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Our top stories: The French president, Emmanuel Macron,


has honoured the victims of last year's Bastille Day truck attack


in Nice during commemorations there to mark the anniversary.


Just a few hours earlier, Emmanuel Macron was playing


The French President promised nothing will break


Did Donald Trump's sun beat a Russian spy?


Also in the programme: Two teenage boys are arrested,


after acid was thrown on people's faces in attacks in London.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


France's President, Emanuel Macron, has promised that his country


will never forget the names of the victims of the Bastille Day


attack in Nice, which happened a year ago today.


86 people died when an extremist drove a truck into crowds


who'd gathered to watch a firework display.


One of the highlights of the commemorations


in Nice was this board, showing the names of the victims.


It was made up of a mosaic applied by relatives of those who died.


Mr Macron attended the ceremony in the southern French city


after leading the French national day celebrations in Paris, where


Our Paris correspondent, Lucy Williamson, has


Today's events were not about the ties between men


Even so, the growing personal alliance between Donald Trump


They were joined as symbols of their two nations by Armed Forces


from both America and France, beginning with a fly-past


Their soldiers led the parade together,


in tribute to America's role in World War I.


The US is an ally of theirs, sometimes you don't think


so, but France is there for us and we are there for them.


I did not vote for President Trump but he is the president


Speaking to crowds in central Paris, Emmanuel Macron thanked the US


for the choice it had made a century ago, and said that France


with a military band playing music by Daft Punk.


The changing culture here is mirrored by


The security threats have changed over the past few years,


repeated terror attacks have refocused attention on safety


at home and the values that France has chosen to protect.


The ceremony ended with a military band playing the city anthem


of Nice, scene of the last major terror attack in the country


Tributes were laid in Nice to the 86 people who died in the attack


This afternoon, President Macron flew from Paris, to join


The debate still hangs over this country as it pays tribute


today to its values, its history, to the idea of France.


Journalist David Chazan joins us from Paris.


This has been a real day of reflection for the country, starting


with the morning's offence with that huge military parade, a real display


of friendship after a rocky start between Emmanuel Macron and Donald


Trump. What do you think of the relationship now? It has fastly


improved. When you think back to when they first met and they had


that white knuckle handshake when Mr Macron was clearly determined to be


just as physically vigorous as Mr Trump often is in shaking hands, not


letting Mr Trump's hand go. It is not that long ago since Mr Trump


said he would never visit Paris because it was not Paris any more


because the authorities had not done enough to stop terrorist attacks.


That has all changed. They appeared together repeatedly and Mr Trump


described Paris is one of the world's most beautiful cities, it is


peaceful and he said he would come back. Mr Macron, his wife, Mr Trump


and his wife had dinner at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower which


was a tremendous opportunity for Mr Macron to showcase Paris and France


as a tourist destination because one of the economic effects of the


series of attacks that France has suffered in the last couple of years


has been a fall in the number of tourists. The authorities are very


determined to show that it is safe to visit France, and I think Mr


Trump's visit has helped enormously with that as well as asserting


French influence in the world and giving Mr Macron a chance to show


that France is a big military power with that big parade by the Armed


Forces this morning. And of course you talk about the security concerns


of the country. We are a year after that horrific attack in Nice and a


devastating attack, 86 people lost their lives. Today we saw the


ceremonies and poignancy of me is trying to come to terms with what


happened a year on, how is Nice coping? The were very sombre


ceremonies today and the mood is one of sadness. I went in Nice the day


after the attack last year and I stayed there for ten days, and it


struck me that many people told me they were extremely angry because


they thought that the attack had been able to happen because of


security failings, because the authorities had not deployed enough


police, they had not made sure that the lorry that was used to plough


into crowds of people could not get into that area because there are


local rules in Nice prohibiting heavy vehicles from being in that


area, and I went back to Nice a few weeks ago and a lot of people said


they remained angry. But President Macron did a very good job today of


addressing some of the concerns. He was not in office when the attack


happened. He reassured people that the government would not turn its


back on those that had been affected by the attack and they would do


everything in their power to stop attacks like this happening again.


Always good to talk to you, David. Thank you very much. Donald Trump


had been in Europe earlier on in the week as well.


Well, President Trump is on his way back home,


where a barrage of questions about his son await.


That is because of new revelations that a former Soviet


spy was in the room when Donald Trump Junior met


a Russian lawyer during last year's presidential campaign.


I asked my colleague in Washington, Jane O'Brien, to bring us up to date


with the latest developments on this rapidly changing news story.


When this story broke, the meeting was supposed to have been about


adoption, whether or not Americans could adopt Russian babies, at least


that is what Donald Trump Junior said. But as the days one, the


stories started shifting because the New York Times kept finding out more


and more and when it became clear they would publish another story


revealing that in fact the whole purpose of the meeting was to find


dirt on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Junior scooped the New York


Times and published e-mail exchanges he had with this Russian lawyer or


at least the person who had set up the meeting. Now it transpires that


another person was in the room and this person is a US citizen but


Russian born and had ties to the Russian intelligence. So the plot


thickens, it becomes more murky, and the big question of all is how much


did Donald Trump 's senior, the President of the United States, know


about this meeting? Did it constitute any form of collusion or


was it as the Trumps are trying to say just a run-of-the-mill meeting


to find out what they could about the opposition? There are so many


questions. The Democrats are applying pressure on the Trump


administration, but so are the Republicans increasingly. And this


is the big problem for the Trump administration because, as all of


this is unfolding, you have the Senate on Capitol Hill trying to


work through a highly contentious health care reform bill. Mitch


McConnell of the Senate leader has already told them they cannot go on


the vacation until they sort this out. That is what they want to focus


on. In the meantime, all of this suspicion and speculation about


Russia continues to engulf the White House, which means that Donald Trump


is not giving any guidance to legislation such as the health care


reform. It is a massive distraction and Republicans have had to deal


with this ever since they took office and they are becoming sick


and tired of it. The issue is, at what point do they break ranks and


say, enough is enough? Two foreign nationals have been


killed and four others wounded after being stabbed by a man


at a holiday resort in Egypt. The attack took place


at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. The authorities say the two


killed were German. Initial reports had


identified them as Ukrainian. The latest reports say two


of the wounded are Czech nationals. Authorities say the assailant


has been arrested. What we know so far is that


two ladies were killed. According to the governor


of the Red Sea, they were I mean, they were not


coming for a short visit, but We also know that four


others have been wounded and they have already been admitted


to a nearby hospital, where they are receiving treatment


for their wounds. According to the Ministry


of Interior, the attacker managed to sneak into the holiday resort


through swimming from a nearby He stabbed six ladies before


he got arrested, and he is currently being interrogated


by police authorities. This is the second incident


to happen in Hurghada. Last year, in January 2016,


a couple of attackers managed At that time, these attackers were


said to have Islamic sympathies. Up till now, we did not know


what the motivations behind these attacks are,


but they will definitely raise questions about how tight


the security measures put in place at such an important


tourist destination. And the big question will be


about the impact that this will have on the tourism industry in Egypt


as a whole, which is Here in London, two teenagers have


been arrested after a series of acid Five people had acid


thrown in their faces, One is said to have


life-changing injuries. The attacks were carried out


at five separate locations in east London, within the space


of less than 90 minutes. This report, from our home affairs


correspondent Daniel Sandford, contains some disturbing


images from the start. In the aftermath of an acid


attack last night... Police officers desperately trying


to reduce the burning John Moody watched the whole thing


from the window of his flat. And one of the officers said to him,


quite firmly, "I'm going to pour this into your eyes,


keep your eyes open." The guy did exactly


what he was told because They were just dousing his head


and his entire body with water, The attack on a 32-year-old moped


driver here turned out to be the first of five over the next hour


and a quarter, all in a small area of East London,


all involving acid being thrown At every crime scene,


the target had been driving a moped. A 24-year-old man here in Clapton


was left with life-changing injuries The Prime Minister said


the attacks were horrific. Police have arrested


a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old. National statistics for acid attacks


are hard to come by but in London, they have risen from 129,


two years ago, to 224, last year, and by April this year,


there has already been another 66. One of the most high profile recent


attacks was last month, when 21-year-old Resham Khan


and her cousin, Jameel Muhktar, were targeted while sitting


in their car at a traffic light. We are concerned because the numbers


appear to be going up. We will arrest people,


we will enforce the law as we can, and we are working


with the Home Office to see Stephen Timms is one


of the MPs in east London where the problem is most acute,


he has been campaigning for a change in the law and will lead a debate


on acid attacks next week. I would like the Minister to confirm


on Monday that the possession of acid will be an offence in future


in exactly the same way that possession of a knife


is an offence today. I would like the law to be changed


so that sulphuric acid will only be It seems that some criminals


are using the laxer rules on acids to avoid the tough laws


on carrying a knife. The Home Office has promised


to take action but changes Using the new silk Road to export


the best of Britain. How UK companies are hoping to take


advantage of China's push for stronger trade links.


France pauses to remember the horrific truck attack in Nice a year


ago. President Macron posted Donald Trump at this year's Bastille Day


celebrations. Over the past 20 years,


China has moved from the margins of the world economy


to a trading superpower. It's planning to finance and build


a trillion dollar rail route This week, our China Editor,


Carrie Gracie, has been following that 11,000 kilometre


route from China to the UK. Today she reaches


the end of her journey. With Brexit driving the UK's search


for new markets abroad, is China's Now, here is the question,


shall we have jam first Lessons in the British


tradition of afternoon tea She plans to take her pitch


from an Essex tea room to China. A communist state, perhaps,


but one with a healthy appetite for the rituals


of the British ruling class. Her jam is with berries


straight from the farm. China's consumer is getting


choosy about food quality. A huge market,


but hard to stand out. I think mostly at the beginning


of the journey, we are starting The Chinese are a curious country,


ought to raise consumers, Another challenge, to cut the time


from British strawberry farm She is hoping new transport


routes will help. Once a symbol of British Empire


and engineering, now it's China's Carrying UK hopes for


post-Brexit markets. From the British end of


the New Silk Road back to its start. Three weeks later, and those British


kids from the train are on display It's a local stir-fry


which captures the crowd. British companies can


benefit from China. Peter Bud surveys landmarks his firm


has helped put on the Beijing map. China's promised billions to build


across 60 countries. And he worries UK companies are slow


to seize the moment. There is the degree of cynicism


about China as the market. A lot of them have had experiences


way back in the past and they don't It is quite upsetting,


actually, sometimes. There is more opportunity


here than we are actually taking. The ancient Silk Road


was about following opportunity. Back then, it was driven by private


traders from many countries. The new version is Chinese


state money and muscle. If it succeeds, it will make


China a superpower again. Even mightier, perhaps,


than the empires of old. But if it fails, it leaves


a legacy of bad blood, which poisons China's future


and taints even the Turkey has dismissed


several thousand police, ministry staff and academics


in a decree for allegedly working against state


security or being a member The new purge wave comes a day


before the anniversary of last Turkey has already sacked


or suspended more than 150,000 Critics say some of the dismissed


are people who are simply in opposition to the government


and not related to the coup attempt. Roger Federer is one win away from a


historic eight Wimbledon title. He took the first and second


sets on tie breaks. And the Swiss then wrapped up


victory with a comfortable Speak to the team and take


on a decision that we would sit out and wait


longer and take time, but I am so happy I did it


because my life continues after It was the first time Marin Cilic


and Sam Querrey had reached the last four on the grass,


and it was Cilic who's gone one step The former US Open champion


winning in four sets. Unbelievable, especially the way


this tournament unfolded. I was playing really


great tennis and today was a really


hard fought battle. Sam played really high-level tennis,


especially the first set. He was hitting really


big from the back After that, I felt I was better


on the return games, I was making him play more on his service


games and overall I felt the level An Bastille Day, there was a French


winner on the Tour de France. South Africa are desperate to make


amends for that abject collapse on Lord's on Sunday.


Let's have a look at that scorecard. South Africa ending the day 309-6.


Dean and Ga, the first wicket to fall. He is the first Englishman to


do that. A big partnership between Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock over


100 steadied things for South Africa. The croc eventually falling


for 68 and Amla 78 before both captains coming back to the side


after the birth of her side. They were both caught behind by Jonny


Bairstow of the bowling of Ben Stokes. South Africa finishing the


day on 309-6. It has been frustrating at times for England's


bowlers. They will be keen to wrap things up as quickly as possible in


the morning and then we will see just how good that South Africa


first innings score really is. Roger Federer into his eighth Wimbledon


final. We'll leave you with some


pictures from Florida, where a sinkhole has swallowed


a house in a modern development. The ground fell away


in the town of Land o' Lakes - though it's not thought


anyone was injured. Witnesses say the ground started


giving way without warning. Sinkholes are a somewhat regular


occurrence in Florida, due to the large number


of underground water Don't forget, you can get


in touch with me and some Let's take a look at some weather


events making the news around the world. First of the North America


where we have wild farce in British Columbia, Oregon and California.


Further east, flooding down to this frontal system which has pushed its


way south. During Saturday, that will bring southern downpours. There


could be further flooding possible here. On the India, weather monsoon


is particularly strong at the moment. We could see further


flooding in Mumbai. That rain remains very heavy through the


weekend. Take a look at this footage coming in from the seashore and


province of southern China. The winds are blowing in those stores,


really heavy rainfall causing flash flooding. Big thunderstorms as well.


During the cause of Saturday, we still have heavy showers for


southern parts of China that stretching up towards the


north-east, some of those thunderstorms, very heavy rain also


in the South China Sea. After the winter storm, we are starting to see


another front during Saturday heading in towards the south. That


brings wet and windy conditions. Perhaps bringing rain to the likes


of Wellington. Look at these temperatures in southern Europe. 47


Celsius during Thursday, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Spain!


Quite as hot through the weekend. 40 degrees in Seville. It will not be


quite as hot. Temperatures in Athens 33 degrees with a few showers but


wildfires burned across parts of Greece, Italy and Spain. Further


north across Europe, heavy showers including Austria, Germany and


Poland. Warm and muggy across many western areas including France and


the UK. In the UK, cloudy feel, humid and muggy. Rain at times in


the north and west. The sunniest weather towards the south. A cloudy


scene. Drizzly spots in Wales in northern England. More persistent


rain in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Toward southern England,


largely dry and temperatures 18-23d. It will be likely to remain dry at


Wimbledon. This week fronting the north filters its way further south,


easing as it does so, but it could bring light rain to southern England


over Sunday, and much improved the further north with sunshine.


Temperatures 16-25d. More weather in half an


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