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Our top story: The US and Russian Presidents meet


Donald Trump says it's an honour to meet Vladimir Putin.


Their talks at the G20 summit went on for two hours.


Will it fall to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia


the United States. And for everyone concerned.


It's tense on the streets outside the meeting.


Angela Merkel has called the protests 'unacceptable'.


In Hamburg, the summit's host, Angela Merkel says much work remains


before a final declaration can be agreed.


The world leaders are attending a concert at the moment, if you


minutes to consider the conversations they have had and the


deals they may be prepared to make. And in other news: The agonising


legal battle over the future of the terminally ill baby


Charlie Gard has taken a new turn. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have


met for the first time, shaking hands at the G20


summit in Hamburg. The Russian President


said he was delighted to discuss things personally,


rather than on the phone. Details of the substance


of the conversation may come later. They have agreed to a ceasefire in


south-western Syria which will come into affect on Sunday.


There's a lot to talk about, not least the tensions over alleged


election meddling and Syria, among others.


The BBC's Ros Atkins is in Hamburg with more.


Has it been a successful day? I think will only be able to judge on


the success of this summit come Saturday afternoon when Anglo Merkel


well on behalf on the whole summit presents a communique which


regularly kicked all abuzz where they have managed to find common


ground. Until that point, they are going to leave us guessing, but


there is no doubt that this has been a day of drama. This is politics at


the most elevated level, no more powerful politicians than those who


have gathered here in Hamburg. They have a conundrum to resolve, they


are all representing their countries and their countries' national


interest, but the issues they are considering our global issues and


sometimes global problems which will in the end require global solutions,


have a resolve that tension will in some ways inform the kind of


agreements they manage to find. Let's pick up on eBay's events with


the help of the BBC's North American editor.


It's hard to overstate the significance of this


Two men with nuclear arsenals who could blow the world to pieces.


Two self-proclaimed tough guys who like to win.


But today at their first face-to-face meeting,


they were the epitome of restraint and respect.


Thank you very much, we appreciate it.


President Putin and I have been discussing various things


We've had some very, very good talks.


We are going to talk now and that will continue but we look


forward to a lot of great, positive things happening


for Russia, for the United States and for everybody concerned.


And for his part, Vladimir Putin said, "I am delighted to be able


to meet you personally, Mr President, and hope,


as you have said, our meeting will yield positive results".


But there's a cloud - did Vladimir Putin's interference


in the presidential election deliver victory to Donald Trump?


US intelligence agencies have no doubt that Russian


hacking did take place, and it must have been sanctioned


by President Putin and was designed to help the Trump campaign.


The American President, though, insists he won fair and square.


And then there are the policy differences.


Trump accused Russia of destabilising Ukraine


Putin wants sanctions against Russia lifted.


Trump wants to work with Russia in Syria to help defeat


so-called Islamic State, but not while Russia is working


And then there's the family photo, with President Trump in the strange


But forget any headline of, "President marginalised",


it seemed there was no shortage of leaders wanting to bend his ear.


Two big topics - one trade, the other, climate change.


I was clear to President Trump at how disappointed the UK


was that the United States have decided to pull out


And also clear that I hoped they would be able


to find a way to come back into the Paris Agreement.


I think that's important for us globally.


We're not renegotiating the Paris Agreement - that stays -


but I want to see the United States looking for ways to rejoin.


Climate change is one of the many issues of concern to the thousands


of protesters seeking to disrupt the summit.


Though forget global warming, some were getting


We're not entirely clear how effective the umbrellas were.


But there have been ugly scenes of vandalism


Such has been a concern over security that the First


Lady Melania Trump was ordered to stay put in her guest house


Hamburg memorable, then, for who she didn't


Let's speak to Robert Wright of the Financial Times.


He is also covering the G20 summit. We have a suitably dramatic music in


the background from the concert when leaders are. Polly differences


detailed in that report, Anglo Merkel are still talking about


finding compromises, it admitting we don't agree on everything but still


getting on with it. As she demonstrated that is possible? As


you said earlier, the key thing is what happens this time tomorrow,


whether we have some kind of compromise deal, and I think it is


difficult, one guess this is that all these leaders are sounding each


other out and sizing each other up, they got a very different cast from


the last time I had a G20 meeting. Many members are in different


positions, trees are made, the British Prime Minister, very


substantially weakened, a new French President, so it is about people


sizing each other up and what has been going on throughout the day. A


couple of weeks ago I was at the latest EU summit, chased the dynamic


and it was his debut at that summit, his debut at the G20 now, haven't


you are a set of impact? Depress President has tried to make a


similar impact here, there are suggestions that he has been making


a fairly dramatic intervention, tried to talk up the international


liberal argument which a view years ago we were all taking for granted,


the idea that free trade is important and a liberal values are


important, but those are things we were taken for granted a few years


ago and he seems to be seeing himself on usually perhaps, by the


French President, as a standard-bearer for those interested


in a group of people who are looking at things differently. I had been


getting messages from people in the UK asking when the UK it's end and


how Brexit impact on it. The British delegation insist that the UK Prime


Minister is still an important player here, but I think there is an


unmistakable sense that Britain has become less important because it is


not part of this important trading bloc in the UK Prime Minister is


still an important player here, but I think there is an unmistakable


sense that Britain has become less important because it is not part of


this important trading bloc in the way it. A little bit by the fact


that she called this snap general election, lost the majority and is


now in a weak position domestically. Very hard boosting to domestically


and I think one of the revealing things is she has been talking about


domestic politics today as well as international politics. Clearly she


has her eye on domestic issues. A quick word about trade, Donald Trump


is protectionist in his view, he has been critical of free trade. How is


that sitting with him or free-trade inclinations of some of the other


leaders? That is one of the things that the British by most asset as an


objective. He was the boost that forward. The French President is


also in that position. Says the UK by minister has a deal with this, a


lot of leaders have two, Donald Trump has to be seen to stand by


some of the things that surprisingly won him the US election, so I think


it is going to be hard for those people to give much ground or in


Donald Trump's case on climate change. There are still plenty of


people here. Sarah Rainsford joins


us now from Moscow. Since we last spoke, we are starting


to get more details on what Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump discussed,


what are you making of those? We have from both sides now, the


Foreign Minister and Russia and the US Secretary of State, both


commenting on those talks which they of course where a party to, both of


them talking about the construction -- constructive conversation, saying


it was a constructive atmosphere will stop a talk about many things,


Syria, Ukraine, cyber security. This is where it got interesting, because


he then met on to say Donald Trump raised the issue of the allegations


of Russia medley in the US election, but he went on to say, according to


the Russians, that he had heard multiple times from Putin that these


allegations were not true and that there was no proof that, and that


Donald Trump apparently accepted the statements. We then heard from Rex


Ellison, the US Secretary of State, who gave a different picture, he


about robust talks, he said that Donald Trump raised the issue of


Russia meddling, he pressed Putin on this, and President Putin had denied


it. He given to read from the two sides. Russia standing its ground,


saying it was not meddling and apparently that Donald Trump had


accepted that at least that Russia was not gay to admit to it and


according to Russia, Donald Trump apparently accepts that Russia was


not involved. Imagine on Healy that the US intelligence agencies who


repeatedly said they have evidence of Russian meddling will have a


thing is to say. They talk about sanctions. Russia is very anxious to


see some of the sites is currently in place against it lifted, but I've


not seen any evidence here that there is good we at the move on


that. No, I don't think realistically Russia expected any


kind of move. That is part of the reason why I think Russia was


playing down expectations ahead of this meeting overall. The word


sanctions was not mentioned once by lover off, the Foreign Minister,


when he came out of that meeting and it did not feature in any of the


questions. I think people here did not expect that Donald Trump was


later turn around and make such a huge concession to Russia,


especially given the context in which this meeting was taking place.


Here in Russia, the focus has been very much on the fact that this


meeting went on for so long, two hours and 20 minutes, in itself that


created a good deal of excitement here, with state television going


from being fairly sombre and matter of fact and almost quite bored by


the whole thing to being extremely excited and suggesting that this was


proof that Russia was extreme important and that meeting President


Putin was the most important thing on Donald Trump balls agenda. That


puts stake TV in line with people in Hamburg who are anxious to hear


every last detail about the meeting. Thank you for joining us from


Moscow. I am talking to you from Terry G20 is taking place, is in


hamburg, and if you step through various security cordons, you get


out of the streets of the city and find that a temporary forces has


been created around the G20 summit. There are hundreds and hundreds of


police vans, multiple water cannons, 20,000 security personnel, all


details to keep the leaders save and deal with protests with which the


authorities knew where planned. Some of those protests have turned


violent, and the BBC's Jenny Hill has the latest.


Hamburg is a city in lockdown. We are on the eastern side of what


police have sealed off as a corridor to the other side of the city.


Helicopters flying overhead, I can count three. There are police vans


everywhere. That is because the security services here have been


moving the world balls leaders from their summit where they had been


holding talks all day across to the multi-million lb concert hall where


can I could they will be listing to a concert. Protesters had been


determined not to let that happen and in the last we have heard that


police using water cannons have dispersed 1000 of them during


violent scenes in and around the concert hall. Let me show you the


scenes here. You could probably see police officers lined up in the


background, White helmets at the ready, not on at the moment, so they


are prepared but nothing imminent. As I say, this city has witnessed


such violence today, even at one point in the police themselves went


to the rather unusual step of calling for back-up from other


German forces. That is in addition to the officers who have come from


all over Germany to help out in the policing of this summit. They give


you an idea of the how much destruction there is, these vases of


the leaders were unable to leave their hotel Elliott, a planned trip


to a climate change centre was cancelled because police said it was


simply an safe for them to get there. They were instead treated to


a lecture in the hotel. We know this evening that 116 police officers had


been injured over the last 24 hours. Police have made 70 arrests, what is


striking is the sheer scale, the numbers of demonstrators who have


poured into the city for their summit. It is reckoned to be around


tens of thousands, as many as 100,000 demonstrators will stop many


of them are peaceful, we witnessed plenty of people just try to sit


down and make their point, whether it be about Donald Trump climate


change or simply in their view the inefficacy of the G20 as an


organisation. But there are also among them a core of people who, in


the words of Belize, are extremists who want to make trouble, many of


them armed, and we have seen all sorts of violent scenes. Cars being


taught, Mr is being thrown at police officers, if not days for the police


have been accused of taking too heavy-handed and approach, but as


you can see, Hamburger feels like a Break aortic city. The concert will


be getting underway shortly, with the world's leaders in the


auditorium, and after that the police have a long night ahead.


Anglo Merkel has set out a number of goals, women's economic apartment,


improving globalisation, taking on climate change, improving tax


regulation, so people cannot dodge taxes by moving their money from one


country to another, and in a strange way all of those attending this G20


summit agreed those girls are worthy of the. When they do not agree at


where Anglo Merkel has a challenge is on how to reach those girls, in


between now and Saturday afternoon. She needs to try and fashion an


agreement between these disparate leaders so that collectively they


can plot a way forward for the world as it takes on some of its greatest


challenges and it is perhaps her greatest challenge to deliver that


the mini cake tomorrow afternoon. Let's see if she can, because a lot


of points of disagreement still to come. Thank you very much, for the


time being. We will return to hamburg later on. But more on our


website, too. The agonising legal battle over


the future of the terminally ill British baby Charlie Gard has taken


a new turn. The London hospital where Charlie


is being treated has applied for a fresh court hearing to assess


new evidence about possible The courts had ruled that


11-month-old Charlie be allowed to die rather


than receive experimental therapy. Our medical correspondent


Fergus Walsh reports. This little boy's life


and whether it continues has become the focus


of international attention. Charlie Gard's parents have


campaigned to keep him alive. They've been in despair after four


court judgments backed his doctors, who want to switch off his


ventilator to end his suffering. You know, he's our own flesh


and blood and we don't We are not bad parents


and we are there for him all the time, completely


devoted to him. He isn't in pain and suffering


and I promise everyone, I would not sit there


and watch my son in pain and suffer. The reality is, Charlie


is terminally ill. He also has serious brain


damage and doctors say But his parents refuse


to accept that. They've raised ?1.3 million


for experimental treatment in the United States,


treatment which doctors But now seven medical experts


from Rome, New York, Cambridge In a letter to Great


Ormond Street Hospital, they accept that the treatment


is experimental and ideally should However, there is insufficient time


to perform these studies, so reconsideration of treatment


for Charlie Gard is Euthanasia's illegal.


Suicide's illegal. How is this illegal,


when there's a chance? We will know in that


time whether this is There is potential for him to be


a completely normal boy, but we don't know, because you just


don't know until you try. It is significant that the letter


came from a hospital The Pope had already offered


to transfer Charlie to Rome, and President Trump has tweeted


he would be delighted Legally, there is nothing preventing


Great Ormond Street from withdrawing That's been the case


for the past 11 days, since the European Court


of Human Rights, like all the UK courts, rejected


the parents' arguments. But interventions by Donald Trump,


the Pope, and now a letter claiming new evidence means that doctors


here don't feel they can Charlie has a rare genetic disorder


of the mitochondria, It is progressive and has


devastating consequences. With a serious mutation like this,


the prognosis is very poor. The mitochondria supply the energy,


really, for every cell in the body, so the heart, brain,


they become blind and they It's manifested very early


and the outcome is death in infancy. Great Ormond Street Hospital's


position has not changed. But it's now asking the High Court


to assess the new evidence and make the final decision


about Charlie's future. China's only aircraft carrier has


arrived in Hong Kong, in what many see as a show of force to its rivals


in the contested South China Sea. The Soviet-made Liaoning,


and its three accompanying ships, entered Hong Kong waters


from the south. Here's our correspondent,


Juliana Liu. China's only operational aircraft


carrier, the Liaoning. Along with its flotilla of warships, it has


arrived in Hong Kong to much pomp and ceremony. The visit comes just


days after the Chinese President warns that the rebellious city


against any challenge to Chinese sovereignty. Hong Kong's newly


installed chief executive has chosen to focus on the positive.


Translation Mac I am convinced that the fleet's visit world convince the


Hong Kong people to experience for themselves the companyed achievement


in defence and army building. In particular I am... The enormous


achievements... This would rake in has the baby Hong Kong people are


understandably dead by with our country. The public nature of this


visit is highly significant. China watchers say the fleet's very


presence is an unprecedented show of force. For the first time, the


general public will get into the carrier. Those trips will not start


at the weekend, but military boss Andrew is onlookers are already


vying for a glimpse. At this waterfront promenade, people from


all over Hong Kong have gathered to get as close as they can to the


aircraft carrier. For them, this visit has aroused feelings of


nationalism and pride in China. Our country is so strong today that the


Navy has come to celebrate Hong Kong independence, those troublemakers


don't even admit they are Chinese, we should send them back to the UK.


I can see that China is getting stronger, it will not be bullied by


anyone. It is too bad that I was not able to get any tickets to see at


first hand. Gray this visit as part of celebrations commemorating the


20th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover. The time of political


division, China has chosen to showcase its most potent symbol of


military power. In promoting public tours, it is also try to win the


hearts of the people. The World Health Organisation says


the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea is getting much


harder to treat. A study by the WHO across 77


countries suggests the condition, which can cause infertility,


is rapidly evolving resistance to antibiotics, with some


cases now untreatable. The WHO says new drugs


and a vaccine must be found. This life-saving drug, which has


revolutionised medical science... Ever since the development


of penicillin in the 1940s, gonorrhoea, like a host


of previously devastating infections, became little more


than an inconvenience for those Over the years, though,


it has become resistant The options for treating


it are running out. It's a very smart organism that


has multiple mechanisms by which it can mutate and become


resistant to antibiotics. And the evidence is there that it's


resistant to many of the antibiotics we currently use and soon


there will not be any antibiotics available that could be used


for this very important infection. There are 78 million new gonorrhoea


infections worldwide every year. Spread through unprotected sex,


if untreated it can cause infertility and can even be passed


to a foetus during pregnancy. It's difficult to prevent the chain


of transmission with gonorrhoea because if people don't know they're


infected, their sex partners And what's especially worrying


is that the pace of development for resistance of gonorrhoea


is outstripping what we see Three recorded cases of completely


resistant gonorrhoea may be just the start,


according to the World It says a vaccine will


be needed to stop it. At the moment a disease,


the dangers of which many had assumed were consigned to the past,


is on the brink of We're going to leave you with live


pictures from the G20 meeting in hamburg, the world leaders are now


enjoying some music at the concert hall where the hamburg LaMonica


State Orchestra are performing, but what we are seeing now are live


pictures of the protest that has been taking place outside, so while


leaders are enjoying the music inside, the protesters are very much


outside and we can see some of the water cannons that are being used


throughout the day. Of course, this has been a big day, we have an had a


first, because Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin held their first


face-to-face talks, those two plays on the sidelines of the actual


summit, what was meant to be a 30 minute scheduled meeting actually


took two hours and 20 minutes. Read into that what you will. For the


time being, thank you for watching. Goodbye.


Looking reasonably dry and settled for many of us as a bit more one


sign sunshine


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