177


for seven with number nine Shabnim Ismail striking consecutive


boundaries in the 49th over to secure a win.


Not so good for South Africa's men, though.


They've lost to England 2-1 in their best-of-three T20 series.


Chasing 182 to win, the Proteas came up 19 runs short.


The two sides will next contest a four-match Test series,


For the natives of Alaska, the challenge of climate change


means traditional reindeer hunting seasons are becoming shorter.


That means changes to farming techniques -


including larger herds to take advantage of the weather windows.


Our North America Correspondent James Cook has been


Reindeer meat is lean, tender, high in protein


In Finland as part of a cheese soup and in Alaska...


As ice cream. It is high in carbs and fat. You load up the fat bees


with lots of berries, different kind of berries and it is pretty tasty.


Traditionally this land was home to hunters of wild caribou.


But as temperatures rise, everything changes.


On the coast of Alaska, people are used to fending


for themselves, to surviving without outside help.


But even here, there is now a feeling that the rest of the world


should pay attention, because local problems


And while politicians wonder about those problems,


these people are finding that hunting is harder


The elders, they are watching climate change and versus


back in the day when they knew exactly when to go hunting and to do


Now they have to play with the weather.


The winters are colder and a little shorter


and spring is coming earlier


And so the reshaping of Alaska, with permafrost melting and glaciers


We have millions of hectares of the most productive


We can put reindeer on these ranch lands.


We need reindeer to feed people and so


I guess it is my job to take the magic out of Christmas.


Plans are now underway to fly thousands of reindeer to remote


Rump of Rudolph could yet become an Alaskan delicacy.


It took him six years from his small stage debut,


but tonight, Ed Sheeran will be the closing headliner


at the Glastonbury music festival, in the south west of England.


Last night the Foo Fighters finally had their chance to headline,


two years after an injury meant they were forced to pull


A lot of activity. Mind your head. A sense of what is going on.


This is the very end of a festival. Three days of music here, a wide


variety of acts, the consensus seems to be from most people here that it


has gone obituary well. A didactic -- energetic performances. A range


of acts across the whole site, ranging from people like grime


artists to an explosion of disco here on the main stage earlier where


Barry Gibb played BeeGees classics and now Rogers played some of the


greatest disco songs of the 70s and 80s. People are now waiting for the


closing headliner, Mr Ed Sheeran. Tens of thousands of people out


there waiting to see him. Along with the wonderful weather, Glastonbury


is usually the other M word, muddy. That has been very little. It has


meant that most people recorded as being a success. We are relying on


Ed Sheeran to finish that. Mentioning Ed Sheeran, he is very


much a mainstream musician, mainstream performer. Do you think


perhaps Glastonbury has lost some of the edginess, the types of site or


has that been very much stillbirth, still present?


I do not think so. Grime artist headlining, you see so much going


on. If you look at recent years, Metallica playing, Jay-Z a couple of


years ago. They do like to take something a bit risky and not


exactly out of the mainstream that the outer edges of that that


mainstream British music bands that might not want to go see. Look at


the line-up this year, Radiohead headlining, adored by their fans and


then Foo Fighters, a great rock band. I know we've got the biggest


orders from the UK at the moment, Ed Sheeran. He has been dominating the


singles charts, number one albums, extraordinary. I think the


combination of all those things across Glastonbury mean that people


do not feel it has lost its edginess because the kind of music they want,


they can always find. Just briefly, the crowds there


waiting in great anticipation. They want to be wild. Any surprises that


we might have from Ed Sheeran later? No, we are always waiting to find


out if people are going to have special guest coming in or anything


like that. Dunn has been playing his cards very close to his chest. The


kind of artist he is, he just likes to let his personality shine out. It


would not surprise me if we saw this kind of big celebrities from other


music artist coming out tonight because he's not really that kind of


artist, the people that are here wanted CB Ed Sheeran that they love


from his albums and this year when he has extremely success.


Have a great evening. I hope the weather holds out as well.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


of the team on Twitter - I'm BenMBland.


This is BBC in world news today. Thank you for watching.


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