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This is BBC World News Today. I'm Kasia Madera.


France pauses to remember the horrific truck attack a year ago


in Nice, in which more than 80 people were killed as they


Just a few hours ago, he was playing host to Donald Trump -


President Macron promised nothing will break the countries' alliance.


A man with a knife has attacked foreign tourists


Two people have been killed and several others wounded.


Well, they wanted their wedding dance to be knock-out.


The couple whose Dirty Dancing routine didn't


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


The French President Emmanuel Macron is attending a ceremony in Nice


to commemorate the victims of last year's Bastille Day terror attack,


Mr Macron is expected to have a private meeting


with victims' families and survivors later.


In the evening, there is a concert and a candelit vigil.


Earlier, Mr Macron hosted President Donald Trump in Paris,


at a military parade marking France's national day


and the hundredth anniversary of the Americans' entry


APPLAUSE Today's events were not about the


ties between men but between nations.


Even so, the growing personal alliance between Donald


Trump and Emmanuel Macron was on display.


They were joined as symbols of their two nations by Armed Forces


from both America and France, beginning with a fly-past from


There are soldiers led the parade together, in


tribute to America's role in World War I.


The US is an ally of theirs, sometimes you don't think so but


France is there for us and we are there for them.


president and we are proud to have him here.


Speaking to crowds in central Paris, Emmanuel Macron


thanked the US for the choice it had made a century ago, and said that


France and America would never be divided.


The France of today was one of two, with a military band playing music


The changing culture here is mirrored by changing


The security threats have changed over


the past few years, repeated terror attacks


have refocused attention on


safety at home and the values that France has chosen to protect.


The ceremony ended with a military band


playing the city anthem of Nice, scene of the last major terror


attack in the country one-year ago today.


Tributes were laid in Nice to the 86 people who died in the attack


This afternoon, President Macron flew from Paris, to join


The debate still hangs over this country as it


Anne-Elisabeth Moutet is a political commentator


Of course, this has been a difficult day for France, but also at the


beginning of the day, we saw that huge military parade and this


reaffirmation of the relationship between France and the United


States. It got off to a bumpy start between Emmanuel Macron and Donald


Trump. What do you make of it today? Today they were each serving the


other's interests. That was a win, win situation in so many ways.


Donald Trump is under a great deal of scrutiny and criticism in


America. He has lots of awkward questions being asked even in the


press conference yesterday in Paris about his family's ties to rush.


Looking presidential and being greeted in Paris about President


Emmanuel Macron and having this whole trip in Europe with this


important speech that he made, that was relieving the pressure of it. In


terms of Emmanuel Macron, he is making the point that the diplomatic


point centre of Europe is no France. His wife came yesterday morning and


they had talks. Two weeks ago, the received Vladimir Putin at


Versailles. Now he has Donald Trump next to him. You have this idea that


especially since Britain has left the European Union, France is the


major nuclear power, major military power is bidding for Europe. Of


course, we saw the vulnerability of fans as well. That horrific attack


that happened exactly one year ago. The commemorations taking place.


This shocked the city to the heart of France itself. That is...


Certainly, it's important, but it's also something that is bringing the


French together, rather than spotting them apart. The fact that


President Emmanuel Macron gives such important to this whole event was


one way of bringing the French together. At the same time,... I


would say that it in many ways was important. The other thing is that


unfortunately France as a European nation, as much as we have in


Britain shown, we are in the same situation. It brings our comment


destiny and threat together more than anything else I should say.


Political commentator and columnist at the Telegraph, thank you very


much for sharing your thoughts. We hope that President Trump at that


whirlwind trip across Europe and he is now on his way back home but he


is facing a barrage of questions about his son. That is because of


new revelations that a former Soviet spy was in the room when Donald


Trump Junior met a Russian lawyer during last year's presidential


campaign. Lots to discuss. It seems like the story is changing


everything a day. Where are we now? When Mr Brooke, the meeting was


supposed to be about adoption. Whether or not Americans could adopt


Russian babies. That is what Donald Trump Junior said. As the days wore


on, the story started shifting. The New York Times kept finding out


more. When it became clear that they were going to publish another story


revealing that in fact the whole pub point of the meeting was to find


dirt on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump skip to the New York Times and


published the e-mail exchange that he had with this Russian lawyer or


at least the prison is that of the meeting. Now, it transpires that


another person was in the room and this person is a US citizen, but


Russian born and had ties to the Russian intelligence. The plot


thickens, it becomes more and more murky. The big question of all is,


how much did Donald Trump, the president of the United States, know


about this meeting and did it constitute any form of collusion or


was it as the trumps are trying to say, just simply a run of the mill


meeting to find out what they could about the opposition? Obviously,


there are so many questions. The Democrats are continuously applying


pressure on the companies to in, but so I know the Republicans


increasingly. This is the big problem for the Trump


administration, because as all this is unfolding, you have the Senate


hold-up on Capitol Hill trying to work through the highly contentious


health reform bill. The Senate leader has already told them they


cannot go on their education and the sort this out. That is what they


want to be focusing on. In the meantime, all this suspicion and


speculation about Russia continues to engulf the White House, which


means that Donald Trump isn't giving any guidance to legislation such as


the health care reform. It's a massive, massive distraction. The


Republicans have had to deal with this ever since he took office and


we are becoming sick and tired of it. The issue is, at what point do


they break ranks and say, enough is enough. I wonder if Donald Trump is


looking forward to coming back home. As always, thank you very much for


the time being. Another attack on a tourist resort in Egypt.


Two foreign women have been killed and four others wounded in an attack


on a coastal resort by a man armed with a knife.


The attack took place at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada.


The authorities say the two killed were German -


intial reports had identified them as Ukrainian.


The latest reports say two of the wounded are Czech nationals.


Authorities say the assailant has been arrested.


What we know so far is that two ladies were killed.


According to the governor of the Red Sea, they were


I mean, they were not coming for a short visit, but


We also know that four others have been wounded


and they have already been admitted to a nearby hospital,


where they are receiving treatment for their wounds.


According to the Ministry of interior, the attacker managed to


sneak into the holiday resort through swimming from a nearby


He stabbed six ladies before he got arrested, and he is


currently being interrogated by police authorities.


This is the second incident to happen in


Last year, in January 2016, a couple of attackers managed


At that time, these attackers were said to


Up till now, we did not know what the motivations


behind these attacks are, but they will definitely raise questions


about how tight the security measures put in place at such an


And the big question will be about the


impact that this will have on the tourism industry


in Egypt as a whole, which is already struggling.


Two Israeli police officers have been killed in a shooting


Police say three attackers, all of them Arab-Israelis,


were shot dead after fleeing to a nearby sensitive holy site.


After the attack, the Israeli authorities took the rare step


of closing the al-Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers.


In the grounds of one of Jerusalem's holiest sites, Israeli police


pursue three men fleeing after shooting as their officers outside.


There is a hail of gunfire and the attackers are killed


in the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, a place that is


known to Jews as Temple Mount and the regular flash point in the


Ambulances rushed the injured to hospital, but to the


The attackers were all found to be Arab


It was just inside this gate that the shooting


Now Israeli police have locked down the area.


Normally, big crowds of Palestinian worshippers would be heading inside


to the al-Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers.


But today, in a very unusual step, the compound is being closed.


With police posted at every entrance to the Old City, the police


say that red lines have been crossed.


We'll have to consider all the security arrangements taking


place on the Temple Mount, because we are in charge


and we want to take care of the security of everyone


who's coming to pray here, who's coming to visit.


I repeat again and again, we are calling everyone and


The Palestinian president did condemn


While the Islamist group Hamas praised it.


Meanwhile, as Palestinians were stopped from


heading to the mosque to pray, tempers flavoured.


The people who make the incident were killed.


If the mosque will not be open, we are going to have more


It is 50 years since Israel captured and occupied the Old


The concern now is that this attack could be a spark


Here in London, two teenagers have been arrested after a series of acid


Five people had acid thrown in their faces,


One is said to have life-changing injuries.


The attacks were carried out at five separate locations


in east London, within the space of less than 90 minutes.


This report, from our home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford,


contains some disturbing images from the start.


In the aftermath of an acid attack last night...


Police officers desperately trying to reduce the burning


John Moody watched the whole thing from the window of his flat.


And one of the officers said to him, quite firmly,


"I'm going to pour this into your eyes, keep your eyes open."


The guy did exactly what he was told, because


They were just dousing his head and his entire body with water,


The attack on a 32-year-old moped driver here turned out to be


the first of five over the next hour and a quarter,


all involving acid being thrown at the victim.


At every crime scene, the target had been driving a moped.


was left with life-changing injuries because of the acid used.


The Prime Minister said the attacks were horrific.


Police have arrested a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old.


National statistics for acid attacks are hard to come by but in London,


they have risen from 129, two years ago, to 224, last year,


and by April this year, there has already been another 66.


One of the most high profile recent attacks was last month,


when 21-year-old Resham Khan and her cousin, Jameel Muhktar,


were targeted while sitting in their car at a traffic light.


We are concerned because the numbers appear to be going up.


we will enforce the law as we can,


and we are working with the Home Office to see


Stephen Timms is one of the MPs in east London


where the problem is most acute, he has been campaigning for a change


in the law and will lead a debate on acid attacks next week.


I would like the Minister to confirm on Monday that the possession


of acid will be an offence in future in exactly the same way that


possession of a knife is an offence today.


I would like the law to be changed so that sulphuric acid will only be


It seems that some criminals are using the laxer rules on acids


to avoid the tough laws on carrying a knife.


The Home Office has promised to take action but changes


China is under growing pressure to release the widow


of the Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died


of liver cancer under police watch on Thursday.


He'd taken part in the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989


and was jailed after calling for political reform and greater


His widow Liu Xia, has been under house arrest since 2010.


But China has rejected international criticism, saying the case


But on Thursday, he died in police custody


with his wife at his hospital bedside.


These pictures were only recently released after criticism of


the Chinese authorities for blocking his medical treatment


Whilst the world mourned his death, there are growing


concerns for his wife, Liu Xia, who has been


under house arrest for the


Liu Xiaobo's course was set in 1989, during the democracy protest.


Over the following years, he spent


much of his life in and out of prison for trying to secure greater


I think that over the long term, there


is absolutely no doubt that his legacy will be important.


He had the courage to stand alone, confronting


one of the most powerful governments on earth.


In 2010, he won the Nobel Peace Prize, but he was soon back


The empty chair becoming a banned expression


Chinese censorship is formidable, and few here know


TRANSLATION: We know relatively little about him, so there is no way


I can really give a comment on what he said.


Reaction and criticism from around the world has been pouring


in, much to the consternation of Chinese authorities.


The Chinese mistreated him in prison,


We would hope that they would have allowed


him to leave the country to receive a medical care.


But China has rejected international criticism, saying the


case is an internal affair and foreign countries are in no position


Attention has now turned to his widow, Liu Xia's fate.


There is a growing chorus of international voices,


including the Nobel committee, calling on Chinese authorities to


allow her to leave the country should she want to.


For her supporters, their top priority is to


Please, do not fail again to save Liu Xia.


I urge the world leaders, suspend all official interactions


with Chinese Government until Liu Xia is saved.


Liu Xiaobo once warned, if you want to enter hell,


Over the past 20 years, China has moved from the margins


of the world economy to a trading superpower.


It's planning to finance and build a trillion dollar rail route


This week our China Editor, Carrie Gracie has been


following that 11,000 kilometre route from China to the UK.


Now here is the question, shall we have jam first


Lessons in the British tradition of afternoon tea from a Chinese


She plans to take her pitch from an Essex


A communist state, perhaps, but one with a


healthy appetite for the rituals of the British ruling class.


Her jam is with berries straight from


China's consumer is getting choosy about food quality.


A huge market, but hard to stand out.


I think mostly at the beginning of the journey,


The Chinese are a curious country ought to raise consumers,


Another challenge, to cut the time from


British strawberry farm to Chinese tea table.


She is hoping new transport routes will help.


engineering, now it's China's great age of the railway.


Carrying UK hopes for post-Brexit markets.


From the British end of the New Silk Road


Three weeks later, and those British kids from the


train are on display at a Chinese trade fair.


It's a local stir-fry which captures the crowd.


British companies can benefit from China.


Peter Bud surveys landmarks his firm has helped put on the Beijing map.


China's promised billions to build across 60 countries.


And he worries UK companies are slow to seize the moment.


There is the degree of cynicism about China as the market.


A lot of them have had experiences way back in the past and they don't


It is quite upsetting, actually, sometimes.


There is more opportunity here than we are actually taking.


The ancient Silk Road was about following opportunity.


Back then, it was driven by private traders from


The new version is Chinese state money and muscle.


If it succeeds, it will make China a superpower again.


Even mightier, perhaps, than the empires of old.


But if it fails, it leaves a legacy of bad blood,


which poisons China's future and taints even the grandeur


You can see much more on her journey across the New Silk Road in Our


World next week. For many couples planning


to get married, the first dance is a key event -


and a chance to make a big For one couple here in the UK,


that meant trying to recreate the scene from the classic 1980s


film, Dirty Dancing - the one you can see


in the screen behind me. The move is in Dirty Dancing doesn't


get much more romantic than that. I think it is just Patrick Swayze, he


has got it all. And he may not be Patrick Swayze, but Sharon wanted


his moves at their forthcoming wedding dance. Just thought it would


be something different. Everybody has a slow dance. Without we would


jazz it up little bit. Their first chance to practice, the beer garden


in Weston. We had a couple of drinks and then our niece and nephew got up


and they did it and Sharon turned around and said that would be a good


idea for us to get a bit of practice in. This is the move they tried to


recreate. You had your hands on my hips ready


to lift. I did manage it and then the next thing we knew, we were flat


out on the floor. I was unconscious and you were struggling to catch a


breath. An ambulance and rapid response vehicle were called. I


think I got knocked out and went back with my head. I think that is


how I rendered myself unconscious. They had had a CT scan. They could


be on an ECG as well, because about six years ago I had a mild heart


attack. They were just being careful. Over six hours later, they


were both discharged. The wedding is set for October next year. The


choice of bands has been given a rethink. We will just have a smooch


I think. I love them for actually doing that interview. Good luck to


them. I hope they have a fantastic wedding. Thank you for watching.


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