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The G20 summit in Hamburg wraps up - without agreement on how


The host struggles to hide her disappointment.


TRANSLATION: Wherever there is no consensus that can be agreed, an


agreement has to be made clear. America is seen as the stumbling


block - President Trump leaves Germany without giving


a news conference. Iraqi government forces begin


celebrating in Mosul, with the announcement of a final


victory against so-called Three times Wimbledon champion Novak


Djokovic powers his way into the last 16, with a straight sets win on


Centre court. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. The G20 summit has closed


in Germany, revealing Significantly the final agreements


made by the world leaders showed how isolated the United States is among


other nations over climate change. While members backed the climate


change in the Paris accord - the US stood alone after


Donald Trump withdrew In other developments,


the US president did deal for post-Brexit


would be signed soon. On the summit sidelines Donald Trump


and Vladimir Putin held their first talks with claims of Russian


interference in the US And the rights for countries


to operate legitimate trade defence was recognised


while fighting Well, host Angela Merkel was most


upset about the lack of a deal on the Paris agreement,


here's what she said. TRANSLATION: One crucial issue was


climate and energy, and what came out of this meeting was what I had


already said at the beginning of this meeting. Wherever there is no


consensus that can be achieved, disagreement as to be made clear.


You are familiar with the American position, I'd applaud this, the USA


left the climate agreement -- I deplore this. What becomes clear in


this declaration is the dissenting of the United States. But I'm


gratified to note that the other 19 member states at the G20 say that


the Paris Agreement is not reversible and we feel committed to


what we agreed on, and it is to be permitted as quickly as possible and


we also agree on a so-called Hamburg action plan on climate and energy.


Angela Merkel there. Well Donald Trump was one of the few


leaders to leave Hamburg Here he is boarding Air Force One


back to Washington. What is emerging is what happened


during meetings he had with world leaders -


including the Chinese President. The Chinese state news agency says


Xi Jingping called for more peace-making efforts


on the Korean peninsula. The other much talked


about meeting - was of course - between Donald Trump and Vladimir


Putin. Here's what the Russian President


made of that meeting TRANSLATION: The president of the


USA posed the question, we discussed the question and it was not one


question, it was many. He devoted a lot of time to it. Our position is


well known and I laid it out. There is no basis to save Russia


interfered in the US elections. What is important is that there should be


no room for doubt on such things in future. I said this at the last G20


session. It is directly linked to cyberspace and the Internet. We


agreed with the president of the US that we create a working group and


work together on how to control security in the area of cyberspace,


on how to ensure international legal laws are observed and how to ensure


there is no interference in the internal affairs of foreign states.


Above all, this concerns the USA and Russia. I think we are able to do


this and I see no reason to doubt that. Then, there will be no more


speculation on the matter. Vladimir Putin there.


Well, let's get more with our correspondent


Donald Trump very much front and centre of the G20, but he didn't


give a press conference. How unusual is that? It is unusual, I think,


because other leaders did. Also, because it leaves the last word on


that crucial meeting between these two leaders. Vladimir Putin and


Donald Trump, with the Russians. Of course, there is some doubt about


aspects of that meeting. Some contention. Vladimir Putin said that


President Trump accepted the assertion that Russia gave, that it


had not sought to interfere in the outcome of last year's presidential


election here in the USA. Vladimir Putin said that Donald Trump noted


that, and accepted it. The White House has told reporters that that


was not, in fact, the case. That Donald Trump did not accept that


there was no Russian intervention in the election here. Nonetheless, the


fact that they agreed by all accounts to then move on and put


these things behind them and scope out her Tories for the future, seen


as a positive sign by both -- territory for the future. This went


way beyond its 35 minutes or so, but two hours and 16 minutes. An


interesting meeting that a lot of people were watching. Donald Trump


sat in on a lot of meetings but not all of them. He stored he -- his


daughter replaced him on a few. Yes, his 35-year-old first daughter


slipped into his chair as he made himself absent briefly. There has


been some condemnation of that on social media. And, from various


commentators. I may point out that Angela Merkel has made pretty light


bit but there are those who say that this was someone who was not


qualified, not elected, a New York socialite who had no business, if


you like, sitting down with world leaders. The point should be made


that Ivanka Trump is officially an adviser to President Trump, she's a


very trusted one, and her husband Jared Kushner is a senior adviser to


President Trump. Keeping it in the is not an president. Jimmy Carter's


wife was known to sit in on Cabinet meetings and Hillary Clinton played


a part in health care reform, or attempts at it, when she was first


lady. Nonetheless, some surprise at this. David, what has been the


response in the United States to the G20? Donald Trump very much about


America first? Well, yes. It saw the United States sidelined on that


crucial issue of a climate accord. The final communique taking note of


the fact that America has pledged to withdraw from the Paris accord.


Although, leaving the door open potentially to some sort of


participation in the future, I think. There was disagreement as far


as the US was concerned on trade and immigration. I think the very fact


that we saw the USA isolated in this way will be sad, particularly for


Angela Merkel, who was hosting the summit in her birthplace, Hamburg,


and had hoped that it would provide the boost that she needs going into


the elections there in September. David Willis, from Washington, thank


you. Donald Trump was keen to talk about


trade, as we mentioned there. Music to the ears of the British Prime


Minister, Theresa May, who is looking for a post Brexit trade


deal. The two had a meeting that overran


by 20 minutes. He expects a powerful deal with the UK to be completed


quickly. He also said that he plans to visit London, and it will go


ahead. From Hamburg, our Deputy political editor, John Pienaar.


Theresa May sees this relationship as key to a successful Brexit.


She was counting on warm words, encouragement.


Today, on trade, the president offered plenty of both.


We're working on a trade deal that will be a very,


very big deal, a powerful deal, great for both countries.


And I think we'll have that done very, very quickly.


Mrs May wants him to drop his opposition


The charm offensive will go on, and soon he'll be in Britain.


Not everyone will be as happy as Mrs May to see him.


Worth cultivating the US friendship with the President and his family,


his advisers, though his daughter Ivanka is both.


Meeting the Japanese leader was important too.


Shinzo Abe has just done a trade deal with the EU.


Britain wants one just as favourable.


Warm words about trade and cooperation can be comforting,


even politically useful, at a summit like this.


But striking deals with America, India, with anyone,


And plenty of British businessmen, government officials,


even Theresa May's Chancellor, remain to be convinced that


agreements around the world could ever compensate for a tough,


even harsh, deal with the European Union.


The Prime Minister insists it can be done.


Mrs May is widely seen as being weakened by the June election,


I've held a number of meetings with other world leaders at this


summit and have been struck by their strong desire


to forge ambitious, new, bilateral trading relationships


Do you accept that if EU leaders insist on tougher trade terms


after Brexit than those we have now, there is a risk that the UK


What we are doing is working to negotiate a good,


comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union.


And I think it in the interest of both sides to have that


But I'm also optimistic about the opportunities


that we will see around the rest of the world.


Her ambitions will be tested hard, along with her own hopes of carrying


John Pienaar, BBC News, at the G20 in Hamburg.


The last day of the G20 summit was marked by widespread protests. But


without the violence that broke out on Thursday and Friday. It was a


heavy police presence in and around the city. There appear to have been


more sit down protests, but these do not appear to have developed into


clashes. A reminder that there is plenty more on the G20 summit on our


website, and in particular there is a look at what America's position on


opting out of the climate change deal could mean for the environment,


and how other countries are likely to react.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories


Just hours after being released from jail, one of Venezuela's


main opposition leaders, Leopoldo Lopez, has urged supporters


to continue street protests against the government


The Supreme Court said Mr Lopez has been placed under house arrest


for health reasons after spending more than three years in prison.


85 migrants have been rescued off the coast of Libya


Fishermen alerted the coastguard in north western Gara-bulli.


A rescue team was sent out but 35 people, including seven children,


The migrants are thought to be from countries including Nigeria,


The United Nations agency UNESCO has added the Eritrean


capital Asmara to its list of World Heritage sites.


It's renowned for its architecture from Italy's Fascist era,


including cinemas, banks and shops all built during Italy's


It's the first time that an Eritrean site has gained


State television in Iraq is reporting security forces


could be just hours away from retaking the city of Mosul,


which has been under the control of the so-called Islamic State


After nine months of intense fighting, soldiers were today


celebrating on the streets but as Jonathan Beale


reports, there's still no official word of victory


Their battle to retake Mosul from the group calling itself


Islamic State started in October last year.


They've lost many comrades along the way, but today


the Iraqi security forces were firing their weapons


in celebration, claiming victory over their enemy.


TRANSLATION: This joy has been achieved by the sacrifices


of our martyrs and the blood of our wounded heroes.


God willing, may happiness prevail in Iraq.


After nearly nine months of brutal street to street fighting,


these Iraqi security forces believe they've defeated IS in the city


But there are still pockets of resistance,


No-one yet knows how many civilians have lost their lives in this city.


TRANSLATION: Hunger, thirst, fear, and aerial bombardment.


Our house was destroyed on top of us.


The extremists' reign of terror in Mosul may be coming to an end.


But they are by no means finished in Iraq.


Stay with us on BBC News, still to come... All backgrounds, all


persuasions, all colours of the rainbow. Tens of thousands join the


annual Gay pride parade in London. Central London has been rocked by a


series of terrorist attacks. Police say there have been many casualties


and there is growing speculation that Al-Qaeda was responsible.


Germany will be the hosts of the 2006 football World Cup, pitting


favourites South Africa by a single vote. In South Africa, the idea of


losing had not been contemplated. He entered through a downstairs window


and made his way to the Queen's Private bedroom, asking for a


cigarette. On the pretext of some being brought, she summoned a


footman on duty, who took the man away. One child, one teacher, one


book, one pen, can change the world. Education is the only solution.


This is BBC World News today, the latest headlines...


The G20 summit has ended in Germany, with world leaders failing to bridge


the chasm over climate change, after America's withdrawal


Iraqi government forces have begun celebrating in Mosul, with state TV


saying a final victory against so-called Islamic State will be


announced soon. Clashes have broken out between


protesters and security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir,


on the anniversary of the killing The Indian authorities have imposed


heavy restrictions in the Kashmir valley for this anniversary,


stopping internet access Our correspondent Sanjoy Majumder


reports from Kashmir. A battle for control in south


Kashmir. Protesters from surrounding villages take on the security


forces. The troops respond with rats, a bat in charge... And


eventually tear gas shells. The protest of mostly teenage boys have


come onto the streets and security forces are chasing them, throwing


rocks and they have been pushed back slowly. The mandate is very, very


clear. On no account must they be allowed to advance. Security forces


will use as much force is needed to bring this to an end. Authorities


were determined to prevent a repeat of these scenes from one year ago.


An outpouring of support for the militant commander Burhan Wani,


during his funeral. Thousands of people, militants and civilians,


turned up. A testimony to his massive public following. He had


been killed in an exchange with Indian soldiers. This time, the


village was sealed. Internet services were shut down, and


villagers ordered to stay indoors. Soldiers even searched the woods to


make sure that nobody slipped through. But many were determined to


try... Including women. TRANSLATION: Burhan Wani was a martyr, not a


terrorist. We want to tell the government that. Our brother was a


freedom fighter, he protected us. Since his death, there's been an


upsurge of violence in Kashmir. More worryingly for India, civilians are


playing an active role. During counterinsurgency operations, they


attack the troops to help militants escape, and the soldiers often fire


at them. Our effort is that there is minimum collateral damage. We do not


want civilian casualties. To a large extent, we have succeeded in that.


Public anger is now posing a greater threat to the security forces, then


armed militants. James Pearce has


all the sports news. Fairly comfortable wins at Wimbledon


for two big names and former Roger Federer was close


to his imperious best as he reached the fourth round with a straight


sets win over And before him on Centre Court


was Novak Djokovic who beat Ernests Gulbis, also


without dropping a set. Our correspondent Joe Wilson


watched that match. All sorts of things can get to you


on court. Within minutes of his match beginning, Novak Djokovic was


challenging the umpire over how he handled challengers. It's two points


in a row at the beginning of the match. Focus, please. The issue was


the guy on the other side of the net... Ernest Gulbis was too good,


grabbing an early break. Any ideas, coach? That is Andre Agassi, dressed


as if for the school Nativity. Novak Djokovic wanted something and


thought his team should know what it was. In fact, Gulbis helped by


losing his way. This was out, repeated double faults and Djokovic


broke twice. Suddenly, Gulbis through the set away, 6-4. Ernest


Gulbis is the only Latvian man to have even played in a grand slam,


reaching the semifinals of the French Open once. Now he played like


a man who missed an opportunity, and knew it. The second set to Djokovic,


6-1. Then, the three word Centre Court has heard almost routinely


this tournament. Medical time-out. There's an epidemic of them, says


John McEnroe. Chat among yourself, is Roger on soon? There were some


really good moments in the third set, as Gulbis Claydon, by competing


-- played on, and Djokovic raised his game. It went to a break. In the


first couple of matches, I think that was the most focused I was on


the court. Obviously, it came at the right time. Gulbis presents a great


challenge. Into the second week, prepared for anything, Andre, it


could rain! Joe Wilson, BBC News, Wimbledon.


So it's honours even at the end of a memorable British


The teams had gone into the third test having won a match each,


and they couldn't be separated in Auckland.


Owen Farrell kicked a penalty a couple of minutes from the end


Let's hear from some of the key people involved.


To come here to New Zealand against back-to-back world


Considering we were written off, everyone was talking about this


as a 3-0 whitewash and these players have shown unbelievable character.


I would congratulate the British and Irish Lions


It has been a fantastic three match series, both teams have


played their hearts out and it has come down to the wire


and we have ended up with a hand on the trophy each,


which is a bit like kissing your sister, not a lot in it for anybody.


But it has been a wonderful advertisement for rugby.


England's cricketers have built a good lead at Lord's


on the third day of the Test against South Africa.


They were 97 ahead after the first innings and have extended that


to 216 at the close of play, with just one second


Valtteri Bottas will begin the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday in


pole position. That's all your sport for now.


STUDIO: James, thank you. Tens of thousands of people have


been taking part in the annual Pride in London parade celebrating


lesbian, gay, bisexual The march through central London


marks 50 years since homosexuality Wyre Davies has been


watching the celebrations. All background, all persuasions


and all colours of the rainbow. For the last 45 years


pride has been where Londoners openly celebrate


who and what they are. When Percy and Roger became


a couple, publicly declaring a love for each other


that was still illegal. This is their first Pride


and they are making up for lost 50 years after the partial


decriminalisation of homosexuality, they are enjoying the equal rights


of the younger people here now take Now I think they are lucky,


they can do what they like, when they like and wherever they


like and they are going to get away A friend of my father


once told him that he thought homosexuality


was I think what has


happened to the world? The parade was opened


by LGBT members of the Many of whom who attended


the Grenfell fire and the Among the million or


so spectators, a young refugee from Syria


enjoying an atmosphere he could only dream


of at I am really grateful


about where I am now and I'm In the run up to Pride there


were accusations the event had too corporate, but with hundreds of


thousands of people on the streets of London, Pride this year seems


as spontaneous as ever. That party is intending any time


soon. That's all from me, goodbye for now.


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