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This is BBC World News Today, I'm Karin Giannone in London.


Iraq's Prime Minister says Mosul has been liberated from the group


The victory brings to an end nine months of fighting -


and nearly three years of occupation by the militants.


the territory up there is still under IS control, just a small


parcel of land. Families are making their way through in any way that


they can. Also ahead - tens of thousands


of people gather in Istanbul after a protest march


against Turkey's government. Just back from the G20 summit -


and President Trump says he'd like to set up a joint cyber


security unit - with Russia. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Iraq's Prime Minister says


Mosul has been liberated from the Islamic State group,


bringing the near nine-month battle The Iraqi military was made


to fight for every street. Haider al-Abadi has been seen


walking through Mosul's streets, congratulating


the troops alongside him. He was expected to make a speech,


formally declaring victory, A few hours ago, Mr Al-Abadi took


to twitter to deliver the news. Iraqi security forces have been


celebrating on the streets of Mosul. It's three years since the group


calling itself Islamic State seized control of Iraq's


second largest city. It still holds territory


to the west and south of Mosul. These images from the old city show


the scale of the destruction. Earlier there were reports


of continuing clashes, the so-called Islamic State group


still holds territory to the west Our correspondent Jonathan Beale


reports from the front line. What was once a beautiful old city


is now mostly rubble. Every building deeply scarred,


or destroyed by months of war. We joined the Search and Rescue


teams looking for survivors, but more often they're


just recovering bodies. With the heat, there's also


the strong smell of decay. This man is hoping against hope


that his brother and his Their house was hit in an air strike


just a few weeks ago. It was being used by


Islamic State fighters. He says he spoke to his brother


on this phone, while he was trapped All they find here


is decaying corpses. It's a similar story


everywhere they go. While that was happening,


the Iraqi Prime Minister was en route to Mosul to declare


the liberation of the city. He arrived draped with an Iraqi flag


and surrounded by troops, who spent the last nine months


trying to wrestle the city from IS Even this morning, there


was still the sound of gunfire. The children so used it


they don't even flinch. This territory just up


there still under IS control, Families are making their way


through any way they can, to safety. And as you can see,


they are pretty desperate. It's hard to celebrate freedom


from IS when you've just been These families said they had


little food or water. They have left behind


loved ones under rubble. Many will carry the scars of this


battle for the rest of their lives. These children have been prisoners


of IS for much of their short lives. Now, after three years,


Iraq's Prime Minister has But for these families,


it's come at a huge price. Over 900,000 people have been


displaced from Mosul since 2014. Many of them depend


on the help provided by local Melany Markham from the Norwegian


Refugee Council told me how dire The city has been under siege for


months. Years, in some areas. The report is that we are getting are of


almost total devastation. In Western Mosul. 90% of the population have


returned to East Mosul, it is quite a different story there. In west


Mosul, entire buildings have been flattened, and for us, going back in


there and providing humanitarian assistance, it is incredibly


difficult. Not only are the small pockets of violence which continue


to exist but there are unexploded mines and bombs which we have two


navigate in helping those who are still there. What are the biggest


challenges? You described a situation which is more complicated


than just providing aid? There are a number of camps to


provide support, there is one home to 50,000 people. When people are in


a camp like that, sometimes it is easier to provide them with aid, as


they stay in one place but most of the people who fled recently are in


eastern Mosul. They are dispersed throughout the city and their needs


are very different. We have been distributing cash, we've been


tracking in water. We are trying to prepare schools there. But, when


they are dispersed throughout the city in this way, this can be very


difficult to reach people with what they need. You mentioned that you


were tracking in water, what has happened to the Mosul water supply?


-- truck in. It had been almost completely knocked out, people were


relying on local wells. The water quality in those wells was not


guaranteed. So we have been bringing in clean drinking water. What we are


also working on is rehabilitating the water plant which will supply


water to around 100,000 people. But, that has really become a matter of


urgency as temperatures in Iraq top 45 degrees now. So the demand for


clean water, especially for people to quench their thirst, is going up


and we are racing against time and the threat of disease, which will


increase as temperatures rise. And those people who have left their


homes, how much do they want to return? Given the news that we have


heard that Mosul has been recaptured by the Iraqi army, is there a sense


of hope that they can do this? There is incredible resilience of Iraq is


to try and return to their homes and rebuild, that is why we have seen in


eastern Mosul already but you cannot go back to a pile of rubble, you


cannot go back to a place that has no water. Where you cannot earn a


living because the city has been flattened. So, it is really


difficult to work with people who have lost everything. And, to have


almost lost hope as well. A huge anti-government protest,


said to be the biggest in years, has been taking place in the Turkish


city of Istanbul. Demonstrators voiced their anger


at President Erdogan, after a year which has seen


thousands of arrests and mass sackings of civil servants,


judges and journalists in the wake It's hard to speak


out in Turkey now. An unprecedented act of defiance


against President Erdogan, hundreds of thousands streaming


into Istanbul and the Some, walking the 280


miles from Ankara. If you belong to the government


or state, you're treated well. But if you are thinking


differently, asking for some benefit, some rights,


then you are treated as terrorists. Recep Tayyip Erdogan


is a very tough leader. He doesn't like us,


he doesn't like modern people. It began when an opposition MP


was jailed, but grew fast. Tens of thousands, marching


in the heat, headed by the sprightly They are fighting repression -


50,000 people arrested He arrived to cheers of "rights,


law, justice", and he vowed to fight TRANSLATION: We will rise


up against injustice, I call on all of us


to live together. This has shaken President Erdogan,


who slammed the march He has huge support in half


the country, but the spirit The more secular, liberal side


of Turkey has found its voice Anti-Erdogan feeling and demand


for the rule of law, The question now is whether they can


sustain this momentum and challenge the Erdogan government at the next


election in 2019. The Justice March has drawn


support here and abroad, But channelling this energy


into a credible political movement Let's take a look at some


of the other stories Opposition demonstrators


across Venezuela have taken part in marches to mark 100 days


since the current wave of protests against the government


of Nicolas Maduro began. The protests come a day


after the release of one of the country's main opposition


leaders, Leopoldo Lopez. He was moved to house arrest


after spending more than three years Officials in the Canadian province


of British Columbia say they may have to call in the military to help


fight forest fires which have forced more than 7000


people from their homes. More than 180 wildfires are burning


- most of them started The province has declared its first


state of emergency in 14 years. One of the most famous landscapes in


England, the Lake District, has been declared a world Heritage site by


UNESCO. The lakes will now enjoy the same protection as the Grand Canyon


and Great Barrier Reef. The region becomes Britain's 31st world


Heritage site. The G20 may have only recently


ended, but developments after the talks between the Donald Trump


and Vladimir Putin keep coming. The US President has taken


to Twitter, saying he's discussed forming a cyber security


unit WITH Russia. But his plans to work more


constructively with President Putin have faced backlash


from fellow Republicans. He posted that he and Mr Putin had


discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit,


so that election hacking amongst other negative things,


will be prevented. David Willis is in Washington


with the latest. In a tweet, Donald Trump said that


he and Vladimir Putin had discussed forming what he called a cyber


Security unit. To prevent such things as election hacking. Now,


Russia is of course widely thought to have attempted to influence the


outcome of the presidential election here last year, hence the suggestion


of a cyber security unit, and an agreement to form it with Russia,


has been met with criticism here, even by members of Donald Trump's


own party. Two hours and 15 minutes of meetings, Rex Tillerson and


Donald Trump are ready to forgive and forget when it comes to cyber


attacks on the American election 2016, nobody is saying Mr President


that the Russians changed the outcome, you won fair and square,


but they did try and attack our election system, they were


successful in many ways, and the more you do this, the more people


are suspicious about you and Russia. Now Vladimir Putin denied during his


meeting with Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G20 having anything


to do with attempts to meddle in the outcome of the US presidential


election, and the Russians say that Donald Trump accepted that


assertion, but nonetheless, the President's willingness to draw a


line under the whole affair and move on has raised eyebrows here in the


United States, not least because of the myriad of enquiries that are


still under way into the whole affair, and the feeling on the part


of many lawmakers here that Russia is simply not to be trusted.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come...


More on the partial ceasefire in south-western Syria, backed by the


US and Russia, but will it hold? Central London has been rocked by a


series of terror attacks. Police say there have been many casualties and


there is growing spectre nation Al-Qaeda was responsible. Germany


will be the hosts of the 2006 football World Cup, they pipped


favourites South Africa by a single vote. In South Africa, the


possibility of losing hadn't been contemplated, celebration parties


were cancelled. The man entered the palace through the downstairs window


and made his way to her private bedroom. He asked her for a


cigarette and on the pretext of some being brought, she summoned a foot


man on duty, who took the man away. One child, one teacher, one book,


and one pen, can change the world. Education is the only solution.


You are watching BBC World News Today. The main stories...


Iraq's Prime Minister says Mosul has been liberated


from the Islamic State group, bringing an end to almost nine


Kamran Bokhari is an expert on counter-extremism.


I asked him what he made of the Iraqi declaration


The Iraqi government has to do this. It has been at it for about eight or


nine months. It is expected that the Iraqi government will play this up,


and indeed, it's a major achievement. But, we are just


beginning to roll back Isis. It does not mean the end of Isis, this is


the easy part, relatively speaking. The harder part comes next, which is


to be able to hold the city and undo the conditions which allowed Isis to


grow. What do you rate the prospects of that happening as? I am not


holding my breath, I'm not very optimistic because we have a very


polarised ethnic and sectarian reality on the ground. The Kurds are


encroaching on what the Sunnis see as their territory from the north.


We have a Shi'ite force in control of Mosul, which is a Sunni city,


this does not bode well for future security and stability.


A partial ceasefire has come into effect in south-west Syria.


The deal is the result of weeks of talks between the United States,


The ceasefire is believed to cover the regions of Deraa,


So far this fresh attempt for peace has held, despite several ceasefires


in the past crumbling since the start of


Our correspondent Sophie Long is in Beirut.


Well, so far, this truce does appear to be holding. There have been no


reports of any air strikes or clashes in the areas concerned since


the deal took effect at midday local time. But there are plenty of


reasons to be sceptical. There have been several ceasefires announced in


the past, none of which upheld. The deal was brokered by the United


States, Russia and Jordan, and announced at the end of the G20


summit on Friday. The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said this


was the first indication the United States and Russia can work together


in Syria. The timing of the deal is also significant. It comes on the


even of fresh peace talks that are due to start in Geneva. Expectations


for what will be the seventh round of UN sponsored talks are low, but


it is hoped that if the ceasefire holds, it will at least create a


conducive atmosphere as those talks get underway.


The US secretary of state has made a brief visit to Ukraine.


Rex Tillerson is the first senior member of the Trump


administration to visit Ukraine, which feels vulnerable to any


improvement in relations between the US and Russia.


Speaking alongside Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko,


Mr Tillerson said Russia must take the first steps to


de-escalate the conflict in the east of the country.


I've been very clear in my discussions with Russian


leadership on more than one occasion, that it is necessary


for Russia to take the first steps to de-escalate the situation


in the east part of Ukraine, in particular by respecting


the ceasefire by pulling back the heavy weapons and allowing


the OSCE observers to carry out their responsibilities.


This is necessary for us to make any movement in particular.


The parents of Charlie Gard - the 11-month old British baby


with a fatal genetic disorder - handed a petition to


Great Ormond Children's Street hospital in London today


asking for him to be allowed to travel to the United States


More than a quarter of a million people signed the petition ,


a Court will consider the case again tomorrow after new evidence


Charlie's parents told the BBC how challenging it was for them.


This could happen to anyone, we are two normal, everyday people. We are


not strong people, but what is strong is our love for our little


boy. He's kept us going throughout this. If he's lying there, in pain


and suffering, we would not be here now. We are there 24 hours a day.


People say I could not sit there and watched my child suffer, while


neither could we. No. A ceremony has been held to remember


the 843 men who lost their lives when HMS Vanguard sank off Orkney


in July 1917. It was one of the worst naval


tragedies of the First World War. To mark the centenary,


a team of divers has been given special permission


to document the wreck. Our Scotland Correspondent,


Lorna Gordon has more. In the cold northern


waters of Scapa Flow, the final resting place of HMS


Vanguard, a dreadnought The bow and stern almost


entirely intact after 100 This the first group of civilian


divers to be given permission to document the wreck


since it was designated a war grave. I think the loss of life was never


very far away from my mind That said, we had a job to do,


and an obligation to do that job So you got on with the work but,


yes, parts of the wreck NEWSREEL: Ships were steaming


into their war base at Scapa Flow... Along with many other


ships of the Royal Navy, Vanguard had been anchored


in the seas off Orkney. She'd seen action at the Battle


of Jutland, but on a summer evening in July 1917,


the entire ship was destroyed She sank almost instantly, with


the loss of almost all her crew. Only two of those on board


at the time survived. The team of volunteer divers


spent hundreds of hours surveying the wreck,


piecing together its story. Lying at a depth of around 100 feet,


and among the many artefacts they discovered, the telegraph,


a main anchor, cutlery lying half buried in the sand


around the wreckage. As part of the commemorations,


Vanguard's white ensign A century on, honouring


the many lives lost Dog ownership is very popular in


Thailand, especially among the younger generation. A marketing


company in Bangkok is encouraging employees to bring their own dog to


work, as they say it helps reduce work-related stress. This is how it


works... Definitely an antidote to office


stress in Thailand! The British Houses of Parliament have been let


up for the first time with the rainbow flag to celebrate 50 years


since homosexuality was partially decriminalised. In England and


Wales. An estimated 1 million people watched the annual London Pride


parade on Saturday and some of those who partied into the night told us


how they survived with hours of dancing...


CHEERING All I can do is connect with all of


the love and energy around me to get me through this pain! Roller-skates,


the best way. If you don't wear heels, where roller-skates as you


get height and Yukonite! Enjoy yourself and be with people and be


proud. Drink lots, speak lots, have a good time and love lots. Be


friendly to everyone and everyone will be friendly back. Keep


hydrated! But smile, it's a good adrenaline. Take a break and sit


down! I had an operation, in the middle of April, so I'm a little


delicate. That's why I'm not wearing heels. Keep hydrated, use suntan


lotion and party like there's no tomorrow! Gray and say happy Pride


to everyone! Happy Pride! I haven't heard ye! And as usual, behind the


camera, Sayed! Happy Pride WWE thank you., well done!


Police in California have rescued a bear cub


In a scene reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh -


honey straight from a pot - the tiny bear was seen thrashing


around in an attempt to set itself free.


One held it down, while the other prized the jar off the poor


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