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Iraqi forces say they've taken control of the main


base of the so-called Islamic State in Mosul.


The remaining IS militants have been driven here but at what cost. This


hospital complex which was a place of healing now lies in ruins like


many other parts of Mosul. Scuffles in Hong Kong


as its newly appointed China warns against any


challenge to its sovereignty. World leaders pay tribute


to Helmut Kohl, uniter of Germany and architect


of the European Union's expansion. Helmut Kohl gave us the chance to be


involved in something bigger than ourselves, bigger than our terms of


office. Canada marks the 150th anniversary


of its confederation. Half a million people are due


to attend celebrations in Ottawa. And in Rugby Union, the Lions square


the series in New Zealand, ending the All Blacks eight year


winning streak at home. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. We begin in Mosul, where


after intense fighting, Iraqi forces say they've taken


control of the so-called The militants have also been driven


from a hospital compound, where several senior IS leaders


were thought to have been hiding. But fighting is continuing around


part of the Old City. Commanders say they are confident


a final victory is in sight. Our correspondent Orla Guerin


reports from Mosul. A symbol of victory,


planted this morning in what was the main base


of IS in Mosul. Troops weary after driving


the militants from this vast medical complex but vowing to hunt down


every last one of them. We will keep chasing them and those


who support them, says this man. Commanders say they have removed


a cancer here Our message is Daesh


is not only an Iraqi problem, says the colonel,


it is international. He was interrupted by a booby


trapped bomb, the militants may have gone from here but they left plenty


of threats behind. And plenty of wreckage in Iraq's


second largest city. This is what victory looks


like in Mosul after more The remaining IS militants have been


driven from here but at what cost? This hospital complex


which was a place of healing now lies in ruins, like many other


parts of Mosul. The city may be regaining


its freedom but there will be This territory has now been


reclaimed but not before Commanders admit that even


when it is, there's a real There have been scuffles


between pro-democracy demonstrators and police in Hong Kong just hours


after new Chief Executive It's 20 years since Britain handed


over Hong Kong to China. Activists have accused Beijing


of clamping down on free speech. But the visiting President Xi has


warned against any challenge Not the images China wanted for the


20th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover. Democracy activists trying


to gate-crash the party. Xi Jinping was safely inside, swearing in a new


government and delivering staring words about Hong Kong's future.


TRANSLATION: Any attempt to endanger china boss on sovereignty and


security challenging the power of central government is an act that


crosses the red line and is absolutely impermissible. Tough Love


was the message throughout his tour of Hong Kong. Greetings, Comrade


scum he shouted. Hong Kong may be special but it must learn to love --


greetings, comrades, he shouted. Hong Kong may be special but it must


learn to love the motherland. No sooner had President Xi left, than


the streets filled with protesters, marking the anniversary of the


handover in their usual style. Shouting at China patriots to go


back to the mainland. Taiwan's flags among countless ways to defy 1-party


China. China controls the hard power in Hong Kong, but this illustrates


the problem it has with soft power. They did not come out to welcome


president Xi, they did not come out to celebrate 20 years since the


handover of Hong Kong. They are here on the street to demand democracy


and cherish their right to protest. 20 years since the handover, and


tacking between two Masters is getting harder all the time. The


Hong Kong public want more say in their lives, and so does Beijing.


Tonight is China show, but this city is profoundly uncertain about what


the next 20 years of Chinese rule might bring.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Ukraine says Russian security services were involved in the cyber


attack on the country earlier this week. The authorities in Kiev say


they believe the attacks to have been carried out by the same hackers


who targeted Ukraine late last year. The Kremlin dismissed the


allegations as an founded. Qatar has rejected the list of


demands by several Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia. But it says it is


ready to engage in dialogue under the right conditions. The Qatari


Foreign Minister spoke two days before an ultimatum set by those


countries runs out. Efforts involving Russia are continuing to


evolve the worst crisis in the Gulf for many years. Large numbers of


migrants arrive in Italy. Nearly 11,000 migrants arrived on Italian


shores in just five days last month. The EU commissioner said he


understood why the situation was untenable.


Helmut Kohl - the father of German reunification and the country's


longest serving Chancellor in modern time -


The service took place in Speyer Cathedral.


His coffin was then taken away by an honour guard


Earlier, world leaders, old and new, paid tribute at a ceremony


in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


Helmut Kohl's Coffin brought into the parliament as world leaders came


to pay tribute. This was a man who could do what many thought was


impossible, making Germany one nation again but within Europe and


without awaking the dark memories of the past. In speeches, they pay


tribute to Helmut Kohl's achievement and his generous large personality.


Friends from the past but the former Spanish Prime Minister and Bill


Clinton who delivered a rhetorical toured a toured a force. Helmut Kohl


gave us the chance to be involved in something bigger than ourselves,


bigger than our terms of office, bigger than our fleeting careers,


because all of us sooner or later will be in a coffin like that. And


the only gift we can leave behind is a better future for our children,


and the freedom to make their own choices, including their own


mistakes. Angela Merkel, who had a note or is he difficult relationship


with Helmut Kohl in recent years, said all that was now forgotten and


Europe would be forever grateful for whatever predecessor had done.


TRANSLATION: Thank you to the opportunities and chances you gave


me, thank you for the chances you gave to many others as well. Thank


you very much for the chances that we as Germans and Europeans have


received. Thanks to you, you have achieved a huge amount, may you rest


in peace. Now it is up to us to actually preserve and guard your


legacy. I bow before you and your memory in gratitude and humility. It


has of course been a sad occasion. The presidents of Helmut Kohl's


without a reminder that this was the death of a man, not just a


politician. But it is more than that. This has in effect being the


European Union's first-ever state funeral, and if it has been


conducted with such a sense of ceremony, it is because Europe's new


leaders, especially Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel want to capture


and distilled something of the spirit of Helmut Kohl which worked


to such effect a quarter of a century ago. After the European fair


wells, the German. Helmut Kohl's body was transported to his hometown


where he was born and died, and then transferred by riverboat to the


Cathedral of Speyer, a thousand -year-old building which he loved


and which is said symbolised the essence of the European Union.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come...


As Canada celebrates its anniversary of independence -


we explore the connection with a popular British TV drama.


China marked its first day of rule in Hong Kong with spectacular


celebrations. The Prime Minister said it was a new era for Hong Kong.


The first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. Scientists in


Scotland have produced a sheep called Dolly which was cloned in


aiming laboratory. For the first time in 20 years,


Russian and American spacecraft docked in orbit in an era of in


space. Challenger powered past the Bishop


Rod lighthouse at almost 50 knots, shattering a record which had stood


for almost 54 years. There was no hiding the sheer elation of Richard


Branson and his crew. The latest headlines: Iraqi forces


say they've taken control of the main base of the so-called


Islamic State in Mosul. Thousands have been demonstrating


in Hong Kong, calling for greater democracy 20 years


after the territory's President Trump has attacked US


states refusing to hand over personal information -


to a commission he created More than 20 states have


declined the requests, saying they are unnecessary


and violated privacy. Let's go to Washington -


where we can join Laura Bicker. Laura, what do you think the


president will do next, given that these 20 states have refused to hand


over this information? His tweet kind of says, what are you doing?


What are you trying to hide by not giving us this information? But the


states that have been asked, more than 20 of them are refusing to


comply. Let's go back a bit. He set up this election integrity


commission back in May, because Donald Trump believes that millions


of voters committed fraud, during the presidential election. One of


the reasons he believes this is because it is said that Hillary


Clinton won the popular vote, he won the electoral college vote so that a


discounted state-by-state. He believes that there are millions of


votes which have been cast wrongly or there has been widespread voter


fraud. This commission was set up and on Wednesday, all states were


sent a letter asking them to give the birth date, the addresses, the


Social Security numbers and any felony is, Mr mean is that these


voters may have committed in the past, hand over all this information


within two weeks. Some of the states are simply refusing. They say that


it is unnecessary. California has sent its reply. This is a democratic


state. This would only serve to legitimise the false and already


debunked claims of mass voter fraud by the President. It is not just


democratic statehood rubbishing back. Mississippi for instance. The


Republican secretary of state says they have rejected it on privacy


grounds. They believe this information could be hacked by cyber


security hackers. They have said Mississippi residents should


celebrate Independence Day, it is a big holiday this weekend, and our


state's right to privacy. They say they can go jump in the gulf of


Mexico and Mississippi is a good place to jump from. Quite clear from


Mississippi there. What Donald Trump does now, we will have to wait and


see. It is an extraordinary row. What you think will happen next,


given that the states have refused to give this information. Why do you


think the president is so disgusted with this issue, given that he won


the election? His claims have no evidence to back up this claim that


there has been widespread voter fraud. There are some examples in


some states where 100 votes have been found to perhaps not contain


the name and address of voter. Part of the problem is registration of


voters, 200 million voters right across the United States. He


believes that some people who have died, have then stayed on the voter


registration lists, and then someone has gone and voted on their behalf.


One of the reasons he believes this is because of the popular vote,


Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, and he believes there has been


widespread voter fraud and that many people did not vote for him, because


they were registered Republicans and they may have voted Democrat. He is


looking to see who voted when and where and how they voted in the


past. The idea is to trace perhaps any voter fraud they may find. But


as you have heard, so far, no evidence has been put forward to


back this up, and state say to give all this information into weeks,


over 20 states are saying they simply cannot do it. Laura Bicker


from Washington, thank very much. Celebrations are taking place across


Canada and hundreds and thousands are gathering in the capital to mark


the 150th anniversary of Confederation. But some indigenous


groups complain their treatment has been overlooked, something the Prime


Minister addressed in a TV statement ahead of the celebrations.


Meanwhile, Prince Charles, air to Queen Elizabeth who is Canada's head


of state, has just received the order of Canada, the country's


second-highest honour, to recognise service to the community.


Our correspondent Gavin Hewitt is there on a busy Parliament Hill


Tens of thousands of Canadians have gathered here on Parliament Hill in


Ottawa. But then this is an important moment, to celebrate 150


years of their identity, of their history, of their culture. There has


been torrential rain that it has not deterred people. They come in


ponchos. Some of them decorated with Maple Leafs. There is also a


question about whether indigenous Canadians will be celebrating this


last 150 years. Many of them have spoken of mistreatment, of broken


promises, and of some violence against them during that period.


Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went into a teepee for 40


minutes to try and reassure them that they too could enjoy


reconciliation in a modern culture which emphasised multilateralism and


diversity. It may come as a surprise that part


of Canada's Declaration of Independence was drafted -


not in North America - The venue - Highclere Castle,


where the British TV series The libraries of England's grand


houses harbour many secrets. But amongst the 8,000 books


at Highclere, better known to billions as Downton


Abbey, was a corker. At the bottom of this


page are three names, John Macdonald, GE


Cartier, and Galt. So I did a bit of research,


and within one second realised John A Macdonald became the first


Prime Minister of Canada, and led this delegation


hosted by the fourth earl. Over the year, they drafted


the British North America Act. Actually, quite a bit


of the constitution was written Perhaps they discussed it around


this dining room table, perhaps they stood by the saloon


fire on a cold, wintry day. With the government now modelled


on the British Parliament, modern Canada was born


on the 1 July 1867. I certainly was not aware of it,


and I don't think enough The setting is hugely important,


but it is also the important role I look forward to actually having


the chance to make sure that it Diaries, telegrams and letters


have been uncovered, adding real colour


to these negotiations. UK-based Canadians invited


to the castle were certainly moved. England is home to me,


even though we have lived It wasn't just the constitution


of Canada that was drafted The name of this new territory


was decided here, as well, although there were


other suggestions. Franklin was one, quickly


followed by Guefeleland, before Lord Canarvon had his way,


and Canada was chosen. For his work, the fourth Earl had a


town named after him in Canada but left a legacy for both countries.


The British and Irish Lions have produced one of their great


performances to level the series against New Zealand and set up


The Lions only clinched victory with a penalty


Our sports correspondent Katie Gornall was at the match.


Hope was beginning to fade but the Lions sprang into life. First


through Toby Faletau and then a converted Conor Murray try brought


the Lions level. With minutes remaining, Owen Farrell held his


nerve to kick the Lions to a famous victory, and one which keeps the


dream alive. I genuinely would only be happy if we got that Test series


win next week. I am glad that we've got one game, I guessed, regards


whatever happens, we will come back with some credibility and the Lions


moving forward, and keeping the reputation of that. I will only be


happy if there is a series win for us on the line.


I am extremely proud of our legs. We said they were a good side right


from the day they were selected -- I am extremely proud of our blokes.


There are good side. Congratulations to the Lions. They worked their way


back into the game and finally came back over the top of us in the last


five minutes to get in front. Congratulations to them. Now we have


got to go to Auckland and it is one each. We will all get excited that.


Geraint Thomas has become the first Welshman in history to wear


the yellow jersey of the Tour de France.


He won this year's first stage in Germany, a 14 kilometre


time trial through Dusseldorf, after completing it in an impressive


Thomas's Sky team mate and defending champion Chris Froome


came through the day unscathed, finishing in sixth overall.


Thomas is the first Welshman to wear the yellow jersey. And maize in, the


stuff of dreams. The tour is what got me into cycling. I remember


rushing home from school to watch it. To be the other side of the


camera and taking the jersey is incredible. It is my eighth grand


tour. To finally win the stage and then the jersey is a massive bonus.


Novak Djokovic has completed the ideal warm-up for Wimbledon


by winning his first title since January.


He beat Gael Monfils in straight sets at Eastbourne.


Djokovic accepted a wildcard to play on the South Coast after his early


It is always incredible winning on grass. This used to be the most


common surface. Now we only have a few weeks in the entire season


played on grass. This is the best possible build-up for me in


preparation for what is coming up next week, and hopefully I will be


able to take it from here. The world number three


Karolina Pliskova could be a good bet for the women's


title at Wimbledon. She had a walkover in her semi-final


after Johanna Konta's withdrawal through injury,


and she beat former World Number One


Caroline Wozniacki in straight sets. Congratulations to her and that is


all the sport for now. James, thank you. A busy programme.


That is it from me and the team. Bye-bye for now.


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